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  1. So I’ve had this for a week now and I just don’t get on with it. For reference my usual pedal board consists of, well, nothing. I’ve been dabbling with guitar recently so this seemed like a good idea as it works equally well with guitar and bass but it’s just too complex for me. This was bought from Dawsons in Liverpool and includes a decent quality gig bag. Its not been registered and the box is still present. The only thing that has been done is the firmware upgrade More information available here: https://www.dawsons.co.uk/headrush-gigboard-guitar-effects-processor
  2. Annoying isn’t it ? I want to get rid of mine but I can’t do it here. Are they still being bells about this sort of thing ? (Ric)
  3. Got rid of it in the end. Currently looking at a Big Baby or maybe a Seagull
  4. It’s strange. I don’t look at them ever but it weirds me out when they’re not there 😂
  5. Incredible bass. I love mine so much that the rest of the fleet is nervously looking at the eBay listings 😂
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