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  1. I always believed that Mr Costello was taking a pop at racists everywhere, ie ethnic clensing, by including the phrase "One less white n****r" Meaning, lots of people in different countries are seen as somehow lesser beings because they don't conform to a certain stereotype. Making the term n****r colourless. Might just be my take.
  2. mikel

    Zoom R16 help.

    Cheers, its what I hoped to hear. I am more concerned with recording the instruments and vocals with minimal processing.
  3. In Mark's defense he was quoting a conversation overheard in a Redneck bar in the US. Guys were bad mouthing musicians on MTV. He was highlighting their ignorance. Context is all.
  4. Well, I can understand, to a degree, but anyone who is into The Blues will know the song and understand you are not speaking from a personal point of view but merely covering an old classic. I am a married man, so should I avoid covering any song that mentions attraction to a woman who is patently not my wife? I think things can be taken too far. It didnt stop old blue eyes singing "Something stupid" as a duet with his own daughter. Its a love song by the way.
  5. mikel

    Painfully accurate

    Genius. I have a mate who is a long time cycling nut. He currently has 14 bicycles, all of them black. If his wife should ask "Is that a new bike?" he answers "This? nah, had it for ages.
  6. I dont think it matters. If you begin to learn something from a base of zero the hand that has to become dominant, in the end, will be dominant. New muscle memory. I came to bass from drumming and as mentioned above, using all 4 limbs in a differing patterns would be mind bending if thought about too much.
  7. He studied at Berklee so he must be wonderful.
  8. mikel

    Music conservatory at ... 53 years old.

    I am aware of that, I simply feel it is more important to enjoy your music than over analyse and stress over the piece you play. If the individual feels the stress and worry of playing something alien to them and pondering even the key to play in, rather than playing a piece they like, the way they want to play it, then I have no problem with that. I was suggesting they may play better if they chose a piece the love and can give it the emotion it deserves.
  9. mikel

    Music conservatory at ... 53 years old.

    Its music, just pick a song and play it. Play what you enjoy, that's what playing music is supposed to be about. If it matters more to have a Phd in music than love what you play then that is a whole different ball game.
  10. mikel

    Perfecting the gig setup process

    Drum rug first. All the kit fits on the rug so we position it first, giving the other gear the room it needs, then we go with the amps and cabs whil the drummer sets up his kit. PA and monitors, if needed, last.
  11. mikel

    Zoom R16 help.

    Cheers, I will do that.
  12. mikel

    What the **** is this?

    What? Even in***t and morris dancing?????
  13. mikel

    Favrite bass solo?

    Well quite, but as I said "Who cares?" I love it so it hits the mark. Lots of technical and difficult solos out there but that is no measure of the musicality of what is being played.
  14. mikel

    Vocalists , is that what we call them ?

    Who cares? Look on credits of most albums and if it lists it, it will say "Vocalist" not singer or singist.
  15. mikel

    Music conservatory at ... 53 years old.

    Very good luck, but why should the fact you are 53 be of any significance?