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  1. And just what is wrong with a long weekend in Edinburgh or Glasgow trying out basses and talking rubbish in a variety of music shops?
  2. That's why I don't buy instruments on line. Pay a bit extra to buy from a shop and save the cost of a setup.
  3. You people eat guitar straps?
  4. Surely a new instrument should not even require a setup before it is is playable, unless you have none standard requirements. As for major faults the shop should not be selling stuff unfit for purpose.
  5. Hi all. I have been searching for a company to supply me with a short scale neck for a project I am starting. Cant seem to find a supplier of finished and fretted necks in Britain. Any recommendations?
  6. Mine is a classic Mini, as its a short scale. Compact, nothing that is not essential, but nimble and beautifully balanced.
  7. Is that a short scale?
  8. Like any instrument, surely you buy one because you love the sound it makes and the way it plays. If you don't like it they you're not missing anything.
  9. You are missing out on everything. Think on that.
  10. I know, and I suspect almost everyone on here is aware of the fact. I was alluding to the venerable age, despite their drug, alcohol and other problems, of the four who have been the Stones seemingly forever. Never mind, I cant be bothered to explain.
  11. You dont say. I was talking about the current 4 who have been the band for decades and decades. Always one.
  12. Enjoyed that. What a talented bloke Ronnie is. The missus said it will be a black day when one of the Stones dies as they have been a constant and seem immortal.
  13. Back in the day our bassist used a 2x15 WEM ported bass cab. It took two roadies to lift into the van. But, the heft, the heft. Trouser flapping bass my friend. Bass amps today? Pah.
  14. So called easy or primitive songs are often the most difficult to nail. The micro timing and push and pull between the instruments are often what gives a simple song its magic. Quo were noted for doing lots of live takes in the studio, and picking the one that sounded best regardless of errors. Its all about feel.
  15. For a start I would hardly class them, at least their first decade, as MOR rock.
  16. I am first and foremost a drummer. I find playing bass compliments drumming, and vice versa. I have learned, by playing both, to leave room for the other element in the rhythm section.
  17. Beautiful instrument and nice and light.
  18. The Talman is a great bass, I have two.
  19. I have a Chowney and an Ibanez, both excellent basses. No idea why your mate has an issue with his Chowney, great build quality. One thing I will say, don't use Rotosound strings on a short scale.
  20. For me music is an art, so there is no such thing as greatest or best, its subjective. Favorite would be a better tag. For me Gilmour is the most emotional and expressive.
  21. And, as you see, it still starts an argument.
  22. And haven't we all, but please don't try and excuse it simply because he is creative.
  23. Agreed, but there is a huge difference in being unwilling to compromise, and acting like a complete tw*t. Being nice costs nothing. So, some think its not cool being a Geordie? Try telling Brian Johnson, Mark Knopfler, Robson Green.....and me its not cool. Best place and the nicest people on the planet.
  24. I believe, at the time, he was Oz. When they were casting it, the story goes, he walked in and the writers were instantly praying he could act. He was exactly how they pictured the character.
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