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  1. Pretty much the same, but in a Purple burst (candy "cadburys" purple to black) with a brass pickguard.
  2. Lets simplify it down. Anything with excessive self indulgent tapping and slap in it and I switch off. Cookie Cutter throw away dance music too. Rap without social commentary (I really dont care how many AK's you got poppin, how many "ho's" you have, How much Cristal you can drink, how many diamond encrusted teeth you had put in last week...) give me a bit of old school NWA any day of the week. Unintelligble Metal Bands who sing like mating walrus's.... a bits ok (quite fond of Killswitch Engage and Funeral for a Friend, also Bloodywood, but come on... 3 minutes of Chewbaccas pickup lines blended with guitars tuned so low the notes are barely discernable...
  3. Paul bought my OLP.. as others say, great bloke! Enjoy it mate!
  4. No sorry - Im letting go stuff that doesnt have an emotional attachment (Spondylitus in spine, causing issues with arms and also Arthritus in hip joint - I REALLY struggle to play, grips going and pain).
  5. But those tuners all match... I hope at least you have taken an angle grinder to the nut.
  6. Careful... MDP will be claiming copyright...
  7. Took this in a trade a while back. It’s a great bass but worsening health issues mean it has to go. I modified it to have a battery enclosure, an Artec 2 band onboard preamp and a small toggle switch that switches the humbucker from series to parallel. it has a broken screw on one of the tuner base plates and a lot of worming/buckle rash on the back. However it has quite low action and sounds great. Comes with a generic hard case. l
  8. Gorgeous. I have one of the G5222 Electromatic Double Jets, and a buddy has a 2622 Streamliner - they are VERY well made and punch well above their weights
  9. I dont gig anymore. But always (even for small pub gigs) had at least one spare bass, spare wireless system (I still have two identical Senheiser units) , DI incase the amp went down, tools and an old set of strings. At last count having abandoned Amps I had a Ampeg SCR DI in case the Helix went bang.
  10. h sweet lordy.. I currently own @hiram.k.hackenbacker's Natural Deacon tribute, if I ever get one made myself something like this will be on my list (with a 70's vibe)
  11. I'm completely the opposite. Started on a P bass, have owned... oooh.. many - Fenders (70's, 90's, 2000's, US/Japanese/Mexican), Squiers, Japanese copies, bitsas.. tried branching out with Warwicks, Ibanez's, Spectors, Deans.. and came full circle. There are P basses and there are P basses as you found out. Nicest playing one I owned was a Mexican first generation "black logo" I bought from here, next to the 1976 I used to own, and the Limelight I recently got (again from here). A lot of it is down to the neck/nut width. tried my mates Mex Classic and hated the surfboardlike nut width, prefer my 96 Squier which has a 40mm nut similair to the 70's US models. Sweet spot for me is a 40mm nut.
  12. True. But I could send it back and they could claim its due to something I've done, in which case it's a "my word against theirs" situation,so I end up paying out on postage both ways for nothing. The neck is the fender "heel access/cross head nut" design suplier told them they were dual action rods in them (you can get truss rods that are dual ation with a fender cross head heel adjustment - if that was the case unless there was a catastrophic failure the rod wouldnt be able to be screwed in and out. And if they are single action they souldnt have to be screwed 2cm into the neck to start working. Rather bizarre.
  13. Well they were as good as their word with the partial refund - and agreed with me that their suplier may have tried to pull a fast one. I've managed (with the addition of a lot of spacers) to get it workable. It's a shame as overall the neck is well carved and finished. Guess mine was a 5pm on Friday neck.
  14. I have figured if I can add (and find) enough washers (the rod screws right out) it is inducing a backbow when tightened. But there is no way this is a dual action truss rod. NorthWest have offered to either have it sent back to them (at my expense) or a 50% refund. I've opted for the latter as I can make it workable, and its money (and hassle) to send it back. Will see if they are as good as their word. Ive bought stuff (mainly lacquer) from them in the past and had no issues, but this has really put me off getting a neck from them again.
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