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  1. Because for me personally, I can just use the combo on its own and just plug in a kettle lead. It’s all personal taste an opinion so if you’re happy with using the head and cabs then that’s great. I’m happy with my combo and cabs. Happy Christmas mate!
  2. I owned two One10s from Barefaced and they were very good, I loved them. I needed to sell to raise some cash at the time. When I had some money again, I went with the Trace Elf 1x10 cab and I have to say, it doesn’t sound much different to my ears. Lightweight, loud, sounds great and built like a tank. https://peavey.com/trace-elliot-1x10-speaker-cabinet/p/03616930
  3. The ABM600 EVO-IV is possibly my favourite amp of all time. It sounds amazing, quality build and easy to dial in a great tone. Congratulations, looks fantastic!
  4. I wanted the combo so I had the option for 1x10 or 2x10 with the extension. I’m in a 6 piece band so stage space is at a premium for smaller venues. To my ears, I think the elf sounds great for what it is. I’ve owned Trace heads and this isn’t pretending to be one of those I don’t think? Just a nice little modular setup which is light, portable, doesn’t break the bank or back and sounds good. I’m happy with it and would recommend anyone to try it out if they are looking into 1x10 setups.
  5. “Amazing Slow Downer” on iOS is brilliant. You can slow down without changing pitch. Also loop segments, save the file as copy with your changes and loads of other stuff. Highly recommended.
  6. I played a Markbass 2*8 and preferred 10” the same as you. I also used to own Barefaced One10s, they are very good and I liked them a lot.
  7. I’ve not played an AER so can’t help with a comparison I’m afraid. The Trace is great though, I highly recommend trying one out 👍🏻
  8. I wanted a combo because I wanted an easy life. It can’t do any more, it’s just a combo. I like the 1x10 speaker I have so looked at getting the combo because I’m lazy 😄. Also the added draw was to use it as a 2x10.
  9. Cheers chaps! Seriously impressed with this little rig!
  10. A 1x10 Trace Elf just got delivered to me and I’m so impressed. I have the Elf amp and an Elf 1x10 cab for about the past year. I mainly play with the Elf cab and a VT500 head, using the Elf in my bag as a backup just in case. Anyway, I plugged in the 1x10 combo and POW! Bags of power, great sound, great tone for a little speaker and so light and portable! Where this really sings though is when you add the 1x10 extension cab. I can’t get over the power/heft for such a little lad!! These are also built like a brick outhouse my cab fell from a stand during a gig and not even a scratch on it. Definitely worth a look into if you are in the market for a lightweight portable rig.
  11. I made a pedal board this morning from bits lying around. I use the EQ and drive on my Ashdown ABM 600 currently so I’m not using any other effects at the moment with my bands music. I only use a Boss Tuner and a Line 6 wireless. This is MDF covered in Duck Tape and the units held down with cable ties. The feet are off an old speaker I used to have. Nice and compact, neat and sits on top of my ABM out of the way 👍🏼😎
  12. Just a quick update. I’ve been in the recording studio the last few days. The engineer took a studio DI and also a DI from my M80. After the second song he stopped using the studio DI as said the MXR was better 👍🏼
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