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  1. C'mon!! You never watched “Buffy" or “Angel"?!... How bout “Muffy"... Ya, know the Vampire “layer"?... (No affiliation to the previous two... )
  2. I did contemplate purchasing the Saz for a while however my “music room" is in serious need of a clear out... so alas I refrained from adding the Saz to my collection. Not that a Saz would take up too much space... I've rather naughtily been looking into purchasing a cello though... Certainly no room for that... and the fact that I've never even touched a cello might make learning to play one very taxing... I've just been besotted with the instrument ever since I was a child and heard “The Sanctuary" as the theme tune for the TV series “Angel" “Love me some brooding vampires..." ... but the emotion that the cello can evoke is amazing! Such a serious and sombre instrument... It's like the opposite of me
  3. Have you pm'd @edwn ?... He was after one o' these back in November... “ I'm after a Tony Franklin Fretless Precision. In Black rather than 3TS. Would also consider 6 string unlined fretlesses suitable for roundwounds. But not Jazz basses please. Thanks! ".... (His quote, not mine... I already got one of these... )
  4. Not only does it add ‘strut' it also improves the sound tenfold and completely distracts the audience from my inability to play Bass!!
  5. Would he, per chance, have made a comment that follows thusly?... “I'm not fond of new music, so I had to force myself to assimilate inferior compositions" “BRAVADO, Monsieur ‘awkins, Bravado!!"
  6. Howdy Partner! Welcome to the melting pot... “The one spot stop to shop for all your Bass related needs!!" You'll find countless “Low End Aficionados" residing here within, all of whom are eager and keen to share their expertise, advice and experiences... (whether you ask for it or not! ) Good choice with the SR300, I would recommend them as a starter instrument to the world of Bass! They have an ergonomic neck and their weight is very manageable. They also provide a very pleasing tone for an instrument in their price range If you are keen on the Ibanez SR series and wish to eventually upgrade you are likely to find more “premium" models being advertised at very appealing prices in the “treasure trove" marketplace of this very site! But be warned, there are A LOT of incredibly tempting instruments and gear available on Basschat so be prepared to contract GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome)... I recommend having your inoculations before visiting the Basschat Marketplace or at least be ready to have a very cold shower after viewing said forum... In regards to “learning the Bass", I find that an openness and willingness to listen to multiple genres of music can be very inspiring and insightful. However, I don't recommend listening to multiple genres all at once as this could turn out quite cacophonous... Though it did work for jazz... Once you've found a few Bass lines that “tickle your pickle" start learning them and play along with the track, maybe even ad-lib when and where you can... As long as you keep it varied and more importantly enjoyable, you will start to learn fast and learn well... Also, check out other BC'ers comments on technique and practise... You will find many useful Bass related hints and tips scattered amongst the pages of this glorious site... All the best for your journey on the Low End!!
  7. I might know where there's one for sale if your interested... It is a truly remarkable instrument, such a joy to play and the tone is outstanding. Amazingly warm, powerful and creamy smooth... Like a double espresso latte... Thanks for the love!! If you do decide you need this beauty back in your life give me a holler
  8. Howdy, y'all eclectic bunch o' “BC'ers"!! What I've got up for grabs is; a Trace Elliot AH300-7 Amp & a Trace Elliot 4x10 Cab 400W 8Ω Both the Amp and Cab have been re-tolexed and the closest way to describe the finish would be to say that it looks as though a large blue snake swallowed a Trace Eliot rig. Needless to say, it looks awesome!!... Providing you like to ROCK!!! The AH300-7 is a pretty decent amp with some very nice features such as; · 7 band graphic eq preamp · Built in adjustable Compressor · Pre-shape switch · Passive/Active inputs · Effects send/return · Balanced D.I. Another cool little feature is the gain led meter that lights up to show when you are running the gain too high, too low or just right... I thought that was pretty nifty... All Goldilocks and what-not!! The graphic eq can dial in some amazing tone and can also be bypassed should you choose to keep it simple and not take advantage of all that lovely Trace Eliot rich eq mastering... On the back it's pretty straightforward, you got the mains input, the on/off switch and two speaker outputs that operate with standard ¼ inch “jack" instrument cable. Minimum load is 4ohms. The Cab is a 4x10 400W @ 8Ω Trace Elliot behemoth that weighs in at roughly the same weight as a classic 1960's mini cooper. If you are blessed with the strength of ten men (as I am) this is a one-man lift however, if you are an average puny mortal, this cab is certainly not something I can recommend hauling around on a regular basis... unless of course you have a very attractive chiropractor who you would like to visit and have just been waiting on a good excuse to do so... Cab has recessed handles on‘t' side and rubber feet on‘t' base. Dimensions of cab (including feet) are; Height = 71 cm Width = 62 cm Depth = 43 cm Everything is working as it should and all sounds fantastic!! The stack had been sat around a while and there were some initial crackles when I first plugged it in & played through it after but they soon disappeared. I imagine it could do with a spray of contact cleaner but I'm not gonna mess around with the insides... There's a small piece of missing plastic from one of the port covers at the front of the cab (pictured) Also, a covering cap is missing from the gain switch on the amp (pictured) The front panel of the amp lights up, which is pretty “rock ‘n' roll" and also features a carry handle so looks like a fancy blue reptile skin briefcase when being held... amp weighs in at 12.4kg. So most puny humans should be able to lift the amp at least... Dimensions of Amp (with feet) are: Height = 15 cm Width= 50 cm Depth = 43 cm I imagine if you want this rig couriered you'd be looking at roughly £2000 so it's collection only or part meet unless you got a spare £2k you wanna throw out the window... Any questions, please feel free to ask. All the best
