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  1. The year that was released I attended the Works Christmas dinner dance at the Albany Hotel in Brum (Foseco was a big company then, and they kept a suite of rooms at the Albany for foreigh visitors - we got to rent a room for peanuts for the night). Free booze, food.. pity unbenownst to me I had the Flu which I was masking with several Brandies. Remember listening to it in the hotel room as I was trying to wash away how crap I was feeling with the mini bar. Next morning I woke with a fever so bad I thought it was saturday (it was in fact sunday) so I delieriously checked out and stumbled in a feverish haze to New Street Station hoping to catch an early train home... except it was Sunday, and trains didnt start home till midday. Nothing was open, sat freezing in a suit (no coat, nothing open). Got home eventually to find I had no money for a Taxi, and my dad had been caslled into work for an emergency so i had to walk 30 mins home in rather chilly weather. Hello delierious, hello Pneumonia. .... Still love that damn song though.
  2. Yeh realised it was a Schaller - great bridges just look "wrong" on a p-bass to me. Good choice with the Badass though. I have 70's P bass envy - I had to sell my 76 the late 90's for a lot less than even the solid brass pickguard was probably worth - needs (and rent) must at the time. Doubt I'd afford to replace it any time soon though (it had been refinished in a sort of "Cadbury Wrapper" blueish/Purple burst by the previous owner, looked gorgeous with the brass guard) - prices are crazy. Give me a 70's maple neck P bass with a black guard over anything. If you are going full on 80's modded 70's you'll need a set of original DiMarzio's.
  3. ohhhh.... 70's Mocha P basses get me moist. There was an amazing bass player on YouTube (who doesnt post anymore) "BassManOnTheHill" I think, who played one pretty exclusively. Not keen on the bridge choice but oooh myyyyy....
  4. Cheers. It does look rather tasty. Sounds good too. I can't get over how nice the neck is to play - not at all how I remember my old backup bass of the same age/model/colour. I did lightly sand the neck and "round over/roll" the edges slightly, don't kno if that was what made the difference. Been playing 5 strings solidly for a couple of years but this has really put me back in love with P Basses. Last thing I need to do is replace the nut but Im not in a rush to do that.
  5. And after Gotoh GB2 tuners, Gotoh string trree, a gotoh 201B Bridge, Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounders, complete CTS/Switchcraft/Sprague rewire and a gold anodised pickguard to top it off.. here she is..
  6. Yep CAR is clear red on a metalic (gold or silver) basecoat. My fix isnt perfect (the original midnight wine colour is a slight metallic whereas the nailpolish isnt) but for that small ding or gouge its close enough unless you get up really close with a magnifying glass.
  7. This might be of use to anyone who has a Fender or Squier bass in the "Midnight Wine" colour. Having bought a 96 MIK Squier in pretty bad shape, I was trying to find a paint match to touch up some of the many chips that are missing from the finish. After exhausting the wifes (and Daughters) nail polish collections and trying to match by eye a suitable colour, I have found something pretty damn close (certainly good enough for chips and dints anyway. Maybeline Super Stay 7 Days Gel Nail Polish - N0.287 - "Midnight Red". Once it has built up a few coats it darkens with each coat and is a fairly good match for fenders (Squiers anyway) "Midnight Wine". Ccertainly enough to patch/touch up any flaked off finnish and dings.
  8. THAT is the one I had. (Not the exact one but same look)
  9. Ahhhhgggg.. if I hadn't just bought and fitted a Gotoh 201 for my MIK Squier P, I would have been all over this. Had one on my old black bitser.
  10. I did find a 78 that was sold at The Bass Gallery with the decal in that unusual position - maybe the decal guy had smoked a bit too much weed that week..
  11. Going to go out on a limb and say that even IF the neck was genuine (to which I have my doubts) the body is either a Mighty Mite or Warmoth. I can remember looking into buying a P body a few years back and seeing a finished one available from either Mighty mite or Warmoth in that exact burst (remember it because I hated the colour)
  12. Body looks like a MightyMite one - seen that burst before, sure it was MightyMite. Decal looks odd - is it out of position? Bitser?
  13. Looks like somebody did.. its sold. Only red P bass I can stand is CAR... Fiesta red gives me flashbacks to my parents love of the Shadows...
  14. My frst ever bass amp! Might be my impresionable young ears but I remember it sounding bloody epic even with the scratchy pots. Like a sideboard in size and I traded it in for a Marshall combo,
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