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  1. I dont gig anymore. But always (even for small pub gigs) had at least one spare bass, spare wireless system (I still have two identical Senheiser units) , DI incase the amp went down, tools and an old set of strings. At last count having abandoned Amps I had a Ampeg SCR DI in case the Helix went bang.
  2. h sweet lordy.. I currently own @hiram.k.hackenbacker's Natural Deacon tribute, if I ever get one made myself something like this will be on my list (with a 70's vibe)
  3. I'm completely the opposite. Started on a P bass, have owned... oooh.. many - Fenders (70's, 90's, 2000's, US/Japanese/Mexican), Squiers, Japanese copies, bitsas.. tried branching out with Warwicks, Ibanez's, Spectors, Deans.. and came full circle. There are P basses and there are P basses as you found out. Nicest playing one I owned was a Mexican first generation "black logo" I bought from here, next to the 1976 I used to own, and the Limelight I recently got (again from here). A lot of it is down to the neck/nut width. tried my mates Mex Classic and hated the surfboardlike nut width, prefer my 96 Squier which has a 40mm nut similair to the 70's US models. Sweet spot for me is a 40mm nut.
  4. Rather like some "creators" on YouTube, once you have put yourself out there in public portraying yourself in a certain light you are inviting criticism. I am in no way a psychologist, and my view is my own and does not reflect the opinions of Basschat or my fellow members -but I have my own theories, and believe it falls down to one of two possibilities. Either he is a vulnerable individual and genuinely believes he is creating masterpieces,in which case someone close to him should be trying to dissuade/protect him (as the parent of avulnerable mentaly disabled teenage girl, I have to be that gate guardian to keep her safe from herself and others daily, and will be till I draw my last breath). Or he is a cynical chap, portraying a persona, wherein people will pay silly money for a butchered instrument or his book due to lack of knowledge and experience (taken in by possibly self created feedback) or to have a good laugh because both are so bad it almost becomes a trope... or possibly buy out of pitty believing the first scenario is the case. I have no concrete evidence of either of these theories, and they remain that.
  5. Wel. Thats a thing isnt it. I do hope the pages are absorbent and the ink waterproof.
  6. True. But I could send it back and they could claim its due to something I've done, in which case it's a "my word against theirs" situation,so I end up paying out on postage both ways for nothing. The neck is the fender "heel access/cross head nut" design suplier told them they were dual action rods in them (you can get truss rods that are dual ation with a fender cross head heel adjustment - if that was the case unless there was a catastrophic failure the rod wouldnt be able to be screwed in and out. And if they are single action they souldnt have to be screwed 2cm into the neck to start working. Rather bizarre.
  7. Well they were as good as their word with the partial refund - and agreed with me that their suplier may have tried to pull a fast one. I've managed (with the addition of a lot of spacers) to get it workable. It's a shame as overall the neck is well carved and finished. Guess mine was a 5pm on Friday neck.
  8. I have figured if I can add (and find) enough washers (the rod screws right out) it is inducing a backbow when tightened. But there is no way this is a dual action truss rod. NorthWest have offered to either have it sent back to them (at my expense) or a 50% refund. I've opted for the latter as I can make it workable, and its money (and hassle) to send it back. Will see if they are as good as their word. Ive bought stuff (mainly lacquer) from them in the past and had no issues, but this has really put me off getting a neck from them again.
  9. And to be clear that is screwing to both positions - not like it’s snapped - and the rod seems tight in the body.
  10. It was bought through eBay so I have contacted them there and will be returning it. It is supposed to be a dual action rod but I’ve never seen a dual action rod do what’s shown in the pictures..
