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    Update by Jan 1st: Buyer‘s from within UK should be aware that for imports from EU to UK since Jan 1st the UK VAT will be applicable. This VAT has to be paid by the UK buyer once the goods are crossing the borders. Note: As a private seller in EU I can not reduce the price for second hand goods as VAT has never been included in the price. This is the original Matt Garrison Signature 5 model in top condition ! Specs: Amazing Chestnut Burl Top 5pc Ash Neck, 33" Walnut Body Chestnut Tone Block Chestnut Ramp (curved) Ebony Board 19mm spacing Newer (post 2009) Pope preamp with all the jumpers Aguilar DCB5 pickups (original Seymour Duncan Duals shown in the pics will come with the bass !) Weight 4.9 kg Original Fodera HC Everything works fine, technically and aesthetically top ! The Aguilars provide a more aggressive timbre compared to the Duncans. I personally like that Aguilar sound - consider Janek Gwizdalas Fodera which is also a 33" with Aguilars. The Aguilars are not splittable so the Single/Parallel Switch is now a kill switch. The other switches are active/passive and a frequency selector for the EQ. Asking 7900 EUR (approx. 7100 GBP today) plus shipping from Duesseldorf/Germany.
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    Whilst I'm happy with my MarkBass gear (MM101Combo, CMD121P Combo and NYC 121cab) I've had issues with handles, not only the rubber breaking down over the metal innards even with little use but also with the aesthetics. On the 101 it is short, tight and very difficult to hold too if you have big hands! I had a short-lived daliance with a MB Ninja Combo and thought the leather handle added a touch of class and was much easier to hold too. So scanning the internet one evening I came across some very affordable pleather handles which I've added to my 101 and 121 Combos. They are not so clever on a cab because if you have to stack on top it stops them lying so flat. However you get all the parts with the handle including the inner sockets which attach themselves into the wood so they don't vibrate free. This is the handle on the 101 Combo. On this, the existing holes are covered, on the 121 it comes up a little short but rather than fill the holes I just reinserted the old handle's screws into the holes and it looks fine.
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    Someone sent me this link. This genre is described as 'Noise Rock' I'm not going to pass comment, you might like it, you might not, but it's certainly interesting. Band are Lightning Bolt, it's bass and drums only, the 'music' starts around 3.00... err - ish The audience clearly love it, but I think the disco pills might help. Not sure whether the two girls in red shorts launching themselves into the audience are part of the band or not, but, hey, whatever.
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    If you're after a bog simple, free bass amp sim to liven up your DI'd sound then the TSE BOD v3 is a good place to start https://www.tseaudio.com/software/tseBOD
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    Read it again. The point was that folk in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. I didn’t elaborate detail. I won’t because I think the point has been taken and resolved. All the stress of this year is getting to everyone, I’ve had to shield for much of it and I really hope this vaccine comes good. It’s been a humbling year for everyone with a heart (sadly they don’t seem to be in the cabinet) Everyone has apologised now. Hopefully that’s the end of it, though I pity any poor sod that has to read the whole saga from the start like I did. I’ll let y’all know what I think of the pedal. peace
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    That Russian P I bought from @Beedster now with Badass II and 1972 tort and pick ups. CTS pots and switchcraft Jack. Man she growl!!! Look how pretty she is.
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    😄 I think the music is the least unsettling thing about them!
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    Practice, I'm afraid! I can't claim to be particularly great at doing this, but better than I was a few years back. Best thing I heard was thinking of your whole arm, shoulder down to fingers, as a connected system like the pistons and rods on a steam loco. Aim towards a smooth circular motion, the end result being the least possible interruption to the flow of the bow. At the reverse, your shoulder switches first, followed by upper arm and so on with the fingers being last to switch direction. They're the smallest and lightest bit of the system, thus least noticeable switch. A little easier with French bow than German due to the extra flexibility of your fingers, but same idea either way. We'd better both get practicing!
