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  1. I was in an originals band with my brother. He is 10 years younger than me and we have never had a cross word. My bro was a 17 year old drummer at the time but we needed a new bassist as the existing left two weeks before a long standing gig. He left in a strop but said we could use his bass gear if we were stuck. I asked my bro if he fancied an audition on bass before we cancelled the gig. I gave him a cassette of a live recording of 23 of our original songs. Learn 6 of them and we will see you next Tuesday for a run through I said without much hope. The following Tuesday he had all 6 down perfectly, oh, and the rest of the 23. Originals, and from a wobbly cassette???? Impressed? You bet we were, and after one band practice we did the gig the next week. I secretly hate him for having so much talent, he obviously got my share as well. He now plays keyboards as well as bass and drums, oh and guitar. Git.
  2. /\This. Nothing to do with equality more to do with being sensible. A 16 year old, in most instances, will not fit with a band of grandfathers, and vice versa. Most older musicians don't expect to make money out of gigging, its as much a social thing as about the music. Its not saying you are not welcome but If I see an add in JMB that wants a bassist for a band, current age range 17 to 19, I would not waste their time or my own by answering. I have clothes older than that. All thats needed is a little common sense.
  3. Yep, Este on stage Chris Squire on my right and Glen Cornick on my left. I could even pass on some tips.
  4. There is a guy busks on bass in Newcastle sometimes. No backing tracks just wigging out on a 6 string bass. He is very fast. I think he wanted to be a guitarist.
  5. Most instruments sound different in the mix of a band. What sounds great in isolation can be completely wrong for the sound the band makes, or the competing frequencies in a mix can rob an instrument of its impact.
  6. That is lovely, and short scale too, my favourite. Dont tempt me.
  7. I was informed by some publication, back in the day, that Yours is No Disgrace was about the Vietnam War?????
  8. I love this version. Chris and his bass sound and his high harmonies. Superb.
  9. Yes broke the mould really. They had a little skinny reedy voiced singer when macho hairy chested screamers were the vogue. Steve Howe used a semi acoustic and a Fender combo rather than a Marshall stack and a Les Paul. They had a jazz drummer rather than a heavy 2 and 4 thumper, and Chris with his Rick and scooped tone.
  10. Depends on the song, some have bass lines that almost carry the song whereas others the drumming pushes the song or pulls the music. Conversely lots of live music is good because of the push and pull between all the instruments, that's when the magic happens.
  11. Well that explains why he was called Liquorice. The rumour back in the day was that he auditioned for the Shadows and when asked what he could play he said "Allsorts"
  12. White Line Fever, Motorhead.
  13. The first paragraph was in response to another poster thinking Yes were trying to sound like other bands. I was not suggesting you should not broaden your musical horizons but I read it as "I must try and like this". Probably my mistake.
  14. This. Or do people confuse more sustain with more or better tone?
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