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  1. Hi, For sale only. Versatile fuzz, sounds very good on bass. Velcro under the pedal, no box.
  2. Delay, Reverb and blend dry/wet. Great condition. In original ED box. Shipping to EU/UK.
  3. Some signs of use, works perfectly. Shipping possible to EU/UK
  4. Now 700£ Made in Germany 2018, mint condition. Lightweight and superb sound, up to 900w in bridged mode. Features : EQ/boost, taste, drive, compressor, bi-amp, DI, line in, mute... Shipping from France to EU.
  5. Great condition, comes with original box. Velcro under the pedal. Shipping in EU from France
  6. High quality optical wah, works great on guitar and bass. Mint condition in original box. Shipping in EU from France. Price drop 90£ (price new is 178£ on Thomann).
  7. jflesh

    Feedback for ipg

    Sold my Stingray 5 to Ilian, fast payment and great communication. Thanks !
  8. Hi, For sale only my SR5 from 1999, teal green finish. The bass is in "Player" condition, it has dings and stripes (that's why price is quite low) but everything works fine : trussrod, tuners, electronics... The bass is very easy to play and of course it has that typical growly Music Man sound. The back of the neck has been sanded and a matte varnish was applied for a more comfortable feeling compared to original glossy finish. Bass is not too heavy (between 4,3kg and 4,4 kg). It has just been set up with new Kalium balanced set, low B is just perfect and action can be set very low without fret buzz (ATM 2mm at 12th fret on B string). The bass will be shipped in original MM case.
  9. Great condition, velcro under the pedal / 60£
  10. For sale only, Guild B-302 in very good condition. All original, everything works as it should : trussrod, electronics, original schaller tuners... The bass has been setup with low action, the pickups sound just great ! Comes with original Guild hardcase. To be noticed : - The pickguard is broken on the lower left side (but doesn't move at all) - Former owner added a straplock hole on the back (like on thunderbirds) - The handle of the hardcase has been replaced Feel free to ask any question.
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