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  1. Gah.. always wanted one of these.. and I have been tennuously asked to do a one off dep for a Foos covers band in the summer (covid permiting). And I'd have to sell my CK-4. AHHHHHG.
  2. According to the bathroom scales 4.6kg (10lbs)
  3. Withdrawn. I’m keeping it.
  4. I have been gassing for a BVV3000 for years - never see them come up. Suprised you found one.
  5. I initialy bought one of these as a project (as detailed in another thread), and having believed it was totaly beyond repair I ordered a new one. Then I found out I had missed an easy repair on the broken one, and as the new one was from Ebay I couldnt really return it... so I have ended up with two of these 😣. This is the new one I bought, it is fully working and has been out of the box/plastics only to check it over and take pictures. Would prefer collection but can post if needed - probably in the £10 region. Taking a hit on this as I paid £200 for it new, just looking to recoup some of that as I dont really need two of these.
  6. IR pedal (has headphone socket so could be used as a stand alone practice headphone amp). Has a couple of custom IR's uploaded with the stock ones (SVT and Marshall 1960A) from Lancaster Audio. You can tweak "valve type", Mic and positioning etc etc. Comes with Mooer 18v PSU
  7. MultiFX/Amp sim/IR loader/looper/expresion pedal/tuner/etc etc etc - boxed. Very little use, just clearing the decks before the Spondolitus forces more drastic sales comes with factory PSU
  8. Nibody


    Part of my flirtation with a Royal Blood sound (also have a Switchblade going up). Probably one of the best mid priced Octave pedals on the market. Spent its life on my pedalboard so is missing the rubber foot and may have a little residue from velcro on the bottom. Postage in the uk only,
  9. I'm having 'nam like flashbacks to a gig in Leamington Spa and my Carlsbro BG150 stack developing a dry joint mid set - saved by a bass player in the audience who ran home and returned with his own head for me to use (and told the Singer and guitarist what a pair of cnuts they were for giving me so much grief for it in front of the crowd)
  10. Given I was raised with my mums record collection (including The Band, John Stewart and The Down County Boys to name a few), plus my own love of Counting Crows/Tom Petty/Steve Earl if it wasnt for the fact Im working through a possible Spondolitus diagnosis and I dont think you're in the Midlands anyway... I would be throwing my hat in the ring so hard it would bounce. Good luck with the search man, Im sure you will find somebody stellar here.
  11. Picked up an Ampeg SCR-DI from Fleabay via those well practiced destroyers of gear, Gear4Music. £50, described as "having a hissing noise" As it turns out, after much testing and stressing, what they completely failed to mention was it had NO noise, in fact no sound via the inputs, and indeed no power socket as it had been smashed into the body. Fortunately I had the remains of a dead Behringer BDi21 which had the exact same 9v socket on it. Unfortunately the trace pad that the third connector (which bypasses the battery when a power lead is connected I believe) was trashed. Fortunately the +ve and -ve pads were intact. So now I had power - but still no sound. Then discovered the ribbon cable between the input section and main board had two broken wires. There is no way I was going to attempt to desolder and trim back the whole ribbon cable, so I placed two wire jumpers across the two broken sections of Ribbon cable. H ey presto fully working Ampeg SCR-DI. The mind boggles how exactly the hell they managed to breeak the power socket so spectacularly AND break two Ribbon cable attachments on a 10-wire ribbon cable when everything inside is so well attached to the frame! Pedal looks like it had been on someones board so I guess they broke it and sent it back and the returns departement were to lazy to check it. So despite thinking it was initially well beyond repair, I know have a fully working (apart from the battery section) SCR-DI. The DOWNSIDE is I thought it was completely FUBAR so I ordered a new one.. so I will shortly have TWO... lol
  12. The Frankenspector (with my CK-4)... factory reject Spector Performer Classic (the curved body) body and neck, Fretmarker overlays, Gotoh707 tuners, Schaller 3d bridge, EMG40DC's and a Michalik BP4 preamp. And of course "The Dood" - 1991 Samick Squier neck, unknown origin body, Allparts Omega badass clone, Greco Lawsuit Pickups, Wilkinson 70's style tuners.
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