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  1. ready to start the necks with heavy carbon reinforcement..
  2. I made some contours but the project its freeze because my router have some problems from the first day i bought it and i send it in the authorized repair man while is still on garanty
  3. Body blanks are glued together
  4. Body blanks and new fretsaw are on my hands..
  5. The fretboard blanks are almost ready.They need to be planet to the desired thicknes
  6. Dont worry dude BTW i like these short scale builds,maybe one day i build something like these but..a lil bit longer
  7. Sure it wasn't me. My headless bridge looks awful. I must replace it eith individual headless bridge system
  8. Bubinga blanks for the fretboard. They look like have been wet but they are not.They are just messy
  9. I have to ask Neil build them longer next time
  10. The truth is,i have done realy good R&D on scalooped headstocks,but i am not on design and the "secrets" of angled headstock design Here is the headstock you are talking about.The bolt is to make the string longer because of the 40" scale and the longer headstock,the string couldnt reach the tuner.This is tuned F#BEA with heavy gauge newtone strings
  11. Here is my scalooped headstock volute.BTW you can kill a dinosaur with this neck :-P
  12. @SpondonBassed @BassTool sory for my poor english,but,what is "volute"? I googled it and it shows me engine turbos.What do you mean?
  13. Update.. Bodywood:white limba Fretboard:bubinga
  14. @Andyjr1515 what angle you give to your builds? I realy hate scarf joints.I trying tou glue the less pieces posible.I have build angled (one piece neckthrough,no scarf joint) and scalooped (5 pieces maple/wenge/maple/wenge/maple) and it was prety easy,i have a beltsander to do the curves in scalooped designs
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