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  1. Update! We have two basses en route to the Great British Bass Lounge! 🍻 🇬🇧 The "safety orange" bass is one of our new N1 Series (traditional 34" scale, swamp ash body, maple/ maple neck), and the sunburst is our TFL Relic Series (34.5" scale, Tulipwood body, maple/maple neck). Both feature Marco's handwound singlecoils and our signature La Bella strings. Let me know what you think if you ever get a chance to check them out!
  2. Don't worry the weather here is terrible too, and I've had my fair share of warm beers! Mike does great work, and his shop is awesome if you ever get a chance to visit. But yes definitely check out Marco's stuff! We have a few artists in the UK, and we are hopefully shipping a couple out to Sandy at the Great British Bass Lounge this month, so I will keep you posted!
  3. Hi! I'm Ian from Seattle WA, I run Artist Relations for Marco Bass Guitars and play in a slew of local bands. My primary axe is my custom Marco TFL "Jazz-Ray," with my TFL 4 Relic and TFL 24 also in heavy rotation. I used to play nothing but Stingrays and Jazz basses, but now I have the best of both worlds! Here's a list of current musical projects: Devils Hunt Me Down - "Cascadian Dirt Rock" / Groovy Hard Rock - https://devilshuntmedown.bandcamp.com/track/how-dare-you Holy Funk - Electro Funk - https://holyfunk.bandcamp.com/releases Patrick Galactic - Psych Rock Moon Darling - Psych Rock I'm always happy to answer any questions you have about Marco Basses (it's my job!), but I'm equally excited to nerd out on all sorts of gear (especially pedals). Currently running a GK 2001RB through an Epifani 6X10, and have all sorts of workhorse pedals (overdrives, wah, tuners, reverb, ABY), as well as some fun stuff (talkbox, Erica Synth Acid Box III, and some prototypes). If I had my pick though, I'd be running all these weird pedals through a Passinwind head, some day I'll have the budget Charlie! Cheers! Ian
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