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  1. Some pics more.. The 5string isready,just need a set up. I hope next week complete the 4string with octave down tuning
  2. We want instructions to build one to!!
  3. Here are some fresh pics.Also compared with a standard 34" bass
  4. Definitely not.. My "bass of navarone" is 47-45" and its overkill to play so huge scale,but thid basses (i call them 343) are very easy to play
  5. They are 40.443" If you capo the 3rd fret it becomes 34" but the design of the body its balanced and you get used to it very quick and easy because you dont feel the difference to much
  6. I will try to post some pics.the builds go veeerrryyyy slow (like a turtle with broken legs) The one will be fretless with carbon lines
  7. I am worrying about Neil as a person. Not about the company newtone strings or their products. I know their quality.I am the proud owner of the first "extreme" string Neil ever build a few years ago (a 0.255 40" string,and he send it me for free to see if it works properly) and since then,i havent buy strings from any other company,only from newtone strings. Just think about it.There is a person who i can talk via e-mails about the specs i need in the strings i am asking,and then he didnt answer (ok,maybe the e-mails have gonne to spam folder) he not even answer the phone.. Ok (i hope) he is busy,but with all this situation about covid-19 i am worrying if he is ok,or have any issues. Maybe he won 100000000£ and went to jamaica,but if was this the reason,he would have wrote it in the website. Thats why i asked if anyone have any news from him.Maybe there are guys who have talked in phone or e-mails last days,and they know he is allright. Any way.I hope he is going well and have any news from him very soon
  8. Hi,long time not posting.. I have send 2 e-mails 10 days ago to Neil from newtone strings to talk about a few custom set i am gonna need for the 343 build i am running the last 2 years. Every time i send e-mail to Neil,he answers in very short time.Now,i have got no answer,i telephone at the number on the web site a few times,the "tape" (i dont know how it called,you know,the machine who tells you leave a message) and started to worrying about what happened to Neil with all this covid situation. Is here any guy who have contact or bough recently from newtone strings?
  9. You can use the classic headless tuner and individual bridges for the saddles like i did on navarone build
  10. I cant work because my tools are for service and all the shops are closed due coronavirus.but here is a pic holding the two 5ers
  11. XTRM Basses Praiser (40"scale) dimarzio DP145+dimarzio DP127 pickups,newtone strings heavy gauge B0 Prayser.wav
  12. EXTRM Basses Navarone (47-45" scale),uknown cheap chinese pickups,newtone strings navarone B.wav navarone E.wav
  13. You are right. So,lets keep things simple. Pickups blended 50-50 and finger playing style.The target is to get the most neutral sound. If there is a bass with piezo,its better to rec one sample only with magnetic pickups and one with the piezo alone Its not an scientific research.Just bass sound talk. Here are a few mine.I have the recs stored on my pc.i need to rec the E string.. VIG COBRA SELECT 5string ARTEC pickups dadario ESXL170-5 B0 VIG.wav
  14. Hi,i have started to collect frequency response diagrams from the basses i have and i would like to have samples from more basses so i can compare them or see how respond each bass. So.If you like to help me,upload WMA files with open B and open E strings,full open tone control on passive basses or flat EQ on active basses and no effects. I need only 1" before you plug the string and 1" of the note.I also need the model,what kind of strings it use and the pickups of the bass. I dont have any problem to share the chart results here with you. Thank you in advance.
  15. Long time without posting or do anything,but thats how life is.. Back at work again.. Neck blanks are planed and sanded to thicknes,truss rod canals are opened and headstock shape is done
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