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  1. ribbetingfrog

    What on earth...?

    My bezzie mate loves those guys! Mind you, he is a Transformers fanboy. It makes me happy that there are people like this in the world, playing music they love, having fun and making conventions interesting.
  2. ribbetingfrog

    A bit of praise for Amazon

    Can you honestly say that you voluntarily pay more tax than you have to because you think it’s morally right to pay more? I seriously doubt you’d find a single basschat member who feels duty bound to pay more tax than they have to. And as for destroying high streets, that blame lies on many doorsteps. Local council’s mis management of high streets, business rates and parking, old fashioned business models, shops with nothing to offer to make up for the extra prices and ultimately the choice of the consumers who choose where to spend their hard earned and minimum tax paid earnings. Amazon don’t force people to buy from them, they simply offer a better product and consumers vote with their debit cards.
  3. ribbetingfrog

    Bass guitar strap favourites

    +1 for DSL straps, I have 5 and they’re the only ones I use. really soft leather and Rey comfortable.
  4. ribbetingfrog

    Box for shipping?

    I’m in Manchester and have some you could have, bit of a trek though. i reccomend Halfords, got a few bike boxes from there over the years. ring them in the morning and ask them to hold on to one when they get a delivery.
  5. ribbetingfrog

    Do you name your basses?

    This is handbag. makes me think of a Luis Vuitton every time I play it.
  6. ribbetingfrog

    Maiming is too good for some people...

    What are you all whining about? It has a new truss rod cover. i’m going to make an offer right away.
  7. ribbetingfrog

    Do you name your basses?

    My basses are Handbag and Mr. Sparkle. No prizes for guessing which this is
  8. ribbetingfrog

    Room 22 @ the Brook in Ramsbottom, Sat Feb 2nd

    https://www.facebook.com/events/227639728173552/?ti=ia Room 22 uk on Facebook. my band are getting gigging more this year with our noisy take on indie rock covers. Some Oasis, Reef, Stone Roses, Billy idol, ugly Kid Joe, and whatever else we fancy. And the sparkliest bass in the known universe. anyone near Bury fancies a night out I’ll even buy you a pint!
  9. ribbetingfrog

    Cheap pedal option for amp simulation

    Bass preamp pedal or bass Di pedal is what you want to search for. Tbh though, the Behringer is as good as anything else under £150 out there. does the job nicely. I only play through the bands PA now, not carrying an amp around is great!
  10. ribbetingfrog

    Packing: How much bubblewrap?

    I always get my bubble wrap from a supermarket, from the fruit and veg! they are always happy for you help yourself as it saves them binning it. Apples are the best, they have loads on.
  11. ribbetingfrog

    Bass through guitar gear...myth?

    I gig through a Hughes and Kettner tubemeister 5 into the bands PA. i’ve tried Plenty of dedicated bass preamps and amplifiers DI into the mixing desk and never been happy. thought i’d try my guitar amp just for the hell of it and it is the best i’ve ever sounded! playing through amps I always use my bass amp but into our PA, my guitar amp rocks.
  12. ribbetingfrog

    Fretless jazz advice - Squier, Vintage or Harley Benton

    I had the Harley Benton fretless jazz. Surprisingly nice bass, good Wilkinson pups and as already mentioned, great Mwah! I’ve never owned any jazz basses other than Harley Benton’s so can’t compare. Got a fretted one atm with the Roswell pickups and they sound great too. They are great value basses and plenty good enough to gig with.
  13. ribbetingfrog

    Ibanez SR300

    The body shape looks sooo comfy to play
  14. ribbetingfrog

    Where do I even begin?

    https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F192629277050 £400?