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  1. Good sound and lovely bass!
  2. That’s exactly what I do except a MarkBass LM3. The Trace 1x10 is more than enough for onstage and the PA handles the rest. Great cabs.
  3. I play through a Trace Elliot Elf 1x10 but DI into our PA (which has 2x18” subs). On stage sound it great and FOH is great. Personally I’d not play a gig solely with the 1x10 and no PA support but would feel comfortable with a pair of them without PA support. As people say above, it depends on your band, needs and the other instruments you will be playing with.
  4. No, I’ve had it about 2 years now. Just never had a video of me playing it before 😄
  5. My Capri Orange/Maple Limelight P Bass in action last weekend. Lovely to play and to you ears, sounds great 😎 (shame about the bloke playing it!) 😄 ABBDCC44-C39E-4E91-96FF-16D95F234166.MOV
  6. Bought a pedal from Kenny. Really fast delivery and pedal is in top condition. Deal in confidence people! Thanks Kenny👍🏼
  7. I was looking at those a few months back but didn’t get the money together. Please let us know what you think if you get one? They look great!
  8. Yes definitely gives that kind of feel. You won’t get a distorted overdrive sound from it though. Well worth checking out.
  9. My mini rig for smaller stages. Trace Elliot ELF 1x10 Cab, Boss TU-3 and an EWS Tri-logic ii going into a Markbass LM3. Compact, easy to transport and sounds lovely!
  10. I bought this from Mark on here and gigged it last night with a Passive P Bass string with flatwounds. Absolutely over the moon with this, stunning sound and a really flexible pedal. You have a switch to choose between High & Low to boost or cut in the Mids and a switch for Passive or Active Bass. I cut the High Mids and Treble, boosted the Bass and enough gain to get a lovely fat sound. Beautiful stuff! I ran it at 9v but have an 18v adapter on order so can’t wait to hear how it sounds then. They do a version 3 now. Definitely worth checking out if you’re in the market for a Preamp!
  11. Bought a pedal from Mark. Posted the next day and arrived the day after! Brilliantly packaged, great pedal as described, easy transaction, nice guy to deal with. Thanks Mark!
  12. I reckon if you go past one with that, it’ll be like the opening scene from Back To The Future!!
  13. Now that’s a rig! Brown trousers time just looking at it! 😄
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