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  2. darkandrew

    An Evening of Duran Duran BBC 4, Fri 29th June.

    I hope that's not in reply to the urinal post above yours ...
  3. Just a heads up, BBC 4 are doing an evening of Duran Duran tomorrow, 29th June.
  4. I think I remember reading somewhere that when Prince recorded "When doves cry" it originally had a bassline but he thought it sounded better without and so it was taken off. I was wondering, in that case, whether there are any versions of the original with the bassline floating around? Similarly, if anyone here covers this song, do you play it with or without a bassline (I would imagine that a "Word up" style bassline would fit in quite nicely)?
  5. darkandrew

    Toyah Wilcox

    Yes, that's her. I never got to see Toyah with this line up (could you call them prog punk?) but I did see Toyah Wilcox in the 90s at the Marquee Club in London although the band were nothing like these guys (but Toyah did pat me on the head which kind of made up for it a little bit).
  6. darkandrew

    Toyah Wilcox

    I couldn't agree more - Warrior Rock is one of the best live albums ever (even though the CD version is a little butchered and misses out on most of the band / audience interaction). I also agree with your comments about Phil Spalding - one of those almost anonymous musicians that popped up on everyhing from Mike Oldfield to Heaven 17 and, of course, Toyah. By a slight coincidence, my wife taught Keith Hale's (producer, keyboard player and song writer of "It's a mystery") daughter.
  7. darkandrew

    It's Squier, Squire

    One of my kids at school was telling me about his "huey" graphics tablet today - I just nodded and went with it. It was only later that I realised that what he was probably talking about was his "huawei" graphics tablet, which I've always pronounced "how-why". How do you pronounce it?
  8. You can identify the EMG model by the colour of the "EMG" logo on the front of the pickup. 81s are silver, 85s are gold and 60s are grey.
  9. darkandrew

    Inappropriate profanities in songwriting

    I've just been listening to The Art of Fallling Apart and This Last Night by Soft Cell, a band who during my teen years were seen by many as one of the most subversive and depraved bands around, yet despite the recurring themes of sex, drugs, emmotional abuse and self destruction there was not a single swear word in any of the lyrics. Just goes to show that some wit and badly worn mascara can be much more threatening than any four letter word.
  10. darkandrew

    It's Squier, Squire

    And my other bugbear whilst we're on the topic of Squier - I recently thought I'd have a look around ebay and gumtree to see if there were any decent FENDER Teles and Strats around, and even though I specifically searched for FENDER, I'd say that more than half the guitars that were being advertised as FENDER were actually Squiers.
  11. darkandrew

    It's Squier, Squire

    Please don't get me started on "could of / should of" - it's HAVE as in could HAVE, should HAVE, etc. Grrrrrrrrrr! (turns green and starts ripping his jeans and shirt).
  12. darkandrew

    Removing oil and wax from wood

    Yes, I think that was the one. I never actually got around to doing it though, so cannot comment on whether it's any good or not.
  13. darkandrew

    Removing oil and wax from wood

    I've forgotten the exact name of it but isn't there a polish for wooden gunstocks that you can apply over an oiled surface that will harden and protect it? It was recommended to me for applying to an Ernie Ball MM bass neck (although I've never done it myself).
  14. I didn't find it that controversial to be honest. I understand what he's saying about needing different techniques for different situations and agree 100% with his sentiments regarding the fact that live your tone is either made or lost by the person on the mixing desk.
  15. darkandrew

    Bass on Roxy Music's "Stronger Through The Years"

    Absolutely - the bass playing all over the album is spot-on, whether it's experimental (such as on the title track) or more straight forward (such as on Angel Eyes) it is has both creativity and "groove". The album as a whole has also aged very well - I suppose being too late for a "70's" album and too early for an "80's" album meant that it escaped the worst excesses of both decades.