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  1. I've managed to pick up a cheap 2x10 Cab that I am intending to use for rehersals as it is more portable than my 4x10. Its (I know... I know...) a Behringer Ultrabass BB210. Supposedly its a 600w Cab... I have read terrible things about the 10" drivers in them so I am looking to replace them sharpish with something more "fit for purpose". Going to be running my Terror Bass 500 through it. can anyone suggest some reasonably priced 10" Speakers - Im guessing I will be looking at 250+ Watts and 16 ohms each ( Cab is nominally 8 ohm) . Never needed to replace speakers so I wouldnt know where to start. I obviously dont want gold standard platinum coated speakers, just something reasonable that isnt going to disintegrate!
  2. Nibody

    Been here before...going on a hiatus?

    I stopped playing for 10 years. I am almost at that point again.
  3. Nibody

    'Lost at sea'

    It makes me feel like Im lost at sea - Cold and wishing for a swift death.
  4. Going by the finish and layout this looks like a Marlin body. If that helps anyone.
  5. Nibody

    Vintage V100

    They are quite good - If its anything like my Vintage SG Clone. All Wilkinson Hardware and pickups (mines mahogany bodied set mahogany neck - guess this is the same?).
  6. Nibody

    "Damaged" MIJ Fender P body, apparently

    Why. Just WHY?
  7. Nibody

    Fake Greco!

    Because its easier to sell a chinese £60 P or J for £200 by claiming its a Greco than trying to pass one off as a £1k fender.
  8. Nibody

    4 string fretless - 14 Lbs ??

    Are those chambered? Friend has a nice Warwick proto type and that is semi hollow? That 4.6 kg is a solid 10lbs so 14lbs isnt too outrageous even if its a larger body (the Jazz's are quite sizeable, think mine was 12lb from memory)
  9. Nibody

    4 string fretless - 14 Lbs ??

    Maples a fairly dense wood (Guess thats why they use it for necks). The weight of thge thing was the only reason I parted company with that VM Jazz.
  10. Nibody

    4 string fretless - 14 Lbs ??

    Had a Squier VM 70's Jazz with a maple body. It was bloody heavy - maybe not 14lbs heavy but it was a back breaker.
  11. I like pick.. I like fingerstyle. not brilliant with a pick as I have always played fingerstyle. Prehaps someone should inform Steve Harris and John Entwistle (by medium!) that they cant be heard and Gene Simmins knows best...
  12. Nibody

    Black basses

    My main baby now (Warwick Rockbass Vampyre) My modded Dean Metalman.
  13. Nibody

    Rollercoaster Neck

    Also there does seem to be a slight twist in the headstock backwards to the treble side relative to the body but I think judging by the cut for the nut this has always been there.
  14. Nibody

    Rollercoaster Neck

    I picked up cheap carcas of a set neck Chinese bass (of the variety that makes Mr Hall very unhappy). Bought it in full knowledge of the neck being shot. The question is what is the best way (aside from a bonfire) to try to sort this? The truss rod nut is pretty stripped so I really need to take the fretboard off if I replace it - do I look at planning the neck, try fixing with heat, plane the fingerboard (I hate doing fret replacement!)throw money at it by taking it to a pro luthier (its more of a project for me). For clarity when I managed to get the truss rod to work the bass side straightened (it had been tightened into a horrific back bow) but the hump remained on the treble side. I have done some minor luthier stuff before (replace frets, replace trussrod) on other instruments though I am by no means an expert. The bass was cheap so I don't want to throw money at it at this point in time.