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  1. 😂🤣 I am quite partial to a cheeky glass of red you know 😜
  2. Heh heh, cheers 😊 The body is from the blacktop jazz series Fender produced a few years ago, the neck came from a Roger Waters bass. It certainly does roar.
  3. Ghastly sticker jobs? I'm in 😁
  4. I have nine, but only use one 😳 But I have made a decision to start mixing things up when we get back out there.
  5. That looks great, congratulations, I was looking at these but on the website the headstocks look really odd, which put me off. That looks so much better.
  6. That looks great, Im keeping my eye out for one of these.
  7. Bumping this. These really are amazing amps. Mine is used in my Punk band and Ska band and it performs brilliantly in both. GLWTS
  8. Looks like I might need to take another trip over the bridge to yours mate. I will PM you later.
  9. Just need another manufacturer to release an amp called Pixie and we can have a full set 😳
  10. Damn, just at the wrong time for me, very intrigued with these amps. GLWTS
  11. Damn, just a bit too far away for me.
  12. Any mods online? nikira7053
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