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  1. Hi All Got a few pedals up for grabs here, so without further ado: MarkBass Super Synth v.2 - Needs no introduction, one hell of a pedal & so versatile. The octave function alone is worth its weight in gold. All sounds can be edited on Mac or PC with USB connection. Comes with its box, power supply etc. (SOLD) MXR Bass Envelope Filter - Funky sounds all contained in a Funky purple sparkly box. Pedal is in used but well kept condition. Unfortunately no box with this one but will come with an MXR patch cable. (£75) Way Huge Swollen Pickle Mk II - Imagine a more malleable Big Muff. Pure fuzzy goodness. Comes with a Way Huge box, but for an Aqua Puss for some bizarre reason. Great with Bass & also great with Guitar. (SOLD) TC Electronic Hyper Gravity - A cracking compressor pedal, the tone prints give an endless palette of options. Works great with both bass and guitar. (£40) All prices include p&p and of course I am more than open to offers. However I am not looking for trades as I am funding a big purchase. Any questions just ask. Thanks for looking. Tim
  2. But just think of the low end.... Open to interesting trades.
  3. Hi all. Up for grabs is my less than 6 months old Orange Terror Bass MKII. I am literally selling this as I have been most fortunate to land an AD200B & this will, with great pain, become surplus to requirements. I have to say this amp is one of the most versatile bass amps I’ve ever had & it pairs well with my Barefaced Super Twin. Works great with active & passive basses and take effects pedal like a beast. The valves has been upgraded with Electro Harmonix Russian Gold valves, this in my opinion has improved the over tone and versatility of this already amazing amp, it will also come with the stock valves. It has its box, guarantee etc and will include everything accordingly. Any questions, please just ask. A Bit of info from Orange: The all new, re-designed Orange Terror Bass 2 has arrived and it sounds better than ever. With an all valve front end, the Terror Bass is a 500W hybrid bass amp with a valve preamp and solid state power amp, making it closer to the sound of our flagship AD200 than ever before.The front panel remains the same layout to the original Terror Bass but with an added clean switch, giving more headroom and smoother, clean sounds.From clean pop sounds through to gritty rock tones the Terror Bass can do it all. A pad switch on the front for active basses takes 6dB off the input sensitivity. The effects loop is valve on the send and solid state on the return.The Terror bass is a Class D amp with 500 watts of power into 4 Ohms and 250 Watts into 8 Ohms, the limiter switch on the back prevents the output stage from being pushed too hard into 4 ohms. The Terror bass is perfect for any situation, whether studio, practice or live gig. Singled channel Hybrid amp: Class D power amp with valve pre-amp Clean switch Variable input sensitivity for active or passive basses Balanced DI out
  4. Just did a trade with James involving my Sandberg California and his Lakland 55-02. Great communications from start to finish, really pleasant transaction and would highly recommend him. Please deal with utmost confidence.
  5. How do! Recently got this bass in a trade with @sunfish of this here parish, however after some tweeking and playing about with this magnificent bass, it's just not quite what I am looking for. So here's the skinny on it: Made in Germany in 2011. Spectacular looking and lovely to play. Great tone. All the usual sounds you’d expect from a “Jazz” bass but with extra depth and clarity if you want it. 2 – piece Ash body 6 bolt maple neck with rosewood fretboard 22 frets Zero fret 34” scale  2 Delano Jazz type pickups Sandberg bridge Sandberg tuners 2- band active/ passive pre amp : Controls are: Volume push-pull / Balance / Bass / Treble Weight 9.2lbs I’m looking for a trade ideally, I would like a P Bass (MIA, MIJ or MIM (Roger Waters, Nate Mendel, 50’s Roadworn RI etc) happy to entertain other P’s as well (Lakland Sandberg etc.) Any other questions please just ask.
  6. @drlargepants surprised you haven’t commented on this beauty.
  7. Jonathan just bought my Soundblox 2 Orbital Modulator. Alls I can say is an absolute pleasure to do business with and please deal with the utmost confidence
  8. Bas just bought my Panda Future Impact I. Alls I can say is an absolute pleasure to do business with and please deal with the utmost confidence.
  9. No, I wasn't aware of that. Where can i get this information from? How would I do the update?
  10. You're telling me haha, obviously I'll be in touch if deal falls through buddy!
  11. First pedal up for grabs, Future Impact synth pedal by pandaMIDI (£260) Quite honestly one of the best bass synths I have ever had the pleasure of using. Used, however as you can see it's in excellent condition, comes with box Price includes shipping within the U.K. The Future Impact I. is a powerful bass guitar effect combined with a super massive bass synthesiser. The Future Impact I. is able to reproduce all the nine original sounds of the Akai Deep Impact but incorporates a state-of-the-art processing unit that performs operations more than a hundred times faster than its predecessor. It has 99 program slots that are fully programmable with a desktop PC/Mac editor. Future Impact I. is simply the best bass guitar synthesiser on the planet, used by many bass legends like Bootsy Collins, Muse's Chris Wolstenholme, Jamiroquai's Paul Turner and so on. World's fastest string tracking algorithm. Extensive effects section Mix the dry guitar sound, the effected guitar sound and the synthesised sound, then effect it again. Synthesizer specs: 4 oscillators (waveshaped) 2 filters 2 envelopes 512 kHz sampling frequency Effects: Harmoniser Filter EQ Dual Modulation Delay Chorus Distortion Next up for grabs is the Source Audio Soundblox 2 Orbital Modulator ((ON HOLD)) An excellent all round modulation pedal, Flange, Phase, Chorus this does it all. Used, however as you can see it's in excellent condition, comes with box but not the 9v power supply as it never came with it hence the price Price includes shipping within the UK Sorry, not looking for trades or part-exchange. The soundblox 2 orbital modulator is a super compact, durable, and highly flexible multi effects pedal with a dynamic collection of precision engineered phaser, flanger, chorus, and tremolo effects. Twelve effect types, nine adjustable parameters, plus internal or external modulation control, emphatically elevate this micro monster well beyond the sonic limitations of traditional modulation pedals. The orbital modulators rack mount power delivers endless modulation possibilities including multi voiced choruses, through zero flange, rotary speaker simulation, variable notch phasers and much more. It's nine adjustable parameters include depth, feedback, delay, frequency, volume, loretain, tremolo, mix, and speed. Control modulation either internally or externally sine and square wave LFO plus forward and reverse envelope followers offer vibrant internal modulation, while the pedals compatibility with midi control signals, the source audio dual expression pedal, or any of our hot hand motion sensor rings provides precise external control. Once you've dialed in the perfect sound, save it one of two user presets easily recalled via two footswitches.
  12. Just traded my US Elite Jazz with Brian’s Sandberg & Yamaha. Perfectly described, pleasant fella and we both drove to the midway point. Please deal with the utmost confidence!
  13. Good lord, get thee behind me. That is a thing of majestic beauty. GLWTS
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