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    The Lion Sleeps Tonight - Solomon Linda
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    From the 1973 Greenslade album, 'Bedside Manners Are Extra', this is Tony Reeve's bass part for the tune 'Time To Dream'. Tony Reeves was another big influence on me as a kid and I spent a lot of time with his playing. Lots of quality playing to enjoy across this album and the other two he recorded with Greenslade, the first album and 'Spyglass Guest'. https://bilbosbassbites.co.uk/time-to-dream-greenslade/
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    Is that what the youth are calling noise these days? Bloody kids.
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    TimAl Mate of scratchit pickguards
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    You cant go wrong with those. The latency is very, very low, and i get about 3 rehearsals from a single charge.
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    The other half of KM did it all. No expense was spent. I held my breath in the vacuum of space and just got on with it like a trooper.
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    Good question..... I’m guessing there is some kind of long scale banjo and he adds a bit more length beyond the nut or something?
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    I have the Studio Edition Octabass, I've also owned the Black Label/BL True Bypass versions. Although i havent tried the new one, as you rightly say it appears the tone control replaces the 3 way EQ switch,maybe to give more subtle variation. I've absolutely no idea what or how that range switch works. Improving tracking on either high or low, I don't see how that would be useful,as the Octabass is one of the best tracking octaves I've used (and I've had a few). Does it deliberately make the high end rubbish when you switch low 😂🤣 I thought it may work like the poly mode on the old OC3 where you can have the octave on the high strings/frets and have the low strings unaffected and vice versa (That's useful). Not to take away from the new pedal as the new range looks brilliant and I've been an avid fan and user of EBS amps/effects since 2002 (got my first octabass in 2003) but they are subtle tweaks to the existing line,not a dramatic overhaul (If it isn't broken),I believe the pedals are a bit smaller too,which is good. I'd stick with what you have 😁
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    Stew bought my (now his, obviously) Beheinger Hellbabe wah pedal. Dead easy, painless transaction. Full marks all round!
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    In my limited experience of boost pedals, there isn't any difference to turning up the gain on the amp....assuming there's no other eq shaping associated with the boost. You could also use it to boost the signal into your overdrive/ fuzz etc and take the pedal to another level. This is quite an interesting vid (albeit guitar based) https://youtu.be/svZ2Mhh6wUU I use a TC spark with my valve amp sometimes and it just pushes the front end harder into break up or further. With the TC, I add a bit of additional bass and roll some treble to shape it a touch and the spark is brilliant in this imo. (See the spark thread).
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    From posts on here about the MM, P 'n J of this lot... and someone on here has modded one of these... https://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_pb_50_sb_vintage_series.htm or https://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_pb_50_fr_vintage_series.htm And express yourself with a headstock template, a sander and your own finish... What could go wrong for £105 initial outlay? I would love to but would have to lose the Ibby EDA900 first...
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    A certain computer company used to send us kit which used hot air popcorn in place of the styrofoam nuts that everyone else was using. It's fat free so doesnt' go off, and gives the added bonus of a tasty snack while you were unpacking and setting up your computing gear.
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    Likewise! Sold mine about two years ago, having decided it just wasn't the right shape for me to play comfortably, and then have spent the time since pining about it and trying to resist just buying another one. Hmm.
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    Exactly this. I ordered a case from Rob Allen in California which zoomed efficiently across the world only to be mislaid in my local post office. I had to direct the staff from behind the counter to actually move something before they found it, utterly hopeless.
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    Private will always cost more, making money is the only concern of private commerce. They have to do everything a service does, but make a profit on top. Look at our shambles of a private rail network. The highest rail prices in Europe by a long long way, and unreliable. A service should be just that, not an excuse for some company to make millions that end up in an offshore account. Dominic Raab said, a well funded NHS is a fantasy. Or some such.
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    Can't recommend the Zoom B1on highly enough as a rehearsal tool. Certainly the most affordable option, second hand shouldn't cost more than £20
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    Ok, so progress has been slowed by possible Covid infection - been sleeping most of the weekend! However, the transplant is done and I am very happy with the results! I’ve made a video demonstration, but you really need headphones to appreciate the difference - you can’t hear it through phone speakers at all. I still need to put some wadding in there, and I do wonder if the ports could be improved. Need to play it in now.
