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  1. Nibody

    Feedback for Outsider70

    Just bought a set of 70s style Wilkinson P bass tuners from Tony. No issues at all. Good bloke.
  2. Nibody

    Feedback for P-ZARN

    Bought Neils surplus Hipshot Xtender. Paid Sunday, posted Monday, arrived Tuesday with apocalypse-proof packaging...😊 very happy, cheers matey
  3. Nibody

    One machine head £400?

    He says Roadstar not Roadster.. like it is a good thing..
  4. Nibody

    Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    My Royal Blood-Esque setup
  5. Nibody

    Bass similair to a Washburn B-20

    No it was quite recent. Saw one for sale on Facebook a few months back and looked up the maker - was a small-ish company (I get the impression they are like a smaller "Vintage" type operation). Peaked my interest as I have always liked the look of the B-20 and they dont pop up often and are pricey due to rareity. .
  6. A while ago on Facebook I saw a bass up for sale that was a similair design to a Washburn B-20. Cant for the life of me remember the name of the Maker (did look up their website but like an idiot didnt save a link to it). Have a feeling they were UK based. Dont suppose anyone has any idea who it is that makes them?
  7. Nibody

    10" Bass driver recomendations

    Its this one https://www.gak.co.uk/en/behringer-ultrabass-bb210/923 The horror stories I heard were the cones seperating from the chassis of the speaker. The actual cabinet iteslf is quite sturdy - and heavy (Granted not as heavy as my 4x10 and it takes up less space in the boot!) Will measure it up tomorrow.
  8. Nibody

    10" Bass driver recomendations

    Having collected it from a nice guy in Coventry at Black rose Studios (he has a second one going if anyone is interested) it actually doesnt sound too bad. I have heard horror storys about the drivers in these literally coming apart!
  9. I've managed to pick up a cheap 2x10 Cab that I am intending to use for rehersals as it is more portable than my 4x10. Its (I know... I know...) a Behringer Ultrabass BB210. Supposedly its a 600w Cab... I have read terrible things about the 10" drivers in them so I am looking to replace them sharpish with something more "fit for purpose". Going to be running my Terror Bass 500 through it. can anyone suggest some reasonably priced 10" Speakers - Im guessing I will be looking at 250+ Watts and 16 ohms each ( Cab is nominally 8 ohm) . Never needed to replace speakers so I wouldnt know where to start. I obviously dont want gold standard platinum coated speakers, just something reasonable that isnt going to disintegrate!
  10. Nibody

    Been here before...going on a hiatus?

    I stopped playing for 10 years. I am almost at that point again.
  11. Nibody

    'Lost at sea'

    It makes me feel like Im lost at sea - Cold and wishing for a swift death.
  12. Going by the finish and layout this looks like a Marlin body. If that helps anyone.
  13. Nibody

    Vintage V100

    They are quite good - If its anything like my Vintage SG Clone. All Wilkinson Hardware and pickups (mines mahogany bodied set mahogany neck - guess this is the same?).
  14. Nibody

    "Damaged" MIJ Fender P body, apparently

    Why. Just WHY?