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  1. That’s all great info, thanks very much.
  2. Hi I'm very interested in this Status one. Forgive me if you've been asked before, but can't see it.. how does it compare? I love the size and shape and practicality of Steinbergers, but just don't get on with the string spacing and neck profile to some extent. I love Status and have had a few, the necks are more me, though a smaller fretboard radius would nail it. This hybrid really appeals. Did Rob take much convincing? Intrigued if there's much difference sound wise, which pre amp is in there and where the strap attaches - boomerang or other arrangement? cheers Mark PS the L2 in the Facebook group post mentioned on P6 of this thread is still for sale
  3. mark_ir

    Barefaced Machinist

    Got mine. Box sounds great
  4. mark_ir

    Barefaced Machinist

    Read it again. The point was that folk in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. I didn’t elaborate detail. I won’t because I think the point has been taken and resolved. All the stress of this year is getting to everyone, I’ve had to shield for much of it and I really hope this vaccine comes good. It’s been a humbling year for everyone with a heart (sadly they don’t seem to be in the cabinet) Everyone has apologised now. Hopefully that’s the end of it, though I pity any poor sod that has to read the whole saga from the start like I did. I’ll let y’all know what I think of the pedal. peace
  5. mark_ir

    Barefaced Machinist

    Well that was a fun way to spend a Sunday lunch. I too don't come here that often. Only when looking for something or have something to sell. I too have a year from hell, and have not acted as well as I should to some folk due to the stress - it's very easy to judge. Pre Covid my best friend was murdered, My studio has been effectively closed since March, all touring work obvs out the window, and in September my lifelong partner was discovered to have cancer. Now post major surgery, we are about to start chemo. I'm selling gear to make ends meet and clear space as I do when times are hard, but this shitshow made me think again about doing so on here. I particularly liked @Beedster throwing his teddy out the pram, then airing some dirty washing, and shaking @Alex like a dog with a rabbit on the grounds of him not liking criticism Thought it might be a good time to bring up the conversation I had with la Beedster when he very kindly offered some gear on here free to a charity. Got him a lot of kudos publicly that did... I run a music based charity helping disabled and deprived folk enjoy what we take for granted. I sent him info and have a guess what happened folks... Anyhoo I came for a review of the Machinist. Didn't get very far, but now despite the times, I'm gonna go buy one. A) because dirt is my fav thing and B) I want to help Alex out. He and his company have been decent with me and folk I work for, and I admire what he does. I might put a review up
  6. I bought a Barefaced PA system from Tom, good deal, easy comms and he’s a thoroughly nice chap 👌
  7. Bought a lovely Stingray Old Smoothie from Dan. Dead easy to deal with. Fair price and generally fab chap.
  8. Thanks all. Gut feelings confirmed. Such a shame - a great instrument will languish until a rich idiot succumbs. Anyone who has a Pro or a custom fretted or fretless they are thinking or shifting, gimme a shout. Unless you’re a shark like this guy
  9. Hi all looking for Wal experts opinions this looks like a replacement neck to me (custom mk1 style) also I thought all Pro’s were ash not mahogany Anything else look incorrect? (apart from the appalling string winding) can’t help thinking this is overpriced. Seller’s market I guess though... https://www.facebook.com/groups/184621401586617/permalink/2204326926282711?sale_post_id=2204326926282711&sfns=mo
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. mark_ir

    2X18 feedback

    Friendly and quick deal with Will. Thoroughly nice fella, realistic and fair with some lovely toys Recommended
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