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  1. I wonder what he would have thought If he had seen them pull all that off live? It never ceased to amaze and excite me. Tell him that Chris did all the bass parts live on stage, while nailing the high harmony, and he would be beyond impressed.
  2. I have Vintage SG copy. Its excellent, cant fault the build or intonation. I gig it when playing 6 string.
  3. Agreed. The first solo in Comfortably Numb can bring me to tears. Also, the solo in A Great Day for Freedom, from the Live in Gdansk album is also a heart rendingly beautiful piece of musicianship.
  4. Agreed. I always thought Blur were very creative and out there. Just taking their singles as examples, I was always interested to hear what they would come up with next. They are, or were, difficult to categorise, whereas some other acts at the time had two songs, a slow one and a fast one. Mr James? I love most of his lines and would be happy with 10% of his cool.
  5. That's why I didn't mention technique. Locking in with other musicians is all about feel, not technique.
  6. Good pick. Even more left field as John Glasscock was ill and its reported he only played on three tracks. Ian Anderson played bass on the rest.
  7. Nah. If you have a good inbuilt sense of rhythm and can lock in with a drummer you can funk it with the best.
  8. If its simply for a campaign song and video why should it matter? Surely its like acting, you dont need to be the character to play the character.
  9. Agreed. It would seem that the song was all, and how they arrived at the finished article was mostly trial and error. George got through a few guitars during the Beatles fairly short career, but the rest of the band were loyal to a small selection of favourite instruments. You could label John and Paul songwriters rather than a guitarist and a bassist.
  10. Yep Peavey. The others look a bit too pointy metal style.
  11. Its the room. To take it to extremes, just look at recording studios. Some will be revered for the sound of "The Room" for certain genres of music. When you consider the quality of instruments, amplification and outboard that pro musicians can call on that speaks volumes, If you will. When gear you normally love sounds wrong, all things being equal, its the room.
  12. Nah. I was going to ask for a copy of the photo.
  13. Its been said before but its worth reiteration......Reporting that A says its raining and B says its not, does not make you a journalist. A journalist goes outside to see who is telling the truth.
  14. Sad but true. I have only ever played in a band for the music. If the musicians are not to my liking, by that I mean competent or friendly, or the music is not to my taste, Its a none starter for me. Money? Its a bonus but well down my list of music making priorities. No, I am not a great musician, I play because I love it so money is not a motivation.
  15. Dont be afraid of space in music, done properly it highlights just what everyone is playing. It makes every note important, it will improve your groove, make you lock in with the drummer and make you a better bassist.
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