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  1. If I can dig out my multi meter I’ll check
  2. Big difference. Big improvement. wasn’t bad to start with but fantastic now.
  3. I just put a Bare Knuckle in my pb20 ! awesome bass!
  4. Couldn’t get a good sound out of it, really muddy. swapped it for a Glockenklang 2 band eq and it was far better. P bass pickup was good but the Musicman bridge pickup was really thin and nasaly, so never used it.
  5. I had the mp4-eb. The preamp was really bad. Had to replace it. Body and neck were really good but electronics let it down.
  6. I’ve got a Toltek 51 P bass pup in mine. gives a woody, deep and thumpy tone with the tone pot rolled off a bit. prefer it to the hot rails I tried before. had to file the scratch plate just a smidge.
  7. I bought a pedal from kytary pre brexit, good service.
  8. I like this so much I’ve just suggested my band learn it 😂
  9. Just put Wilkinson alnicos in mine today. £22 and a massive improvement. much more clarity, much nicer top end and play far better with a bit of dirt
  10. Black star fly bass. well in budget and a decent home practice amp. There are far better amps but they cost a lot more.
  11. I own one of those horrific tribute models. Happens to be a truly wonderful guitar , one of the best playing, sounding and looking guitars I’ve ever played! One mans horror is another mans dream I suppose.
  12. Just ordered a pb20 in Matt black, looking forward to NBD!
  13. I’d honestly say more for that 6 string guitar thing. sounds great on guitar.
  14. Wonderful little guitar pedal, looks great, well built and sounds superb. marshall in a box kinda vibe. bought a few days before I bought a Boss Katana so have all the effects I need built in now. only opened to try, otherwise it’s brand new. free postage in U.K. or pickup Stalybridge, near Manchester. payment by PayPal or cash on collection.
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