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  1. Our bassist back in the 70s had a Ned. What an awesome beast it was. Talk about heft. He played it through a Sound City 100 watt valve amp through a WEM 2x15 ported cab, it was areal chest shaker.
  2. Aye, cos being an "Intern" sound much better than "Desperate unpaid lackey."
  3. Well, yea, but its the thin end of the wedge is it not? If you are good enough to pass auditions for, and perform in an event as big as the EMT, then you should be rewarded for your skills. They are saying, in effect, that the gig is so big and noteworthy that musicians should pay to take part. If it were a free concert I would agree, but bearing in mind tickets are expensive and the venues full money is not an issue for the organisers. They devalue the event and musicians in general by expecting talented people to work for free.
  4. "A great day for freedom" from the Live in Gdansk album by Dave Gilmour. He has played some superb solos over the decades but the solo on GDFF wrings every drop of emotion from a very poignant song. I just played it in the car waiting for a meeting and I am not ashamed to say the tears were rolling down my cheeks. Mr Gilmour has the gift of playing just the right notes at just the right time to enhance the emotion of a song and bring it to an edge so sharp its easy to cut yourself.
  5. You see what happens though, you simply end up arguing minutia and musical theory. If it sounds good then it is good. If a musician cant play along with others, and pick up a song as they go then that is another thread altogether.
  6. For me, playing anything by Free or Bad Co, the old adage "Less is more" always works. The space they were brave enough to leave in songs is what makes them special.
  7. All that matters at this time is the imminent gig. Band practice has to be focused on that one goal. As above, email the other members, including the singer, and agree on the current arrangements, get everyone to have their parts up to speed for the next band practice so the whole set can be gone through and any problems sorted. The final practice should simply be a run through of the set to sharpen everything up. Arrangements can be played with at a later date if it makes the songs better but for the moment the gig comes first.
  8. Don't know and don't really care. Probably as many bassists who don't read as there are guitarists. The originals band I am in only the guitarist is a reader. The keys player never learned to read music but can play anything. Play him a piece of music or hum it to him or suggest a part and he is on it. Makes no difference to me. If you can play well enough you are good enough to be in the band. Creativityreumps technique every time for us.
  9. This. I do miss music that may be less than "perfect" but moves me with its pure energy and sincerity.
  10. Superb, that's what I call a glowing endorsement. People can be wonderful, even to strangers. You are now locals it seems.
  11. Dont care who he is or what his qualifications are, but he is wrong. I have used quality ear plugs for years and they have made a huge difference. Over ear defenders are good for industrial noise but hopeless for gigs where you need to hear the music, but quieter.
  12. Aye, so many "Im a Fender man", bassists out there. I have two Gibson EB3s and they are fabulous. I like the Firebird sound but they are just too big for me. Same as the anti Rickenbacker brigade, each to their own, never did old Chris from Yes any harm sound wise. Play what you like.
  13. Or it could simply be that there are too many of us for too small a market.
  14. As a band musician for over 50 years I am always grateful to be paid for a gig, regardless of the fee. I have never been a full pro, sadly, but I am aware that most venues have to make a profit or cease to exist. There are many ways to make a living, playing semi pro music has never been one of them. I gig cos I love it, any money left at the end of the night is a bonus.
  15. Lets just agree that everyone is different and learn in different ways. Knowing the far end of a fart about musical theory is no guarantee of skill or musicality, or the ability to busk. And, lack of grounding in music technique is no indicator when it comes to originality or inventiveness. Listen to the music and either like or dislike the players style and ability.
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