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  1. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F292329990701 that is one aesthetically challenged bass.
  2. High End Cables

    Friend of mine got some really expensive cables. He excitedly AB’d them for me vs normal cables, but I couldn’t tell the difference at all. He was adamant they were far clearer on the treble. As long as he is happy, it’s worth it. Not for me though.
  3. Please tell me about Schecter basses

    my second bass was a Schecter Stiletto Elite 5. I loved that bass. Neck through, EMG hz pickups, really comfy to play curvy body. Sounded wonderful, looked incredible. I eventually sold it as I got a Warwick and needed to fund the new purchase. The Schecter was not as good as the Warwick but that was £1800 when new, so i’d hope it would be better. Really was a great bass, I miss it muchly and would have it back in an instant. Only downside it had was that the strings were a little too close together for me back then when I was still kinda new to playing. I’d probably be fine with that now. I own a Schecter guitar too, which is also great. They are fantastic instruments for the money. Schecter have a rep for being rock and metal instruments but they do many models much more suited for jazz and other styles. The cheaper schecter are solid but could always benefit from upgraded pickups, the more top end ones me with seymour Duncan’s and are superb straight out of the box. Diamond series are made in China, Indonesia or Korea. The Korean ones are the higher spec models but my guitar is Indonesian and is really well made. American made stuff has a superb rep but does cost a good chunk more. My guitar is an absolute keeper, never going to get rid of it. My bass I only moved on to upgrade to the Warwick but I genuinely wish I still had it. Gorgeous instruments, great value, sound good and play well. I kind of am a Schecter fanboy, my brand of choice. My bass teacher introduced me to them, he had a schecter guitar that has been his main instrument for years.
  4. Microphone Stand

    got mine for a pound in a charity shop
  5. That looks awesome! Black or white would just be boring.
  6. Faith guitars

    I think all the models are all solid wood, front , back and sides, designed by Patrick James Eggle, they review really well and are a steal for the spec. Not heard a bad word about them. Never tried one though.
  7. I bought Bass Schecter in the 1970s

    This whole thread sounds fishy to me.
  8. I bought a hat

    I’ve bought a hat, but it’s not arrived yet. I am quite excited though.
  9. The future of bassists.

    Nothing in life is certain. Who predicted the rise of rock’n’roll, disco or punk? Styles come and go, stars wax and wane, fashion moves on. Who knows what unexpected twists and turns await. Things seem cyclical to me. Indie music, my favourite genre had wonderful guitar bands like the stone roses when I was in my teens in 1990. Things went more electronic for a while then oasis and britpop exploded in the mid nineties, then things went electronic for a while before bands like the libertines, Franz Ferdinand and the Arctic Monkeys made guitars cool again. We’re currently in an electronic phase with indie but with some great guitar bands still doing well, hopefully things will go guitar based again soon. Some bands like Imagine Dragons and plenty of others are fusing guitars and edm, playing traditional guitars and basses but using production to make them sound much different. This to me looks likely to be the way forward, but I wouldn’t presume to be sure. If it is, it safeguards the bass as essential. Music with bass notes is ingrained in our society now. The way those notes are generated is not. Technology provides a world of ideas we could only have dreamed of decades ago. Pedals, protools, YouTube, synths, all manner of tools to make music it still, good old fashioned guitars and bases persist. I’d never have guessed anyone would still want to play double basses upside of classical music but they are having a resurgence. A lot of attention was recently lavished on the article about the death of the electric guitar as annual sales had fallen from 1.5 million to 1 million. 1 million guitars a year is still a mind boggling number. 1 million still shows a huge appetite to lear to play a 70 year old instrument, especially in the face of so Many other things that take less time to learn and master. I think the bass is here to stay, but who knows what form it will take. Most innovations don’t seem to succeed as the guitar playing community is a traditional bunch. Any new Gibson or fender guitars tend to be met with suspicion, and the most popular basses are decades old fender designs. On day though, attitudes may change, who knows? Who knows what the future holds. Finally, every band needs one reliable member who brings spare batteries, strings and tools and who is friendly and not a primadona. Bassist as a position is surely secure just for this. That is my 2 pence worth.
  10. What do you own?

    Just the one 4 string. All I need. If I ever get rich enough, then i’ll need many more.
  11. Scott Devine copies Lozz196

    He does have a habit of waffling for ages about something that could be said simply. I like p basses though 😀
  12. PMT Car Boot Sales

    I did a stall once, at Manchester, when I was buying and selling a few bits. Most stuff there was overpriced so not much was selling. I didn’t make much money, I wouldn’t do a stall again. Worth popping a long for a look, always a good excuse to window shop basses I can’t afford.
  13. Delete please

    I am speechless...
  14. Where's mannieland, please?

    Mannieland is correctly known as "town" to us locals.
  15. The Return Of GATED REVERB

    every example she played i was thinking "i love that song!"