  9. In order to avoid alienating the “traditionaly sane" members of the Basschat community, I have arranged the following advert to be compiled in two parts. Part One will detail; · The item for sale · The asking price · The option for delivery/collection Part Two will contain; · Mostly nonsense · Incoherent babbling · The ramblings of a mad man Both parts will be void of any humour (naturally) and absolutely no content contained within Part Two should be taking likely and can not be held against me in my forthcoming sanity plea... Part One Item Description model: Sandberg California II TT4 Fretless Bass Guitar finish: 3 tone Sunburst Matt electronics: Sandberg AlNiCo Passive Jazz Pickups controls: Volume, Balance, Tone hardware: Sandberg Locking Tuners & Sandberg Premium Bridge (matching black) neck: Unmarked Fretless fingerboard wood: Rosewood scale: 34inch weight: 4.4kg case: Sandberg Padded Gig Bag condition: Mint price: £1045 Shipping insured courier: £40 approx (location dependant) collection: Free part-meet: Cost of fuel Those interested in purchasing this instrument should completely and utterly disregard any further text. Thank you for reading. Part Two So basically, back when I was slightly more deluded than I am today, I purchased a number of Fretless Bass Guitars with the notion that I could master a Fretless instrument with little to no actual effort being made on my part. Needless to say, I was wrong... Whilst it might not be “Racket-Silence" or “Brian Sturgeon-ary" to learn how to play a Fretless Bass Guitar, I will come clean right now and just admit that I am far too lazy to continue with anything that doesn't go my way immediately or pretty soon thereafter... I wouldn't go as far to say that I'm a defeatist but let me put it this way; If I flip the switch on a kettle and it ain't plugged in... the tea ain't getting made! Same goes for if ain't got no water in... So anyway, I'm now in possession of an all-round awesome German-made Sandberg California II Fretless Bass Guitar that just isn't getting played and even when it is actually getting played it's actually not getting played, it's just more or less just being held whilst I slide a finger up the D string and listen to it go “Mwahhh"... and then back down the D string to hear it go “Mwohhh"... I will sometimes repeat this three or four times before returning the gorgeous instrument to its lovely Sandberg padded case... To be honest I'm a little miffed as the sales person who sold me the instrument told me that “Sandberg's literally play themselves". I think what they meant to have said was “Sandberg's figuratively play themselves" because, believe me, this instrument does NOT play itself. Not that I ever tried connecting it to an amp and leaving it in a stand next to my record player whilst I played it classic funky Motown tracks in the hope that it might play along... Ha, ha!! No, that'd be stoopid!!... Ha!!.. ha, ha... Actually, come to think of it, maybe I just didn't have the volume up loud enough... ... I'll try again tomorrow... So I'm not making any promises but this instrument might actually play itself!!... The Sandberg is a passive bass meaning that it is entirely non-violent and fully compliant. It has AlNiCo Jazz Pickups, possibly something to do with Al Pacino... The fingerboard is Rosewood or possibly a Pau Ferro which I'm assuming is the creator of the material but it looks like Rosewood but apparently it's actually a Pau Ferro which I have no idea what a Pau Ferro is... But it might be the creator but I'm not sure... But it's actually probably Rosewood... Let's go with “Ro Ferro" The hardware is black and all of it is, so that looks pretty cool... Err, it's also got a pickguard for those of you with really long scratchy “Nosferatu" nails or terrible “punk-like" strumming technique... Anyway, the finish is rather interesting. That's “finish" not “Finnish" though I'm sure the Finnish are also rather interesting... but in regards to the Sandberg's body finish, this finish is actually a 3 tone matt sunburst finish which is rather close to the tobacco sunburst finish but somewhere in between that finish and the regular sunburst finish. So altogether a pretty unique looking finish... Anyway, that's the finish!! Oh!! If you're actually interested in the Sandberg, visiting times are daily between 08:00 - 10:00 & 16:00 - 19:00 unless specifically requested in advance. Enjoy the grainy pics (apparently “the camera has been drinking, not me...") You'll notice these pics have been taken in the recreational room as my outside privileges have temporarily been revoked because of Steve claiming that I took his red rubber ball, which I didn't. I just held it for a bit and then I lost it... AND!! I didn't “back-up" the staff toilet by trying to flush it!! That's not at all what I did!..
  10. I am glad that you're mum is ok but how are you?... Have you had any therapy or counseling since viewing the horrific events that were being aired on that hospital's television?... You are probably well within your rights to claim compensation for being subjected to such atrocities.
  11. “5 episodes?!!" Are you kidding?!!... I'm thinking 5 decades!!!
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