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    Doing a bit of a clear out of stuff I don't use any more - all priced to sell. Add £5 for P&P MXR Bass comp - taken as part of a trade so not needed - £90 (with box but no instructions) Markbass Compressore (tube) - just not for me - £90 (no box but will be well packed) Empress compressor - £SOLD Dave Hall Valve pre DI - no longer being made - £SOLD Trades - looking for a chorus pedal / flanger or 8ve pedals. Drop me a PM - I can get these packed up and sent off very quickly.
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    I really liked the second album, but found the third really hard to listen to!
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    Purchased one last week , as @stewblack said great variety of sounds on offer the 5 way switch is very effective to change tone mid-song. See more details on the Bitsa thread.
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    Thanks, it does look great, sleek lines, wish I’d seen this b4 I dived in and bought a ‘BITSA’
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    Once we’re all vaccinated let’s have a huge bundle
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    I have one . Great little box . Not surprised it went so quick ! 😼👍
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    And you now have the option of a two Elf stereo rig!
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    I am all for the NHS in a way the government really aren't, and yes, some people are doing it better as they are not ideologically opposed to it. We have a 'free at the point of delivery' NHS despite the governments best attempts and hope it stays that way although it is being sliced up and sold to private companies, some of that is justified, some isn't, not all of it is in the interest of the NHS. But yes, we aren't america yet despite them wanting that, because they haven't managed to persuade the public it is in their interest to pay yet (like the rest of our services that have been whittled away) so there are reasons to be cheerful on that front.
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    This version is way better to me, even if it wasn't that cold on stage.
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    Ah, the Friday Rock Show, seems a million years ago
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    There are lots of things around to protect consumers - and especially if we are talking physical safety. It's worth looking up the Consumer Protection Act 1987 (might have been updated since then) and the General Product Safety Regulations 2005 and probably the current Sale of Goods Act . The Consumer Protection Act uses both Civil and Criminal law and applies to producers, importers and suppliers - and sometimes all of them! I don't know the facts and so can't comment on this particular case. But if what you say is correct, then they certainly seem to be treading a bit of a perilous path if they know it can cause injury and they know that it has caused injury and yet don't appear to be planning or attempting to do anything about it. Of course, unbeknown to any of us, they may be doing just that...
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    I think they're all going to be there or thereabouts Warren, I was unlucky for sure, but that's what manufacturing QC is for. I shouldn't pay £1,149 for a cab that stops me playing bass You can see in the photo os the second post where I rounded off the corner after the cut occurred. The corner beforehand was more like that at the bottom of the port (2nd photo first post) which was more a sharp square, but also sticking out several mm, hence the issue. OK, as per Japan Axe's comment, perhaps it would have been sensible to check, but should I have needed to with an £1,100 cab?
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    Not only is that response surprising, from a business standpoint, it's utterly stupid. It's an admission of liability. By all means save a few quid if you want, but it would take a couple of minutes on each corner to rectify the issue before potentially exposing customers to injury. If it was a toy, Trading Standards would be all over it like a rash. Potentially, they still could be.
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    That’s bad design initially and if they decided to stick with that bad design then at least round off the sharp edges, poor show top to bottom, that injury could have cost you your playing career. Bad form.
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    I’m using the xvives mate. Be warned though they do seem to prefer a passive bass. They work fine with my status but don’t seem to like the shuker or sadowsky, there’s a high pitched Whitney noise. Nice and easy to use and charge pretty quick. I gig with them too 👍🏻
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    I’ve got to say that this film is properly good! but bloody hell, what a bunch of weirdos!
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    From my limited experience with one I’d say that’s pretty much spot on. If I compare it to my gear it’s like turning the valve drive on my ABM600 on to full from off - same sound just with more life and harmonics.
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    For sale weathered light oak Stand Made three guitar case stand in fantastic condition from pet free, non smoking home. Very classy piece of music furniture keeps cases in one place. Will definitely meet with spousal approval, style and function. Also works as instrument stand and takes five guitar or basses. Looking for £175 no trades please
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    The holy grail for me in the 70s and much of the 80s
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    Bashdown....? Asfaced....? Baredown....? Bareas.....? The world awaits with baited breath
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    I'm not sure that 4x12 is contributing quite as much to the volume as you think it is. 😋

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