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  1. Omeg will make you as few as ten quite happily actually. I just recently stumbled upon that info when I needed some dual reverse log pots with long threaded bushings, which actually shipped out from their UK ship yesterday. Even with international shipping the price for a dozen was not prohibitive by my standards, but @disssa's solution would certainly be more cost effective. In my case I can just use cheap Tayda supplied Alpha pots for stompbox builds of the same filter preamp circuit, so I do. πŸ˜‰
  2. Higher HPF frequencies are fab for allowing greater bass control boost settings without mud and the aggregate response curve can move the peak frequency all over the place, allowing you to dance around room resonance nodes. The venerable Pultec studio EQ exploits a similar sort of synergy, it’s not a new idea by any means.
  3. I decided to give Tayda's inexpensive UV printed enclosures a try: Time from ordering to receiving them in my mailbox was nine days, noy bad at all. I'm also trying JLCPCB for some test HPF boards, which shipped three days from order date: Those boards are just upwards of 2" x 1" and could even fit in a bass pretty easily, I reckon.
  4. Yep, Jamerson and Jaco both would have sounded and looked much better playing Alembics and I would've married a supermodel. Yeah...that's the ticket! πŸ˜‰
  5. Definitely so at the live show I saw eons ago in Toronto. The energy level went up exponentially when Young came on, and I normally can't stand the guy at all, with a few exceptions here and there.
  6. You can have my Participation Trophy too if you fancy it, freight collect. 😎
  7. Same as if I do vote, where's a bigger carrot? 😎
  8. Same here actually. If you happen to make your way to the upcoming Seattle GTG please introduce yourself to the old bald guy that is Passinwind...oh, wait!
  9. I owned four of them at one time, they were about the best thing going for monitor EQ for many many years. All four are still in the monitor rack of the club I used to mix in, going strong several days a week a good 15+ years later. The first one lived in my bass guitar rack for quite a while before that and was great for that purpose.
  10. Peavey quoted 1100 watts at 1% THD+ noise, it's entirely possible that it makes 1200 watts at some higher but still usable distortion figure. Play feel is a whole other thing, not all of like the feel of "all" AB amps unreservedly. 😎
  11. Frets? Ewww...☣️☣️☣️ 😎
  12. Today I rebuilt this four year old preamp with all the appropriate new innards I've been working on, including the board in the last post before this one.: It's working better than expected, if anything.
  13. Yep, and all this stuff is just Oldies now. Self included! 😎
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