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  1. I've always loved the look of these basses. GLWTS
  2. I am not sure why they are there, it was done by the owner before me i assume and i got the bass like that. it doesn't affect anything at all
  3. wow what a small world haha, that sb1000 on the left looks amazing. thank you
  4. It's a heavy one. 4.4kg on my bathroom scale. Almost all of the weight is in the body so it feels quite a bit heavier than thag
  5. PRICE REDUCED TO £600 Can post at buyer's expense I have lost the bottom strap button so please keep in mind that this bass does not have one. This Aria is from 1981 and sounds fantastic. It has Rotosound 90-35 strings (just like cliff burton did) that are quite dead. The coil tap switch has been replaced because the old one was broken. All of the electronics work perfectly and sound amazing. There have been two holes filled near the controls (seen in pictures) but it doesn't affect anything and is not noticeable unless you're up close. There is also quite a deep dent near the bottom of the bass but, again, it is barely noticeable unless you're up close. There are also minor scratches around the bass that are a given for a 40 year old bass. It plays amazingly with great and low action. The g string has been raised a tiny bit as it was buzzing but i think this is just because of the change in gauge strings. Collection from Wokingham or i can travel out a bit, show me your offers or trades.
  6. This is a modified Squier that is a Mike dirnt signature bass. It has got hipshot tuners and a hipshot D-Tuner. The pickups are a Dimarzio P pickup and a Dimarzio Model one. They sound amazing by themselves and together. The p pickup has a stacked volume and tone knob and the neck pickup has a single volume. Using these both together create a very punchy sound with a lot of bottom end. There is a small crack in the lacquer where the drop tuner has been installed but it doesn't affect anything at all. The strings are 90-30 gauge rotosound so if you plan on putting heavier gauge strings then be prepared to do a bit of a setup. Collection from Wokingham. Will consider trades, offer me what you've got!
  7. Thank you for this, I'll look into one of the Japanese copies
  8. Hello everyone As you can see in the title i was wondering if anyone has built a clone of Cliff Burton's famous Rickenbacker. I was wondering if this would be a good idea if i start with a cheap copy. Thank you for reading
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