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  1. I could get some stick for this but although I really love the music of Magazine, I really can't stand Howard Devoto's voice.
  2. "Duran Duran social channels"? - Does this mean YouTube?
  3. A teacher at a mixed comprehensive secondary school. Main subject is Computing / ICT and I also used to teach music as well.
  4. Not sure if it's a repeat and been on before but BBC 4 are showing "Tina Weymouth on Bass" tonight at 10:30 if you're in to that sort of thing (which I guess one or two of you might be).
  5. I'm going to go against the flow here I'm afraid. I had an encore guitar (not a bass) in the late 80s and it was almost entirely unplayable.
  6. Sorry, I know it's infantile and I should be able to ignore it but all those "jazz faces" just put me right off. Sorry ...
  7. This was shared by Martin Ware on his Facebook page and although I've never heard of the band, I'm loving this cover.
  8. This happened to my Fender Showmaster. I fitted a Tremelno system into it and it absolutely killed the tone - it became boomy and sounded awful, and so was removed pretty swiftly. These days I just use it with the arm removed and have all but forgotten that it's actually got a working trem.
  9. Just backing up what you posted at the top - I had a re-issue with the Gotoh bridge and that definitely had wider spacing (it also had a separate battery compartment on the back) - so looks like you've got an interesting one there. The only reason I let my one go was because my other bass was a 5 string Spector Euro with fairly narrow string spacing and I found the difference between the two a bit of a pain - so I've got to admit, I'm liking your one!
  10. Do you know, I've never ever looked at the MSG line. Having looked now though, they look really good - and just when I thought I was going to have a GAS free 2020 - Damn you!
  11. I thought that even with that in mind, after taking into acount selling and delivery fees, etc, I'd probably still end up with a similar amount if I just stuck them on eBay on a £1 deal or on here for free (being less than £50) than if I tried to sell and post the bass. It all depends what the bass is worth I guess.
  12. You've got me digging around the internet now - yes, the serial number (S030510207) does seem to indicate that it was made in the Korean Samick factory in May 2003 which would tie in with when I bought it and my recollection of where I thought it was made. How much is it to put a bass up for sale here - I should know but it's usually me doing the buying!
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