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    I have always liked surf green. Btw Bubinga5, your old Sei Jazz 5 is sitting on the sofa next to me. In case you wanted to keep track. Very lovely.
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    I bought a pair of gen 2 barefaced midgets just before the gen 3 cabs were released, I haven't looked at another cab since they arrived (except I did test out a compact before ordering the midgets and If I had the space I would definitely add one to my collection) Matt
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    So he slapped two ponies in your pocket, well that’s inflation for you 😀
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    This is interesting though, particularly from around 0m25s: Composed 45 years before Joplin was born.
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    Finding that bass in Slough is like running into the Minogue sisters at the Dog & Duck
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    Pair of jack > jack speaker cables klotz cable If carlsbeg made speaker cables .....
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    October's challenge is on... Here's the image for inspiration, chosen by last month's winner the indefatigable Dad3353: Usual rules apply. You know the drill: ✔️ Entries must be <5 minutes and written/recorded this month. ❌ No illegal samples, copyright infringements or other snide goings-on ❌ Bagpipes. Never. Also on thin ice with panpipes, to be perfectly honest. ❌ No voting for your own entry. We'll know. And we'll shame you. Deadline for entries is midnight on Saturday 24th October.
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    Just wanted to share... I've had this idea in my head of fronting a three piece guitar bass and drums. I love my 80s covers but my band is a bit wary and is straying towards more Dakota, Sex on Fire and some other stuff that makes me cringe but drunk punters enjoy... That's fine, it's got its place. But I'm getting a bit bored of the set and I've noticed my playing is getting so sloppy, so I want a new challenge. I advertised on Thursday night for a guitarist and a drummer. Set out that I want to form a three piece to play covers and work up some originals, stick to 80s style songs but put on a harder edge, and gave three song examples so they know I don't mean Kylie and Rick Astley: Message in a Bottle, Dancing in the Dark, Just Died in Your Arms Tonight. Just three off a long list I've drawn up. I've had two quality guitarists answer, no drummers. Very different guitar styles. Guitar one: rock guitarist. Has sent me clips of playing in big function bands with multiple singers doing very professional disco hits. Other clips of him in a rock three piece where he's doing lead vocals which are OK, as good as most cover band vocalists and I've seen far worse, better than me also I'd say. This could be good: I know how to play with guitarists of his style and my vocal is not the strongest outside of my comfort zone (which isn't very big!) so sharing it out could be good to get a decent range of songs in. Lives a little bit further away from my preferred practice places but not insurmountable. Guitar two: echoey, lush sound scape type stuff. He gets it about filling the sonic space in a three piece. He's keen, he likes the 80s ideas, he lives nearer me, he's also left handed which could be an interesting gimmick or at least allow us to swap instruments every now and then if we feel the need (I've seen him play bass too). I've suggested to meet with each, see if we get on, play some songs together and then each of us has the chance to either say no thanks or go ahead. Hoping one of them works out and we can then record some two guitars and vocals stuff and get it out there to snag a good drummer. There's potential for two very different sounding bands though, with very different strengths. Will be interesting! Two bands isn't an option sadly... I'm still in my existing covers band, have a dep slot with a very similar covers band and two other ad hoc deps that could come in at any time once all is up and running again.
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    Loz just bought my Maruszczyk/Mensinger Cazpar fretless 4, and a very smooth and pleasant transaction it was too. Faultless in fact. You can definitely deal with this Basschat member in total confidence. 👍
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    Here's a sentence I wasn't expecting to say, "That semi looks amazing!". But it does. Would love to hear how it sounds. Anyway to the OP, GLWTS.... as modern Bernie owner I can attest to the fit, finish and general awesomeness... So in a moment of lucidity I'd add that you see these basses like the OP's and you play them and you get this vivid 3-d tone and the others sound like a plank. And frankly play like one. So I restate GLWTS someone is going to get a cut above...
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    I don't think Bartolini did themselves any favours when they introduced their budget Bart range for some of the more entry level basses; that's left a few of us, including me, wary of the brand which is a shame and perhaps unfair with regard to their higher end pick-ups. Personally, I very much associate the classic Spector sound with EMG pups and the TonePump preamp. Having said that the new Legend range does look great with their neck through design!
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    ... and haggis can be enjoyed, in the right circumstances.
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    Update Jake shipped my new bass to me yesterday
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    Yinxianghechengqi (by Totoise)
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    I see lot 72 in the catalogue is a navel officers uniform. Shouldn't it be orange?
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    Deep glossy solid piano black is always my personal choice. BWB scratchplate or none if the gubbins is attacked via the rear. My second choice is aged white - that lovely clotted cream colour that old white basses get. Nice WBW scratchplate. Yum.
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    Catchy isn't it. Joplin is widely credited with putting the rhythmic element of the music front and centre. Although I haven't tried it, I think it would be a great idea to learn the bass pattern for this piece. What makes it so catchy (of course) is the way the right hand does all the syncopation against a rock steady left hand. As to The Sting, here's what you really need: Enjoy!
