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  1. Or maybe you can...... https://shop.audiotronic.fr/en/markbass/270-a50k-potentiometer-for-markbass-amplifiers.html And apparently if you remove the knob, there's a tiny hole which you can spray contact cleaner into, although some people don't recommend it. However, I've just tried to pull the knob off mine and it's super tight so I can't check that.
  2. Try playing along to "Baby Please Don't Go" by Them (Van Morrison). It's half way between E and F so neither sounds right. I assume that's because it was sped up and the pitch changed. We always played it in E 😄.
  3. I was once told "That's not how (insert name of famous bass player) plays it" to which my response was"I'm not him, but by all means give him a call".
  4. Lucky you - I find that when we play, people start leaving gradually throughout the evening.......I'll get my coat.
  5. I am fortunate (?) enought to own a copy of Kenny Everett's " The World Worst Record Show" from which I pluck this gem..... There's plenty more where that came from.....😄
  6. ....and a "friend of mine" had some absolutely monster squidgy black that he referred to as Nepalese Temple Balls - I'm not sure if I remember that correctly though.....😎. I always think of Deep Purple as essentially a blues band, but I don't mind how you call it. I've got just the thirteen albums plus some LP picture discs I bought at Beano's in Croydon many years ago. A bit sad, but hey, it's my life.....
  7. I Think you'll find that Casey Jones was an engineer.......it says so right here.
  8. Sounds like it would be an Elf and Safety issue........ I'll get my coat.
  9. Yeah, but I've had all types of knobs on all types of basses. My American P-Bass has push-on knobs, but my old Squier P-Bass special had chrome knurled knobs with grub screws. Round holes in the knobs not D shaped, so they fit on round shafts or shafts with flats. A change of knob would not be out of the way , if it gets you where you want to be.....
  10. Something like one of these, perhaps...... https://docs.rs-online.com/7ac3/0900766b80ff6d55.pdf CK1037?
  11. Guy's great, as usual, but the interviewer s a bit irritating, plus her camera/mike are not in synch so it's a pita to watch. Like a band miming badly. Best listened to with the screen off. Well worth a listen.
  12. Police Squad is right - DHL is working fine. I ordered parts for an old Merccedes I'm mending this week: dispatched from Mannheim via DHL on the 23rd, email notification of the VAT due on the waybill the same day, with a secure payment link and a pdf of the paperwork (which I paid immediately), parcel delivered lunchtime on the 24th. Yes, they charged £11 to process the paperwork, but against an order value of £500 not really an issue for me to get that sort of service. As with all things, you pays yer money......
  13. In the clip they interviewed the lead arranger for the band. When asked about the Shaggs singers musicality she gave understatement of the year "I don't think she hears rhythm". Isn't that all singers though?😂
  14. I think I auditioned for them on one occasion....... And didn't get the job!
  15. The position of the machine heads on the back of the head stock looks weird to me - I have two lefite P's, (both USA) and they both have even spacing and they are further away from the edge. This one just looks wrong.....
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