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  1. Dunno about Carlsberg but it would appear that Jarlsberg like to dabble in the music biz...
  2. I know, right?!... Manufacturers should step away from the obvious and start looking sideways; at the less conventional body*... ...like THE WANGCASTER... (*Should I say body or body-part?...) I think I speak for all “Low-enders" when I say - “Where is the Bass version?!.." Who's with me?!... anyone?... ...anyone at all?... Trust Ted to go and lower the tone of the thread... who's thread is this anyway?... What a crappy looking Sandberg, where's the frets?!.. oh wait!!..
  3. I believe that the great Leonard Cohen was an exceptional writer, poet and musician though his vocal styles and often sombre melodies are prone to receiving a mixed response, similar to that of a popular yeast based food spread... The beauty behind Cohen's work, to me, rests heavily upon the emotion that it seamlessly provokes and the influence it has to inspire professional musicians and budding artists alike. His music also proves that a vocal range exceeding three octaves is far from essential in establishing a professional music career... .. and now for something completely different... It may come as a surprise to some (it certainly did to me), the original inspiration for Ram Jam's Black Betty... Like many early Blues songs, it is a short track but if you are simply too eager to hear the influence to Ram Jam it stars at 1:07 The Ram's version... ... and a somewhat alternative take on the track...
  4. Wow! NFG?!... That brings me back... the cover... the original... (shudder) the parody...
  5. Anyone that brings a slice o' Cake into the “mix" is a good friend of mine!! Seriously though, massive fan of Cake and hadn't yet heard this! Thank‘a'ya'please!! Here's something to mull over in the meantime... The admiration goes to Amanda's diligence and dedication toward the song and it's contextual energy!! Gotta love what music means and brings forth from each and every individual..
  6. Whilst we're experiencing a bit of Nirvana... And the Meaty ol' original...
  7. As always, some fantastic suggestions from our resident @fleabag
  8. Ahhh!!... So that's what Mr Potter is up to these days... Finally grew his hair-out too... Rock-On, Harry!!!
  9. Fantastic comparisons so far... ...some easier than others to decide on a preference... Here's a rather unexpected cover of a song that one would expect to be covered by the “original musical terrorists/freedom fighters"... ... and the original, by the “original original-musical terrorists" (hey! Band name, right there!... )...
  10. What dirty-bird would click this link?!.. Hello and welcome to another misleading thread by renowned Basschat pest, @Ted Theodore Logan, III Today's topic is; Cover songs that are as good if not better than the original. Very often, an artist will steal or rather “cover" another artist's song. Sometimes this is due to a lack of creativity but more often it is a solid way to get people to listen to your music when it's not really your music... On occasion, it is intended as a respectful ode or homage to the original artist, though this is rare... Opinions and preferences will undoubtedly differ when it comes to Original Vs Cover, but one thing that will always remain consistent is that some are just plain awful and should never, ever, EVER have been permitted to exist! Certain “musical giants" (no, not actual giants) would have had their songs covered countless times throughout the years and by numerous artists from varying musical backgrounds and genres. On occasion, lesser known musicians may have a track picked-up and reworked by a Titan of the Industry, though this often leads to the more popular musician gaining recognition and credit for the song... but, Hey!! Maybe they just do it better... maybe... In rare circumstances, a popular musician will cover another popular musician's work and unwittingly (or wittingly) gain credit for that piece, popular examples being; Hurt by Trent Reznor, made incredibly popular with the talents of Johnny Cash and, of course, Higher Ground by the rather naturistic, Red Hot Chili Peppers (originally by some guy on a piano). Whether the reality is that the artist in question can only score gigs at the same three venues that they started out at ten years ago, OR they have become a God-like diety and new face of Pepsi-Cola-Mars-Walmart -Disney-Amazon-Fox International; what always remains is... “Good music, be good music!" ...and if you're managing to get anybody covering your music, you're doing something right! I would like to set the ball rolling with the the ever captivating and original inspiration for the Cookie Monster, Mr Tom Waits... ... and (with the same song) the incredible blues musician who made Witchdoctors cool again; The late, great Screamin' Jay Hawkins... EXCELLENT!! Which reworks have you heard that left you astounded or appalled (or both)?... (Embedded links to original and cover versions very much encouraged for general analytical purposes and, of course, intense Basschat scrutiny) Extra points for those posting personal cover versions of songs; either as a solo act or performance with their band!! (It goes without saying that any personal covers posted will be met with only the highest praise and sincerest of encouragement, as is the nature of Basschat and its most bodacious members...) ...and remember...
  11. Good point, Greek!! Buy the amp, start the band and you got yourself a great anecdote for when questioned about the origin of the band name. Sorted!! So, @franzbassist , when you wanna collect the beautiful Blue Snake Trace®️*?....
  12. Hi guys & girls I'm a wee bit embarrassed to say that I'm actually selling an electric GUITAR!!... (oh, the shame!) It's a Fender Telecaster signature John 5 model, MIM with the rosewood fingerboard, chrome pick-guard, three-way blade pickup selector switch, enforcer humbucker bridge pickup and Fender Telecaster “Twisted" single coil neck pickup. Controls are volume: neck pickup, volume: bridge pickup. It's an incredibly versatile guitar, as you might expect of an instrument made to the preferences and specifications of Mr Lowery, himself... In case you're wondering, who exactly this John 5 “man" is... No, No!.. Not him... WHOA!!! SCARY!... Yikes! Scarier... AAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!! Anyway, he's an American guitarist who used to perform with David Le Roth and, of course, Marilyn Manson... (ah... That's why he looks that way... ) He's also played with such names as Rob Zombie, Meatloaf and Lynyrd Skynyrd ...not to mention him having a pretty extensive solo career... I reckon the most unique and “eye-catching" feature, (not literally, unless you were to have a rather unfortunate “guitar spin" accident), is the guitar's three-on-a-side headstock... ...which makes for an incredibly individual and “most excellent" Telecaster!! EXCELLENT!!!!! The Fender J5 has a modern ‘C' shaped, maple neck with Rosewood fingerboard, 22 “Medium Jumbo" frets (whatever that means)... A synthetic-bone nut, matching black headstock and dot inlays. The body is made from ash wood finished in gloss black with white borders and a particularly fetching chrome/mirrored pick-guard. Electronics and hardware include the “twisted" single coil telecaster neck pickup and the “enforcer" humbucking bridge pickup, two volume controls (one to control neck pickup volume, one to control bridge pickup volume) and a three way pickup selector switch (bridge pickup, neck pickup & both pickups simultaneously). Needless to say this is an extremely versatile and very attractive looking Fender Telecaster and one that is growing increasingly sought after. The instrument is in all round fantastic condition, there is marking to the chrome scratch guard (can be seen in second picture below) and a slight, faint mark toward the bottom of the body which does not show in the pictures. More pictures can be provided if interested... I am happy to post the Guitar or part-meet for fuel cost. Collection is also very welcome. Any questions, please PM... Here's some more pics of the FENDER JOHN 5 TELECASTER....... Includes padded gig case...
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