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  1. As a long term straight ahead jazz performer and a general weirdo, no problem there at all. And I like it that way!
  2. Sure, nearly any new Alembic for starters. And then of course a nice upright can easily cost double or triple that figure.
  3. I'll be interested to see how that bright switch works out; I've used it in the Rod Elliot preamp design I lifted it from but not in the board you have. Nice to hear that you're making noise now!
  4. It a really simple build, and fDeck has published the schematic for his v3 now. I could knock off a board layout very quickly, but he's a friend and even though he's said he'd be OK with that I'd rather not. I've done a design during lockdown for a 12dB/oct one with a resonance control that will be open source and intended for DIY builders, just have to build one myself and make sure it performs as expected.
  5. Yep, it's not even the same ballpark at all.
  6. I had already been semi-retired from gigging for a couple of years before this mess started. I have a pretty strong inclination to just make it permanent and move on to other things. It'd take more than low rent bar gigs to entice me at this point in any case.
  7. I just ordered a few sets of I/O cables from Ghent the other day, not for the first time. IME the key to good consistent crimps is to use a real crimping tool, i.e. not just a generic hand one meant for occasional prototyping . Real JST hand crimpers are already about $400 new over here and you need two different models to do the ICE modules I've worked with. If you go for powered ones with thermal stripping you're looking at a few $K each. And at least that's one of my older board layouts, which are often much easier to do mods on. The SMT onboard preamps I'm doing these days are really not all that much fun to work on.
  8. A little Google-Fu shows stories of some (nominally correct size) Duracell batteries being problematic when used in oversized battery compartments meant for the Energizer Industrials. I have both in my shop at the moment and it's a chore to get the Energizer to fit in my Fender drive pedal. Consumer grade Duracells pop right in, FWIW. But of course counterfeits are everywhere these days, and Duracell have an industrial variant as well, so who knows really?
  9. Yes. The Energizer Industrial batteries are a classic example of being at the high end of the standard, but I've never observed that latter result personally.
  10. Outstanding. I still have a couple of preamps with that first generation board of mine in them kicking around. One is about to get replaced by the second gen one any day now, but the differences are pretty minimal. Hope it goes smoothly for you from here on out! BTW, did the I/O cabling for the power module come with it, or did you have to do the usual aftermarket route to get it done?
  11. True that, but Marcus was right up there with anyone I saw at NAMM as far as "show chops" this year too. Difference was that he was playing actual self contained music the whole time, stuff that needed no visual component or constraint to portrait view on a stoopid phone, until some other guy joined him 15 minutes in anyway. I did see a few other really great show demo sets too. Anyone with disdain for pick playing might want to check out Cody Wright, for instance. At the booth I "worked" in it wasn't quite all slap all the time, probably only 85-90%. My crankiness is rock steady these days, no worries. What technique produces good music isn't all that important to me, as long as it happens.
  12. Passinwind

    DIY Effects

    My friend who runs an audio gear repair shop just down the street is a certified teacher for SMT soldering, and has extensive experience with computer motherboards and all sorts of other arcane stuff. We've discussed a barter arrangment to get me some scary knowledge but it's hasn't happened yet. He' s repurposed a toaster oven, among other things.
  13. Sound wise I lke Silencers, GHS Pressurewounds, and EB Cobalt Flats about equally for fretless duty, which is by far my main thing. Out of those only the CFs really feel like flats texture wise though, IMO. Unfortunately that works against my current obsession, slide bass.
  14. Passinwind

    DIY Effects

    Heh! I've been avoiding getting the right tooling, as I really don't savor going deeper down this rabbit hole. It seems unavoidable these days though.
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