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    Dear fellow Basschatters, these are crazy times: For this reason I've made my latest book available for the next few days as a FREE kindle download. Follow the link to access it. Hope this helps. Stay safe. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B085PV6MGK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_t1_km0FEbQZ1JTGM
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    For sale is a three week old Fender Roadworn JMJ Mustang in the newly issued black colour. It has been played probably for less than three hours, so is in factory fresh condition. It comes with the padded gigbag, replacement black pickguard, tags and labels etc. This was opened in the store for me, so wasn't even on the hanger when I went in there! These retail for £979 new. I'm seeking this three week old one for £850 and will post for an additional £25 insured.
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    The SBMM short scale arrived yesterday from Bass Direct. Here's a pic with my Chowny SWB-1 (sorry, just a camera phone...): First impressions: It's a Stingray... but shorter. Sounds mostly like one. Tone pot (nearest the jack socket) does the usual. Middle knob selects between three wirings - parallel, true single-coil and series, not sure which is which - the sound gets fatter... Volume knob has a push-push switch that, when out, turns on the passive boost... which I guess means that "normal" has some kind of built in attentuation. The "boost" isn't huge, but it'll happily overdrive the input on my Elf unless I back off the gain quite a bit. Not sure which of the three settings gives the most classic Stingray sound... they're all pretty good. Build quality is superb. Flawless finish, not fret sprout or rough edges. Bass arrived in tune and with a rather nice padded gigbag. Only slight minus is the nut is a bit rough, but nothing that really needs sorting out, just looks like it was slightly chewed by a dog... Comparing with the Chowny which comes in in a similar price range - not much to say about difference in quality. I'd say they're about the same - which is testament to the quality of what @Chownybass is turning out as they're competing in an increasingly crowded short-scale market - and still are tops, the SWB-1 isn't going anywhere anytime soon! They're both 38mm at the nut and spacing at the bridge looks about the same - 18-19mm. Necks are also similar - both slim front to back - maybe the SBMM is slightly thicker. Biggest difference is my SWB-1 has a gloss finish neck, and the SBMM is satin. Personally I prefer gloss, but the satin isn't bad. (I think the 2020 SWB-1s will have satin finished necks anyway...) Sound wise, couldn't choose which I prefer - they both have their place. The Chowny does a passable imitation of a Warwick Thumb (as well as its own thing) which is why I love it to bits. The SBMM does a good Stingray. The SBMM is a fraction lighter than the Chowny, but not by much. Bass Direst looks to have the white with rosewood board in stock, but mine in Daphne Blue might be the only one around for the moment. Overall - if you want a Stingray sounds, and want short scale - this is very good.
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    With you there. When I bough my '66 I deliberately sought a bass that had been played not left in a cupboard.
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    I thought he was dead?
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    Guys, you rock! I followed your advice & went DI from the driver to the interface, and it works perfectly! Tried recording a passage with the driver on & off, shows up well in the recording. Awesome people of BC, I owe thee all pints!
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    I was reaching for the knife drawer by the 3 minute mark.
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    My 2013 MIJ Mustang is the one I pick up to noodle. It’s featherweight, sounds really loud unplugged and means I can wonder around the house without smacking into doorways. Its my only short scale bass but I find it very playable and comfortable. I never liked the dark tort guard so swapped it for a white one and I’m happy now (important consideration when playing at home as i constantly keep glimpsing myself in mirrors and windows!)
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    Indeed! I much prefer the look of a ‘paddle’ headstock and dislike small pointy ones. I know it’s a bit lame to show your own here but it wasn’t until I noticed how the ‘V’ logo fits with the shape of the headstock (particularly the top) that I realised how nicely it’s designed. The ‘scoop’ also mirrors the shape of the horns of the body. Clever and nice looking imo.
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    One of my hundreds of happy songs and posted here because I was listening to the album earlier tonight.
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    Agree. For some reason though I only like this format on Stingrays, on other basses it just looks wrong to me.
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    I can say that I am so hooked by this MM modell, that everything about me playing the bass gravitates towards the two Bongos I earn. I played and earned grat basses and (in all honesty) better basses in terms of feel and craftmanship, but... you know, the bongo has a spell on me. I was curious if ther's anyone who like these instruments as much as I apparently do. Let's start a chat. Thanks!
