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  1. After a parcel went missing UPS told me they allow drivers to leave “signed for “ parcels by a front door as the cost of replacing missing items is less than the cost of all the redeliveries.
  2. A good friend bought a guitar (Schecter C1 She Devil). It was love at first sight. I never knew guitars could look so good! At that moment I decided to start playing. My friend suggested I learn bass instead as bass players are always in more demand than guitards. Off I went to the local guitar shop and bought a purple Peavey and a little bass amp. Ten days later GAS took hold and I bout my second bass 😀. Never looked back. When my friend sold the guitar that inspired me I bought it from him, it is now my inspiration. Learning to play was the best thing I ever did in my life, I love it.
  3. Learning to play I predict a riot by the Kaiser Chiefs! i was pretty new to playing when I started and thought it was impossible. much determined practice later I can nail it every time. Every time I play it with my band now I get a warm glow of satisfaction inside 😀
  4. Dance floor is always good! only a small pub though. Nowhere to stash the tables.
  5. If the question were “is chart music getting worse?” whole different ball game. There is a lot of great music around, more than ever with modern technology opening up music to everyone, you just have to look for it. Twenty One Pilots are my current favourite, superb band and have a huge following.
  6. just sorting the video footage from our gig last night, 10/08/19 at the Rose and Crown in Ramsbottom. thought i’d share a song with y’all. I play bass in Room 22 doing rock and indie covers around Manchester and enjoy it thoroughly!!!
  7. I spent a whole gigging my Harley Benton Pb50 through a Behringer BDI21. less than £100 all in! that bass was great! Heavy but solid and sounded sweet. i currently play a Squire p bass with a Dimarzio Pup and another with a Creamery. both cost less than £200 each and they play and sound wonderful. i Love upgrading cheap gear. The rest of my band have stupidly expensive guitars and drums and I love rocking up with my squires and sounding just as good 😀
  8. We should offer a Basschat therapy service. Help lost souls to find their hearts path. Sometimes i’ve Sold guitars or basses i’ve loved as i’ve needed the money. I always regret selling them but sometimes a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do. i have a list of ones I need to buy again one day to rekindle the lost love. I wish i’d Found a way to keep all of them but money never allows usually.
  9. Why do you need a jazz bass? what does it give you that the carvin does not?
  10. Brand new bridge pickup in fender box with screws and sponge. i bought a pj set and used the p. jazz pickup is unused and unfitted. as fitted to American fender basses. £35 posted in UK or pickup in or around Stalybridge, east Manchester.
  11. Just got my first Creamery, the solo 14. Very impressed. Everything it says on the tin. Highly recommend them.
  12. I seem to have ukulele GAS. on my third one now! They take up less space than basses.
  13. I don’t think i’ve ever even owned a single piece of British made gear! I live in a world of Far Eastern cheapness.
  14. The onboard ship is a gumtree classic scam. I’ve sold a lot on gumtree and got similar messages regularly. as already said, he’ll use PayPal rules to stuff you royally.
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