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  1. Agreed! I've got it, plus Reload! Frankie: The Whole 12 Inches, and the Relax EP. 6 different versions of Relax in total. Love the mix names. It was, of course, just called Relax on Pleasuredome. So I have: Relax - original mix Relax - New York mix (12" extended original mix) Relax - Ollie J mix Relax - Jam & Spoon Trip-O-Matic Fairy Tale mix Relax - Jam & Spoon Hi N-R-G mix Relax - Trip Ship Edit That's an awful lot of mileage for one song! I was going to post the official video of Relax, but it's very NSFW, so didn't. Easy enough to find on YouTube for those interested.
  2. Fish is still around? Who knew? World Pain. Perfect name for a 2020 album!
  3. Way better than I expected! Gonna have to acquire their music!
  4. I just noticed that this (Le Jardin de Lucy) and all of the other albums on the ODGPROD site (Original Dub Gathering) are free to download. Excellent quality MP3s (the LJdL files were 44.1/16 @ 276K). https://odgprod.com/
  5. Pleasant work-around-the-house listening!
  6. Delete the lead singer and make them an instrumental group, and I'd be all over them.
  7. Big fan of Leonard! Now of 2 Leonards! One of my favorite albums of his is Popular Problems.
  8. With the outstanding Anthony Jackson on bass!
  9. WHERE did you find this? It's fantastic! Rerouted through my main monitors!
  10. Here's one you may not have heard of. Twin Age. Neo prog band from Sweden. Their first release, Month Of The Year, is from '96. I won an autographed CD on a Rush fans listserv. I bought their 2nd and 3rd CDs. You'll recognize their influences. LLDOB, anyone?
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