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  1. mikel

    What makes a good bassist?

    Not to be flippant but a person who is good at playing bass with others would do it.
  2. mikel

    Been here before...going on a hiatus?

    Hey, If you don't have the time to enjoy any pursuit then knock it on the head till you have. Its music, is supposed to be enjoyed not endured.
  3. mikel

    Fingers and the audience

    Well quite, but playing mid range or beginner gear does not prevent you from giving 100% or sounding good.
  4. Its obvious. If you play with great musicians you either keep up or get out. Its the same with sport. A better player either demoralises you every week, or you up your game, get better and learn to compete.
  5. mikel

    Fingers and the audience

    To another bassist possibly not, but I bet my house the regular gig goer would not notice a thing. To most a bass sound is just that, as long as its not too loud.
  6. mikel

    Later with Joolz last night

    Not really bothered who presents it, I watch it for the Music. Sadly the down to earth, witty, intelligent Marc Radcliffe cant present everything.
  7. mikel

    Fingers and the audience

    I heard the "Its all in the fingers" back in the day and took it to mean that a great player, using a cheapo bass,would make it sound way, way better than the average person playing the same instrument.
  8. mikel

    Fingers and the audience

    Point 2. For me the difference between "Decent" gear and top of the range megga bucks stuff is so small I don't notice it, more so in a band mix. Also, If the person using the top of the range stuff uses strings or a tone you are not keen on then subjectively its not as good as the mid range gear I use that has the sound I like and want.
  9. mikel

    Hubba Hubba!

    Well quite, but I do feel calling someone out because they like the look of someone of the opposite or even the same sex is a little over the top. No lewd or defamatory words or phrases were used. If people did not find the opposite sex attractive the human race would have died out long ago. A bit of common sense perhaps. I remember my wife drooling over Sting for years and it had little to do with his bass playing.
  10. On another note. Back in the day of 100 watt valve amps and 4 x 12 cabs. Was the whole 100 watts only available with two 4 x 12s hooked up, or was it simply louder through moving more air using two cabs?
  11. Yep but there is a huge difference between "Holding the groove" and playing a solo. I find that traditional solo instruments mostly interpret the song in a melodic and appropriate way, whereas lots of drummers and bassists simply try to get every lick and trick they know into a "Solo" and play as fast as possible so they can say "Look how good I am"
  12. mikel

    Do you actually know what you're buying?

    I wont buy pretty much anything without seeing and touching it. Call me an old luddite but it prevents disappointment, and I enjoy shopping for stuff.
  13. mikel

    Headphone Heaven

    Nice, but for £550 list I would expect them to make me a cup of tea and plump my cushions before I sit down to listen.
  14. mikel

    “Lock in with drummer”

    For me it always meant playing as a unit, leaving space for each other and making each other sound good. Its about the micro timing that makes a groove great rather than simply functional.