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  1. darkandrew

    Your *favourite* bassline?

    I new I should have posted the version of Propaganda's "P. Machinery" with Steve Jansen on drums.
  2. darkandrew

    Your *favourite* bassline?

    Derek Forbes has said on more than one occasion that this is his favourite own bassline: It's amazing what you can do with one note
  3. darkandrew

    Dead roundwounds

    I like DR Silver Stars / Black Beauties for this reason. They don't sound "dead" as such, in fact they are very tuneful and lively, but what they don't have is that metallic "zing" of most fresh roundwounds and instead have a really healthy punch.
  4. darkandrew

    Dead roundwounds

    I remember reading a story that Bernard Edwards never changed the strings on his Stingray, and they stayed on there even after his death and the bass had been passed on to John Taylor - until the unfortunate day when JT's guitar tech changed them without realising their significance.
  5. darkandrew

    Caffeine and hearing loss

    I came across the articles about caffeine and hearing after I'd been to the GP; I think the GP herself was making a connection between blood pressure (which is in turn affected by caffeine) and how that can affect hearing. Anyway, I've got to go back next week for a follow up appointment and hopefully all will be good by then.
  6. darkandrew

    Caffeine and hearing loss

    I was travelling home on a long drive at the weekend and took a couple of caffeine tablets during the journey to help stay alert. When I reached home, I noticed that my hearing was odd and also that I'd almost completely lost the hearing in my left ear. 3 days later and my hearing still isn't right so I made an appointment to see my GP and since I have no sign of an ear infection she's blaming a combination of a lifetime of abusing my hearing (loud concerts, playing in bands, etc) and combined with too much caffeine. I've been told that if I cut out the caffeine, there may be a chance that my hearing will return to normal (or maybe not 😦 ). When I got back, I Googled "caffeine and hearing loss", and apparently research has suggested that caffeine can stop the ears from recovering from the effects of short term exposure to moderately loud noise, which is something that I never knew. So, seeing as most people here will be exposed to this sort of noise through bass playing, etc, it might be something that you want to bear in mind before having that post-gig Red Bull. BTW ... can anybody recommend a particular brand of decaf tea bags? The Tetley ones I've bought are OK but don't have a lot of flavour.
  7. darkandrew

    Nick Rhodes - sequencer player

    That would be a tough one to audition for since a lot of his live parts were produced in the studio and sampled for live use, playing them back on his Kurzweil K series synth / sampler. To be honest, I can't see a lot wrong with doing that; I don't think it's being dishonest or duping the audience for example, after all these multi-layered textures are an intrinsic part of the songs and the songs wouldn't be the same without them. There's also some intersting YouTube clips that Alan Wilder (Depeche Mode keyboard player for most of the 80s and early 90s) posted when he was having a clear-out of his old gear, where he demos his Emax samplers and you see exactly what parts were sampled for live use, and you can see that even with samples, loops, etc mapped out on the keyboard, there's a lot more to playing it live than just pressing a button.
  8. darkandrew

    What do you value about your local music shop?

    Unfortunately my experience of local music shops has always been a bit mixed - they often mean well but their range of instruments is always pretty poor and focused almost entirely on the budget end of the market.
  9. Free to anyone who can collect them, a pair of Britax "Kidfix" group 2-3 isofix child seats suitable for children between 15 and 36 kg (approximately 4 to 12 years old). Both seats are out of my wife's Yaris, in very good, clean condition and have never been in an accident. Collection from Chatham, Kent.
  10. darkandrew

    What are you listening to right now?

    I remember being quite unimpressed with that when it first came out (recording too dry?) but it has grown on me since and gets played quite often now.
  12. darkandrew

    An Evening of Duran Duran BBC 4, Fri 29th June.

    I hope that's not in reply to the urinal post above yours ...
  13. Just a heads up, BBC 4 are doing an evening of Duran Duran tomorrow, 29th June.
  14. I think I remember reading somewhere that when Prince recorded "When doves cry" it originally had a bassline but he thought it sounded better without and so it was taken off. I was wondering, in that case, whether there are any versions of the original with the bassline floating around? Similarly, if anyone here covers this song, do you play it with or without a bassline (I would imagine that a "Word up" style bassline would fit in quite nicely)?
  15. darkandrew

    Toyah Wilcox

    Yes, that's her. I never got to see Toyah with this line up (could you call them prog punk?) but I did see Toyah Wilcox in the 90s at the Marquee Club in London although the band were nothing like these guys (but Toyah did pat me on the head which kind of made up for it a little bit).