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  1. Ive been in a few bands with your ex drummer Emerson on and off since the early 90's.
  2. Even if the Truss was ok... that degree of mould staining... 🤢
  3. I need a tetanus shot just looking at it. Bet the neck is shot.
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/spector-5-string-bass-neck/352737458463?hash=item5220ca791f:g:6RIAAOSw5PJdQHb6 They are factory seconds so a bit dusty/marked - both of mine needed a bit of work as there was a lip between the fretboard and the neck (fretboard was slightly narrower than the maple of the neck) but a half hours or so scraping and sanding and you'd never know there had been an issue. But he is very clear that they need work. Both of mine had great frets, no warping and fully functional truss rods
  5. That was the consideration for the 4 string body.. lol. One dropped right into my Streamer Standard, had the Streamer LX modified to fit a Warwick two piece bridge so to fit the neck I would need to use Extra Long Scale strings as the taper is sitting on the nut with Long scale - Im toying with the idea of having the neck pocket modified to bring it closer to the bridge (It will all work, the Spector is slightly longer scale than the rockbass). Only I could buy two Streamers in a row with buggered necks. The guy has a few on fleabay if you're not afraid of a bit of woodwork.
  6. I am in possesion of a couple of "factory second" Spector 5 string necks - Im guessing they came from a Legend 5. Have used one to replace the shafted neck on one of my two Rockbass Streamers.The guy I got them from has some 4 string bodies as well, so I was wondering if there were any major dimension differences between the 4 and 5 string bodies (other than the obvious neck pocket etc). I know the body of my Washburn XS-5 is noticeably bigger than my XS-4.
  7. Is it sad that when I saw the first picture and where the item was located (Mayfield) I didnt have to even look at who the seller was?
  8. Not just over high end stuff. Bought a streamer - neck was knackered. £300. Bought a second Streamer (Standard non active) to salvage the neck for the streamer LX - truss rod was shot on that one too. £270 more.Bought two factory second spector necks spector necks.. Bought replacement truss rod, clamps, just-a-nut III and MEC active circuitand replaced the truss rod in one salvageble warwick neck - about £100. Even my good friend and seasoned bass tech/bassist extrordinaire Chris Dale told me he would have burnt the ruddy thing. Could have bought a brand new one for what I spent. And what would they be worth if I sold them now?
  9. have a couple of ideas and limited skills so sending the neck to andy to play with. Picked up a dubious looking Korean Spector factory second neck which actually turned out to be marked, quite dirty but suprisingly decent andI have saved with a little scraping/carving (neck was wider than fretboard) so now my Streamer standard is a Warwick/Spector hybrid.
  10. On the two I have recently bought (Streamer standard and Streamer LX), one being the catastrophic neck failure, both came with ratted truss rod nuts. In the case of the broken neck one (Streamer LX) popped off the frettboard to make neck repair easier. The brass saddle that the truss rod pulls against had compressed the wood behind it to such a degree it had started to rotate at an angle (forcing the truss downwards against a weak part of the neck hence the break) and obviously meant the truss was left with no free threads to work with. I suspect the Streamer Standard has the beginnings of the same problem. Not a fault of Warwicks (these are 12 year old instruments) more likely some previous owner going at the truss rod like a bull at a gate under full string tension (both are 5 strings).
  11. Please for gods sake loosen the strings when you tighten the truss rod. Particularly on Warwick Rockbass models. Currently own two that had been tightened under tension, causing the brass insert at the top of the truss rod to compress the wood in the neck it sits against and the nut to end up ratted, resulting in inoperable truss rods... GHAHHH
  12. Yep. €260 plus postage both ways and I believe workshop Fees 😨
  13. Thanks Andy - I had agreat time tody, the old girl decided to pay me back by spoiling it.. lol I have it clamped and glueing at the moment (have some Alcolin wood glue working its magic - oddly enogh bought it from Crimson Guitars ) but as I said the Truss rod was horribly stiff (and the nut is now ratted) so its not just the break. Grateful of the offer but I dont want to take advantage. If I can't get it playable will probably either try and track down a cheap RB Streamer Standard for a donor neck or bite the bullet and give Warwick one of my kidneys (whole bass has to be shipped to Germany as they will not sell replacement necks even for the rockbass line unless they fit them)
  14. Not even a scarf jointed neck.. so much for Warwicks 3 piece Laminate being stronger. Clean break so possibly glueable but complicated by the truss rodd issue.
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