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Christmas Time Is Here - Bass Arrangement (Vince Guaraldi Trio)

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Merry Xmas Basschatters!  Thought I'd share a quick arrangement of "Christmas Time Is Here" by Vince Guaraldi Trio, taken from the incredible "A Charlie Brown Christmas" album.  Always loved Guaraldi's contrast of sweet melodies against unusual harmonies so thought I'd have a go at transcribing a piece finally!

Have a great Xmas when it comes, all!

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I watch CBC every year. Love it. Due a watch tomorrow as it's Christmas Eve. I was playing around with the soundtrack last night. 

Vince Guaraldi was a genius. He was immensely proud of his Charlie Brown work and rightly so. He had a good voice as well....witness 'Little Birdie' and one of my favourites, the totally legendary 'Joe Cool'! 😎

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1 hour ago, rollie 55 said:

excellent and a merry christmas to you


1 hour ago, lowdown said:

Great stuff...



16 minutes ago, spongebob said:

Would love to see this tab'd or a how to video. I'd be really keen to play this! 😀

Thanks all!  Will do my best to knock out a transcription at some point @spongebob  :)

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      The bass is located in the Netherlands but safe shipping is ofcourse possible.

      I've added a really short video as an example of how the bass sounds. Listening with headphones adviced. I played some low and some high melodic stuff. Not the best video quality but it's better than nothing I guess.

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      Selling one of my two Tribute JB-2 basses, this one is a 2008 build in excellent condition with a nice comfy Jazz bass profile maple neck, Alnico J single coils pickups and G&L saddle lock bridge. No playing, mechanical, structural or electronics issues with the bass at all.
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