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  1. Just had to put "Sunshine On Leith" - playing as I type this........
  2. 1999 Hot Rod Precision to Korg PtichBlack to LM3 to Barefaced Compact and that's it for me. All joined together with RockWire leads that have lasted forever. Small footprint so it fit's in anywhere, set up in minutes. We only play pubs and small clubs, the odd festival gig the LM3 has a very nice XLR out DI for PA support.
  3. I got persuaded to go and see Van Der Graaf Generator by a good friend (?): "Come on, I think you'll like it, they're great live, trust me, I've got a spare ticket (wonder why)" a (good) few years ago at The Barbican . I actually fell asleep at one point.
  4. Or I could carry my LM3 and bass in one hand, Barefaced compact in the other, stroll in, set up in 10 mins. and I'm done. Small enough for small venues, big enough for medium venues, and a very nice DI out for PA support where necessary. No fairies died this way either.
  5. This. We have some venues that are struggling due to their size, they have given us regular gigs in the past, paid us well and are very nice people to deal with. Playing one or two gigs for free during the early stages of (hopefully) their recovery to try and make sure the venue continues having live music so we can gig their regularly again in the future is simply an investment in their future and therefore ours. YMMV.
  6. Time for a re-run of that old favourite "Are You A Professional".............😂
  7. And the rest - a MK1 Tonebender is ..............£899!
  8. The question is, "Do I Feel Lucky". Well do ya? do ya? He did. But I do take your point about the odds, they are astronomical. Although he always said "Well someone's gotta win it, and it could be me....."
  9. " At least when you buy a Lottery ticket (don't, please don't) you know how ridiculously the odds are stacked up against you, and you know the whole thing is legit and closely monitored by official watchdogs." Don't tell my Dad that. He won a substantial amount of money and so I have no mortgage.......
  10. I enjoyed it. "Drink up, before it goes cold...."😂
  11. Whenever I see someone widdling on a six string bass I think "That's the wrong job for the bass".......😄
  12. "Wipeout" by The Surfaris although it does have one word at the beginning....it's also better by The Ventures: Watch that drummer go man!
  13. Blues records with keys? Mostly Eb.......... I'll get my coat.
  14. I even like "Shades Of......" it's one I still play (on vinyl, natch!) to this day. I have them all,up to and including "Made In Europe" after which my interest waned somewhat. Plus some 12" picture discs (unplayed) of "In Rock", "24 Carat" and "Fireball". Love them all in their own way, saw them a few times: the last time at the Empire Pool Wembley in 1976. The tube journey home was a riot! Packed full with everyone having a great time.
  15. I like Dire Straits, but the guitar tone came from here......and the vocal style is quite close too!
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