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  1. As pointed out its your list So no such thing as a bad choice. But cut Eleanor Rigby? Seriously? The string arrangement is wonderful.
  2. Apart form the "So" pretty much as I always do. Shopping this afternoon, as usual. Bought the usual amount of stuff as I will be shopping next Wednesday. Apart from no potatoes left in Aldi or Spar it was business as usual. Aldi had big signs up limiting people to no more than four of any particular item, so all customers could get their shopping. Does the virus make you poo a lot and eat enormous quantities of pasta by the way?
  3. What Mullard was it and what does it do to the tone/volume?
  4. I have a spare bass body and I want to build a short scale, 30", bass. I am having problems finding a neck to begin the build. I have looked on tinternet but most of the sites selling short scale necks are American. Anyone on this fine platform head me in the right direction to purchase one from a British company? Any help appreciated.
  5. I can think of one "Activity" that is nailed on if you are in solitary isolation.
  6. Then why not simply say "I'v designed a new bass, what do you think?" Much easier to be honest in the first place.
  7. It looks lumpy, out of balance and too bling for me. Oh, and too many controls. And one too many strings. Apart from that its perfect.
  8. Agreed. Have been listening to Close to the Edge again recently and his playing is a thing of beauty, more like the cello section in an orchestra. I always thought his note choice, phrasing and note placement were superb. More like another melody at times, running alongside the main theme. Genius. Creativity trumps chops for me, every time. Not that Chris didn't have chops to die for, he simply played differently from the mainstream bassists.
  9. Not me, sadly, but our bassist at the time. 1972, he worked in a music shop in Newcastle and he had an electric upright bass for dale in the classifieds. He gets a phone call about the bass. "I am interested in the bass, can I come and have a look?" Aye, no problem I'll be home at 5.00. Gives the guy his address. Whats your name by the way? "John Paul Jones" says the caller. Yea, right, thinks our chum, one of the other music shops doing a wind up as Zep are on at the City Hall that night. "Ok, see you at 5.00 says our hero." 5 o clock comes, knock on the door, and there stands JPJ with a taxi ticking over outside. My mate picks his jaw up off the floor. JPJ buys the bass and says "Are you coming to our gig tonight?" No says our guy, its sold out. JPJ gives him some sort off pass or ticket and tells him to come to the stage door. They pitch up and are told to sit on the steps at the back of the stage, they get some odd looks as they are the only people on stage, until Zep start playing. To say he enjoyed it would be an understatement. He still dines out on that experience.
  10. Cullercoates Methodist. There was a youth club called The Happy Club, (yes I know). I lived on the Marden at the time so a short walk. I could also be out with the date it may have even been late 1967. It was a long time ago.
  11. Aye, my first ever live band gig. Have to say they were a great blues band, Jacka could make a blues harp sing.
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