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  1. I bought a Barefaced PA system from Tom, good deal, easy comms and he’s a thoroughly nice chap 👌
  2. Bought a lovely Stingray Old Smoothie from Dan. Dead easy to deal with. Fair price and generally fab chap.
  3. Thanks all. Gut feelings confirmed. Such a shame - a great instrument will languish until a rich idiot succumbs. Anyone who has a Pro or a custom fretted or fretless they are thinking or shifting, gimme a shout. Unless you’re a shark like this guy
  4. Hi all looking for Wal experts opinions this looks like a replacement neck to me (custom mk1 style) also I thought all Pro’s were ash not mahogany Anything else look incorrect? (apart from the appalling string winding) can’t help thinking this is overpriced. Seller’s market I guess though... https://www.facebook.com/groups/184621401586617/permalink/2204326926282711?sale_post_id=2204326926282711&sfns=mo
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  6. mark_ir

    2X18 feedback

    Friendly and quick deal with Will. Thoroughly nice fella, realistic and fair with some lovely toys Recommended
  7. Hi interested in any kind of trades at all?
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