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  1. The thing is he has never really stopped recording and touring, so he is not simply jumping on the "Reunion, lets get back together and make some money by playing our 30 year old back catalogue." AC/DC are the same, never stopped playing.
  2. My brother in law is also a musician, and he wears a hat on stage, but as he almost always wears a hat anyway he is not simply wearing one to look like a "musician".
  3. Aye, just my personal take. Not right or wrong, just mine.
  4. I have a deep aversion to "musicians" wearing hats, mainly pub/covers bands. My current band agreed in its infancy that hats and waistcoat's were a definite no-no. Nothing screams "Old geezers trying too hard" than a hat and a waistcoat.
  5. Agreed. I am primarily a drummer and "Hell no" is my default answer to any invitation to take a "Solo". I noodle on the drums at home and lots of interesting and useful things come from that, but to be used in songs as grooves of fills. For me solos are for melodic instruments to invest more emotion or tension into the music, and hopefully expand on the melody.
  6. As long as the info on the screens is easy to read, and its all there then its not a problem. As for the pole pieces, mine are the same. I micro adjusted the pickups and string spacing and it made............not a blind bit of difference to the sound. Get over it, life is too short.
  7. You might not like Christine and the Queens but they are far from "Run of the mill" As for all the old has been's, I agree. Must be lots of young new acts out there who are gagging to play to a big festival crowd. Why is Glasto starting to sound like radio 2, or worse?
  8. Yes, Close to the Edge. The musicianship still makes my jaw drop. Dire Straits, Making Movies. Every track a gem but "Tunnel of Love" is about my home town and my youth. The Saw Doctors, If This is Rock and Roll I Want my Old Job Back. Irish Punk/Folk at its best. The Saw Doctors, Best Of. Every song a throat tearing sing along for me. Roxy Music, For Your Pleasure. Still sounds fresh and other Worldly.
  9. This. Plus, learn the 4 or 6 songs inside out so you are not a passenger, and be friendly and open with the other musicians. Do all you can to get the gig, If you decide after the audition its not for you, for whatever reason, at least you gave it your best and the lack of fit was not down to you. It shows how prepared and professional you are.
  10. Perhaps metal was just a bit more "Musical" back in the day.
  11. John Lennon. I never knew the man and never even met him but when the news came over on that morning in 1980 I was shocked and moved. The radio played his music a lot that day. When I got home from work it was on in more detail on the TV news, and I started to cry. I had no idea why, but have since rationalised it as the death of my youth and innocence. The Beatles were the soundtrack to my youth and popular culture was heavily affected by them from 63 to 70. I think it brought home to me in 1980 that I was no longer young, and the hippie dreams of the late 60s were also dead. RIP John.
  12. Glen Cornick and Clive Bunker, early Tull stuff. Chris Squire and Bill Brufford, pure magic.
  13. For a Yes tribute band...2. For a Ramones tribute, about 40.
  14. Aye, careful mate, people get tetchy about "aged" basses. I agree with you, things age because they get old. If its new it looks like it, just let it age gracefully and naturally.
  15. Aye, its a shambles, I thought I had done something stupid with my phone.
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