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  1. Hello! Where are you and is it pick up only or post? Cheers
  2. I use an SI expression and an SI 16 and the remote iPad control is a major asset. The SI is very intuitive and can be accessed by any tablet or laptop so it's pretty useful. A couple of things to note on the SI are amuts a little noisy if you crank the pre amps so you need to set the input gains carefully. Unity gain on the master L&R pits is 10 past 12 and again, the mixer can get a but hissy if you turn these up past that. Having said that,the gigs I've done on it the hiss was simply not a problem compared to the ambient noise in the pubs etc. It has a feedback suppressor that is very handy for pub use and if you set the headphones output to aux5/6 you can get 6 mono monitor sends out of it, on top of your 2 reverbs and delay sends. There has been some moaning about the wifi hotspot dropping out now and then but that's easily solved by using an external router via Ethernet. I use a TP/Link Nano which can be powered from one of the mixers usb ports. The hdmi port does nothing yet but the view is that they will enable it in the future for use with a usb mouse and flat screen. Firmware updates are underway to improve the fx and some muting and routing options. My opinion? Go for it, it's very affordable.
  3. Hi Gui, the NL2 and NL4 Speakons are interchangeable and will mate correctly, the only difference is the NL4s can carry a four way cable often used in a bi-amp setup where two separate amps power two speakers via one 4 way cable.The second speaker is usually wired via a link socket on the cab, similar to the old peavey Hysis sub speakers. The NL2s only carry a 2 way cable. Wired to the 1+ and 2+ connectors. It's possible one end of your Speakons is an NL4 and is wired incorrectly with 1+ or 2+ being wired to the 1- or 2- connectors inside the plug. I have some wired on purpose this way for a two way system link, and have to clearly mark them from the normally wired ones. The easy option is just to check whether the connector says NL2 or NL4, or buy a new cable that uses NL2s only so no confusion. Hope you get sorted. MM
  4. [quote name='Skybone' timestamp='1440863736' post='2854416'] Pretty sure Geddy Lee's stage set up hasn't had any amps/cabs on stage for a good number of years, he's been a fan of the Sansamp BDI's for a long time. IME, a bass amp "going down" is quite a rare thing, whether with or without a sound board DI. The point is, if you turned up with a DI capable box (BDI/preamp pedal/amp modeller/etc) and no amp, would the sound guy still insist on you going through their DI even though you brought your own? [/quote] Only if your DI was £3.99 from Argos. If you are for instance using a behringer BDI pedal, you could take the DI xlr feed from that, OR, you could llnk that via a jack patch cable to another DI. My drummer uses two behringer ultra DIs for his SBD pad sampler, and our FOH hates them to f*** and replaces them with much better Radial DIs. Drummer insists his are fine, FOH insists they sound sh*t. Who would you trust? I've been amp less for over a year now and have done pubs to major festivals either through my ipad/jamup/sonicport/LA audio DI box, or recently, just a TU2 and the LA audio DI. FOH and I think it sounds excellent, and keeps the stage clean. f*** carrying an amp and a cab, no way.
  5. Difficult to say with the info you give. Check the Speakon connectors by unscrewing the blue caps and checking there isn't a wire out, they are usually only gripped by a screw in clamp and can work loose, though if it's a new cable as you imply, it's probably not the cable. If you have tested the cab with another amp then it's possibly the W audio amp. INPUTS/ Make sure your amp is on and the gain pots turned up and watch the signal led (green),to check it fllckers when you play? Are you using a pre amp or pedal like a sans amp? Check the cable between that and the amp input. Have you got a minijack to quarter inch jack to play an ipod etc directly into the LINE or JACK input of the amp to check the inputs are fine? If that shows a signal plug the ipod into the sansamp if you're using one and see if it still shows a signal. If it does, move on to the outputs. OUTPUTS Your amp has three speakon output sockets, the middle one is only for the bridged output, check you haven't inadvertently used that one. (it may be a different colour, red usually) Finally, make sure your output cable is in the same side of the amp as your input cable! Example, you may have your sansamp or bass plugged into channel A, and your Speakon cable plugged in output B, it's a stereo amp after all. See how you get on with that and apologies if you've already tried it all. Here's a link to the manual http://www.farnell.com/datasheets/609203.pdf MM
  6. Victor has it. Just remove your cable from the DI, then it's no longer your problem.
  7. As above, try him on a borrowed acoustic kit, and if that's all smiles, then go from there..
  8. Only lyric i caught at Glastonbury where my bandies insisted I accompany them to se The Fall was "the organiser's a ****" My view is that MES has a lot of personal experience with that title.
  9. The easiest way to use IEMs and not feel cut off from the band/audience is use an ambient mic. Experiment with position and have as much or as little as you like in your ears. Much better than going deaf for the sake of some pub shows.
  10. Another Hipshot user, easy muting.
  11. You might try a Soundcraft Ui16. There's no faders,it's a stagebox design,but once you get past the Wireless control you'll see it's a well specced desk. 12 mic pres (8 are dual xlr/jack) 2 line ins on phono (I use a couple of adaptors and send guitar pedals and keyboards in them) and a two track direct from usb playback. Loads of EQ,(graphics on outs and parametrics on ins) a feedback suppressor, a de-esser,some guitar FX by Digidesign, snapshots, Library import export. Wifi control from ANY device that can surf the net. 6 auxes pre or post as well as 4 FX sends with 4 separate quality FX, monitor auxes each have their own physical output. (6). Mute groups, view groups etc. 2 chan recording direct to USB I've had one for a month now and I love it a lot. I've done 3 gigs and several rehearsals and once set up it's a piece of piss to use.Although it doesn't sound as good as my SI Expression 3 it does sound pretty damn good for pubs weddings and functions etc. It's also retailing for under £500 and weighs sod all. http://www.soundcraft.com/products/ui16
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