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  1. Hi-fi loudspeaker kit

    Hello fiatcoupe432, Sorry, "adledman" got there first followed by one other. I hope to have the second half the kit removed from the enclosure in this coming week, but unless "adledman" changes his mind then I have to acknowledge him as first person to request the kit. Regards, Balcro.
  2. Hi-fi loudspeaker kit

    pm to adleman.
  3. Done it at last - 2 tracks added. So many screens, so many log-ins, so many unhelpful help files and some 404's. In the end I think it was making my own playlist "collaborative". Then it worked on one screen.
  4. Thanks for your help but it doesn't work. I tried that approach last night, but it only allows me to copy one of Dood's listings into my playlist. Spookily it even extracted 4 selections from my Amazon Music list and put them into a playlist on Spotify which I didn't know I had. Cheers, Balcro
  5. Can't work out how to add to the playlist. tips anyone? Balcro
  6. Burrito's Modern Retro Collection

    Very nice collection. For me, the standout is that lovely European Blonde upright. Enjoy. Balcro.
  7. Hi-fi loudspeaker kit

    My venerable home built hi-fi speakers are to be replaced as it's a big x?0 birthday coming up. Nearly vintage hi-fi parts - well, late 70's - and all in good working order. Of late, they've been used about 2 or 3 times in a year. For lovers of something different, the drive units are a Shackman Electrostatic kit comprising of a Shackman Electrostatic mids/tweeter and an 8" Dalesford D.50 bass unit. Go search them out on the internet. I can provide a data sheet on the Dalesford. At the moment the bass unit is installed in a 30 litre box distributed-port cabinet and the electrostatic unit is mounted in a semi-open enclosure on top of the box. The crossover which operates @ about 500Hz, is incorporated onto the power supply board for the electrostatic unit. Yes, this thing is powered from the mains and has high voltages, so will need to be protected. Use of a small soldering iron will be needed. The bass unit will work in a much smaller cabinet if necessary and even in a closed - non-ported - cabinet. If you look at this video - (it's not mine) the electrostatic units are the small silvery curved things (about 8x6) on top of the other speakers. The overall sound is very clean with minimal colouration. Efficiency is low at about 84dBa per 1w, but the bass goes down a long way. It's not a party machine. ** It's yours, free to a good home for collection from SG1 or otherwise for the cost of postage & packing. As I'm "off-sick" at the moment, the kit won't be available until mid-December. PS. If you search on youtube for "Shackman Electrostatic" then scroll down the list until you come to the entry SRV, click on this for an aural treat.
  8. Make a sealed can ported

    As Bill says, "why not do it right the first time" or words to that effect. If you do it wrong, it might initially sound impressive because the speaker will sound louder, but at the same time you can dramatically affect the power handling & reliability of the drive-unit in the cab. Turn up the wick and snap, crackle, pop! Some drive-units will cope with the changes because they're versatile enough to "work" in both closed or ported cabinets. Many won't. It usually depends upon the internal volume of the box and the choice of drive-unit. Why not just ask the question "is it feasible"? On this forum, given the exact drive-unit specification and the volume of the box, I and several others can usually give you an answer in under an hour, but I suspect in most cases it will be negative.
  9. What are you listening to right now?

    First came across this while looking up turntables on youtube. One click led to another and then oooo.. I wouldn't have bothered normally, too many screeching guitarists to avoid, but this just has it. Stevie Ray Vaughan.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zB10bRX0Hcw
  10. Montage Bass cabs from lean business audio

    Here's the frequency response curve -
  11. Montage Bass cabs from lean business audio

    Hello Sweeny... By my calculations the cabinets have gross internal volume of about 59 litres. The BL12 200x will work in that volume and give pretty reasonable results. Perhaps not optimum, I think the BL's need another 6 litres or so for that, but far from rubbish. It looks like they will give a slightly warmer sound than average(?). The curve dips down after 5-600Hz so there's room to up the mids and treble. I'll try and get a picture of a frequency response curve posted later today. Balcro.
  12. 12" Drivers for custom enclosure..

    Hi there, As Stevie says, either Celestion speaker will work OK in that box. By the way, my calculations are that it's 167 litres gross volume. Just one other observation. It's a square box 27 x 27". Having an exact square dimension might well cause some unwanted resonances, so it's best to pad out one side of the box with hard polystyrene blocks if you can get hold of some. They take up volume without adding any real weight. Two to three inches should be enough. For every inch in depth of poly blocks you'll lose about 5.9 litres in internal volume, but in this case it's all to the good. No significant difference to the frequency response.
  13. After re-running the figures with the revised port length and a volume of 17 litres, etc., I agree with your general conclusion on the differences in response curves of the two drive units. The Eminence has the peakier / exaggerated response centred on about 135Hz while the Celestion is a flatter response by 2dB and centred @ about 115Hz. Marginally I would favour the Celestion. It might sound a bit less "one-note". Power handling for both units is well in excess of the original, especially in the low bass. The Celestion takes the full 250w rated power down to about 68Hz, the Eminence is similar except it has a dip to only 200 watts just around the area (125Hz) where it's output peaks. Balcro.
  14. Hello paulbuzz, Can you please check the dimensions of the cabinet in your possession. Your written dimensions in the first post do not tally with the dimensions in the diagram. Balcro.
  15. Thanks for the excellent diagram. I agree with your observations about changes to tuning & the frequency response. Yes, I am thinking of extending that lower shelf & reducing the 100mm gap. I shall re-calculate and give you the options. Will get back to you later. Balcro