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  1. If you have that many doubts and preconceptions why put yourself through it? Any band start up is a shot in the dark, and the chances of 4 or 5 strangers hitting it off musically and as personalities is slim, but sometimes magic happens. If you don't have a positive outlook and a desire to compromise then give it a miss. It will save you a lot of disappointment.
  2. For me its about playing what I like and what gives me pleasure. The whole point of picking up any instrument is in that statement. I have never lumbered myself with stuff or so called technique that I dont need and would never use, why waste that time when it can be spent on some aspect I enjoy and will utilise? I spend enough time doing things that are a chore, like work etc so why turn my enjoyment or hobby into a chore simply because its a current trend? If I was, or wanted to be, a session player learning all the techniques out there would be a must, but I couldnt think of anything worse, so I dont need to. I also play drums, and an article in a drum mag made me think hard about this subject. A top drummer suggested getting rid of stuff you dont need or never use, not just equipment but technique. He reasoned why continue to practice stuff you either dont like or never use? Be great at some things rather than being average at everything. I bought into that in Bass playing and drumming.
  3. Funk and reggae for me. I am not that keen on listening to Funk, but love playing it.
  4. Another vote for RCF. Loud, if needed and if you go for the 15" speaker version you can probably do without a sub. And great sound quality.
  5. Another integral part of his sound was the use of a plectrum, with the follow through of the thumb. Almost a double track effect. But more than his sound, to me at least, is his sometimes odd note placement. Sometimes offbeat, sometimes on and his use of space. Great bassist, one of the true innovators and inventive.
  6. This. A great song is great if played on an acoustic or with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.
  7. Now you would be talking "Classic Prog" It was Prog in the late 60s to early 80s but you cant blame the old bands for the stagnation of the genre now. Because some music journalist called it Progressive has rather lumbered the music with a title that demands it constantly evolve. Is that possible?
  8. Well, the whole ethos of prog was that it moved on, evolved and was Inventive. Hence the term progressive rock.
  9. Ok, but if there were never any start ups there would soon be no bands, as the old tired outfits split up.
  10. It was what Chris did with the EQ that made his sound unique back in the day.
  11. Ok. How. Its supposed to be constructive criticism.
  12. Well. It covered a wide range of music, from Stormzy through Stereophonics to Melanie and beyond. You could argue about the quality of the performance, but that is simply personal point of view. If enough people didn't watch it, it would soon go.
  13. Dont need to. Its a music show so that will do. If I made one with all the stuff I like lots of people would complain about the content. And quite right, cos you cant please everyone so please yourself.
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