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  1. UPDATE : Thank you Dov65 for the screws. Unfortunately it's not the good diameter. maybe for a more recent Tribute. G&L USA redirected me to the belgian dealer (Algam) but they never replied... I have found these screws in UK : Westfield Fasteners UK. They are here : https://www.westfieldfasteners.co.uk/A2_ScrewBolt_PhilFillister_UNCoarse0.1640.html Size : 8-32, 1 inch long Received today and all is good. If a member needs some, I have some spares...
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. It looks like a good one. A bit too long but better too long Thant too short πŸ™‚
  4. Hello I am the new happy owner of a 1990 L-2000. All is fine but there are two intonation screw missing (and all of the springs). Hopefully the clever design (saddle lock) helped to hold everything together and the setup is stable. But I would like to replace the msising screw (and springs). I have found some info but I would like a confirmation : Length : 25mm (1") Diameter : 8-32 Head : Filister (first time I see this term) Philips Correct ? Problem : where can I buy two screws (maybe 4, just in case) and their springs ? Thank you
  5. Hi. What is the weight ? Thank you
  6. Really nice. Is it a nitro lacquer oa poly finish ?
  7. I am not good with a pick and I am still learning. I had found an e-shop (don't remember the name) where it was possible to buy picks separately and I had bought a mix of various types and sizes, from 0.73 to 3mm (tortex, ultex, stubby....). Conclusion : I prefer the big triangle (tortex or ultex) 0.88 or 1mm.
  8. Very good experience with Gareth. I bought his Fender Rascal and it was absolutely mint as described Once again: thank you and I will keep an eye on the future ads πŸ‘
  9. +1. I have bought the wide strap specially designed for bass guitars, the one with a F clef logo. It’s really nice and comfortable.
  10. Cool. Tell me when you play in the area of leuven - tienen - or Brussels. Bedankt, Mvg christophe
  11. Hi BlueMoon, do you play in a band ?
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