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  1. drlargepants

    Laney nexus tube bass head and Laney nx810 cab

    Do you get down south much ?
  2. drlargepants

    NCD! Ampeg 810 fridge to complete the SVT

    They seem to be the sole preserve of people who don’t have to shift their own gear ! This one belongs to the bloke from The Verve, it lurks in the rehearsal room that we use which is owned by him I believe.
  3. drlargepants

    Darkglass MT 900 and case

    I auditioned for a classic rock band with this amp, the guitarist had an all valve Mesa thing with a full stack which he insisted (of course) on playing at Motörhead levels of volume. The Amp and BF supertwin was very much a match at 12 o’clock
  4. drlargepants

    Darkglass MT 900 and case

    I concur. The case is stupidly expensive new in faireness but it’s rather nice. All boxed, Footswitch is unused and amp is pristine. Good value I’d say (of course!) I don’t dislike it, I’m just trying to free up cash, and I play live so infrequently having an amp that costs close to a grand is a bit silly really.
  5. drlargepants

    Darkglass MT 900 and case

    Ok, £700 including shipping. No takers and it’s off to the evil gods of eBay this Monday 😉
  6. drlargepants

    Fender tb1200 with footswitch

    Bloody hell, that’s an amp and a half !
  7. drlargepants

    NCD! Ampeg 810 fridge to complete the SVT

    Excuse the crap head, but the cab has headlined Glastonbury ! Fabulous cabs, they certainly shift some air. It’s a recovered Ampeg 8x10 Sadly I will never own one
  8. drlargepants

    NAD - Ashdown CTM30

    Nice, how heavy and how loud ? 😉
  9. drlargepants

    The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    Bloody hell.
  10. drlargepants

    Darkglass MT 900 and case

    I’ve had this for a while now and done a couple of gigs and rehearsals with it. Its incredibly light and loud but I can’t get a tone I’m %100 happy with. For reference I’m big into vintage slightly overdriven tones (think early Geezer Butler). This doesn’t do that (that I can work out anyway). Boxed with manual and the small footswitch (unused) Id say it’s in mint condition. Case is the official, insanely expensive, Darkglass case. I’m in Chester but I’m quite happy to post at your expense. Specs etc here: https://www.darkglass.com/microtubes-900/ Trades welcome.
  11. Hmm, I didn’t realise they did these in long scale. Very nice !
  12. drlargepants

    Feedback for Mojoman

    My AVRI 74 Jazz has gone to a good home Thank you for your purchase 🙂
  13. drlargepants

    SOLD Fender AVRI 74 Jazz

    Now sold, thank you.
  14. drlargepants

    ***NOW SOLD*** Spector Euro 4LX TW

    Ffs, that’s worringly close to me. Hopefully it weighs a lot.
  15. drlargepants

    ***NOW SOLD*** Spector Euro 4LX TW

    Please tell me it weighs as much as the moon and you live in Alaska ?