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  1. "Sigh!.." “William, William, William!..." It's quite clear what you must do!.. The band is asking that you play “Devil" music and this is simply not on!! I assume that you wish to reside in the “Good Place" for all eternity after you have fulfilled your quota upon this blessed earth... You must simply tell your fellow band mates the following; “I recognise the suggestion to cover the Red Hot Chilli Pepper's version of “Higher Ground". You are all welcome to your own opinions and I, being only a man, cannot judge thee... " “However, this is clearly a Stevie Wonder song so either play that or GET THA F*CK OUT!!"... " “P.S. I will consider learning how to “Slap'a da' bass" as I could never rightfully call myself a bass player should I not be able to hit and release the string in such a motion that might leave a percussive yet tonal nuance that is both intriguing and sonically pleasing to the ear." Should your band request that you start to perform wearing nothing but a sports sock upon your genitalia you will know for sure that you are now in league with “The One Who Shall Not Be Named".... ..... ........ ..... ...... “ Flea!!! "....... Seriously though, do WTF you want!!! If you enjoy playing it, play it... If you don't enjoy playing it, who knows?... You probably will start to enjoy playing it!!... If you can't play it... ... well get that sports sock on and start learning!!! “BA, ba-da, ba-da, BA-Ba-BA-DA!!!" (That's the notes for higher ground, just in case you need to learn it...)
  2. Well... funny you should mention those leaves... I did get the Mrs to rake them all up and neatly bag them ready for her to take down to the recycling centre on her one afternoon off in the week. However, after taking photos of the Music Man without the leaves in the background I realised something was missing from the picture and so I opened the bags and scattered them around the garden again (you'll notice I was quite accurate in their placement as I used my previous photographs for reference). Don't worry, after I'd finished taken the snaps I got the Mrs back out there to rake and bag them again # Early Black Friday 2020 promotion # FREE BAG OF LAWN LEAVES WITH EVERY PURCHASE OF ONE OF MY BASS GUITARS* * Does not apply to Bergantino AE410 Speaker Cabinet (Bags of leaves may vary and could contain other garden waste including lawn clippings and twigs)
  3. Ah... Dear Raymond Fothergill... He's not for sale however is available for “dep work" should your unreliable drummer fail to make an appearance... yet again!..
  4. Yes, thank you very much for asking. My social worker and rehabilitation officer both agree that I'm making huge improvements. Ever so kind of you to ask though.... Such a caring bunch hear at Basschat.
  5. Thanks Tom! It's a bolt on neck so could always be detached to lighten it up a bit...
  6. So basically, it's quite clear that nobody wants any of my awesome Bass gear so I'm just showing you guys a really cool Music Man Stingray Bass Guitar that I have!!! It's not at all for sale however I will consider trading it for £950 cash... or possibly 1368 tins of baby sweetcorn. I'm assuming that y'all beautiful BC'ers are clued up on what a Stingray is but just in case you are not I shall inform you that it's a species of fish belonging to the “sea ray" group and from what I hear, they are highly respected by the Alligator and Crocodile communities... For what reason I'm sure I do not know... I'm just messing with you... It's actually a 1964 science fiction television series created with the use of marionette puppetry and, at the time, was rather popular with the youth and adults alike... In fact, I believe children nowadays are still rather fond of the big budget, special effect laden animated TV series. I know that I'm always hearing those kids singing the “Stingray" theme song as they trot home from school with their Beano comics and ¼ pound bag of boiled sweets.... “STINGRAY... STINGRAY!!.. da, da, da, na-na, na-na.." “STINGRAY... STINGRAY!!.. da, da, na-na.." Ha, ha, ha!!! Those little whipper snappers, I remember the... “Hey!... HEY!!! GET THE F*CK OFF MY GARDEN!!!" “DON'T YOU BRUSH BY MY CAR!!!" “GO PLAY OUTSIDE YOUR MUM'S HOUSE!!!" “KEEP IT DOWN!!! I'M TRYING TO THE SLAP THE SH*T OUT'A THIS BASS AT AN OBNOXIOUSLY LOUD VOLUME AND YOUR INCESSANT WAILING AND HIGH PITCHED SCREAMS ARE DOING NOTHING FOR MY DOUBLE THUMB TECHNIQUE!!!" Ha, ha... Kids, aren't they great... Anyway, where was I?... Oh yeah, Captain Scarlet... “Captain Scarlet, he's the one who knows the Mysteron game!!..." So yeah, my beautiful Captain Scarlet Music Man Stingray Thunderbirds* are go Bass is up for sale (or trade should you have the required number of tinned baby sweet corn to hand)... * Disclaimer: this is NOT a Gibson Thunderbird Bass She's a mid 00's model USA Stingray with three band active eq and all the beautiful Music Man “Mother Bucking" tone you could want!! Previous owner had the factory nut replaced with a bronze nut and aside from that the rest of the instrument is all original and in “Top Cat" condition!!! (excellent condition) I wanna say the colour of the instrument is Scarlet as I don't know many other shades of red however I did type “scarlet red" in my web browser search engine whilst the safe search filter was off and “YEESH!!!", it's certainly not that colour... That was closer to a coral or salmon pink... Fantastic colour though and with a beautiful matching headstock to boot!! Yes, the carpet does indeed match the drapes with this little fiery red head!.. “I'm talking about the Bass, you dirty-bird!.. not miss “Scarlet Red". Dunno what else to say really... it's a Music Man Stingray... You've all seen one before and I'm hoping that you've all played one and if you haven't, I just might know where there's one for sale... 21 frets and a standard 34" scale length. This little Scarlet Pimpernel weighs in at around 4.6kg. Speaking of Scarlet Pimpernel, Ricky 4000 posted a link