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  1. I always had trouble with this, I only have 4 fingers on my fretting hand, but 21 frets.
  2. Any bass you personally think is great.
  3. Agreed, but they would have been acoustic instruments with hollow bodies. The overwhelming percentage of the sound would have come from the shape, size, structure and internal bracing of the instrument. Then factor in the quality of the glue, the craftsmanship, the bridge, nut and strings, the tone of the wood would be at best minimal.
  4. Woods may resonate slightly differently, but how much of this minute difference is picked up by regular pickups? They are designed to pick up string vibration primarily.
  5. Aye, and plywood also vibrates. As do most rigid or semi rigid materials. I have a Danelectro guitar, its made from masonite, cheap American hardboard, and it has great sustain and tone. The pickups bridge and nut have s lot to do with its sound.
  6. Aye, the youngest daughter had a big wedding two years ago. A three day shindig in South Wales. Cost an absolute fortune and two years of planning. Romance eh? The wife chipped in 4k but most of the money they put up themselves. She knew my take on weddings, "Being married and staying married is infinitely more important than getting married" Still, if they wanted to blow what was probably a good house deposit on a show off wedding then its their choice. My main objection was expecting 70 guests to take 3 days off and shlep all the way to Wales for a party. Bah humbug.
  7. Fortunately I dont need or desire your stamp of approval.
  8. Nutbush City limits, Ike and Tina Turner. Anyone who can sit still when that is playing must be super glued to the seat.
  9. I am neither a glass half empty guy, or part of any brigade. You seem to labour under the misapprehension that anyone not 100% for something must ergo be 100% against it. Real life is not like that.
  10. Not negativity, simply realism and natural caution. A "Roadmap" is all fine and dandy as long as the reduction in infections is linear, but who can second guess mutations. I want back to normal as much as anyone, but only when it is safe. The last 12 months should make everyone err on the side of caution, and wait until it is safe before hanging out the bunting.
  11. AC/DC at the Mayfair in Newcastle, late 70s. It was a big underground venue so the sound seemed to have nowhere to go. They were so loud my vision was becoming blured, the only way to ease the pain was to stand behind the stage. This from a guy who was drumming at the time, and we rehearsed at gig volume in a room the size of a standard kitchen. Bonkers volume, I still blame that gig for my rampant tinnitus.
  12. You could argue that music moved on a great deal from 1951 to 1986. From 86 to now, not so much. Probably.
  13. 90's,/00's? Thats not music, it's just noise. Nurse!
  14. But they operate within unfair tax laws that low them to undercut local business. Just because governments low them to do this does not make it right, or fair. I am talking fairness not legal minutiae.
  15. Aye. Set the recorder for this. Thought they were great at Glastonbury.
  16. Ian Paice. Great rock drummer but he can make any song swing. He also leaves plenty of space for the bass guitar, top man. A brilliant drummer who was so accomplished he would have made even me look good.
  17. They are both quarter pounders. The burger cos its based, or was, on a quarter pound of meat. The pickups for obvious reasons. They can both be termed quarter pounders as if you have one of either you are unlikely to say "I have a quarter pound". The answer would be, a quarter pound what?
  18. Ah yes, Birdhouse in your Soul is still one of my favourite songs to put a smile on my face.
  19. If indeed she signed said contract then I dont see a problem. If she wants to own the masters of any new material then sign a contract to that fact. Job done. She has not been shafted over royalties like many acts so whats the beef?
  20. Well, if you only ever play your basses acoustically you must have great ears, but how does anyone else hear them?
  21. Why is discussing the merits of basses in general off topic?
  22. I envy your magic ears. The reason all those famous P bass players sound different could easily be down to the strings and action they prefer, pickups, the amp and speakers they use, how they boost or cut the tone and the processing involved. I can get the sounds I like to hear out of almost any half decent bass, so I like to think I am lucky not to have magic ears.Saves me a fortune.
  23. Possibly, but they shouldn't sound that different. In my experience an instrument is either right or wrong, ie no dead spots,no fret buzz, no high action, no crackles or flat pups, but that is down to quality control, or lack of it.
  24. So you could argue if they all play the same instrument, but they all sound different, then its not about the instrument. Its more likely about the amplification, the acoustics and the processing, not "the one". Just a thought.
  25. I have to say, after years of playing bass, that most basses simply sound like, well....a bass to me. Amplified and in a band setting they pretty much sound the same to my ears. Apart from a Rick I can rarely tell any difference. As long as its playable and not too heavy anything would be my one.
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