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  1. There’s a BFR Old Smoothie at Bass Direct that is rather stunning. Pricey though.
  2. Please remove, honestly I’m not selling it !
  3. I have a very light AVRI P, defo under 9 lbs, might be hovering around 8 lbs
  4. I’m keeping this ! Please withdraw.
  5. Some very interesting trade offers received thank you 🙂
  6. You should, it’s really very good !
  7. I stopped playing for nigh on 20 years when the prog band I was in folded, nothing else interested me. I kind of regret that now tbh. I wish you were closer to me, I’d buy that jazz in a heartbeat !
  8. It’s around 9.3 lbs (kitchen scale inaccuracies accepted) Somewhere between 9.1 and 9.3. It’s lighter than my GL Jazz by some way Body is Alder not Ash so should be lighter than a Classic Stingray.
  9. I’ll check when I get a chance, it’s one of the lighter ones I suspect
  10. Id have this but I’m pretty sure my wife would notice it as a new one 😉
  11. With regard to trades I’m most interested in USA G&L or maybe a Musicman Sabre. 4 or 5 string but no more !
  12. I very recently bought this from @rhysyjobas I’d had a hankering for a classic Stingray for a while and also a late ‘70s Queen fetish ! Sadly I don’t get on the string spacing or the pickup placement (duh!) so rather than flog a dead horse I thought I’d offer it back up to the basschat gods in the exact same condition I received it. It really is truly immaculate, still has the hang tags and SKU sticker on it. It really is ‘as new’ condition but also benefits by having been setup very well by the original retailer. Also included is the original Musicman case (which is suspect is manufactured by SKB as it is very similar to my Rickenbacker one) which again is in perfect condition and is an excellent case for the mobile musician. I’d say it’s the best put together, mass produced guitar I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a few! Im in Chester, UK and I’d prefer collection but I’m happy to post. Trades of equivalent or higher value very welcome (UK retail is circa £2300, as you can see this is a very good sale price for a ‘new’ guitar) Original listing attached for convenience:
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