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  1. https://www.facebook.com/Christopher1974/videos/542340614141674 I "checked" the finish on my bass. It's hard to see on camera. It looks awesome in person.
  2. If you had a signature bass, what would it be? I've always wanted a candy red P bass with a rosewood board, a jazz width nut and a white pickguard. I finally got one put together from parts. It's got a Precision Special neck and tuners, Nate Mendel body(not his actual body..... it's a bass body... anyway.....), Fender or Squier bridge(not sure where it originally came from) and a Dimarzio Model P. This comes very close to "my signature bass" if I was a somebody instead of Nobody.
  3. Got the DiMarzio installed in the Fender. DiMarzios definately have their own sound. I like it but I ordered some flats to tame the P bass a little. I put on a new set of D'addario nickel rounds on after I installed the pup and it will easily rip your face off if you're not careful.
  4. That was the inspiration. Watt was in Bass Player magazine several years ago and I haven't stopped thinking about how cool his bass was ever since.
  5. I might try that after I get some more practice with wiring/soldering the new pup and pots in my P bass(which I ordered yesterday :D) I've got a DiMarzio Model P with cream cover on the way.
  6. Yes. They're pretty cool. I wish Reverend would bring back the Rumblefish.
  7. Hello fellow kids. It's nobody. I have returned to the bass world after leaving and realizing the rest of the world is crazy(which coming from me is really saying something). Anyways... I needed something to distract me from all the bullsh!t going on in the world and decided I missed making low growly noises so I bought a bass after selling all my stuff a few years back. I always wanted a bass like Mike Watt's heavily EB3 but the vintage Gibsons are out of my price range and I wouldn't feel right modding one so I looked into Epiphone EB0s. I found one used on reverb in good condition that already had the pickup replaced with a DiMarzio so I bought it. It also came with the original pickup and that got me thinking. I moved the DiMarzio pup to more of a middle position and use the original pup cover as just a cover over the original cavity. It looks pretty professional as long as you don't take the pup out and look at the new cavity(It's not pretty but it works). Before that I disassembled the whole thing and deglossed the finish(except the front of the headstock) with fine steel wool and put on a Hipshot bridge. It looks a lot nicer with a satin finish IMHO. I finished soldering the pup in Friday and got a used Ampeg Micro CL yesterday. The Epi sounds HUGE through that amp. Punchy. Bright enough. Growly. Easy to play(my first short scale). Neck dive like crazy! I moved the bridge side strap button up about 4 or 5 inches(sorry I'm a Yank)10 to 13 cm and that helped a little. Then I moved the heel strap button to the lower hole instead of the upper hole of the neck plate and the also helped. The combo of the two made it good enough. Then today I remember a P bass I had seen at a local pawn shop that had a P bass Special(JAZZ) neck on it that I kinda wanted so what the heck... I bought that too. I got the P bass home, tuned it up, plugged it in, turned on the amp and... NOISE FOR DAYS!!!!! The pickup is microphinic and a touch technotronix or something like that..... I'm probably going to have to replace the pup and I'll probably upgrade the pots and jack while I'm at it. I'm absolutely cool with that since as I mentioned before, I'm looking for things to keep me distracted from the mess the world's in right now. I hope you're doing well. Different strokes for different folks And so on and so on and Scooby-dooby-dooby I am everyday people
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