in another thread to a rather amusing little ditty that is featured in the Broadway musical “The Scarlet Pimpernel". The song has since chosen to reside in my head and has assured me that it won't be leaving anytime soon... I feel that the only way I might get it to leave me alone is by sharing the link and making others aware of it... Kinda like the plot of “The Ring" movies (SPOILER ALERT!!) Oh, wait... Should that have come first?... Anyway, watch and listen, “If you'd be so kind..." That's about it really... Comes with the Music Man fitted hard shell case... Ooh! ...and I think the colour could be close to “Cardinal" red, if you're quite particular about your shades of red... “Sigh" I remember simpler times when there were literally just six colours, four being varying shades of grey... I can post the Music Man, insured at buyers expense (or uninsured if you're a reckless cheapo!!). Also happy to meet within reasonable distance should you provide the funds to feed my vehicle with the fuel it so regularly desires!! “Feed me, Seymour... FEED ME!!!" “Sorry, did you just say something?.. Also visits are welcome though hard-hats and goggles are required at all times and all visitors must remain at least six feet from the glass... So without further ado, I present to you the gorgeous Stingray that could very well be yours... (Well, obviously it's not yours, it's mine but it could be yours for £950... or of course, the corn trade-off that I originally put forth)... “STINGRAY... STINGRAY!!.. da, da, da, na-na, na-na.." Oops... Not that one... Darn... My mistake!!.. There we go...
  7. Oh dear... Those poor neglected instruments... Had you have said that you had simply forgotten your partner as they were at work or your children as they were at school I may have been able to relate...
  8. My dear friend, this instrument doesn't just deliver the goods, it will join you in taking the goods and subsequently throwing a 72 week long party where you and the instrument will be adorned and worshipped like that of the Gods... I hear that Ian Hill sold his soul to Spector and they placed a little bit of it in each one of his custom series XL's to give it an endless supply of “ROCK!!!" (Don't quote me on that though...)
  9. Ah yes, the age-old rule; “all instruments should be considered a bass unless proven otherwise" “THE GUY AT THE STORE ASSURED ME THAT THIS WAS A BASS GUITAR!!!" “It's whatever you want it to be, my friend... It's whatever you want it to be...."
  10. Is that a fifth string?! I always thought it was a thumb rest...
  11. Hey J!! Just a heads up... The rubber on some stands will damage the finish on certain guitars... Nitrocellulose finishes seem to be quite susceptible to marking if stored incorrectly. I've even heard scare stories of rubber padding actually fusing to the guitars finish!!... With an ever growing family of bass guitars, space around the home can become an issue... (This is why I live in the shed) If you are considering a multi guitar rack it might also be an idea to consider individual gig bags. The gig bags will; - Better protect your “babies" from accidental damage like knocks and scrapes - Prevent dust gathering between pickups and bridge saddles - Protect against UV rays - Avoid rubber rash from PVC stands - Offer a level of protection against sudden temperature change - Preserve the life of the strings If you do a bit of web crawling you will likely find a basic bass gig bag for between £5 & £15. I personally think it's a small price to pay to help protect that which brings you so much joy!! Make sure to get the measurements right though as not all gig bags will fit a long or extra long bass guitar. Pip pip
  12. Ah, very nice!! Amazing hand technique great use of flamenco style and finger tapping!! I wonder if there's room for a Saz in my band?... Don't care!!! I'm doing it!!!
  13. & The prize goes to Mr Zero!! With a record response of 6 minutes... The article took me longer than that to write.. P.s. loving the new profile pic
  14. Yes, the humans are a perplexing and often puzzling species.... Should I find a reasonably priced amplifier to compliment the AE410 then I will likely hold onto this little (big) gem! Any suggestions on an amplifier?.. I was running a D800 at one point which sounded “Magnifico!!"
  15. As of late I have found myself turning to Basschat and its wondrously knowledgeable members for the answers to many of life's puzzling questions and enigmas. Questions such as; “Why do hats not suit me?..." “What would happen if I were to lick a 9v battery?..." & “Where does the wax in my ears come from and can I use it to make candles?..." Today I have been presented with yet another baffling question that I feel only the great minds at Basschat will be able to answer... During one of my regular visits to local “good-will", in search of a 1957 Fender Precision that has been vastly underpriced at only £6.99 by the kindly senior volunteer working for free in her spare time, I stumbled across a rather peculiar and enchanting instrument that had been labelled as a “Lute" by said elderly volunteer. From my experience (mostly from playing lute for the well known and ever popular middle ages cover band “The Christendom Crusaders") the common lute has a much shorter neck than that of the instrument what I saw for sale at the local “good-will". I have attached a rather “grainy" picture of the instrument below for you, the reader, to fathom its title. I am assuming it falls into the lute “family" however I would greatly appreciate if one could specify the exact name for this instrument (& no! It does not look like a Graham!!!...) Please send all answers to; That's A Cute Lute! Luton Po Box 4929 (Or just reply to this topic, up to you...) Please note I am asking for the title of the instrument in the foreground. I am already aware of the name for the instruments that appear in the background, they are an early pair of “Caucasian Getaway Sticks"
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