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  1. The simple laws of physics suggest that trying to adjust the neck under tension is just wrong. The increased friction on the threads of the truss rod/nut under load for one thing, especially as they don't (usually!) get adjusted that often and are therefore probably a bit sticky. The less load on the threads, the more likely they will move easily (or at all) and so the less likely you are to round out the truss rod nut. The less load on the threads, the more easily they move, and easier it is to tweak the adjustment a fraction at a time. If you don't have the patience to slacken the strings and then re-tune after adjustment and then check the neck relief, fret buzz, action etc.and repeat as necessary you should probably just give the job to someone else. One thing worth a mention: Don't use cheap tools. Cheap Allen keys (or "wrenches") round off very easily: good quality ones ("Unbrako" or similar) are not that expensive and are a world apart form the cheapo variety. They fit the nut better, and don't twist so easily or lose their edges.
  2. "stuck in the middle with you." Hardly a simple repeating pattern, surely.
  3. Stand By Me I'd Rather Go Blind Run Through The Jungle
  4. Thank you! We think so. If it doesn't make it a sales thread you can find it at www.railroadband.co.uk under the "Delivers The Goods" tab!
  5. We very recently recorded an EP, Railroad - Delivers The Goods (covers, no our own stuff but hey...) which was selected today by the Independent Blues Broadcasters Association as one of their four Pick of the Month albums. Can't tell you how absolutely chuffed we are, especially considering that Catfish and Jimmy Vaughan are two of the others!
  6. And for the full effect don't forget to ask your neighbours and any passers by to throw their rubbish into your garden too.
  7. Exactly. My issue was really about the fact that (like most of us here) if you give me a set list and ask me to learn it I will. If you don't want to play those songs any more, don't ask me to learn them - let's agree on some others! Putting that much effort in over a relatively short space of time and then being told it was wasted is very frustrating. My protestations about this did not go down well (I felt we should gig the set we now had at least a few times and make changes from there) and it was clear to me that they were not going to make it out of the rehearsal room any time soon and rarely. It meant it was clearly not the band for me. It was a side project for me alongside my main band (which they new - that was not an issue) and they had specifically told me when I auditioned that they were looking for someone to learn the songs quickly so they could start booking gigs.
  8. First audition for a covers band I learnt 5 songs. As in learnt, ie turned up, 1,2,3,4, we played the 5 songs.. Got the job. We met again a week later, ran through the same five, tried some others from their set list and decided on the next five, next week played ten songs and decided on the next five..... you get the picture. Week 6 we've got 20+ songs, I ask about putting them in order and polishing the arrangements and get "Well the thing is we've been playing some of these songs for a long time and are getting a bit fed up with them - we need to swap them for some others...." " Yeah, but you asked me to learn these 20+ songs quickly so we could start booking gigs?" "Yeah, well we need to change some of them before we do that....." It didn't end well. They still don't gig (well they have played three gigs in the last 18 months to be strictly truthful).
  9. Plus when playing along with fixed pitch instruments (like a harmonica) if your ears are even slightly dodgy it will sound off. Electronic (Korg Ptichblack) all the way for me.
  10. Not sure what the etiquette is around this, however I can say it's none of the suggestions above (and it was never going to be Ed Friedland. I mean come on, seriously?).
  11. An American bald gentleman springs to mind....
  12. "The bass is almost inaudible in the original" Err, it's as clear as daylight to me. For the first umpteen bars it's just the bass, a shaker, and the vocal! Even with the whole string section it's still up front and audible. Simple enough but I love playing it. It's a feel thing......
  13. One of my son's mates does "Hit Me..." as a party piece (he's a great front man anyway, he has that "x" factor that makes people just want to watch him), just him and an acoustic guitar and it's great. He really pulls it off with style. Sometimes it's not what you do, it's the way that you do it.........oh God, here comes Bananarama.
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