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    Comparable in size to my Zoom B1-4 and half the pedal board footprint of my Helix HX Effects! 24 effects blocks in series and parallel. Yes that's right, 24 effects blocks (vs Helix Stomp and HFX both with sub 10 block limit).
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    I was lucky enough to try the prototype of this amp and I think I was the one who introduced it on here. Whilst its labelled as 200w, I believe Martin measured the actual value at 280W hence why it sounds so loud. Still on my wish list, one day soon maybe here.
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    I have one of these basses. They are superb basses.
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    I remember playing out in the sticks at a local village pub several years ago, we played classic rock covers and always went down very well with the punters. At the time I think our fee was £200, when we finished playing our last set the punters were calling out for more, we obliged and played a couple of extra songs, after these they were still calling for more and specifically wanted us to play Black Dog again, the landlord said if we played it, he would pass a glass around. When we were packing away our gear, the landlord paid us our £200 plus the contents of the glass which amounted to £50, that’s the most we ever got paid for one song.
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    In respect of the OPs query regarding the HX Stomp, that does provide a balanced out, albeit from a normal jack output rather than an XLR, which can go straight to the desk. (But you're right, a fair few don't).
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    I use the HX Stomp in front of an amp when playing with a band, but I use it going direct when playing and recording at home. The amp models are excellent, and both the built-in cabs and the IR loader allow you a multitude of great cab options too. And although I prefer to run it in front of an amp live, it's really nice to have the option to run direct if I need to for a fly gig, quiet stage, small bar setup etc. I'm really happy with it, both for effects and amps. The HX Stomp is also my entire setup for electric guitar (for recording at home) and acoustic guitar (for unplugged gigs), and I run direct in both those cases. In terms of outputs - The HX Stomp technically has balanced outputs, so you can use a TRS to XLR cable to run to the desk without a DI box, but just for peace of mind and not having to carry a dedicated cable of undefined length I would use a DI box anyway.
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    Beautiful, tasteful playing from all of you. Excellent work.
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    cherry sunburst with an aged white pearl pg. Yum Yum!
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    If it's not good enough for Alan, it's not good enough for me.
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    Ibanez SRMS805 Multiscale 5 String in Deep Twilight This SRMS5 is the perfect antidote for a player after a multi-scale bass. It's got an uber-playable neck and the Panga Panga fretboard provides you with a bright snappy response. The Mahogany & Poplar body will give you a balanced platform to get fat, but snappy tones and when combined with the renowned Bartolini pickups you get an instrument that can do everything. It's probably most suited to rock and metal thanks to it's sheer power though. Specifications: SRMS5 for Multi Scale 5pc Jatoba/Walnut neck 901.7mm/35.5" scale at 5th string, 864.0mm/34.0" scale at 1st string Poplar Burl top/Mahogany body Bound Panga Panga fretboard w/Acrylic special inlay inlay Medium frets Bartolini® BH2 neck pickup Bartolini® BH2 bridge pickup Ibanez Custom Electronics 3-band EQ EQ bypass switch (passive tone control on treble pot), 3-way Mid frequency switch MR5S bridge (16.5mm string spacing) Black matte hardware Very good condition, any questions, let me know.
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    In part I agree and actually my own taste is not to add the drive to the top end (and I can name plenty of examples like I am sure you can) but I prefer to use a band pass method applying the dirt to a wide band area of the mid range. The secret for me is in the blending of the low mids more than the upper mids and top end (though that is also important). Also, my clean tone is never really 100% clean, it helps the two blend even more. I learned this the hard way when recording in the past when it was so obvious it almost sounded like two instruments playing in unison. Interestingly my very top end has very little drive on it. Thats my taste and although I can hear it live through IEMs for definition, by the time it makes it to FOH, even that has blended nicely too!
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    I would refer the Honorable Member to my previous answer ... Are you talking about gigging (as I am) or about making money (as you seem to be)? I do understand that many musicians, including some here on Basschat, struggle to distinguish between the two activities. Speaking purely for myself, I see this as a Venn diagram. Where Gigging and Money overlap is a sweet spot, but that overlap is neither obligatory nor some sort of absolute necessity.
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    I've been playing quite a bit since lockdown. Not with any of my normal live bands, but on Jamulus with a bunch of new people I wouldn't have met otherwise. It's pretty doable. Here's one we did earlier with me making my debut on double bass (apologies to all the db players out there - I will learn it properly, I promise). I've also done eb and sax . That session included the violinist from the states - playing with 150+ latency. You can hear a bit of burbling and we're constantly trying to improve sound quality and latency. But for live rehearsal and working up new stuff and trying all the things you've ever wanted to do, it's great. I'd never get that opportunity with my real life bands. https://youtu.be/tlGfu1dG_2c?t=1992 Remember - this is live. No pre-recording and editing.
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    Sorry! It's all this thread / groups fault anyway haha.
