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  1. For me a gig is a gig. I have had well paid gigs that were poorly attended and had little interest from the punters, and pub gigs that were a storm for the punters and the band where it cost us more to get there. Its the gig itself that matters to me not the quality of the venue. I would play every weekend, Fri to Sun given the option, its why I play an instrument.
  2. Probably not. Some believe that an old instrument sounds better, for want of a more appropriate word, than a new one. Some think an old instrument looks better. Look at the fashion for buying reliced instruments, they can't all be bought by boomers. Personally I prefer to buy new, then it's mine, and any wear or tear will be mine.
  3. Yea, but its not rock and roll is it.
  4. What is most impressive about the Beatles, and is rarely mentioned, is their recording output lasted only seven years. The depth and breadth of their songs in that short space of time is truly staggering. To go from Love me Do to, for sake of argument, Helter Skelter or I am the Walrus is inventive genius.
  5. Agreed. Saw them in 72 and 73. Awesome shows. The music was flawless and Gabriel was on top form.
  6. That's what I loved about 70s prog. You had to commit to listening to an album. Songs, and sometimes whole albums, were a musical journey, not the predictable trope of a 3 minute pop song.
  7. I was talking vocalist and drummer. Paice made the early Purple, with Gillan. After, it was just soft rock.
  8. Agreed. Purple without Ian Paice and Ian Gillan????? Not the same band.
  9. I always felt he was more jazz and Americana, or Chet Atkins type style. But he was certainly not rock or blues, and all the better for that.
  10. I think it's mainly the Wakeman guiding hand on song arrangements that gave the impression of symphonic influence. I was heavily influenced by Yes, the Yes Album was like a bolt from the blue for me when it was released. Close to the Edge is my all time favorite piece of music, to date.
  11. Euro vision is moderately entertaining but has little to do with the music.
  12. As I say, the old 10000 hours trope is aimed at treating the task like a full time Uni course or an apprenticeship. It must be specific and full on. 40 hours a week minimum.
  13. Its what you put into the 10000 hours. It needs to be specific to what you wish to be a master of. I did a 5 year apprenticeship to become a toolmaker. Every one of those 40 hours a week for 50 weeks for 5 years was focused on becoming a fully trained engineer. Apprenticeships are partly where the 10000 hours idea comes from.
  14. Possibly. But looking at a lot of the audiences, it obviously still appeals to a lot of the younger generation(s). And a lot of younger artists are playing tock. Music is music is music.
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