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  1. I am utterly baffled that anyone would watch! i was forced to watch one episode and it is all that is bad with television. mind numbing tosh.
  2. Good to see them getting some love! i watch them sometimes and am always equally entertained and impressed.
  3. I play in a pub covers band. The rest of the band pride themselves in playing more unusual songs other bands don’t play. I’m more of the opinion we’re there to give the punters what they want which is undoubtedly the usual suspects. its an interesting debate but I think there’s a balance to be had. My band tend to turn their noses up if I suggest anything too popular! We do quite a few already mentioned though!
  4. I appreciate the concern! As I have to deal with guitarists on a regular basis I have coping mechanisms in place so was able to deal with the trauma. I do feel a helpline number should have been provided by the broadcaster for those people less able to deal with the shock.
  5. I had to take my mum to casualty (she’s ok, needed a couple of stitches) they had it on in the waiting room. if I was at home I could have turned over. possibly the worst thing I have ever in my life been made to watch. Worse than Barney the dinosaur, and he is used to torture prisoners by the CIA. the only saving grace was that had I chosen to gouge out my own eyes at least I was already in hospital.
  6. A new pedal board and a Mooer pitch box. i like laying out pedal boards far more than is healthy.
  7. Sire Marcus Miller. Absolutely cannot recommend my V3 enough. Bought it for a try and instantly became my go to gigging bass. the whole ethos behind the brand was to make good quality basses for beginners and they certainly nailed it.
  8. I have a combo at home for the rare occasion it’s required. i always DI into the bands PA. so much nicer only having to lug a head and a few pedals. the thought of lugging big bass rigs to gigs is upsetting!
  9. I bought a pickup and an electric guitar. Both were delivered roughly on time. prices are very good.
  10. I picked up a rather wonderful b stock Sire at Andertons. £159 as it had a tiny dent on the 20th fret! like I have any business playing that high up the fretboard !!!! They have a few Sire basses on but no others that cheap.
  11. I wonder if bass solos were as highly regarded back then as they are today.
  12. Shops are responsible for delivery. ebay sales the seller is responsible, regardless of what they say. In my opinion it’s ridiculous for any seller to expect the buyer to receive a broken item and have to take responsibility. Until the buyer receives the item they can’t be responsible for any of the process as they’ve never seen or touched the item. imagine Amazon having a lost package and telling you “tough, not our problem!” When I sell if I don’t want to take the risk I don’t post.
  13. Was it the underwater bit that put you off or the having to play in Manchester? ( just joking btw! I’m a proud nearly Manc born and bred)
  14. I got me a Squier Pete Wentz. it’s got a Dimarzio pup in it now. definitely won’t be to everyone’s taste but I love it! I’m a sucker for gaudy graphics and inlays. its the one on the right in this pic.
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