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    I would do the minimum to make it A1 functional again. Refret, no problem whatsoever. New pots, fine if the originals no longer serve their purpose.The fact that the potential may be there for a future owner to expose a rare foam green finish will already make it more commercially attractive without you having to take the chance of doing it yourself. Balance the risks and potential rewards; how pleased would you be if the foam green is able to be made presentable? How disappointed will you be if you take back the refin to find the green is not viable and your history of ownership has been irrevocable erased? No choice if it were mine. I'd leave it. And foam green is my absolute favourite custom colour. one other question; What colour is the guard? If it is white, that would make it more likely the green is original.
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    What a great and informative post! Just as a supplementary footnote; the neck on the OP's bass was almost certainly made by Steve Smith. He was an incredibly talented luthier who founded Heart / Heartwood guitars, and later worked for Goodfellow in the '80's, where his speciality was neck construction. After he left Goodfellow he took a stack of the necks he'd made with him, and set up a guitar repair /custom build workshop in Southend-on-sea, soon building a solid reputation amongst guitarists and bassists for the fantastic quality of his work. Some of the stashed Goodfellow-spec necks evidently found their way onto his occasional custom builds, including my treasured long scale semi "EB-2" (pictured) which has become my go-to bass for most projects. Sadly, Steve recently passed away (2017?) Really lovely bass in the OP, and a good price - bump and GLWTS
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    They've finally realised how print money. Whilst most signature models are divisive, it's enough to push some fans of said artists over the edge and pay the premium for the model. That's a pretty one though!
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    This thread, as is the case with a couple of others at the moment, demonstrates just how subjective the answer to even an apparently objective question can become. There's a chart on the site somewhere with the frequency response of a large range of strings. But bassists don't play strings, we play a system; basses that have their mechanical and acoustic characteristics, circuits and preamps and power stages into speakers and into rooms, and then into people's brains via their ears. If you need an answer re the strings, check out the chart (I'll try to find it), but as per the above, once in the system above, those characteristics might be a largely insignificant factor in the tone you and others actually hear.
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    But wives are too busy counting the number of shoes and handbags they have. [duck, incoming]
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    amazing Emperor II Bolt-On for sale. Asking 5650 GBP It's open for trade. 5 or 6 strings are welcome! the first emperor II custom to be built as a bolt-on 2 really small marks Articulate, warm, and punch tone. weight about 5kg. -Ash body -Maple Neck -Indian Rosewood FB - Walnut Top The bass is located in Ireland Dublin. Pick up in person will get 50 discount. More Picture: https://fodera.smugmug.com/Newborn-Gallery-Vol-IV/Newborn-948/
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    I'm sure my tables aren't what you're after (useless for anything bigger than a bass), but behind is a board into which I've glued those little super strong magnets. I put all of the things I use every day so that they are right there. It works brilliantly, everything is held really securely, even the file and the heavy straight edge. It may not be pretty, but it is simple and works really really well. The screwdrivers just live in holes, and the endless rolls of tape live on a piece of off-cut plastic piping.
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    Here we are. This one is all beech (oak wedges for the stretchers so it can knock down). I'm still using this one after 4 years so that's a good sign The big one in background was the 8 footer, twin screw vice etc. Too far to walk from one end to the other...
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    Perhaps, but all that suggests that they're readily available and "everybody's playing them"... Neither of which is true...
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    [quote name='Twincam' timestamp='1455909905' post='2983623'] I read recently that the Lino story is the untrue myth it may even be on the fender site or some fender facts thing and that there actually a type of wood filler of the time that was already in use somewhere in the factory this saved money and was already in stock Leo liked the efficiency of this. [/quote] This from fenderbassplayer.com: [b]"Clay Dots[/b] One of the most interesting Fender myths is the clay dots or position markers used on rosewood fingerboards from 1959 to 1964. For years collectors have coveted the fact that Fender basses from this period had tan or brown tinted position markers as opposed to the white or faux pearl dots. The stories of what type of material Fender used for these markers had been disputed for years. Probably the biggest myth is that Fender used old floor tile material to create the so called clay dots. The story goes that Leo Fender needed to change the floor in the Fender factory and decided that in order to save money they could use the old tiles to cut out the position markers for the new rosewood fingerboards. It's also usually added that the tiles contained dangerous asbestos, making things a little more dramatic. Other stories have Fender using actually clay material for the dots, hence their name. The truth is that Fender used a type of filler compound that was popular for furniture work back in the day. The material would dry hard and was actually stark white in color when new. Over time the combination of the oil from the rosewood board and the general sweat and dirt from years of playing would turn the dots that clay color." So there you go! Also today I mixed up some butter with some I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, so now I don't know what the f*** to believe.
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    We played a Hogmanay gig in a local bar years ago. We finished at the usual time of one o clock. The bouncer came up to us and said the boss says will you play another hour? He will pay extra. We said ok and played the agreed hour. We got an extra tenner each! I get that some people want to play for the love of it but I also believe that we should get reimbursed for entertaining the punters that are spending money and making the owner quite a lot of money.
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