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  1. Sad but true. I have only ever played in a band for the music. If the musicians are not to my liking, by that I mean competent or friendly, or the music is not to my taste, Its a none starter for me. Money? Its a bonus but well down my list of music making priorities. No, I am not a great musician, I play because I love it so money is not a motivation.
  2. Dont be afraid of space in music, done properly it highlights just what everyone is playing. It makes every note important, it will improve your groove, make you lock in with the drummer and make you a better bassist.
  3. You don't give something up because you get old, you get old because you give something up. An old but true saying.
  4. Proof, if it were needed, that work and home life should be kept well apart. Re the ever present girlfriends.
  5. He never came across as ground down to me. He was in the most successful pop/rock band in history and didn't need to write any of the songs as the others wrote so many they could give lots of great ones away. Ground down? I could live with his legacy.
  6. I think he chipped in the drumming parts. I was in an originals band with three songwriters, but I changed the feel, the tempos and the time signatures of some of the songs with my drum parts. We also serve etc.
  7. Just enjoying the music for its own sake. Re vamping some originals I wrote back in the early 70s and recording them for my own pleasure. Music study? Never been for me, too much like school work. Self taught on drums, guitar and bass and I like the happy accidents that lead me somewhere new.
  8. More so live. They could hear virtually nothing on stage as monitors were almost none existent. But they could hear the drums, so he was driving the songs. Imagine being able to do those wonderful harmonies when you cant even hear your own instrument. Pure class.
  9. I remember Paul saying that when they first played with Ringo on drums the collectively said "Wow" this is whats been missing.
  10. No, not to me. I am a drummer, who plays bass like a drummer. I love playing bass but its drumming that comes naturally and easily.
  11. He is a gifted musician, but he plays drums like a bassist.
  12. /\ This. Not scripted, just four old mates trying to make music while the old "Gang" culture is melting. New Wives, girlfriends, kids etc start to become more important. Lets face it, we have mostly been there, without the blinding talent obviously.
  13. Funny, but people seem to take against any vocalist or lyricist who takes on politics or sensitive subjects. I suppose its easier to write "Oooo baby I really love you" stuff. I rate Bono, not many people would go to America and bad mouth the IRA in the 80s. "One" is still my favourite love song.
  14. Agreed. Both the bass and guitar sounds are crucial to U2. They play soundscapes, for want of a better term, for Bono to sing over. So the tones and effects are crucial. Also, in a three instrument band, what the bassist plays is crucial to keeping the song together.
  15. I do, I'm retired, so all my work is for free. Yep, a cheap shot, just like yours. You knew exactly what I meant.
  16. And luthiers would would have to take a stand on tonewood, or how would they justify the eye watering cost of a fancy timber instrument, other than looks.
  17. Never use them, a horrible company. Treat their workers like dirt and get away with paying little if any tax in this country. I mean, how much money does one man need? Pay your workers and pay your taxes. Having an unfair trading advantage is the reason Amazon are omnipotent. Even the Wife has stopped using them due to the ridiculous website constantly trying to force her to sign up to prime and bombarding her with stuff she has no interest in. Give me a nice high street shop to browse anyday.
  18. Not when It comes to dancing to a band. A band feeding off each other transmits to the audience.
  19. A lot of the drummers who the public think are poor, or merely acceptable, are some of the best to play with. Ringo, Charlie, John Coglan etc. They nail the groove and have the magic micro timing, a joy for any competent bassist. Chops and flash are nice but nailing the groove is the first requirement of a good drummer.
  20. Record the next rehearsal on a mini recorder and send the band members a copy. Then contact and ask what they think? If they point out obvious deficiencies, and how to solve them, then all is good. If they find nothing wrong then walk away. Tuning has never been easier, even between songs, so no excuses.
  21. Bass and drums are, in most instances, the rhythm section. It drives the band, and Its a partnership. If the partnership fails to lock in then there is no groove. Listen to some of the more basic bands, Its the locking in of the rhythm section that makes the music wonderful, despite the simplicity. If you cant feel when you are both in the pocket then there is something basic missing from your innate rhythmic ability. Perhaps this drummer is simply not that sensitive.
  22. If they are family they would surely hear you playing. Any real friends would also know you play and have heard you play.
  23. AWB tonight at the Tyneside Theatre. It was re scheduled twice, from 2019, first through a band illness and then through covid. Just glad we can finally see them before either I or they die.
  24. Well quite, but if its all about friends and family why bother posting it on social media? If I had a quid for every "Wonderkid" that's been touted as the muts nuts I would have a few quid. As has been said, music is not a competition, and age has nowt to do with it.
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