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    As title, I took this in a trade with my good friend who wanted to go short scale because of his age and mobility. He saw my short scale Stingray and had to have it. At 76 he's not going to play in anger any more but just wants to noodle and remember his days as a 60's rock god as we both played in bands then..... I might be exaggerating the rock god bit..... Anyway this is his absolutely as new Jazz he bought new for £1600 in 2016 from steven james then in middlesbrough (I think he saw him coming there) He's hardly picked it up since he got it. It only weighs 8.8 lbs on my digital scales This has the custom shop pickups and comes with the case and all the candy, all in superb condition. No use to me as I play a Stingray only now. Would trade for an immaculate 2eq stingray with a maple board Price includes Postage to UK only
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    WTF. This the first ever bass drop, why nobody mentioned it ? And yes Tony Levin and Bill Bruford certainly commited THE bass drop with Indiscipline ! My all time favourite tune.
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    Sorry, been locked up and no-one to talk to... so Let's talk about planes! They're a bit like basses, you always 'need' just one more. In recent years I've thinned mine a lot but still have around 10 or so (plus all the specialist variants like shoulder planes, rebates, router planes etc etc). Christine mentioned older Records - mighty fine they are (or can be). Pic below of a Record 'SS' No3 (SS means 'Stay-Set' and they have a 2-part cap iron which I rate highly, some others don't like 'em). Got this No3 on the Bay for around £30 a few years ago. Added a new Hock iron (the blade / cutter is called an iron or cutting iron) and spent time tuning - total strip down, seat the frog to body properly, flat the sole (when doing this load the plane up, I mean fit 2-part iron, tighten etc so the body is under working load, then flatten with the cutter safely withdrawn back from the sole). Stripped and painted my mucky green brand colour, but if you want to restore the Record blue, get Humbrol or similar 'roundel blue' - it's an amazing match to the original. This Record is now proper hot and will take 2- 3 thou shaving off cross grain, plus it handles difficult woods (reversing grain) really well. I do recommend the original 'Crucible Steel' irons on Records, but also the Quangsheng replacement irons - very fair price and excellent steels. The Hock is considerably more expensive but takes a really fine edge. The wood plane is interesting - again hotted up into a fine panel smoother (technically it's a jack plane). Note the double iron - very hefty forged cutter, supported by an equally hefty cap. Those Sheffield forged cutting irons are truly fabulous - high carbon super-hard and super-fine tool steel forged onto a malleable steel 'back'. You just can't buy planes with cutters like this now, but on the Bay you'll find one for under 20 quid. Seriously those forged irons of old are sublime. I did a box (boxwood) insert on this one to tighten the mouth a lot. Spent a good while flatting the back of iron back to a polish, and tuning the cap iron so it closes micro-tight onto the iron. If anyone's interested in planes like me, I'll get some pics of my Sparks handmade planes next - his plane adjusting hammer is visible in pic 1 best go make something now...
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    1981 Hiwatt 200 (Model DR201) This a lovely classic tube amp - great for guitar and bass. Quite rare version with 4 inputs and 6x EL34 tubes. One owner since new. Never left home. Condition is perfect / like new. Original soft "snakeskin" dust cover. Everything works as it should, wonderful thick raw tone, not so hi-fi like the KT88 version - so more like Hiwatt 100 on steroids. Power amp tubes are mix of old Mullard and Teslas. No mods, no repairs. Shipping approx £70 to UK/European Union PayPal F/F or Revolut or bank transfer is OK. For TRADES, I'm looking for Orange Matamp OR200, Fender Precision Basses (Custom shop/masterbuilt)
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    17 posts about a rattling bass and not one mention of the word Rickenbacker. Is everyone OK?
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    Well, I've received all the supplies, and finally pulled my thumb out and made the first steps towards my apocalypse /quarantine project last night. It will be having a respray (experimenting a bit, but fingers crossed it'll work out okay!), I'm going to attempt to make a pickguard, and fitting new knobs. Did toy with changing the pickups and pots, but in all honestly there's nothing wrong with it at all! Will keep you updated with my progress. 👍 N. B. Excuse the nappy bags, they were just handy to put the hardware in!
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    An interesting take on the Beatles Paul. You’ve got us thinking. I freely admit I’m biased but I think every song of theirs has at least a flash of gold. For example, Yellow Submarine is an absolute pinnacle of lightweight kiddie-pop. Bloody annoying after 2 minutes though.
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    I cant work because my tools are for service and all the shops are closed due coronavirus.but here is a pic holding the two 5ers
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    This is a touch unusual being white blonde ash with rosewood. You can just see the grain in some lights. These pics make it a little lighter than it is in the flesh. Very few of these made as far as I can tell. I just play bass for fun and on recordings. This has some old flats on it and it does that deep warm Motown thump and bump wonderfully. Lovely smooth very dark chocolate rosewood with hints of chestnut. Ebony wood pull bar. Very nice pickups and has a sort of vintage vibe look without being vintage or a reissue. Anyone else have one?
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    I'm pretty sure they are every bit as functional as any other bass, and there are videos of them on YouTube, and they sound pretty damn good to me. Personally, I find these designs far more interesting and aesthetically compelling than the typical bass designs that's just a minor variation on what Leo Fender designed more than half a century ago.
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    Jazz. More sex, greater immunity to illness.
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    Right you are then, patient zero reporting in:
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    Cool. I attended one of the shows that made it onto that album; I believe the Not Fade/Going Down The Road/Not Fade medley is from the show I saw in New York, my first one actually. This is pre-Wall Of Sound, but I saw that in action a number of times as well.
