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  1. Classic Rock? Late 60s and the 70s. The rest is a pale copy, mostly over produced, formulaic and derivative.
  2. My favourite would have been a more realistic post title. For me, probably Clapton.
  3. All Right Now is probably in that category, but for all the instruments. Fairly easy to play but very difficult to get the feel just right. I think a lot of us are frightened by space in music and Free just loved space and minimalism.
  4. That's better, a reasoned argument. Ok you dont like him, but I stand by my argument. Lots of the Beatles songs were Lennon McCartney collaboration, either sitting face to face and swapping chords and lines or adding hooks or middle eights to each others songs. Without that the Beatles would not have been the phenomenon they were. A band is the sum of its parts.
  5. I always wondered about that. Its the whole bass, amp, cab that gives the sound you like, so why bypass the speaker? Most guitarists would not stand for that.
  6. I didnt even hint you should not have an opinion, or what to think, I was simply intrigued by your reasoning.
  7. Upset me? Hardly. I believe you said "The World would not miss one of his songs", sounds contemptuous to me. As he was probably responsible for about half the Beatles output I don't see how you can love them.
  8. It always makes me wonder why people who profess to dismiss the Beatles and all their music will happily trawl through page after page of a thread merely to state their contempt. I have no time for many musical acts so I ignore any reference to them. Its much easier. There again modern music would be nothing like it is now without the fab four, so perhaps that rankles with some if they dont "get it".
  9. Of course its based on recordings of same material on vinyl and CD. As I said, "to my ears". I think there are a lot of bassists on here who would disagree with your take on heft. Distortion can still be thin, like the difference between a valve amp with the master on full, and a distortion pedal through headphones.
  10. My ears give me the opposite. CDs sound thin compared to Vinyl that sounds richer and has more "Heft". Ha.
  11. I dont care how many records the Beatles shifted, this is about McCartney's bass playing. Do keep up. If we were talking sales you have to take into consideration how short the Beatles recording history was. The sheer number of songs they wrote, and the diversity of the music they came up with, in such a short space of time, makes them incomparable.
  12. Barely play? By the time they began recording they had gone through the Hamburg learning curve, gigs so long and intense they were as tight as a very tight thing and could play and harmonise without being able to hear each other. Self taught does not equal barely able to play.
  13. The vast majority of bands in the 60s and early 70s were winging it. There was no blueprint for pop or rock as they were making it up. There was no right or wrong way simply your own way. Music lessons? Unless you were well off and wanted to play in an orchestra they were rarer than hens teeth. You cant judge the beginnings of rock music by todays technology or easily available instruction.
  14. I worked with a bunch of young hairy bikers back in the late 70s early 80s. They were into Quo, the Stones, AC/DC, Motorhead.......and Madness.
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