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  1. mikel

    Poor service from PMT Northampton

    Well, you found out it needs a license, so why then go elsewhere?
  2. mikel

    Imposter Sydrome

    Its not evidence of anything, it's opinions. A musician is a musician, there is no right or wrong way and just because semi pro bands rehearse does not mean they are pandering to someones ego. Have respect for fellow musicians and lower your ego.
  3. mikel

    Imposter Sydrome

    I am aware of what "Impostor syndrome" Is. It was the highlighted lines of your OP I took issue with. The semi-pro's only rehearsing to stoke someones ego, or the Deping keeps it fresh and reminds me of what a "Real" musician is.
  4. mikel

    Imposter Sydrome

    That's a bit of a sweeping statement. We have band practice once a week because we are not pro musicians. We have jobs and families, and have band practice so we can be tighter than a very tight thing and give the audience what they paid for, a decent nights entertainment. Being able to busk your way through a set is not the only measure of a musician. Being prepared to the best of your ability, however limited that ability may be, is the very least I expect from any band mate. I have busked through a gig, as a drummer, and I did not enjoy it as I spent all my time watching the other musicians like a hawk and trying to keep up. So much so the dynamics of the gig completely passed me by.
  5. mikel

    Who did you see live last?

    One thing strikes me about this thread, and also my own posts, the lack of almost any bands mentioned that have been playing less than 20 years. Are there no bass players on here under the age of 50? Are there no new(ish) bands worth going to watch?
  6. mikel


    The difference being JA stopped recording material back in the Stone Age whereas Cliff is still recording, so his stuff is relevant to his current feelings. Also he has not been a Rock singer since the late 50s so no anger needed.
  7. mikel

    I've hit a wall with my bass playing

    Perhaps you are just bored with playing, I have the same thing once in a while. Now, I only practice when I really want to play, that way I am inspired and keen to do it. If I dont feel the Mojo I dont force myself and simply go through the same old same old just to say I have practiced. Find a genre of music you have not played before and with bass lines that excite you. Music should be fun and exciting not a chore or a box to be ticked.
  8. mikel


    Its been said before but worth re quoting..."You don't stop doing something because you get old, you get old because you stop doing something".
  9. mikel

    Audition nerves

    Nerves can be calmed, to a certain extent, by focusing on the process rather than the outcome. If, as you say, you are well prepared then focus on that fact rather than what might happen. Do what you know you can do, play the way you play and be friendly. After that its apples and oranges.
  10. mikel


    Is it a need though, or simply enjoyment in doing something? Physically draining pursuits would be too much for people in their 70s but singing is hardly one of them. Perhaps he is not int golf or lawn bowls and would rather spend his time singing and recording, sounds like a good trade off to me. I dont think it has to be a need, it might simply be a way to fill in his time.
  11. mikel


    I dont have much time for Cliff's music, he was a late 50s/60s artist to me, but to suggest someone should stop doing something they love seems strange. If what he was doing was important to well being in any way (Yes I know ) then yes, give it up, but its just music and if he and the audience enjoy it then why not? Its his job after all. My old man loved his work as a carpenter and did his job till he was 76, not cos he was desperate for the money but because he loved it.
  12. mikel

    Who did you see live last?

    I was at Prohibition in Gateshead last night to see "Radio Pensecola". Fabulous. Superb musicians playing stuff from the 20s, 30s and 40s, think Cole Porter, Cab Calloway, Bessie Smith etc. A real fun night with audience participation. The bass player was superb, a guy called Ron Smith, If you get the chance to see them do it, If only to see Mr Smith play bass.
  13. mikel

    Solo artists who outshone their original band

    And hooking up with a good songwriter helps.
  14. mikel

    Worst Audition Ever!!!

    Nail on head I think.
  15. mikel

    Worst Audition Ever!!!

    Well quite, but what is a singer doing answering an add, insisting on songs, asking for the gig, If the partner is not on board in the first place. That was what pi**ed me off.