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  1. darkandrew

    Solo artists who outshone their original band

    Absolutely. And as a certain Reginald Dwight said on a similar topic: “if it weren’t for Bernie Taupin, there’d never be an Elton John”.
  2. darkandrew

    Solo artists who outshone their original band

    It's strange that Robbie did so well as solo artist compared to the others. Was it his timing, his management after leaving or just luck? Probably a combination of all 3 I'd guess. He's also a very good example of where success is not just about talent but also (or possibly in Robbie's case, more about) personality.
  3. darkandrew

    Solo artists who outshone their original band

    Also sometimes works in reverse - some artists have left their band for greater things only to return some years later with their tails between their legs - e.g. Gary Barlow and the other Take That boys kind of fizzled out pretty quickly as solo artists but when they got back together as Take That they arguably had more success than they did originally. The same could probably be said of the Spice Girls - would Geri or Mel C sell out stadiums as solo artists? Probably not.
  4. darkandrew

    Any music shops in Grenwich London?

    ... but there are a few not-so-good ones scattered around the area, e.g.. Eltham, etc. When I used to live around that way, I used to get the train into central London if I wanted to buy anything as the small number of local shops only stocked the cheaper stuff.
  5. darkandrew

    Sanded neck and tru oil

    +1 here for Birchwood Casey gunstock wax. I use this on my EBMM Sterling's neck about once a year. I clean it down first with Ernie Ball neck and fretboard wipes, let it dry and then apply a thin coat of wax, let that dry too and then give it a rub with a soft cloth. Leaves a nice, natural finish that still offers the wood some protection. If I recall correctly, there's a video on the EBMM website where they show you how to do this but they use Murphy's Oil Soap instead of their wipes.
  6. darkandrew

    ‘Nose grease’.

    Have you thought of using coated strings? I tried the Warwick coated ones (I've forgotten what they were called) and they were really rough and abrasive on my fingers, but then tried DR Silver Stars / Black Beauties and they have a lovely texture - just slippery enough and just enough bite but without being rough on your fingers. They also have a really punchy tone which is great, especially on brighter basses.
  7. darkandrew

    Ultravox's Chris Cross

    Absolutely! I think, sometimes his electric bass playing is forgotten about due to Ultravox's reputation of being a synth band.
  8. darkandrew

    Ultravox's Chris Cross

    I'm not so keen on the first two albums but Systems of Romance is a great album as is Foxx's second solo album, The Garden, both of which feature the highly under-rated Robin Simon on guitar. At the risk of dipping a foot or two into Guitar Chat territory, Robin Simon's playing on "Systems" added a whole new dimension to Ultravox's sound and he also did a surprisingly competent job of filling the uniquely talented John McGeoch's shoes not once but twice in Magazine and then Visage.
  9. darkandrew

    Ultravox's Chris Cross

    Duran Duran's John Taylor, Kajagoogoo's Nick Beggs and Japan's Mick Karn all receive mentions on here quite regularly but I don't recall ever seeing Ultravox's Chris Cross mentioned. Listening through Ultravox's "Systems of Romance", "Vienna", "Rage in Eden" and "Quartet" over the past week (yes, I've had a bit of an Ultravox binge recently) I was wondering if Cross's lack of presence on here is because there's a certain snobbery due to his frequent use of synth bass, of which he was probably one of the early pioneers (the bassline from "Vienna", for example, is probably one of the 80's most instantly recognisable basslines). Any thoughts?
  10. darkandrew

    Your *favourite* bassline?

    I new I should have posted the version of Propaganda's "P. Machinery" with Steve Jansen on drums.
  11. darkandrew

    Your *favourite* bassline?

    Derek Forbes has said on more than one occasion that this is his favourite own bassline: It's amazing what you can do with one note
  12. darkandrew

    Dead roundwounds

    I like DR Silver Stars / Black Beauties for this reason. They don't sound "dead" as such, in fact they are very tuneful and lively, but what they don't have is that metallic "zing" of most fresh roundwounds and instead have a really healthy punch.
  13. darkandrew

    Dead roundwounds

    I remember reading a story that Bernard Edwards never changed the strings on his Stingray, and they stayed on there even after his death and the bass had been passed on to John Taylor - until the unfortunate day when JT's guitar tech changed them without realising their significance.
  14. darkandrew

    Caffeine and hearing loss

    I came across the articles about caffeine and hearing after I'd been to the GP; I think the GP herself was making a connection between blood pressure (which is in turn affected by caffeine) and how that can affect hearing. Anyway, I've got to go back next week for a follow up appointment and hopefully all will be good by then.