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  1. Is this for the head or a combo?
  2. I don’t believe so. I believe one has a pad for active instruments s’all.
  3. Good Day One & All! Up for grabs is my rather wonderful Glockenklang Blue Rock, what can I say about the wonderful German beast that you don’t already know? Unbelievably versatile, kicks like a mule, sounds great both recorded and in live situations you can plug anything into the front of this and it sounds pure bliss. Don’t let the name fool you either this can used for Funk, Metal, Dub and it’ll handle like a true world beating champ. Genuine reason for sale, in a much as it’s a little too overkill for me and the gigs I am doing. It is in overall wonderful condition, there are a few marks but to be expected with actual usage and if I am brutally honest I am loathed to see it go but needs must when the devil vomits in your kettle. I would be interested in trades for something a little smaller in Wattage like an EBS Reidmar 470/500 but would require some cash my way. But please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss further. I am looking for £800, It will come with a Gator Padded Gig Bag & rack wings (currently unattached) and I am happy to ship (at buyers cost). Technical Spec from Glockenklang: Amplifier internally switchable between minimum impedance 4 or 2.7 ohms Internal dip Switch set to 4ohms: Max 1000 W @ 4 Ohm, 500 W @ 8 Ohm Internal dip Switch set to 2.7ohms: Max 900 W @ 2.7 Ohm, 600 W @ 4 Ohm, 300 W @ 8 Ohm Drive / Voice Section - Drive with foot switch The Drive control is for sounds from slightly torn to tube-like overdrive With the Voice control (which switchable to Drive is) one can additionally colour the sound 5-Band EQ with 2 switchable frequencies for the Low Mid, Mid and High Mid controls Input A & B FX loop Balanced DI out Dimensions (W x D x H): 320 x 280 x 88 mm Weight: 5 kg
  4. Hi All. Up for grabs is this rather fantastic Gotoh bridge. It retro fits on to bass with 5 screw bridges, no need for any additional drilling. Improves the over all tuning, tone and sustain of any bass. In like new condition, only briefly fitted to my 85 Jazz before deciding to go back to the BBOT so I could refit the covers. No box or screws, but will be very well packed for shipping. £20 posted to your door
  5. timmchale2009

    TRADED: Limelight/House Of Tone '62 Reissue Jazz Bass In Black

    You weren’t the only one haha.
  6. Hi All! Well this is something I didn't foresee doing anytime soon, however... I have found my dream Jazz Bass, it's a year of Birth and with that this one will not get used anywhere near as much. So as the title suggests this is a Limelight/House Of Tone hybrid. Mark has done the body, neck, bridge and covers. Matt has done the pickups, the wiring and the assembly. I put together the parts, the celluoid aged pickguard, the fender stamped tuners, the gotoh aged neck plate and control plate, I believe there to have been literally no expense spared on building this bass and IMHO and other who have heard and played it, it's an absolute masterpiece. It also will come with a Fender Strap, Schaller Straplock and a Fender Tweed Hardcase and I am more than happy to ship as I have a suitable box. Overall this has cost me the best part of £1300 in total and I believe it has been worth every penny. The action is just perfect, the tone is absolutely wild and the overall playability is sublime. So with something so good, why am I parting with it? Well I have a hollowbody 4005, a 4003s with toaster and horseshoe and a Jazz Bass (with the same pickups as in this) so ideally I need a P Bass to have all basses covered (no pun intended)! So if you have a nice P (preferably a MIJ or MIA) 60's style with a Rosewood board, that would be most welcomed, but I am also open to other P Basses but nothing active please as it just doesn't suit my style of play I'm afraid. Must be clear at this point, no other Jazz Basses (the one i've got is a real humdinger) and no Amps (I'm very happy with my Glockenklang/Barefaced combination) thank you. Any questions just ask. Thanks. Tim
  7. timmchale2009

    FS: EBS Neo 210 £400

  8. timmchale2009

    The 'Show us your Limelight!' thread

    This is my little beauty. Body and neck Limelight, House Of Tone Custom Jazz Pups and wiring loom, Fender Branded tuners and celluloid aged scratch plate. Literally the best jazz I have ever owned/ever will own. Just ticks every box.
  9. timmchale2009

    EBS Neoline 212

    Lovely cab if I do say so myself!
  10. So this is a feeler just to gauge some interest in this beautiful bit of wood! I got this in trade for my SBMM from lojo of this here parish. It’s a Q serial 70’s Reissue Precision Bass in my favourite combo of Natural with Maple Neck. For a 15 year old bass it’s in excellent condition and has been very well maintained with well below average signs of use. This is quite a rarity in as much as the pickup has been factory fitted in reverse position. In my opinion this gives the bass a very unique, punchier tone and sound in comparison to the standard configuration. Plays as good as she looks, and has had a recent full setup at House Of Tone in Chester. Prior to me getting this, the wiring loom has been upgraded with CTS pots etc (KiOgon Of basschat fame) and It’s had quite a few upgrades since I’ve had it, the pickguard has had to be custom made because of the pickup configuration, it’s a red celluloid guard and wasn’t cheap (£70) I do however still have the original white one. The tuners were a bit crap to say the least, so I’ve had them changed out for official Fender branded 70’s style tuners, again I have still got the originals. I have subsequently had the pickup & bridge covers fitted. On top of this I’ve had the pickup changed out for a House Of Tone House Special P, sublime pickups and which has opened up no end of tone from this monster bass, however I have kept the original. It will come with an excellent SBMM padded gigbag and all the original parts and will be well packed if shipping is needed. Just to be clear I am not looking for trades, just cold hard cash. However Packaging and postage is included in the price! Any questions just ask.
  11. timmchale2009


    2 x Brand New sets of Rotosound, these are the PSD (Piano String Design) Stainless Steel Long Scale 34", Standard gauge 45-105 (RS99LDG) 1 - 0.045" 2 - 0.065" 3 - 0.085" 4 - 0.105” Bought in error as I need ball ends as opposed to the PSD ends. So if you offer trades for other sets of strings may well be interest. £30 a set or £50 for the pair plus postage if required. Rotosound quote - Originally developed under the Rotosound name as ‘Super Bass’ in 1974. Later that year the ‘Superwound’ string company was formed to incorporate all types of bass and guitar strings with the ‘piano string design’. A specialist string design that utilises the contact core concept. That is the same as piano strings whereby only the core is exposed over the bridge of the instrument. These sets comprise of a ‘ball and cone’ system or ‘adjustable ballends’ so that the correct cover termination distance of around 6mm from the bridge saddles is achievable with the many different long scale models out there. The increased sustain and presence is unmatched by any other string, at the same time freeing up those upper harmonics that would otherwise be lost. It is also important to note that the action will be slightly reduced using these strings. Stanley Clarke once stated that these strings were ‘the hottest sound I have ever heard”
  12. timmchale2009

    Northwing Feedback

    Bought a TC Polytune. Arrived well packaged. Great communications to boot. Deal with confidence.
  13. timmchale2009

    Feedback for The Fasting Showman

    Martin kindly sold me an MXR bass compressor, faultless transaction, quick arrival, excellent stuff. Deal with confidence.