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  1. I think this thread is becoming a load of bullocks.
  2. If I suggest to my harmonica player that "Bob Dylan is a great player, you could learn a lot from him" I have to run away and hide. His reply is unprintable. I do it sometimes in front of unsuspecting people just to see their reaction when he explodes.
  3. Any help? From a post on another (less popular!) forum......distances are in cm and apparently measured from a 1961 Precision.
  4. And the other ones may have weals (I always thought they needed a good thrashing), so they may have wonky ones too.
  5. No. We may have been a little harsh pointed out how ridiculous their behaviour has been, but you’ve been fair and considerate mate. Nothing to be concerned about. Fixed.
  6. It's bizarre. A guy who want's to be the bass player, but isn't up to it (with this band - let's be generous and say he's OK - ish but not quite good enough) and is good friends with everyone except you (at the moment - he might grow on you. Like mould.) is going to be sitting at the back during most rehearsals watching and listening and wishing he was you. Telling his old friends (when you're not around) what he thinks of how you play, what he thinks is good, and what he thinks (in his humble opinion) is a bit "meh". I'm not suggesting that anything you play is in any way a bit "meh", just that that's his opinion (as a nearly good enough but not quite good enough player for the band: He may not be able to do it, (yet) but he knows how it should be done).Then probably trying really really hard at home to practice whatever it is he's managed to pick up from watching and listening to you until he feels able to say "I'm much better now, I think I've cracked it, pretty please old friends can we have a private little rehearsal/get together/jam thingy and see if I'm good enough yet? And if I am maybe we can think again........? And if not, pretty please can try again in 3/6/9 months? Until you finally get the "Dear John, Caaaarl is so much better now, he's worked really hard on his playing (my, my, how did that happen) and we always kinda did really sorta want him in the band as he's our mate, so thanks for the time, effort, blood, sweat and tears but adios, relatively new amigo. Hope you understand and no hard feelings. Like you, the moment Dave said "Oh yeah, he always be there! On our shoulder just like Jiminy Cricket! It would have been a "No" (or some other imaginative phrase ending on "off") from me too. Aren't some folks strange - Dave is probably still trying to understand why you don't want to join them. Hopefully, anyone who goes to an audition and finds Caaaarl lurking will have read this thread and instantly realise what they are letting themselves in for followed by a polite "I'm sorry, I think I'm in the wrong room. Goodbye".
  7. And we all know how Frank will feel after what happened to him.......but the stinky poo filter won't let me post what happened!
  8. Thanks mate, I'll do that. I'm in no rush, it's just a burst of "enthusiasm" so I'll keep a weather eye out, and if something comes up may well pm you for an opinion.
  9. Yep, and the first four are all from the USA so there's duty and VAT and postage and all that Jazz (!), and the fifth one, which was actually in the UK, if you look at the original listing is right handed! Every one I've seen for sale in the UK, left handed, has been north of £1500. Hence my interest in a decent (if there is one) copy. If I got on well with that, I'm unlikely to lose much on it if I then splashed out on the genuine article. Which may or may not be any better depending on what you read, who you believe and how good Ric's quality control was that week. Apparently. I've never played one so I don't know how they play and judging by the comments generally about how well set up demo models are in guitar emporiums, simply going and trying one may not provide much enlightenment. If I could find a decent copy at a sensible price, preferably from someone on here who knows the wheat from the chaff (are you out there Bassassassin? lol) I'd be interested. But chucking £1500 plus at it on a maybe? Not a chance. My "Curiosity" is not that strong.
  10. And £500 is only one third so that's better still!
  11. I don't like to admit this, but in the spirit of Basschat friendliness and love, I got to a gig last year to discover I'd got all the kit, PA, cab, etc. etc............ but no bass. Fortunately the gig was only 10 mins from my house, and I'm always early so a quick dash home and all was well. I know how it happened - I always pack the car but leave my bass until I'm ready to go (it's the only thing I can't easily replace as I'm left handed) and leave it just inside the door ready and waiting. This time I got distracted while getting ready (I'm a bit forgetful these days) and left it upstairs in my study - It's a gig where I don't use my trusty P but a Warwick StarBass which lives there most of the time - rushed out of the door and just forgot: as it wasn't inside the door I assumed it was in the car with the rest of the gear. The first and last time that it's ever going to happen!
  12. Hot Rod Precision, LM3 and Barefaced Compact for me..... as above, nothing fancy (doesn't need to be in my main band) it just works. With flats.😏
  13. Ooh matron! Thanks for that! All you need now is to find some pics of a leftie and I'm done for............
  14. Happened to me in a very similar fashion - only it happened after the first gig. Turned out that their sound guy (a mate who also owned the PA) was a bass player and only decided he fancied it after I'd put the work in and they were gig ready. I got the " you're a really good player and we couldn't have done it without you but he's a mate and it keeps the costs down" . We did not remain friends. .
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