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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Sure, that’s why my post was really clear : “for the intended use” and my use is : home practice…
  3. It really depends on the intended use. for example, I have bought recently a Yamaha THR 30 wireless for home practice and for the holidays. It’s packed with a lot of geek functions but I like it a lot. I don’t know if I would need these options for a “real” amp (rehearsal and gig) but it’s a well thought concept for the planned use of this practice amp : - Bluetooth for smartphone backing track - Bluetooth for hidden options setup - 5 users settings (memory) - aux in input - battery - compatible with line6 relay G10 - light - handle on top - tuner - line out stereo but no Di - usb out
  4. Update : I bouth this Gator Case and It's really nice. : https://www.thomann.de/intl/gator_g_pg_e_guitar_bag.htm It's well made and the padding is thick. BEtter design than my Ritter RGS7 bass gigbag : more room to store cables, documents, equipment...
  5. Thank you for the info about the two strap buttons. food for thought 🙂 The mono is indeed really nice. Expensive but as you say, my S2 is my most expensive bass even if I bought it used (but nearly new) To be continued…
  6. Nice. I hadn’t check. But buying from UK is now too expensive due to the different extra costs.
  7. Thank you this one will be ok then ? https://www.thomann.de/intl/thomann_premium_gigbag_eguitar_br.htm or this one, more expesive but it looks very sturdy : https://www.thomann.de/intl/gator_g_pg_e_guitar_bag.htm
  8. Hi I am looking for a good gigbag for a Status S2 headless I think that a guitar gigbag should be fine but there are so many shapes and options that I don’t know which would suit best the S2 headless Any advise or idea for a max budget of 100 euros / 80 pounds ? (Ideally from Thomann or Musicstore) thank you christophe
  9. Very nice very tempted Open for a trade ?
  10. Spectacomp default 🙂
  11. Weird because there is a boost on every TonePrint that I tried. it will be an always « on » effect so I don’t care. any idea for the spreadsheet with all the parameters ? thank you
  12. I have just bought a spectracomp and I really like it. It’s my first comp and I use it before a C4 synth to get a better reaction. And it works ! I use the default TonePrint. one question : the document with all the parameters link is dead. Where can I find it ? thanks
  13. Dual mfd pickups G&l bass : One bass to rule them all 🙂
  14. I ended up building my own board with its custom fitted case because the prices for such a low tech thing are mad
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  16. I bought a Fender PJ Mij to Lee and it was a pleasure to deal with. Very good communication, open to options, patient with my funny French English. Bass is as described. thank you
  17. Very cool. And most important : it makes you smile ...
  18. thank you my teacher showed that two years ago but I rarely played chords. Thank you for this good refresh. I enjoyed the last part with the 9th to 10th trick. Keep on :-)
  19. is there a cavity at the rear ? if yes, you could try the following redneck solution that I applied on my Gibson money bass : I used wheel weights (the one used to balance the wheels on your car) inisde the cavity. They are sticky... I used 300g The cavity was full and there was still a bit of neckdive, so I raised the rare strap pin (around 4 inches - 10cm) to move the center of gravity. It's now ok, still a bit of neckdive but I can stand it 🙂
  20. very nice bass, will be good for Duff bass lines 🙂
  21. HEre are some tools I use to learn a song. 0 - Ears : listen, listen, listen. Count the beats / measures to feel where the changes are (verse, chorus, bridge, solo...). Often you find a verse with 4 "sentences" made of 4 measures each, it helps to memorize the structure 1- For track separation : Website Moises.ai it's not perfect but it's good enough to start and help to ear the bass part in the mix 2 - For tabs and music sheet : https://lessonsthatrock.com/bands/free-bass-tabs/b-g/guns-n-roses-bass-tabs-pdf Maybe they are not perfect but it definitely helps, I appreciate the classic notation. I am not a good reader but it helps to understand the rythmn (notes duration) and also feel the melody... 3 - Audacity to modify the bpm, Riffstation was really good (also for pitch tuning as a lot of GnR songs are in Eb tuning) but is no more available from Fender. Maybe possible to find the install exe somewhere on the net You can also slow down in Youtube but it's raw (50%; 75%, 100%) 4 - Chordify is also good to give a raw idea of chords 5 - KAraoke version website ( https://www.karaoke-version.co.uk/bass-play-along/) : not free but not expensive and usually the versions are close to the original. HAve fun 🙂 and also congratulations for your quick progression.
  22. I am also learning this song intro is melodic and it helps to sing it the rest of the song is quite simple but there are slight variations. All these variations are different. That’s the difficult part if you want to play it perfectly conform. I learn these variations but I adapt them to my taste (and limited skills) and play them when I feel it 🙂
  23. I had a similar surprise with an Ibanez Blazer : the saddles were very high and It was buzzing when I tried to lower them for a decent action... there was a shim in the neck pocket. I removed it and I was then able to lower the saddles (2.5mm for E string at 12th fret). I think that some people put a shim because "I read it on the internet"... even if there's no need for
  24. for my own fun : it depends 🙂 Sometimes it's "If it’s Godunov for Boris, it’s good enough for me"
  25. Very good question... I don't play very well but I try to stick to original if it sounds good and if I am able to play it. Otherwise I have absolutely no remorse to adapt it 🙂 As my teacher said : ryhtmn first... For example, there are songs where the bass line is quite simple but with a lot of small variations, I never remember where they fall in the song... then it's "free style" for me IF it sounds good AND IF the band members are ok... For other songs, the bass line "is the song".... more difficult to adapt 🙂
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