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  1. Hello carnabass, Some more food for thought here:- Panel thickness, bracing, cross-bracing, materials, screws, construction methods etc.. https://www.audioholics.com/loudspeaker-design/loudspeaker-cabinets https://www.diyaudioandvideo.com/Guide/BuildSpeakerBox/ https://www.linkwitzlab.com/frontiers_2.htm With hi-fi they're going to the 'nth degree of nuttiness, but for the fundamentals within these pages, they are are good guide to musical instrument/bass speakers. I have my preferences and you may have yours, it all depends on what you're trying to achieve. Nice job on your speaker, by the way.
  2. It's as loud as any other 500w amp into 4ohm. By my visual calculations the gap between the feet is 17.35cm. The distance to the outside of the feet is 20.70cm.
  3. The simple wattage figures don't necessarily translate into increased volume. The drive unit inside may be more or less efficient than another, so the the volume could be less, the same or more than any other combo. As is normal, the full 500w will only be available when the Laney is hooked up to an extension speaker. Depending upon amplifier design the stand-alone output will probably be 250 -300w. Fairly heavy yes, but very well specified at a competitive price and if it's a tilt-back even more versatile. A very mixed set of descriptions online; Laney say it's a sealed cabinet, searching for pictures shows one model with a rear-port, while others look standard and yet more say it's a kick-back. Confusing. The ported version will probably be more efficient in the low-mid bass. The 30Hz graphic slider is great idea - in the "cut" position it is, in effect, a high pass filter which will clean up the low bass & de-stress the driver unit.
  4. On a serious note; sorry can't help it's built in my psyche, how about a "Profound" of bassists. From the phrase Basso Profundo (or Profondo), Latin for deep bass. It might be written on a score somewhere. It sounds obscure enough to be a question on "The Chase".
  5. Cosmo's Factory was brilliant. The early productions were spot on. Fortunate Son is a classic. Of the slower songs "Have you ever Seen the Rain" is superb. Too many of the songs in the last 20 -30 years are spoiled by John Fogerty playing at 100mph & or the pitch being set too high. Watch the duo with Bruce Springsteen, arrh!! arrh!!. The Eagles: well crafted songs & great harmonies, but for me they lack magic.
  6. PS. For the mounting information & dimensions, download the datasheet from here... https://www.beyma.com/en/products/c/low-mid-frequency/115WRS408/altavoz-15wrs400-8-oh/
  7. Hello Bigwan. Using your supplied box measurements, my earlier suggestions didn't work out, but I think I may have found the answer. Without making any physical changes to the Laney cab and assuming that the two separate enclosures are well sealed between them, i.e 2 discrete & seperate air-tight enclosures linked together, I tried modelling the Beyma 15 WRS400 in a volume of 96.8 (gross) 94litres (net of drive unit & ports) & with two 4" ports. Well, I reckon it will do the business. You end up with a very conservative power handling of 295 watts per drive unit, that is just before xMax. System tuning is in the region of 52Hz. If port chuffing is ever audible or a problem just replace the existing ports with 100mm internal diameter drain pipe and cut to a length of 19cm This will lower the tuning to 43.5Hz & the chuffing will be gone.
  8. Meanwhile, you can have a look at these. https://faitalpro.com/en/products/LF_Loudspeakers/product_details/index.php?id=151060110 https://www.fane-international.com/view-product/SOVEREIGN-15-600LF#tab-1
  9. Hello Bigwan, What's the size of the the old Laney beast. Any idea of the internal volume and secondly, (couldn't find any online pics) what is the diameter and length of any ports? 15" speakers seem to need between 50 & 150 litres each to work well in a cabinet. A lot of variation. Let me know the figures.
  10. Agreed, but in this case is looks like the OP is trying to make the best of a bad job.
  11. According to a rough & ready winISD run-through, the SICA drive unit works best in an internal volume of 20-25litres. An an example, using winISD's net volume of 23 litres, a 4" port you'll about 19.30cm long will give you tuning of 62Hz. So make the volume about 25.50 litres and allow 2.5litres for the space occupied by the drive unit and the port. My suggestion would be to reduce the internal volume to the above size using a number of hard polystyrene packing pieces or any other solid but lightweight material.
  12. https://www.theregister.com/2021/03/19/audacity_3/ Worth a read for changes and limitations.
  13. This is the place to start looking:- https://www.wilmslowaudio.co.uk/speaker-kits-1-c.asp
  14. If you want the real McCoy and a chance of picking up a schematic for the 126 Bass Combo then start looking here - https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/unofficialacousticcontrolcorpmessageboard/ Today, the names for "Acoustic" are confusing, but as Bassman Paul & stereoplayer have said the "acousticamplificationcompany" is owned by the Guitar Center. The link above is for the enthusiasts, particularly a man named George Grexa who builds the stuff which is as close as possible to the original. See the words Acoustic USA and GPG.
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