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  1. Play what and how you enjoy playing. If you don't want to learn to slap bass then don't do it. If the guitarist didn't want to play a style of music he was not into I feel sure he would put his foot down and decline. Do what you enjoy.
  2. Its the responsibility of the person who starts the song, or the drummer to count in. Youtube versions are not always correct.
  3. I had the same issue with dpd. Tracked parcel. It left the depot. Its in your area. I watched the van drive past my window, I assumed he had a delivery before mine. Then get a message informing me I was not at home and it had been left at an address 12 doors away. He had also left parcels for another address in our street with the same neighbour??? Couldnt be bothered to make three stops. Absolute shower of shysters, and liars to boot.
  4. Bet he is really fun and good company to tour with. What a pr*ck. My first rule of band membership....no egos.
  5. The more members in a band the more difficult it is to please everyone. Factor in the name really needs to be in some way relevant to the style of music and the situation takes on the intricacies of a NATO summit. Our solution? We all came up with three names each that we liked, If everyone could not agree on one of those names they all went into a hat, and the first one drawn out was it. Sorted.
  6. "Home" by the Dixie Chicks. Country as a genre is not my thing but the wife likes it. Have been watching Ken Burns Country Music documentary and the DC came up in conversation. I played the Home album today and I have to say its great. Not your Stetson wearing yee ha type of stuff just great songs, great harmonies and some superb musicianship. In particular "Travelin Soldier" got to me, so I played it again while reading the lyrics. I'm not ashamed to say I shed a few tears. The power of the lyrics and the vocal performance put it up there for me as a playlist favorite.
  7. It was, and so was House of the King.
  8. Agreed. The same as "If it feels right it is right". Back to silly statements "You must learn to read music"
  9. In general a sense of humor. Not all, obviously, we have our share of Cpt Obvious and people up their own ar*es but mostly a common sense of the ridiculous prevails. Wibble.
  10. You are right it could, and as I said, I thought it would be easier for me to learn using my stronger right hand to fret chords. But, as the guy pointed out, right handed instruments are, or were back in the day, much easier to come by than lefties so he was not lying on that count or making a silly statement.
  11. All true, but I love the way they reduce the very complex and strength demanding task, more so when you first start, of playing chords as "Fret chords" Ha, If only it were that simple. Also, when you first start you have to look at both hand to be sure of what you are doing so "Playing blind" is a bit of a gloss over. You could argue the picking hand remains pretty much in the same place whereas the fretting hand is all over the neck, and making constant adjustments not only for chord shapes but also for the different fret spacing as you go up or down the neck. Just a thought.
  12. I wasn't taking a pop, no need to be defensive, it was a genuine belief. When I started playing It would have made more sense to me to do the difficult stuff with my stronger right hand. Does that not make some sense?
  13. Well thats taught me something. I thought it would be easier as your left hand would naturally be stronger and make playing chords easier. You live and learn.
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