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  1. Played one a few times, not at war volume though, it was going through one of the GK Goldline 4x10's. Was using a P Bass with rounds on and it sounded epic, a real nice fat bottom end with a bit of fur and that GK top end zing. I was really impressed, but saying that a friend uses one with a GK 2x12 and we were on the same bill one night, using our own gear, we sound checked with ease, they took a long time to get there. The band were complaining of some weird bass sounds on stage. The amp was new to him at the time, and he wasn't using any extreme EQ. Might just of been that cab.
  2. This thread pleases me a lot, i've got serious gas for one of these when we get to go out again. Congratulations, it looks great.
  3. Just bought a lush roadworn P Bass neck from Ash. A great Basschatter to deal with, excellent comms throughout and the neck turned up very securely packed. Cheers
  4. That Aria is a thing of beauty
  5. 😂🤣 I am quite partial to a cheeky glass of red you know 😜
  6. Heh heh, cheers 😊 The body is from the blacktop jazz series Fender produced a few years ago, the neck came from a Roger Waters bass. It certainly does roar.
  7. Ghastly sticker jobs? I'm in 😁
  8. I have nine, but only use one 😳 But I have made a decision to start mixing things up when we get back out there.
  9. That looks great, congratulations, I was looking at these but on the website the headstocks look really odd, which put me off. That looks so much better.
  10. That looks great, Im keeping my eye out for one of these.
  11. Bumping this. These really are amazing amps. Mine is used in my Punk band and Ska band and it performs brilliantly in both. GLWTS
  12. Looks like I might need to take another trip over the bridge to yours mate. I will PM you later.
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