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  1. A good few months ago I cane across two Spector 5 string bolt on necks on ebay for not very much money. After some minor work (tidying and scraping mostly) Kept one the other replaced the neck on a Warwick Rockbass Streamer Standard which I ended up selling. After much waiting and looking (and considering making my own body) the same seller advertised another Spector factory reject - a 5 string body in Holoflash. Cant stretch to a set of EMG40HZ or DC so a pair of Artec Superpower soapbars will suffice for now - ordered from https://tlcguitargoods.com . Also an Activator2 Jfet onboard pre-amp from https://www.guitar-repairs.co.uk Have used one of these before with pleasing results. New set of Gotoh tuners to boot, and a Warwick 5 string fender size bridge (should fit fine) left over from my Rockbass Streamer LX's conversion to a two piece bridge. Have been wanting a Spector for ages but funds were never to hand so Im looking forward to this.
  2. Sattelite cherry SG copy. Was a nice guitar. My guitarist at the time poo pooed it as it was "a cheap copy" and would "sound crap". Bought for £30 at a car boot on a whim, sold for £150 from memory on ebay.
  3. I hit this point previously about 20 years ago and sold up. The only bass I kept was my XS-4. Sold a 76 p bass for peanuts and also an early 90's TE combo. We are quite techncal (one third of the band is a very talented synth guy who also handles the drums side) so I am using a Royal Blood type rig and have been pouring in cash I dont really have to perfect it. This is/was my last "hoorah" but with band issues and life issues (have a disabled kid that I am main carer for so lets say I am not exactly Rockafella when it comes to cash) I have found myself thinking "What the F**K do you think you are doing" whilst simultaneously the current band situation is not exactly providing a positive answer to that question.
  4. Thats me at the moment. Getting too old for this crud. Every hurdle that could be put in a bands way from relationship problems to illness.. you name it we've hit it. On paper Im in a very privelidged position - contacts I could only have dreamed of when I was starting out, a band consisting of basicaly pro studio and mastering engineers, two albums worth of demo stuff that is mindblowingly better than anything I have writen in the past.. access to a top end studio to record our first track with a bloody great engineer and studio downtime for rehersals.. a bloody good videographer for video.. you name it. But a bit like the Hollies song "King midas In Reverse" - every time we start moving forward something happens and any advances turn to dust before our eyes. I remember Phil Lynott once describing thin Lizzy as "it it wasnt for bad luck we'd have none at all". Got to the point now picking up a bass has become a chore. I have fallen out of love with playing and have developed massive self doubt. GAH. Rant over. But seriously I am considering sticking the whole ruddy lot on ebay and saying sod it.
  5. I like odd basses. But I dont care how rare that is, I wouldnt use it to hammer in a fencepost let alone play it.🤢🤮
  6. Used to gig in the 90's with a Trace Elliot GP7 SMX combo and a Washburn XS4. Still have the XS4, sadly dont own the TE. Perfectly fine for giging.
  7. 1993. Play fingerstyle. Ripped off nail on index finger two songs into our set. was wearing white jeans and T-shirt. Bass and me looked like a murder scene by the time we had finished - blood (lots of) on vibrating bass strings under hot lights over white clothes... got by on pure adrenaline, when we finished by christ did it hurt... by the time I got the strings off it had all penetrated and coagulated killing the strings. So in the bin they went.
  8. Used to own a Maya with the more standard P split pickup. It was a gorgeous bass.
  9. Ive been in a few bands with your ex drummer Emerson on and off since the early 90's.
  10. Even if the Truss was ok... that degree of mould staining... 🤢
  11. I need a tetanus shot just looking at it. Bet the neck is shot.
  12. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/spector-5-string-bass-neck/352737458463?hash=item5220ca791f:g:6RIAAOSw5PJdQHb6 They are factory seconds so a bit dusty/marked - both of mine needed a bit of work as there was a lip between the fretboard and the neck (fretboard was slightly narrower than the maple of the neck) but a half hours or so scraping and sanding and you'd never know there had been an issue. But he is very clear that they need work. Both of mine had great frets, no warping and fully functional truss rods
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