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  1. Are they not hollow body instruments? That would effect the tone.
  2. Agreed. And If you consider she wrote Wuthering Heights and a few others off the first album when she was 17. A prodigy would be my take on Kate.
  3. Quite, and If anything it was Dire Straits who got people playing guitars again. Like them or not.
  4. Funny how peoples perspectives differ. Mark Radcliff interviewed her when she had been off the radar for ages. Its in his book Thank you for the Days. He said he was surprised at how ordinary she was, no airs and graces and even cooked him lunch. There was no "Get your people to arrange things with my people" type of thing. He spoke with her on the phone and arranged to meet at her house. Rang on the bell and she let him in, then apologised for only having a quiche from the freezer. Nothing was off the agenda and no publicist or management present.
  5. Glen Cornick's solo in Bouree, by Jethro Tull. The bass in the rest of the song is not too shabby either.
  6. When is good good enough? When you enjoy what you play and it fits the music.
  7. Loved BC, and the Skids. Some great songwriting and inventive musicianship. For me they were the epitome of what a band should be.
  8. Chris, by a mile. Why? Note choice, note placement, musicality, and making the bass the standout instrument in a ludicrously talented band.
  9. Massively underated band. Became famous after they broke up really. Saw them in South Shields about 15 years ago and they were superb. As long as that voice and those keyboards are original all is well.
  10. Played in both, and nothing beats the rush of an audience getting off on music you and your mates have written, rehearsed and arranged. Its special.
  11. Errr no it wouldn't, quite the opposite. Judging from the posts so far most people have no time for short scale so the market place would be freed up of those adds.
  12. No, it means people getting hot under the collar about something trivial that will have no adverse impact on them anyway.
  13. I think its a great idea. Trying to find info or sales concerning short scale is a chore. If I want info on short scale I have to use the dedicated site but obviously that is only one source. I only play short scale so obviously I am biased. Seems like a lot of frothing about this topic, surely if you aren't interested in short scale it wont impact you one bit.
  14. You shoot your dog????? Then heartlessly sweep the bits up? I am contacting the RSPCA and the Police.
  15. Always done it. Close to the Edge, by Yes, is probably my all time favourite album. I can mentally isolate every instrument, and vocal, on the album. I can chose to listen to the sound as a whole, or an individual instrument. I love it. I also play drums in an originals band. I find that knowing the lyrics by heart, and the chord sequences, enhances my enjoyment of playing and also means I always know exactly where I am in the song.
  16. Its one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. You dont have to be a musical genius, but playing music with other musicians, in a band, and making it work on stage, feeling the band lock into a groove. Its mesmerising, like magic.
  17. Its got 4 strings and its lower in pitch than the other stringed instruments.
  18. Its simple really, and no need to go in circles. Do you like the music the band plays, and, do you get on with the other members? If the answer to one of those is no, then leave. Life is too short.
  19. Did he? Doubt that. Even so, if he liked beaten up basses he didn't have to destroy a new one to make it his, did he, he could have simply used his own.
  20. Same here. Some Punk was great but most of it rubbish imo. Post Punk was more my thing. XTC, Clash, Talking Heads etc. Better songs, clever lyrics and more music
  21. If he wanted a beaten up and neglected bass, why did he keep buying new ones then????
  22. A mate of mine said back in 2012 that he believed CDs would die out and people would either download music or listen to vinyl. I laughed at him. But it seems he was correct. There is something about vinyl. The ritual, the cover and sleeve notes. The fact you listen to a whole side, in order. Also, I think, that on music recorded from the 60s to the 80s it just sounds better because it was produced to sound good on that medium. Luddite, me?
  23. I have never played, with the exception of really cheap/poorly set up basses, that I believed were noticeably more difficult to play. Any half decent well set up instrument I have played was eminently playable regardless of whether or not I liked the amplified sound.
  24. I find that even cheap, by instrument standards, basses are of a general high quality. Manufacturing processes mean necks are straight, intonation is spot on and electrics are reliable on mass produced instruments. Pickups are easy to change and come in any configuration you can think of so customising is easy. It might not look like a Chipendale table but a £300 bass with my choice of pickups and strings, set up perfectly by our local genius for £25, sounds and plays perfect for me. I doubt a custom built megga buck instrument would make me noticeably better. If you like a Fodera and have the cash then why not? I would prefer to spend it on hookers and Gin.
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