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  1. No one. The band needed a bass player as we had three guitarists. I only started listening to the bass in isolation when I needed to learn. After that it was Glen Cornick as his lines were so melodic and crucial to the form of the song.
  2. I can understand people being in love with an instrument they have played for years and bears the scars of heavy use, as its your use and your dings and wear. But to buy a falsely worn brand new instrument as it looks "More appropriate"? Its the instrument equivalent of a tribute act, ok in its way but not the real thing.
  3. Yep and its a stupid law, is it not? If you already have an employee who you know will do a great job then why waste time, money and candidates time advertising and interviewing. Some people come over great at interview, only to prove useless at the job. Anyway, if you promote from within it frees up another position lower down the chain.
  4. You could argue that if its something you have to "Get" then the musicians are failing spectacularly to get the musical message across. I get most music.
  5. This. I have tried and tried to enjoy Jazz and I love some of the big band stuff, but the noodling small ensemble playing just leaves me cold. My jazz playing brother in law recommended Kind of Blue as one of the classics of the genre. It may be, but it was still just guys noodling and showing off as far as I could hear and at no point have I thought "Wow, that was a great band performance"
  6. Its simple really, play nice in both senses of the phrase.
  7. If you are not enjoying gigging and its not your main source of income then give it up. Its a no brainer. If you do something mainly for fun, but its no longer fun then don't do it. Who knows, after a while you might crave it again. Give it a rest and see what happens.
  8. For me its never about the money. Its always nice to be well remunerated but I prefer to drive back from a gig buzzing after a great night. I spend enough time on the day job, thinking only about the money as its a drudge. A great gig is what I play for, the money is a bonus. Pro players will see it differently.
  9. The Beatles "She loves you" on radio 2. Forgot what a great song it is. It jumps out of the speakers, so much energy and enthusiasm. Why is modern radio stuff not exciting like that. Mostly bland and over produced.
  10. This x 100. Its not difficult. What do you want out of it and does the teacher listen more than they talk or play.
  11. +1. If I want to hear melodic bass lines that often define the track I listen to Glen on early Tull stuff. With Clive Bunker they were a superb rhythm section.
  12. I have no issue with that, music is subjective. I took issue with being labeled "Miserable" for not lining up to take a pop at the show.
  13. The Yes Album. I had never heard bass sound like that, played like that, and such an important part of the composition. Back in the day it was a revelation, to me at least.
  14. It has been thus since I attended my first gig in 1968. The headliners are supposed to look and sound better.
  15. Again, context. Shining a spotlight on our shameful, distant past is a good way to try and make sure it never happens again. Depends If you think the Stones were celebrating slavery or shaming the perpetrators. If art cant cover the past, and make people think, then where would that leave films like 12 Years a Slave?
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