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  1. Just need another manufacturer to release an amp called Pixie and we can have a full set 😳
  2. Damn, just at the wrong time for me, very intrigued with these amps. GLWTS
  3. Damn, just a bit too far away for me.
  4. Any mods online? nikira7053
  5. Im thinking of doing this to one of my P's Does this work well?
  6. That looks bloody awesome, well done, great work.
  7. That is gorgeous, I still lust after these.
  8. Awesome looking setup. These Four 10's do intrigue me.
  9. Raggy


    Still loving mine.
  10. Just the wrong time for me otherwise I would be all over this, cracking amps, GLWTS
  11. Going to add the Orange Four Stroke to this, very flexible.
  12. Just bought a cab from Simon. Great basschatter to deal with, spot on. Buy/trade/sell in complete confidence. Cheers Simon. Steve.
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