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  1. Do they do a none leather version ? The problem I have is that I don’t want more than one strap but having a Status and a Jazz the strap points are at very different heights so something that you can easily adjust is desirable
  2. Can someone recommend a strap of a similar construction to a Mono please ? Ive tried a Mono short and it’s too short on its longest and a Mono long which is too long on its shortest 😂 Must be easily adjustable
  3. I’ll have this if you still have it ? Some swine stole my clip on one from a rehearsal room
  4. Oh lord this is worryingly close to me
  5. Ian bought a Stingray off me and more importantly let me play his 63 P Bass 😂 Super nice chap, enjoy the bass!
  6. Yup, no Earnie Ball logo on headstock, slab body, but sensible truss rod adjustment also. Pretty much a Classic I suppose but with a different pickup
  7. This has all been brilliant info, thank you !
  8. Stingray 40th anniversary edition with paperwork and official hard case. Has been gigged and rehearsed with but is in excellent condition. Plays incredibly well and sounds immense. Build quality is exceptional. I have too many basses and I have a Status which does the same thing as this but also has fairy lights … More info here: https://www.music-man.com/instruments/basses/old-smoothie More photos on request, I’m currently down with covid so responses might be a bit slow or nonsensical 🤣
  9. thank you, that’s really helpful !
  10. totally flat and mess about with tone control on bass and contour knob on amp.
  11. I could take about CS for days so no it’s fine 🤣
  12. That’s interesting thank you 🙏
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