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  1. Does Curtis Novak have any distributors in Europe, or is it all through his site?
  2. I love this bass, I want it, if I was in the UK I woulda snapped it up to try it on, but I’m not so I’m considering my own Serek build. A couple of decisions still to make on the exact configuration.
  3. Please may this sale happen so this bass stops torturing me 😁
  4. That was one of my initial thoughts but I was able to find a few examples of custom Sea Foam green with a tort guard. Surf Green is usually paired with a white guard, but they sure are pretty with a tort. Honestly, it’s my instinct to stick with the white unless there was some indisputable reason that a refinish would improve the bass, which it will not. Everyone here has made some great points which I’m grateful for. 🙂
  5. Yeah the pots have been replaced, all the wiring has been replaced, new knobs are in place. After the refret it will be assembled and we’ll see what we have. The cause of the issues I was having may have been the state of the wiring but we’re not ruling out the pickups for a rewind.
  6. A couple of people asked for pics, these are as recent as I have, the blurrier one was taken around the time when I first got her.
  7. That’s almost word for word what the tech said to me. Adding to that the fact that I’m not going to sell it, so one day the kids will open the case and it will be “Dad’s bass”. The one in most of the photos and videos etc... I guess it’s curiosity that sneaks into it. Always knowing it was a refinish I did wonder for years what it was originally. The green did poke through in various places that I’d dinged it, but that seemed unlikely to me. But again today in the workshop both me and the tech caught ourselves looking at it saying “boy, I bet this was pretty the day it was first taken out of the case” 😂😂. So we get a little introspective about what is best. I feel that my history is more appropriate. If one of my kids want to “make it there’s” then they have my blessing.
  8. So, when I was 19 I went to Denmark Street with the proceeds of my first record company check to buy what I always wanted. An old Precision. I found what was described on the tag as a refinished 1964 Fender precision bass. It was what I always wanted, Olympic white, rosewood fingerboard, tort pickguard, it had a wonderfully worn smooth neck, and it sounded right. I’m now 52, and that bass has played on every record I’ve ever done, and accompanied me to almost every gig. It now has some issues, so it’s now in the hands of a very knowledgeable and experienced tech that I’ve gotten to know over the past few years. Our intention is to do what needs to be done, after all, that bass has been around a while. I’ve never so much as removed a screw on the bass so we had a couple of surprises. Firstly it had a neck date of 5 AUG 62, secondly the pickup was split between a treble side of 62, and a bass side 65. Strangely, the tech said that although it could’ve been a repair done at any date before I owned it, the solder joints looked factory quality. He had other reasons for this theory, but it’s too long to go into. We shall never know. The pots had been replaced, with much less impressive soldering, and the Jack was original. She is going to get a refret, new pots, new wiring, all original spec. We may have the pickups rewound depending on how she sounds when she is reassembled. But here’s the question. I always knew it was a refinish, but what the tech discovered between my scratches and scrapes, and the neck pocket seeing the light, was that it was originally a factory Sea Foam Green, over an Original Sunburst. The Olympic white that I bought is wonderful, has all my bangs and scrapes, the remains of an “11” sticker that Natasha Schneider handed to me herself, even a little blood, but the idea of slowly and carefully taking her back to her factory appearance has me intrigued. We’re worried that the motivation of the original owner to paint it white may have been that the green may have had some other issues, a bad hippy paint job, or some oxidized stickers, something strange like that. And worst case is that we find something awful and simply refinish it again. But is the aging that I have done more appropriate to keep? So factory “restoration” or personal restoration? What would you do? BTW, none of this is financially motivated, I was aware that the bass was value compromised on the day I bought it. Interested to know what others would do... thanks.
  9. Hi, Can anyone tell me what brand of flatwounds come with a light orange colored twine? Thanks.
  10. So am I, it’s slowly murdering me!
  11. The video doesn’t really have much to do with it, even though it was quite noticeable and the guys actually talked about it. I guess I’m trying to tap more into people’s personal experience. My only experience with Spector was using a borrowed Kramer era version on an album many many years ago. It was nice, but a little “uninteresting”. Because everyone was using them at the time.
  12. Were my ears deceiving me when I (on a YouTube comparison) heard a boost in bottom end with the DiMarzio pickup?
  13. Hi, I know this is a very wide topic or question, but I have little knowledge of Spector basses, yet a Euro has come up for sale at a decent price, with Barts and a Darkglass preamp. Sounds attractive to me, but I had set myself on possibly trying the 1979, and maybe this isn’t the best reason but the bottom end from those DiMarzio pickups was a noticeable jump while I was watching a comparison video recently. I like a sound that edges towards too much bottom, Im not looking to hear every note with hifi clarity, a scoop, nice but not harsh highs. what insight can you give me if any? And if you have a Spector configuration that you feel is must have or for some reason better than others, then let me know why. Thanks 🙂
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