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  1. YOU ROCK! Thank you so much for doing this Jodie and Merry Christmas!! 🎄
  2. Han

    Hey! :)

    Hey guys! I’m new here but was so stoked to find a bass community online. Hope y’all don’t mind an American crashing to party cause I call the US home lol if not then kick me out now 😉 I fell in love with playing bass a couple years ago. My Dad is makes music for a living so I’ve grown up in a musicians world - in many way playing bass came naturally! I’m a die hard Fender fan girl and have 2 P-basses + looking to add a Jazz! I love em both and always love getting the chance to play with my band! Country and jazz are my two fav styles, although I also enjoy delving into rock and pop. Looking forward to all I’ll learn here and getting to chat with y’all about one of my fav things in da bass!! ✰
  3. This is so beautiful! Was there ever a transcription released? I would love to learn to play this! 😍
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