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  1. Thank you so much, what an adventure that was haha. It was a pleasure doing business with you 😁👍
  2. LouieM


    Not anything specific atm apart from maybe a sansamp VT (i know it's a stretch but you never know) show me what you're offering and ill consider it 👍
  3. LouieM


    It does include the box but I forgot to picture that.
  4. This bass has been used for home practice for about 3 months and I have enjoyed every bit of it. I replaced the stratch plate (originally tortoiseshell) and will include the old one with the bass. The strings on it are quite dead but it is set up nicely and sounds great. When I bought it, the seller has said that it has Fender MIM pickups, tuners and bridge. Not sure if this is true because I don't know how to check. Pickup from Wokingham or somewhere within 30 minutes of driving.
  5. LouieM


    This pedal is made to model the hiwatt Distortion and sounds wonderful on bass. For some reason it doesn't work when I use it and sounds like a dying battery.(I use a power supply so it's not the battery) Selling it for cheap so someone can fix it up and enjoy it like i did (controls are bass top right. Treble top left. Drive bottom left and level bottom right.)
  6. LouieM


    The dedalo byt is a very unique bass synthesiser that I won't even try to explain how it works. (just watch this video https://youtu.be/3wZHFlIEn84) It creates very unique sounds that would work awesome in a muse of 80's cover band. The pedal is in mint condition with the rubber feet still attached.
  7. The super fuzz is a very unique fuzz with 2 different modes and simple controls. One side it is a super wide and heavy fuzz and on the other is a super mid scooped and very unique tone, this is a clone that accurately represents the original pedal. It sounds great for a tone like gratitude or sabotage by the beastie boys. There is a small scratch on the branding on the left side of the pedal (pictured) but other than that it is in mint condition.
  8. oooo i really like that colour, it looks great
  9. Build one!!! I did this and it's so fun
  10. I've always loved the look of these basses. GLWTS
  11. I am not sure why they are there, it was done by the owner before me i assume and i got the bass like that. it doesn't affect anything at all
  12. wow what a small world haha, that sb1000 on the left looks amazing. thank you
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