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  1. Set of flatwound chrome long scale medium gauge bass strings. Only played once before deciding I needed a lighter gauge. Gauges are: 50, 70, 85, 105. The strings are cut to fit a Fender Jazz bass so will still be long enough for all types of bass. Normally £42. Will post for a couple of pounds extra.
  2. I'm getting rid of a few bass books. £10 for the lot or prices below: Bass Tab White Pages - £5 101 Bass Tips - £5 You Can Do It... Play Bass Dammit - £5 All in excellent condition. Pick up from South West London or I can post for a few pounds extra.
  3. Hiscox bass guitar hard case for sale. Fits Fender Jazz/Precision and most other common bass shapes. It's in great condition, I'm selling it because I no longer need it for travelling. Pick up from South West London or I can meet in central London.
  4. Boss CEB-3 Chorus pedal for sale. The pedal is in very good condition and comes with the original box. I live in South London so can arrange pick up or I can meet you in Central London. Or I can post it! [attachment=209585:$_86e.JPG] [attachment=209584:$_86.JPG]
  5. I used to work for a research company who collected the data for PRS. I was paid to go to pubs and clubs and write down every song that was played in a set period of time, PRS would then use that data to estimate how frequently songs were played and how much to pay out in royalties. It was a mind numbing job made worse by drunk people coming up to me every five minutes asking what I was doing. I now know the names of a LOT of terrible dance songs though. Swings and roundabouts! I only did one pub where they had a live band playing, I just asked to have a look at their set list and left early! It's not the responsibility of the performers, the venues need the licence.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. Electro Harmonix Micro Q Tron Envelope Filter effects pedal for sale. Works great on bass and gives you an awesome funky sound. The pedal is in good condition and comes with velcro on the bottom ready to stick to your pedalboard. Collection from Colchester or i can post it.
  8. I've got two high quality jack to jack speaker cables made by Award Session for sale as my new amp and cab uses speakons. Both cost me about £30 a few months ago. 1m jack to jack with straight connectors - £7 posted 2m jack to jack with one angled connector - £10 posted Or I can do both for £15 posted. Product site: [url="http://www.award-session.com/cleartone_cables.html#high-current"]http://www.award-session.com/cleartone_cables.html#high-current[/url]
  9. Price dropped to £80 for this. I'm running out of room at home so it needs to go!
  10. The Aux only coming out of the Phones out is a bit annoying really but i have another amp that does this so it's not too much of a problem. Yes i covered the tweeter and there was no difference. I also put my ear right up against the grille in front of the tweeter and couldn't hear anything. Must be blown. Any ideas where to get a new one?
  11. The Aux Input only comes out through the Phones out but i ran my ipod through the main input with the EQ flat and it seems that the tweeter is dead. When I adjust the treble and tweeter controls while playing my ipod you can really hear the difference through the main speakers, much more than when playing bass through it. I guess this is because the bass isn't making as much noise at the higher frequencies. New tweeter it is then!
  12. I'm playing a MIM Jazz Bass and i've just put new Rotosound strings on it so it's pretty zingy! I can hear a really slight difference with the treble control but nothing with the tweetertone. I'm thinking it might be the cab...
  13. Hi all, I've had the BH500 for a week or so now and I love it, the sound is great and it's really versatile. One problem I've been having though is with the treble and tweeter controls. They don't seem to make much different to the sound when I turn them. Anyone else found this? I'm aware that the treble control boosts and cuts at different frequencies but it still doesn't make any difference. I'm using it with an Ashdown mag 210 deep cab. Could the treble control be broken?
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  15. I've just bought a EHX Micro Q Tron from a seller on BC and im having problems with powering it. For some reason it doesn't work when I run it straight off a Boss 9v power supply. It runs on a battery fine and on the power supply when it's daisy chained. The strange thing is that it only works on the daisy chain when another pedal is connected to the daisy chain AND the pedal is connected to another pedal via a patch lead. But when I put a battery in it runs fine with all types of connection. What's going on here? The seller has been very helpful and he never noticed the issue as he only ran it on his pedal board.
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