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  1. I bought a Barefaced PA system from Tom, good deal, easy comms and he’s a thoroughly nice chap 👌
  2. Bought a lovely Stingray Old Smoothie from Dan. Dead easy to deal with. Fair price and generally fab chap.
  3. Thanks all. Gut feelings confirmed. Such a shame - a great instrument will languish until a rich idiot succumbs. Anyone who has a Pro or a custom fretted or fretless they are thinking or shifting, gimme a shout. Unless you’re a shark like this guy
  4. Hi all looking for Wal experts opinions this looks like a replacement neck to me (custom mk1 style) also I thought all Pro’s were ash not mahogany Anything else look incorrect? (apart from the appalling string winding) can’t help thinking this is overpriced. Seller’s market I guess though... https://www.facebook.com/groups/184621401586617/permalink/2204326926282711?sale_post_id=2204326926282711&sfns=mo
  5. As title says - looking for either. AUB fretless preferred - AMUB, AEB fretted or AMB considered. Available to try and buy in UK only please. Cash or trades.
  6. mark_ir

    2X18 feedback

    Friendly and quick deal with Will. Thoroughly nice fella, realistic and fair with some lovely toys Recommended
  7. Hi interested in any kind of trades at all?
  8. Just had this post flagged up to me. Been running a small music charity for 10 years alongside day job of running a rehearsal and recording studio, teching and promoting young bands. Think ive got some decent feedback on here and know some members personally for refs I’ll pm project c as requested. Beedster thanks for your offer too, if it allows group chat I’ll do that.
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