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  1. Still have this amazing compressor for sale. I am downsizing from a rackmount set-up so it has to go which is a shame.
  2. Now sold. As always thank you to everyone for the interest and input.
  3. This great cab is still here. If anyone has a PJB Compact Suitcase BG400 they would like to trade I would be up for that.
  4. Now sold. Thanks to everyone for the enquiries.
  5. This is now sold. Thank you to everyone for the enquiries and support.
  6. I am hopeless at slapping but I am sure there are others who can respond to this.
  7. I hope that it works out. The ACG is a great bass.
  8. Thanks. It is a lovely bit of kit from the golden era of DBX.
  9. 35". The long top horn brings the nut into a very comfortable reach making it very comfortable to play.
  10. Thanks. Sorry to hear you had to part with yours. I am just not getting on with five strings. I keep trying and seem to end up back on one of my fours. No doubt I will experience the SSSR when I see the empty space on the wall...maybe a Sei four will fix the problem.
  11. Really pleased you found what you wanted.
  12. Thank you. It is a unique instrument. Fabulous neck and a great tone. Still tempted Dave?
  13. Here is my 160XT rack compressor. Up for sale as I am moving away from a rack set-up. This is a 1990's Hong Kong-manufactured unit. Regarded by some as one of the greatest compressors of all time. Review here http://www.ovnilab.com/reviews/dbx160xt.shtml and here http://www.bn1studio.co.uk/shop/compressors/dbx-160xt-compressor/ Simple layout. Hard / soft knee option, preset attack and release. Adjustable compression and threshold. LED metering for input or output and compression level. Lovely and transparent at lower compression levels but never gets unmanageable at higher levels of compression. XLR and 1/4 inch connector options. I just set it up and forget it is there and it just puts the bass where you want it in the mix. I have been gigging with this for the past couple of years and it just does the job really well. Thanks for looking and do message me if you would like any more information.
  14. Putting this back up for sale as it is not getting used and deserves a player who can get the best from it. Bought used from The Gallery in 2018. In amazing condition for a 20 year old bass. One very small dent on the bottom of the front face - pic attached. The best build quality you will find. These basses are incredible. Here is the spec: Madrone burl front and back facings, matching headstock, Ash wings. 7 piece flamed maple / wenge through-neck. Ebony board, lined with mahogany ( very subtle ), blue LED's on the fret lines. 35" scale. Bartolini MM pup with series parallel switch. ABM piezo bridge with piezo preamp ( internal controls ) to balance output with the MM pup ( set and forget ) Schack 18v preamp with internal dip switches to set frequency centres and boost / cut level on BMT, volume and blend between pup and piezo. Gotoh tuners, Dunlop straplocks, Strung with Daddario chromes. Hiscox hard case. The preamp sounds more complicated than it is. Incredibly adjustable but once set up it is as any other preamp. Weight on my scales a shade over 8lbs. Come and give it a try. Thanks for looking and please contact me if you would like more information.
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