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  1. Good point, Greek!! Buy the amp, start the band and you got yourself a great anecdote for when questioned about the origin of the band name. Sorted!! So, @franzbassist , when you wanna collect the beautiful Blue Snake Trace®️*?....
  2. Hi guys & girls I'm a wee bit embarrassed to say that I'm actually selling an electric GUITAR!!... (oh, the shame!) It's a Fender Telecaster signature John 5 model, MIM with the rosewood fingerboard, chrome pick-guard, three-way blade pickup selector switch, enforcer humbucker bridge pickup and Fender Telecaster “Twisted" single coil neck pickup. Controls are volume: neck pickup, volume: bridge pickup. It's an incredibly versatile guitar, as you might expect of an instrument made to the preferences and specifications of Mr Lowery, himself... In case you're wondering, who exactly this John 5 “man" is... No, No!.. Not him... WHOA!!! SCARY!... Yikes! Scarier... AAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!! Anyway, he's an American guitarist who used to perform with David Le Roth and, of course, Marilyn Manson... (ah... That's why he looks that way... ) He's also played with such names as Rob Zombie, Meatloaf and Lynyrd Skynyrd ...not to mention him having a pretty extensive solo career... I reckon the most unique and “eye-catching" feature, (not literally, unless you were to have a rather unfortunate “guitar spin" accident), is the guitar's three-on-a-side headstock... ...which makes for an incredibly individual and “most excellent" Telecaster!! EXCELLENT!!!!! The Fender J5 has a modern ‘C' shaped, maple neck with Rosewood fingerboard, 22 “Medium Jumbo" frets (whatever that means)... A synthetic-bone nut, matching black headstock and dot inlays. The body is made from ash wood finished in gloss black with white borders and a particularly fetching chrome/mirrored pick-guard. Electronics and hardware include the “twisted" single coil telecaster neck pickup and the “enforcer" humbucking bridge pickup, two volume controls (one to control neck pickup volume, one to control bridge pickup volume) and a three way pickup selector switch (bridge pickup, neck pickup & both pickups simultaneously). Needless to say this is an extremely versatile and very attractive looking Fender Telecaster and one that is growing increasingly sought after. The instrument is in all round fantastic condition, there is marking to the chrome scratch guard (can be seen in second picture below) and a slight, faint mark toward the bottom of the body which does not show in the pictures. More pictures can be provided if interested... I am happy to post the Guitar or part-meet for fuel cost. Collection is also very welcome. Any questions, please PM... Here's some more pics of the FENDER JOHN 5 TELECASTER....... Includes padded gig case...
  3. Oooh, I like that... Not just a great suggestion, thanks @fleabag but really cool to listen to the two very different styles and techniques... Love it!!! 👍 What's with all the Guitar Necks though?!... Looks like a David Cronenberg movie
  4. WHOA!!!.. That's some serious Dub and Grime influence there!! Whilst this thread “briefly" meanders through trashy, ritualistic, “brain-stew" noise... Here's something to calm and help soothe the transition into “self-isolation"... LATEST UPDATE: Boris has just announced that “No Love" & “Guillotine" the “popular" “Rhythm & Blues" songs will be aired back to back, continually for 24 hours a day until the lift of the quarantine. The two “songs" by successful American pop group Death Grips will be aired one-after-the-other on a constant loop on every single television channel, internet on-demand service and radio station and will also feature in “essential" pop-up screens on every tablet, computer and smartphone around the UK and some parts of Scunthorpe. Boris has said that he has chosen these particular two “songs" to be what he calls “Anthems To The Times" as the audio and visual messages that they clearly portray sends a universal and fundamental message to the people to “keep calm and carry on" but to do so in a way that involves stopping everything that they are doing whilst maintaining an impulsive and rash mindset... MC Ride, front man of Death Grips had this to say on the matter; “IT GOES, IT GOES, IT GOES, IT GOES, IT GOES, IT GOES, IT GOES, IT GOES!!... GUILLOTINE!!!... YEA!!" WARNING!!! Do not listen to Death Grips or Boris Johnson; Prolonged xposure kan rejuice IQue ladles jrastiklee. Now to go check the Denier Measurement of the sofa's thread... (Cotton Count/Denier Measurement: Not currently a BC “thread" but I am thinking of starting one. What's your thoughts?)
  5. Anyone remember when “Skrillex" was Emo?!!!.. Seriously, check it out... Lead singer of From First To Last I still got a couple of their CDs from back when I used to go sit at the multi-storey car park, looking like this...
  6. Not at all boring, dear Mr Toad, not in the slightest... but it's kind of “a given" that Flea is gonna inject something... Where & what, who knows?... Seriously though, any track that this particular Siphonaptera is a part of WILL very often be pretty darn A-Awesome!! Oh my!!!.... BIG BASS DROP!!!! 1:40 (if you can't wait) Such a despicable band... Hate to love ‘em!!
  7. I was actually implying something more like this... ...but @Maude description is certainly more appropriate to the thread... ↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑ Also very happy to hear any suggestions of this.... Great choice right there from @Maude !!!
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