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    Up for Trade/Sale my 1975 Fender Precision. The guitar is all original bar a recent refret. A very good playing bass. I won't bore you with flowery descriptions you all know what you are looking at. Pros: 1975 Fender P Bass Original throughout - Pick Ups, Pots, Bridge, Tuners Just been restrung with Roto Sound Flat Wounds Recent Refret Original Case Cons Obvious wear to body Small gouge/dent to rear of neck - doesn't effect the playing Refret - Makes the bass less than 100% original Case is heavily worn and marked though all the locks work as they should (no keys) More pictures available - Any queries drop me a line. Ideally would like to trade for a Fender Pro Junior Amp or 57 Tweed Champ - with cash adjustment either way. Effects Pedals (I'm a sucka for them - Strymon - Analogman - D*A*M - Earthquaker Devices - W H Y 4 String Bass - W H Y EDIT - EDIT - EDIT *** Following stripping the bass for requested additional pictures the pots date the bass to 1976 not 1975 as originally stated. The neck feels very similar in profile to a Jazz.**** 43mm at the Nut Bass weighs a trim 9lbs on the trusty bathroom scales EDIT - EDIT - EDIT ** Reduced £1725 **
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    For sale is this little tc electronic bq500 500 watt amp head in a small size it weight 2.3kg and it fits inside he front pocket of my gig bag. I bought this as a backup for my svt and runnning it flat with a vt bass in front it got a very similar tone at a much much much lighter weight! Only reason I’m selling this is the svt hasn’t let me down yet and I’ve found something I want to buy and have to sell something first. this is one of the early ones and the active passive switch is the wrong way round but doesn’t affect the use of it. It hasn’t been used a lot but there are some scratches where it’s been in the front pocket of my gig bag. I’ve seen that these are £175 new so I think £110 is fair. I’ll also include free shipping! any questions just ask
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    I'm isolated, however because. I'm retired, under normal circumstances all I do with my time is practice. I really miss gigging ,being around people and the energy we get from gigging. Blue
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    Day 6 - Follow You Follow Me
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    Both the headstock and body of the original Tobias bass was IMHO a masterpiece of design that works as a 4-, 5- or 6-string and is nicely ergonomic to play, too. Much better than the later MTD headstock.
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    A quality instrument. If it wasn't for the tight spacing, I'd be genuinely interested. GLWTS.
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    My brother in law used to do all the chainsaw work for me but since his quad accident last year he suffered broken neck and back and paralysed now. I've never fancied using a chainsaw after the stories he told me about them. Dave
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    So here’s the thing...if I’m following the right train of thought, the metro express at £700 ish are made in China. I know Warwick used to use “Grand Reward/Education” - for rockbass (after the snappy truss rod early models). And I think they may have had something to do with the chinese made series they ran for a brief period a few years ago. Grand Reward/Education produced the Squier Classic Vibes and Fender Modern Player stuff, they also made some basses under their own “Farida” brand... And their FJB is a very passable J bass - they were in around £150-£250 and an attempt at premium models was a bit of a flop. If they are indeed made in this factory - they’ll be lovely. But shows what Brand power is. I’ll be intrigued to try/see. If anyone has one delivered from the factory packing - I’ll be able to tell you if my theory is right 😉
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    A new course for bass guitar has gone onto Zoltan's Bass Lounge now, and this is free as well along with everything else on there at the moment. It covers the major scales and has sections for both 4 string and 5 string which is really cool. Another good one to check out, which is where I will be going shortly to get properly stuck in!
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    It's learned. I don't think I was ever in a band that wrote songs with a Gb or a Db in the chord structure. However F#m cropped up all the time and Bb and Eb often came up too. A, D, G all the time. Heck, I only just discover B# and Cb aren't made up!
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    Oooh, now thats a lovely idea. Might have to look into that
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    The most impressive part of Pendon is a large model based on the Vale of the White Horse (formerly in Berkshire but now in Oxfordshire following boundary changes in the 1970s). Everything is hand-made, from locos and rolling stock to every blade of grass. I first visited the place in about 1968 or 9 with a school friend who was very into model railways, and next went about ten years ago - still a work in progress! The level of detail is astonishing - the cottages and other buildings are all made in card from scratch by members of a team. I have visited the place often since moving back to Oxfordshire nearly 8 years ago, and I see things I had missed on every visit. It really is much more than a model railway, more an incredibly detailed landscape model that has a railway line running through it.
