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  1. Well, I was force fed Christianity at school for 10 years, and went to Sunday school till I was 9, and I still don't buy religion. How listening to a song that mentions Satan could turn you into a Satanist is a question worth considering. Americans eh?
  2. I use a mid range Carlsbro kit. The mesh heads are tuneable for tension so you can match the feel and bounce of your acoustic kit. The cymbals are a problem feel wise, too heavy and ridged, but most e kits suffer from this. The bass drum is also crucial to an e kit as it is this that causes a lot of the extraneous noise, and keeping noise down is one of the big reasons for going electronic.
  3. I thought at that time Taxman was the Beatles best lyrically. Sums up the tax system of the time perfectly. How would millionairs today like to pay 95% tax?
  4. Every Little Thing by Yes. The awakening of prog rock.
  5. Queens of Soul sounds good but I cant bear Ms Houston's yodeling style.
  6. Do what you like to make it suit what YOU want. If it hasn't quite got the sound you want either mod it or move it on. Pointless keeping an instrument that doesn't work for you.
  7. All I ever wanted to be was a footballer. I played constantly and dreamed of nothing else, the only problem being I was rubbish. I dont mean not good enough, I mean absolute rubbish, couldn't even get in the school team. Then I discovered music and my dream became playing on the stage at Newcastle City Hall. Havent done it yet but I live in hope. Not Madison Sq Garden, or the O2, but the City Hall. I have seen all the greats play there from Yes, Tull, Genesis, ELP, Stones, Roxy Music, Queen etc etc and I would love to play on the same stage in front of my home audience.
  8. Dont all bass solos seem to go on forever?
  9. It must be selective. I have a shocking memory for almost anything but music and especially lyrics. I can be introduced to someone, and by the end of the conversation you could torture me for their name and I would be incapable of producing it.
  10. Never a problem. I need to know the lyrics to a song to play it properly. Even when drumming I sing the song to myself. It means I also know exactly where I am in any song regardless of the instrument I am playing.
  11. One of the most interesting and informative music docs I have seen so far. We have it in box set.
  12. I think its Steel Rigg car park.
  13. Quite. He seems to all intents a bit of a Richard. Doubt his dad is very proud. I am with Sting where gifting money to children is concerned. You make your own way in the World and appreciate what you get by working for it.
  14. Well done Bryan, he remembers his roots. Respect.👍
  15. mikel

    Boss BR 80?

    Anyone on here with experience of the Boss BR80 digital recorder? I am a luddite where recording is concerned and I like the idea of a stand alone recorder for jotting ideas down without the need to connect to computers, interfaces etc. It can also be used as an interface according to the blurb, so expanding its capabilities for future use. I also looked at the Tascam DP008EX that also seems simple to use but does not appear to have the audio interface capability. Any thoughts on best buy, performance, interface capabilities? Thanks in advance.
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