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  1. The Bass Doc

    jazz pickguard with P cutout?

    [quote name='BurritoBass' timestamp='1398023393' post='2429684'] The Bass Doc on here can make you a custom one. [/quote] Yes I think he can I have a template for a Reggie Hamilton pickguard and a supply of tort from which a copy can be made
  2. The Bass Doc

    Clueless about a P Pup

    [quote name='davehux' timestamp='1397654389' post='2426102'] I'm [u]half[/u] tempted to ask for just one of them [/quote] I see what you did there.
  3. The Bass Doc

    feedback for 'Grangur'

    Bought one of them there fret bending tools. Lovely job Richard. Using fingers only up to now has resulted in damage that I can blame for my poor bass playing - but, as one of my bandmates pointed out, I am to bass playing what Eric Pickles is to hang gliding.
  4. The Bass Doc

    '66 Slab Precision...Anyone seen one/got one?

    [quote name='BigRedX' timestamp='1397504003' post='2424636'] So it was like a [url=http://littleguitarworks.com/torzal-natural-twist/]Little Torzal Bass[/url]? [/quote] Yes except not as extreme and the twist was towards the higher string side.
  5. The Bass Doc

    '66 Slab Precision...Anyone seen one/got one?

    I reckon changes in the drying out of various woods and perhaps improved adhesives will have made the slab board jobs more reliable in modern times.
  6. The Bass Doc

    '66 Slab Precision...Anyone seen one/got one?

    [quote name='BigRedX' timestamp='1397503338' post='2424615'] Does anyone actually have a twisted Fender neck with a slab rosewood board? [/quote] Yep, I had one. Strangely enough, because the string path followed the twist, it didn't affect the playablity.
  7. The Bass Doc

    '66 Slab Precision...Anyone seen one/got one?

    OK, here goes:- [attachment=160300:IMG_0002.jpg] The conversation taking place at the time was me pointing out that the polepieces of the pickup on my Stingray were uneven and I was getting loud A and D against quieter E and G. Afterwards he gave me add-on magnets to take away and fit when I got back home and they helped cure the problem. Just shows Leo didn't mind criticism and I reckon would not particularly join in and bask in the 'Leo got it right first time' debate. He continued to innovate - and, guess what? - his next move to the G&L range saw adjustable pole pieces being used.
  8. The Bass Doc

    '66 Slab Precision...Anyone seen one/got one?

    [quote name='EssentialTension' timestamp='1397501817' post='2424586'] . No doubt someone will be along in a minute with a better explanation. And no doubt someone will say that one (or the other) sounds different and better, or not. [/quote] The second explanation is the most acceptable imo, particularly as Leo Fender told me himself
  9. The Bass Doc

    '66 Slab Precision...Anyone seen one/got one?

    [quote name='BigRedX' timestamp='1397499455' post='2424545'] What's the reason for the "veneer" style board? I can't help but think it would have made the production of the neck unnecessarily complicated - something which would have gone agains Leo Fenders philosophy when it came to building musical instruments. [/quote] An explanation (that I think has been aired previously) is that, in the case of some slab boards, occasional twisting occured as a result of the rosewood being a fair thickness tended to dry out at a different rate to the maple whereas in the case of the cambered board it was more of a veneer and did not interact with the maple to the same extent.
  10. The Bass Doc

    Anybody tired of the bass guitar merry-go-round ?

    [quote name='neepheid' timestamp='1397295568' post='2422507'] I'll be going through the Pearly Gates playing my RD, ta. [/quote] But as God is actually Leo Fender I don't think you'll be allowed in. Probably best to take your G & L.
  11. The Bass Doc

    Feedback for Bassulike66

    Smooth deal on a little preamp. Splendid chap to do business with
  12. I have a template for an OLP 4 so can probably help.
  13. As played by Dexter Redding? (son of Otis Redding and a fine bass player apparently). ....make that two togas please.
  14. The Bass Doc

    feedback for LOWNOTE12

    Smooth deal on a pickup. Splendid chap to do business with.
  15. Probably the best place to source one of theses would be my spares drawer I reckon it will be the same size as the screw on Schaller BMLF heads for which I have some spare bits. Do you just need the screw or the washer as well? PM me some details and I'll sort it out for you.