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    Hi @Reggaebass. It is a B profile neck, so I believe it's something pretty close to 1.625"
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    In one of the bands I'm in the guitarists wife is due a baby in May, I'd be mortified if I thought I might be a silent carrier and pass it on. We've knocked all band activity on the head until further notice.
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    Made two StingRay control plates, one with two holes to try it passive & the other if i do need a pre
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    Six reasons to play guitar instead of bass: Lack of any sense of rhythm. Tab too complicated, prefers things like ' G - C -D'. Weak character, lacking moral fibre. Small hands. Thinks 'advanced musical knowledge' is memorising the blues scale. Small willy.
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    Whitesnake- Fool for your lovin....dear god it’s making me feel sick just thinking about it🤮
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    German Masterbuilt equivalent to current NYC (Warwick CS), Metroline will be German team-built (GPS equivalent) and new Metro Express Will be Chinese like current Warwick Rockbasses. Roger is still building customs in NYC, I was there 2 weeks ago choosing top woods for my custom build (although the shop is now shut for the virus!) I know the feeling - A Sadowsky PJ5 was the only bass that could usurp my love Yammys, particularly the BB, and sadly has! I‘d be intrigued to see how I felt if I had a BB with the Sadowsky pre and pickups.
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    Just been advised my `National Drivers Offender Retraining Scheme` is postponed for at least 12 weeks. Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse.
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    Pictures. I much prefer sharp pictures to shaky and fuzzy ones. I also prefer clear pictures to dark and murky ones. If I can see sharp and clear together in one picture, that’s just super. I want to see the front and the back of the instrument. I want every part of the instrument to be visible across the sum of pictures posted. I also like pictures which clearly show any damage, marks or features mentioned in the blurb. I don’t need to see an artistic b&w picture of you, from a distance, playing the bass on stage, thanks 🙂
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    I sold Jon-Inge an NS5 EUB. The courier was ...................ummm.............. less than great (to the tune of £850ish and really delayed transit) but Jon-Inge was the very epitome of patience and good vibes. The situation was way beyond our control but he was gracious to a fault and what could have been really tricky was just smooth and pleasant. I noticed that he bought that Parker Fly 5 string and I am grateful to him for that as well because that bass was looking at me in a "come and get me" way.
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    Location Methods of payment that will be accepted If item is ok to be sent or collection/meet up only Link to manufacturers full spec if possible
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    These 90s TRB Mk 1s are so so good, my TRB6 was my first bass and still one of my favourites.
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    Morning and welcome.
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    I wanted our group to send tracks out so we could work on them isolated. My wife is asthmatic - if there is a 1 in 100 chance of her dying if she gets it, and there is a 1 in 100 chance of catching at a practice and passing it on, then that is still massively way too high a risk for just a practice.
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    I don’t know why this gets me right in the guts in a way that’s exactly right and it was the first thing that popped into my head when I heard the phrase ‘bass drop’. Around 2:55 when the guitar and vocals drop out ... One of the many PiL/Jah Wobble reasons I love bass. About 1:36 where the entire mix turns bass heavy ... The opening of this track is bass heaven, it’s like getting into an audio bath ...
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    This. None of the basses in the first post strike me as particularly beautiful.
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    This is on eBay now with a bid. But I’ve added these to that listing so will add them here.
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    I bought the most beautiful bass in the world in 1969. My Fender Precision. It doesn't look quite so pristine these days. It went through a period of modding in the 80's, with MEC and Seymour Duncan pickups and ended up with Bartolini and a Bart pre amp. Made it a much better bass, at the expense of its vintage credentials. If I ever go back to 4 string basses this has a killer sound. . . . . . . . . . . . .
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    A well loved 1960 P Bass would be top of my list, as a thing of beauty, to have owned from new to reliced, @hiram.k.hackenbacker knows all about this other beauty which is even more stunning in the flesh.
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    He should send the 16-y-o out to work at a supermarket. Seems there are now plenty of jobs...
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    All I can say is that I have a couple of beauties from ACG that are well above my pay grade.
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    Brilliant video Bravo Stradi
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    Best copy - Musicman Sterling SUB. Yes the naming system is crap but these can be had for around £200 or less. Does everything it says on the tin. Runner up would be the older OLPs. Also around the same price second hand.
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    Currently sitting (well, lounging) shirtless in the garden in the glorious sunshine, listen to The Doors. This social isolation thing is a piece of p!ss. Then again, I've been actively practicing it for the past 5 years. 😉
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    If you have an interest in the technical side of things there is absolutely nothing wrong with learning about it. Our designer and owner as well as our chief engineer are both guitar and bass players. As someone that deals with the end user on a regular basis, my point is about the internet in general where people with little understanding of the science read some information (many times misinformation) and have no idea what it really means or how it applies. They go down this rabbit hole of research and analysis, taking measurements etc. only to get to a gig and struggle with the physics of the environment and wonder why the aforementioned seemed to fail them.
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    As an ex-copper coming from a family of coppers, I'd say it does put barriers up as to the general public even though it shouldn't. Not that people are very anti-police per se, but often police are regarded as "the others". IME, coppers also tend to bond with others coppers, for different reasons. One aspect is that people in the police force share with some other lines of work that they experience a lot and look into many dark corners of people's lives and of society in general - stuff that many in the general public wouldn't understand even it one wasn't bound by anonymity orders.
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    “If you end your bass training now — if you choose the quick and easy guitar path (as Vader did) — you will become an agent of evil.” – Yoda
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    https://snap-dragon-guitars.com/folding-bass-guitars 29" short scale neck,. No more need to comprimise on cramped fingerboards. This also means the e-Bass can be used live.
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    I’m ......... staying at home

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