  11. I bought a Jazz neck from them via ebay recently to pop on one of my two Squier P's. NEVER AGAIN. Frets tarnished - I mean BADLY tarnished Truss rod. Fender heal end cross style. Turned.. and turned... and turned... disapeared a good 2 cm into the body before doing anything, then became super tight with little effect. Backed it out expecting it to be a removable nut like a fender hoping to put a couple of washers in there... no. no its not. the nut is part of the truss rod, almost like a cheap far eastern one way truss rod disguised as a fender one. Paid £125 for this piece of junk. Unfortunately I had already done some work (rounding fretboard edges, drilling holes for tuners etc etc) so I cant send it back, but it is trash. For comparrison I bought a no name far eastern Jazz neck (maple with black blocks in amber tint) for £40 ish and the QC and fit and finnish dribble all over this from a great height. NOPE. not again.
  12. forgot it was still up here.. no sorry mate it sold off basschat.
  13. I recomend listening to the alltime classic "A night in Langley".
  14. They look like vintage late 70's/early 80's Ibanez ones - the Roadster RS900's had them, possibly the Blazers too. If they are, they are worth more than the neck (though that is not exactly a high goal to hit..)
  15. Isn't he the guy who isn't Sammy Hagar...? (I'll grab my Van Hagar Club coat...) On a side note I cant stand Kiss (sorry Kiss fans) and Gene Simmonds in particular - he grates against my nerves like a titanium cheesegrater. Its all in search of publicity. Nothing more. I remeber seeing Carol Kay trying to teach him how to play bass in a video. It was painful.
  16. I have owned a Warwick Vampyre, a Spector Performer, Two Warwick Streamers, A Spector Ck-4 Rex, A dean Explorer type think, Two Thunderbirds, a 90's Aria Pro, Vintage and modern Ibanez's (RS900VT and SR305EB) and a hell of a lot of Jazz's and P basses. And I keep going back to my P basses. When I pick up a P I just want to play. Some of the others have been more exiting/more versatile/fancier but I am happiest with a passive P bass. They may be just tools to some but if you are not "feeling it" then you aren't going to be inspired, regardless of how expensive/bootique/flash/well respected your bass is. Lets face it, P basses have one soundscape, are not particularly fancy to look at and don't have any bells and whistles. But when I pick one up its like slipping on your favourite pair of walking shoes.
  17. God that is gorgeous.. all it needs is a mirrored pickguard and some manner of bladed Jazz pickup in that empty cavity and you have instant Phil Lynott..
  18. I BELIEVE from what I've heard he winds his own
  19. If you get the chance based on this bass, I would seriously consider buying a Limelight or getting one made. Finnish is great, feel is great, and the pickups sound fantastic.
  20. Just bought Warrens Limelight 68 P (deacon tribute). Lovelly bass and lovelly chap - took time out from gig set-up (which he was doing locally) to sort the hand-over. One of the good un's. Very communicative and accomodating. Trade with confidence!. Thanks W... I LOVE IT TO BITS!!!
  21. Having bought this from our very own Hiram.k.hackenbacker, I have to say I am in love. Barely put the damn thing down - Im not usually a fan of Jazz necks, but OMG.. this thing is amazing. Cheers Warren! Well worth the money and the wait! Won't bore you with specs as there are already two threads on this bass, plus some great pics on Classic and cool's gallerywith much better than I can churn out with an ageing iphone.. She has been christened "The Deaky".
  22. Finally collect my new  (to me) Limelight today..

    1. TheGreek





    2. Nibody


      Hint.. it was for sale in the classifieds.. and is very John Deacon like...

    3. Nibody
  23. You could literally buy two Limelights for that price
  24. I remember a Thin Lizzy Tribute (I won't name them) getting sollidly stoned by hardcore Lizzy fans due to hillariously bad Wigs, and although they were fine musicians they just didnt sound even vaguely like Thin Lizzy.
  25. I fall firmly in the camp of sound over image, though as Lozz says - if its done tastefully and well it can be a plus. I remember seeing AB/CD in the 90's - "Bon" and "Angus" really pulled it off well image and mannerisms/stage prescence wiseand the band sounded spot on.
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