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  1. Raggy

    Nad 4 stroke fumes

    Ok cheers danbowskill, Andertons did get back to me to say the fans are a little loud on these units, but nothing to worry about.
  2. Raggy

    Nad 4 stroke fumes

    2 gigs in now and i am so pleased with this beastie. After 6-7 years of using (a lot of) class D amps, the sound I'm getting out of this is huge. Our guitarist turned round to me and said it sounded so much fuller. One thing I did notice is that the fan sounds very loud, anyone else notice this?
  3. Raggy

    Nad 4 stroke fumes

    Just ordered one from Andertons, should be here tomorrow.
  4. Raggy

    Flats on a MIJ P for indie + punk?

    I use Chromes in my punk band, i dig in really hard with a pick. With a three piece, the bass tone sits really good underneath the guitar.
  5. Raggy

    Nice Trace Elliot Suprise

    Quote of the year 😂
  6. Raggy

    Fender neck sizes Precision vs. Jazz

    I've recently fitted the 'C' neck from my Roger Waters sig (which is by far the comfiest neck I've ever played) onto my Blacktop Jazz, but then that has two P pickups on it so I'm not sure where i fit in this thread 😳. I'm now on the hunt for another neck from a Waters bass to fit back on my Waters bass, if you see what I mean.
  7. Raggy

    New American Artist Flea Signature?

  8. Raggy

    New American Artist Flea Signature?

    Im sure that neck is going to be too small for me, but that sure is a fine looking bass.
  9. Raggy

    Roger Waters Precision Surprise

    I own 2 of these, one I've had sprayed white, really are cracking basses. I emailed Fender to see if i could buy one of the necks (i want to replace the Jazz neck i have on my bitsa) but they don't sell them separately
  10. Raggy

    2 x 15" set up

    I use my BF Dubster regularly.
  11. Raggy

    NAD Fender Super Bassman

    Congratulations, I bet that sounds glorious.
  12. Raggy

    Cons of PJ

    Every time I've used a bass fitted with the PJ configuration, the J gets turned off. Always sounds a bit too hollow and scooped for my tastes.
  13. Yes from me. Despite owning several Fenders and a custom built P Bass.
  14. Raggy

    It Took Me Long Enough to Discover the Sans Amp

    Thanks Loz
  15. Raggy

    It Took Me Long Enough to Discover the Sans Amp

    So is there much difference between the Para Driver and the V2 Bass Driver?