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  1. I cant really blame them if you already rehearse on their chosen night, look at it from their perspective. And what about gigs on the same night, who would you choose to disappoint?
  2. Surely as long as you liked him its all good. Not everyone is quit so keen to post simply because a great musician has died. I prefer to remember him and play his music.
  3. Agreed, short scales appear, to my ears at least, to be more sensitive to string choice and gauge.
  4. Play as written for the audition, it proves you can learn the parts. If you get the gig you could then discuss playing what you feel makes it better. When it comes to new songs then its down to you.
  5. Yep. To me the Stones sound is shambolic, for want of a better word. Keeping that feel without the whole thing falling apart is the real skill.
  6. Its not about better, or faster or more chops. Its about right guys in the right band at the right time. Charlie's drumming is an intrinsic part of the Stones songs and style, with a different drummer those recorded tracks would have been very different. Its about feel and beat placement and micro timing, not chops or technique.
  7. Every drummer is different and Charlie is no exception. The original Stones members insisted on Charlie being their drummer and Keith has said on numerous occasions "Charlies drumming is the bed I lie on" His style may be called simplistic but he swings like few others, his groove is bottomless and he knows when to push or pull the songs. Unique.
  8. If you write songs how else is the gig public going to hear them? We used to drop a couple of originals into the set and after a while people got to know them and enjoy. As long as its not a 20 minute prog fest why not. I love pub bands who do something a little different, I mean, how many versions of Sweet Home Alabama do you need to hear.
  9. /\ this. Write your own music. Regardless of weather you perceive it to be hopeless, just do it, leave something of yourself behind.
  10. Careful. It could be that the one you played was simply a coming together of all the good components and body/neck in one lucky bass. Try the others if you are after a different colour. Good luck.
  11. Not sure who said it, but: "Its rock and roll, there is no right or wrong way, just your way".
  12. In sessions a lot of the music is as written, or as the main performer or producer demands it. Not sure how much is open to musicians interpretation. Band composed stuff is different.
  13. Same problem here. Singers? Dont get me started. I firmly believe that most of the wannabes in the semi pro world think singing is the easy part and all you need is a microphone, or not even that. Turn up at a rehearsal space and the PA and mic will be provided. The number of "Singers" we have auditioned who have no gear, not even a mic, no idea when to come in, no phrasing or dynamics, or indeed couldn't carry a song in a bucket is astonishing. All I hope for is the basics, have at least your own mic, learn the lyrics and sing in tune. You dont have to be Billie Holliday FFS.
  14. Oh please. You won't go blind you know. As Billy Connoly said " ill stop when I need glasses".
  15. Surely its a statement of absolute distress at the thought of losing a lover. Its not a statement of fact. People say and do odd things when they are in love. Or was Tom Petty actually having his heart dragged around? They are songs for goodness sake, and if they bring to the public's attention something awful that happened in the past, Brown Sugar, then kids should know about it.
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