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  1. jimbartlett

    Reggae Bass?

    The loom is a VVT&S/P fitted with an old school Sprague 0.1 cap. It gives you more velvet tones from both neck and bridge pups in parallel but you loose a bit of grit from the bridge pup. You pull the tone pot to switch it to series. The sound becomes huge without any mud and you can get some P Bass type sounds going. I’m really pleased with switching my old loom out for this one.
  2. jimbartlett

    Reggae Bass?

    I bought a Kiogon Serial/Parallel switchblade loom for my J Bass, sounds great! I play 2Tone, Ska and Reggae.
  3. jimbartlett

    Ampeg or another Ashdown?

    I’ve got the CTM30 and it’s wonderful. I’d love a CTM100! Very jealous!
  4. jimbartlett

    Feedback for KiOgon

    Bought a Jazz switchable loom from John. He dealt with all my issues professionally and with courtesy, a proper gentleman. The loom sounds amazing, just what I wanted the bass to sound like and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks John!
  5. jimbartlett

    Bruce Thomas Profile

    Beautiful Bass. I keep GASsing at these on the Bass Centre website. Congratulations! I love the look of the covers but as said above, they just get in the way of my playing. Such a shame because they make the Bass look cool as hell!
  6. jimbartlett

    NAD - Ashdown CTM30

    I’ve never played an Ampeg PF-20 so I wouldn’t know I’m afraid. The new version of my amp is the Ashdown CTM30 Little Stubby. It has a couple more features such as Input Gain and a Feedback dial to fatten the tone even more. Looks great! https://ashdownmusic.com/collections/heads/products/ctm-30-little-stubby
  7. jimbartlett

    NAD - Ashdown CTM30

    REVIEW AFTER FIRST GIG: I gigged the amp for the first time yesterday. Pub gig, roughly 150 people with my 6 piece 2Tone band. I used an Ashdown 212T cab and my 70s Limelight P Bass. As started above, this amp would be ok for a small gig but an efficient cab is critical. I ran out the DI on the amp into our PA and my on stage setup was my monitor. Perfectly fine for monitoring but I wouldn’t want to gig without PA support. The volume was set just under 12 o’clock and was perfect. The tone out of this amp is absolutely amazing. A Fat, warm, vintage valve tone which “breathes” at you in an organic way. I have the Mid set 12 o’clock, Bass set at 2pm, High set at 10am and all the switches engaged. My tone on the P Bass is set about 1/3 on. Beautiful tone, I am in love! If you are after a reliable, solid built, not too heavy (14kg), all valve tone monster and you have PA support to run out to, I highly recommend checking one of these bad boys out! I wouldn’t rely on this and a cab to do anything other than a small gig though. I will be using a 1x15 Ashdown as in the original picture for the next gig instead of the 212T. A bit more compact seeing as it’s only for monitoring 👍🏼
  8. jimbartlett

    NAD - Ashdown CTM30

    It’s not that heavy at all, an easy one hand lift. Volume wise, it’s perfect for on stage and I imagine smaller gigs. I’m going on the DI to our PA so that will take the bulk of the volume
  9. jimbartlett

    NAD - Ashdown CTM30

    Thank you!
  10. jimbartlett

    NAD - Ashdown CTM30

    Cheers Lozz! I’m looking forward to playing this in anger soon with the band 👍🏼
  11. jimbartlett

    Feedback for KiOgon

    John made me a fantastic P Bass loom. Easy to install, sounds great, top class components and quick delivery! Thanks John!
  12. jimbartlett

    NAD - Ashdown CTM30

    It was winking at me too! I talked myself into buying it and I’m glad I did 😄
  13. jimbartlett

    NAD - Ashdown CTM30

    I bought this on here from Tonic and it just got delivered all the way from Croatia! It sounds great, just what I hoped it would be. I can’t wait to gig this amp, I’m going to DI straight out the back and this setup is for onstage. I’ll report back after my next gig.
  14. jimbartlett

    Feedback for Tonci

    I bought and Ashdown valve amp off Tonci. No problems whatsoever. Top bloke and really quick postage to the UK from Croatia! Thanks Tonci!
  15. Thanks Tonci! I’ll have a think and look at money. Cheers.