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  1. not any that i can think of specifically, what have you got?
  2. This pedal is insane. I don’t know how to describe so all i can say is check out a demo on youtube. This one is from the first batch, and signed by all of the Gamechanger audio team i believe, i’m not sure who martin kendall is but this is signed to him. Very good condition, just a bit dirty on the back. I do not have the box or power cable for it. I can ship it for £10
  3. I PRICED THIS WRONG IT COSTS £120 This b3K is near mint condition apart from marks on the corner (pictured) and on the top and bottom of the pedal. It sounds amazing but the sound isn’t for me so i’m selling it to someone who would use it more 👍
  4. I should mention the strings are very very old roundwounds so a new set would be recommended
  5. This example of an Epiphone Thunderbird looks wonderful, the relics are all smooth and there is almost no buckle rash on the back. it’s seriously a good looking bass. The bridge pickup is slightly microphonic but i’m sure that’s an easy fix. I do have the knob for the tone control, i forgot to put it back on as i always take tone knobs off my basses. Collection from Wokingham or we can decide on somewhere to meet. I will consider any trades.
  6. Nobody interested? I will consider any trades for anything
  7. Nobody interested? I will consider any trades for anything
  8. NOW £40 because i believe the blend knob may be faulty as it doesn’t seem to affect the overall sound much The DOD FX25B is an amazing envelope filter as used by the likes of flea, steve digirgio and buckethead. this specific one is in great condition, it’s just a bit dirty. i can ship for £5
  9. This is a great pedal that does some wonderful amp style drive sounds. it’s in very good condition, just a bit dirty. everything works perfectly and the sound is great. I am selling it as i need to fund a recent purchase of the Plasma pedal (ooo fun) I can ship it for £5
  10. Should clarify I can ship the head but no chance shipping the cab Also, send me any trade offers, I'll consider them all
  11. This amp sounded great, however I believe I have blown the fuse no sound comes from the amp but i believe this should be an easy enough fix.
  12. head sold £180 for the cab speaker cable not included These amps have only ever been used at home and not gigged with. The head is faulty, the master volume knob doesn't affect volume much, its either very quiet or very loud. I assume this would be an easy fix. The head sounds great, uses a tube for the preamp and gain stage and a solid state power section. It can go from wonderful and punchy cleans to dirty tube driven tones. The cabinet works perfectly and sounds great, 8 ohms at 500 watts.
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