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    The quietener fits in your sound hole and the cutout fits around your feet board, you Still can hear the strings but no more will you be able to hear them from space the smaller diameter is 84mm, I ordered the wrong size by accident bass ferrules - small donation to basschat please price of postage c. £1 is all I ask
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    He's got the bear on the D tuner too
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    I suppose that's down to the individual. I had a few one to one lessons a few years ago and absolutely hated it. For me it was a total waste of time and money. It just felt really awkward and I really didn't take anything in. I personally learn much better from online tutorials where I can rewind and restart the video as many times as I want, and learn at my own pace, in my own time, without feeling like in being watched or examined. I highly rate Mark from Talking Bass. For me his lessons are the perfect balance between pushing you along, and breaking things down into bite sized chunks. Plus they're excellent value for money. I'm not taking anything away from one to one lessons or tutors, but everyone learns differently.
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    I had this playing on speakers and stepped away from the computer just as it reached the end of the piece. A few seconds of silence and it started playing again. Except that youtube had decided to follow up Matt's recording with a version played by Pat Metheny himself. I didn't notice that it was a different clip until I got back to the monitor a couple of minutes later! Congratulations to you both and thanks for posting the clip.
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    For a cheapy they got the string path right on this one! Can't fault the shape either.
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    There is a soundtrack to Sundays in our house. When this song starts being played (always on 11) the whole place shakes and you know 3 things: It's Sunday, the roast is in the oven, the wine has been poured. You can hear the wife joining in at the top of her lungs. It's the one song that can cheer me up, no matter what.
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    I thought his last album was the best work he’d done in quite a while. It had a couple of duds on it, but he’s never been the best at self editing.
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    Isn't 7 irrelevant on a bass players forum?
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    Love the shape of a thunderbird headstock with its gorgeous trim.... And I've heard them get some stick on here, but I'm also a fan of the g&l headstock......
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    I think Music Man, Sadowsky, Lakland have it down. The car crash of Ken Smith's headstock is evident. Its like he wanted this headstock and forget about how the strings will sit/look. A bit like Fodera's Knob placements. Bizarre.
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    ACG 6 Salace, no question.
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    This is my main gigging bass these days an Alembic Europa. All maple body with maple and purpleheart neck and ebony fretboard. A really versatile bass and a pleasure to play .
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    My personal favourite would be Pino on Paul Young's Wonderland
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    For the last 2-3 years, it's been this - one of my collection of mongrel bitsas. A Squier body (stripped and resprayed in rattlecan racing red) a Mexi Jazz neck, a Schaller bridge, one Fender pup, one Entwistle pup, Gotoh machine heads, and a Kiogon toggle switch and loom. It's strung with flats and is a dream to play and incredibly versatile.
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    IME if you are using a venue provided backline for the bass it is there for on-stage monitoring only as you will also be going through the PA, so for FoH it doesn't matter.
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    Some nice playing and reverb, but not much use a string demo
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    A year on, are you absolutely certain you don't want to sell this??? 😍
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    I was having a Hoover up this morning and took a quick pic of one end of my practice room 🙂
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    I'm pretty much at the bottom end of the recording and set up scale. I also acquired a mac and started form there. I've got Logic Pro as my DAW and I bought a second hand Focusrite 2i4. I find them both great bits of kit and simple enough for me who's relatively new to it all to start recording with. I bought myself a second hand Shure sm58 microphone and a oxygen 49 keyboard. I couldn't/can't afford monitors at the moment so I just have a pair of £25 Sennheiser headphones. You can start recording from there, I'm hoping to upgrade a few bits when I can, but you'll be able to get something recorded with that. I either record my instruments one at a time through the Focusrite, or record through the microphone via guitar/bass amp or just acoustically. I probably know about 2% of what Logic Pro can do and 0% with regards to mixing but just have a go playing around with it. There's YouTube tutorials that are quite handy, and read through the recording guide on here which was brilliant for me.

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