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  1. Or we could just spend the next three and a half years arguing about what sort of light bulb we want ...
  2. Is the lightbulb any good for metal and how much will it cost to post it to Outer Mongolia please?
  3. Our Derek does love a good single-note bassline. Here he is with another (at least 90% of this one is "D" I think).
  4. The £3k price tag was a bit of a surprise, but before I saw that I was impressed with the demos I'd seen and still am. Maybe it's worth the £3k - there's no doubting it will be more accessible than the Kurzweil but I'm still finding the price tag a bit hard to swallow. Maybe if I am going to update my Kurzweil, I'll start to have a look around for second hand Motifs, maybe that would be a more cost effective option.
  5. An ad for the most recent update to the Roland Fantom range of workstation keyboards caught my eye the other day so I thought I'd find out a bit more about it, after all my trusty Kurzweil PC361 must be about 10 years old by now. So I looked it up and the first thing that struck me was the £3k price - where did that come from? With most consumer electronics having actually reduced in price over the last decade I was somewhat surprised by that price tag, I think my Kurzweil was quite a bit less than £1500 when I bought it. Now, I know the latest Fantom does a lot more than my old Kurzweil, but if you take away the built-in DAW functions (that I already have on my computer anyway - and would I want to be using a keyboard with its built-in screen as a DAW?) not that much more! For the time being, I think I'm going to be sticking with my old Kurzweil. Does anyone else think £3k is a bit steep or has anyone here actually used one and can say it's worth every penny?
  6. Nearly bought a Vigier bass from Derek Forbes. Put a bid on it, went on holiday, and someone (from here I beleive) put a higher bid in and outbid me. Never mind, I had a good holiday anyway.
  7. That was my first bass! I ordered it in black and to be honest it was actually playable. The amp, on the other hand, was the same one as came with the guitars and was next to useless.
  8. I'm not particularly familiar with Ms Vicky's work, I'll be back after a quick Google ... Ok, apparently "her 30-minute act began with bunting and flowers being extracted from her nether regions, then ping pong balls, sausages and eggs before a finale of a string of razor blades, a bottle and a glowing light bulb." Makes dear old Iggy sound like an amateur!
  9. Blimey, you wouldn't want to buy a used bass off them .... but having said that, at least it wouldn't have any buckle rash on the back.
  10. As opposed to "show us your rug" ...
  11. I've just been watching a documentary on Iggy Pop and been reminded not just of his brilliance but also of his tendancy to get fully naked on stage. Now, I've got to confess that this is something that I just don't understand - I've been a gigging musician on and off for nearly 30 years and I've never been tempted to go naked. Ok, so the 20 or so most recent years have been as a teacher in school, and such things are generally frowned upon, but even in my Britpop days, I never had the urge to go out on stage and "whip it out". So my question is this; am I missing out on some life affirming experience? What are your thoughts on this?
  12. Not necessarily - I think a 2008 bass is a 2008 bass. I've noticed with one of my guitars in particular, where I have 3 of the same make and model (MIJ ESP Eclipse) but all of different years, that the older they get, the more resonant they become, so being older isn't necessarily a bad thing. But back to my earlier point - it must be even more difficult for smaller stores to compete if they can't afford to carry large amounts of boxed stock and then have to discount what they do have because it's been used (and in some cases, abused) by every Mark King or Slash wannabe in the local area for the preceding six months.
  13. That's a similar question to asking whether a "new" bass or guitar that's been hanging on a music store's wall for six months (and played by all and sundry during that time) is actually still "new" or should it be sold as used? Often, smaller music stores will only have one example of a particular model and they display it in the store. So if they don't carry boxed stock, should they sell all their stock as used and price it accordingly?
  14. Another vote for Relayer but then, controversially maybe, I'm going to go for Drama and Fly From Here as my next favourites. As has already been expressed, Gates of Delirium from Relayer is undoubtedly a masterpiece but I also hold Machine Messiah from Drama in similar esteem. As for Fly from here, it's a lot lighter and more accessible than a lot of other Yes albums but that's not necessarily a bad thing, and on the topic of Fly From Here, I bought the "return trip" (Drama lineup) version from Pledge Music and it's even better than the original.
  15. My wife's family are from Hong Kong and they stock up on cosmetics, baby products, etc whenever they come over here because the shops over there are so full of fakes that you can never be sure of what you're actually buying. It's now become such a big problem (babies poisoned by fake baby milk, etc) that the authorities are now beginning to take action against the counterfeiters but it's so embedded in the system that it's going to take a long time to clean up.
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