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  1. Excellent find! Here's their YouTube channel. Tons of good tunes! Robert Jon and the Wreck YT Channel Here's Blame It On The Whiskey
  2. And he's singing his own songs now! Will wonders never cease.
  3. Excellent reminder! I have a boot of the 14 Feb 1980 show at Keil Auditorium in St. Louis, Missouri that goes by that name. Now that I've pulled it out... 😎
  4. Holy smoly, that was great! Deserves the actual show!
  5. Was a fan then. Still a fan. His latest album is excellent!
  6. That was SO much better than I expected. Gotta follow with the live version. Love the SG 4x6 double neck!
  7. That's a fantastic show! I have some Bela Fleck but not this one. Bela makes the banjo cool. Just that's one heck of an accomplishment!
  8. Love the Nescafe-logo'd shirt! Reminds me of the best instant coffee I ever had...Iscafe by Nescafe. Had it in '72 in Belize when it was still the British Honduras. Big jar. Very pale, fine powder. Looked pretty unappetizing. But holy gobsmacks, it was delicious! That was an early life lesson, heavily reinforced by all of those truly nasty-tasting "coffee crystals" instants that followed on. They put all of their effort into making it look like coffee while still dry. Sometimes, you just gotta get away from the way something looks. Like the percebes in Bilbao! FA-BO-LAS.
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