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  1. That might arguably called "shilling" in my world, or more importantly in the TB CUP. Especially if you haven't actually read the book. It's a very subjective thing though, and I don't mean to impugn either you or Alfie at all. For me the real problem comes more from web review sites like Yelp where a restaurant owner recruits negative reviews for the competition in return for a free appetizer, or possibly undeserved glowing ones for his own joint. On Amazon one can sometimes get a two for one deal in return for a positive review, for example.
  2. They've left at least one thread up, so best of luck to you with the book. In my case I had to become a Commercial User just to give away a free design I make no money from. But I did make my living in the music business service side for quite a few years, and there are some perks to being a CU as well.
  3. Nope, it doesn't work that way. A supporting membership lets individuals not in the music business sell personal gear. Commercial users register as such and post under a different code set out by the Commercial User Policy. I've been under those constraints for a few years now and it can be a substantial PITA. Pesonally, I'm pretty sure this thread violates the spirit of the TB CUP rules in at least one way or another, but I'm sure the mods over there will sort it out soon enough, and it's most definitely not my call in any way. 😎
  4. Years ago I heard this duo on my public radio station and went and saw one their rare US shows: Both these guys coax an amazing array of percussive sounds from their instruments, especially Kropinski. Those tabla-esque bits are one or the other, on acoustic guitar or EUB.
  5. Hi Edwin, I think your best best might be to work through the posts here: https://www.talkbass.com/threads/the-definitive-palatino-eub-modification-thread.303366/ , and then maybe in the associated longer TB thread as well. Repairing surface mount boards like that is actually fairly easy for many decent techs these days, but IME the learning curve could be kind of daunting for DIYers. Reverse engineering is often times a PITA because the small capacitors often have no labeling. Since replacing the stock onboard preamps seems to be a popular thing perhaps you can score a working unused stocker with a little luck. In any case, I'd suggest verifying that the pickup system is working properly before diving into the preamp section.
  6. I mostly just label mine "Noise." Am I doing it wrong?😎
  7. You just know I'm going to vote for a bespoke build. I'm still finishing up my all consuming100 watt tube amp build but a small combo is very much on my radar as a winter project. Before lockdown here so much of my playing was without drums and with just a handful of mostly acoustic instruments, and I expect it may be even more so once we get off this roller coaster. Nice job Phil, as usual.
  8. Inkscape is pretty great but the learning curve can be a bit daunting. Here's my hobby logo, also done in Inkscape: That's just a proof of concept fascia panel for my new tube amp build, we started with a blond finish but it had a few blue stains in it and tinting the whole piece blue to mask that buried the laser etched control labeling.
  9. Shadows And Light is my clear favorite (having seen a supporting tour show is a factor), which they didn't even list. After that, probably Hejira, then Mingus, then Hissing.
  10. Roger that, and it certainly can work as a marketing ploy, probably especially with consumer widgets. It annoys me when the amp doesn't get to giggable level until two o'clock too though. On pieces I build for myself I try for a sweet spot in control sweep from about 10 o'clock to 2 o'clock when possible. Not just for volume controls, but everything else as well.
  11. That linked text is confusing at best IMO. In the more basic circuit applications a log taper pot typically gives that more linear sounding result. 😎 And there's maybe really nothing all that inherently nasty about using a less expensive part that behaves in a way many people prefer, eh?
  12. Passinwind

    DIY Effects

    FWIW, I went out of my way not to do an overt clone of any of the existing designs I'm aware of, including the Alembic, Wal, ACG, Bartolini, and Craig Anderton ones. The long thread you linked to will explain my design intent much more thoroughly than I could manage here. 😎
  13. You can mate the heats sinks on the module used in your amp to a bigger one and it'll work fine without a fan, at least in my experience. But I defintely don't run my amps as hard as many people do, and having the absolute smallest and lightest form factor doesn't matter at all to me.
  14. An upright, of course. Leo never got it right, so how could those who came after him? 😎
  15. Peavey, Mesa, and Ampeg all made them. I've been using my new DIY 100 watt job that way for the moment too, and pretty happily really.
  16. We did a poll like that on Talkbass a few months ago. Class D won by quite a substantial margin, and then of course the other factors would presumably skew the market even more. But online polls often tend to be very unreliable, and many of us don't really care what others think when it comes to such a subjective thing anyway.
  17. FWIW, several years ago I built a rack mounted Class D amp as a DIY project and took it down to the local ace repair shop to try out an EUB they had for sale. The owner was quite convinced it was a tube amp, which I found hilarious -- it surely must have been down to the visual cues. I'd put money on the tube one I'm doing right now being able to pass for a modern solid state build in an unsighted test right now too, although I'm probably going to take it in a more traditional direction since that was my raison d'etre for doing this build in the first place. But as I've said many times, play feel is quite another thing and I always looked at that as a very important aspect of my tech work when I was still doing that for my livelihood. Arguing with people about what they feel seems like a real fool's errand to me. 😎
  18. B&O sold out their share in ICEPower in 2016, FWIW. Beyond that, popcorn. The market has voted and most people apparently actually prefer the new direction, for sound quality as well as convenience. Plenty of old gear around for those who prefer that play feel, and that gear is getting cheaper all the time IME.
  19. Creeping up an an all DIY setup, just have to build myself a bass and learn pickup winding now. Newest piece is the tube amp, 100 watts switchable to 60. I have the preamp section mostly ready to go but I wanted to audition several different DIY and commercial ones before committing to drilling a bunch more holes. Then it's on to a natural finish wood headcase, I reckon.
  20. Yes, it always involves tradeoffs IME. I started 45 years ago on an Ampeg B-15 and absolutely despised it. Worked up to crazy biamped and triamped rack rigs and never loved that. Went through several classic Class AB jobs and then Class D amps, better but not quite there yet. Built my own Class D appliances a few years back, better yet. Now I've retired from gigging and figure I might as well bring it full circle with a DIY tube amp build. At this point I don't need to be loud, I merely need to dial everything in for dead clean sound that works well with a tweeter. I do not covet Old School sound at all, for bass anyway. I've always loved tubes for rock guitar playing though, FWIW. So I'm hoping that something switchable between 60 and 100 watts can scratch both itches, and results so far are looking good.
  21. It's been quite a change of pace from all the battery powered circuits I've been doing for the last few years, 500VDC is no joke when it wants to bite you. Haven't decided whether to do a B channel and use a set of the PW7 boards, but there's already a nice +/- 15V supply on the power amp board, and plenty of spare current capacity. The A channel will be mostly tube based in any case.
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