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  1. Music man Cutlass Bass Gibson Les Paul dc Special Eden terra nova head warwick 4x8 cab Esp ltd strat Squier Bronco Harley Benton Enhanced bass orange micro terror Yamaha thr10c amp its been a good year for purchases, spending all the money I’m saving by not going out! I’m enjoying myself a lot!
  2. I put a glockenklang preamp in mine, it has really opened up the tones. much more clarity and variety. i don’t care for the bridge pickup and may replace it but the neck p bass pup is lovely.
  3. My band already told our most regular venue well play for free when gigs are back on. We really want to support them. we all work and play for fun but the pub rely on the income to pay wages.
  4. Black star fly is a wonderfully simple and cheap option. Great little amp that runs on AA batteries with an aux in and headphone out. they even do a Bluetooth option. i use the guitar one for bass but there is a bass specific one.
  5. Must have been sold or withdrawn very quickly
  6. https://www.cashgenerator.co.uk/product-guitars/guild-1977-bass-guitar-BB72053A44KPP i was reading this thinking “hmmm, very nice and very cheap” then noticed in the description that the serial number has been scratched off! Dodgy AF!!!
  7. PayPal goods and services protects the buyer very well. Always avoid PayPal friends and family would be my advice.
  8. I had a deco one for £45 ish. really decent bass for the normal price, everything was fine, just a bit lacking in character. A nice bass but not on I could love. if anyone wants to keep an eye open for the deco guitars it’s on Thomann website under accessories/decorative instruments. there haven’t been many on For a while but they usually have a few every day. ive bought a few deco guitars, always been in perfect condition or with easily sortable issues like needing a new tuner.
  9. I forgot to update! all went well, guitar was safely collected and delivered in a timely fashion. cant update regarding insurance cover as it arrived safely.
  10. Even if they were allowed, nobody would have noticed us bass players anyhoo
  11. Yamahas are always good solid basses. good choice
  12. To be fair, hasn’t ruined it! reasonably sympathetic to the source material. As remixes go, half decent. Too many beeps, squeaks and embellishments for my tastes, stifles the enjoyment of the original instruments. I like things simple and guitar based. (and with much bass obviously). I’m very glad we live in a varied world though.
  13. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a remix that didn’t ruin a song! Loved U2 in that era. all down to what sort of music we all like.
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