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    Unwrapped a suspicious parcel only to find lurking inside, surprise surprise, another bass guitar 🤦🏼‍♂️ Seriously, somebody stop me. Every time I scrape together a few quid I tell myself to save it for a rainy day. Then find myself in a dark alley trembling and twitching as I hand it all over for just one more score. This week I have become the proud owner of a Washburn Scavenger. I have a few weak areas in my feeble defences, of which, early 80s MIJ basses is one. This is a doozy. Really lovely finish, great shape (I think so anyway) and it sounds wonderful. No neck dive at all. There can't be any really. Not unless the neck was another three feet longer and constructed from cast iron. This is a heavy piece of wood. No problem on a comfort strap, I played it all evening and even my dodgy shoulder is fine. It's also string through, which I've not had before. Tell me, does this mean flats are a no no? I know @Bassassin knows a fair bit about these. Any info gratefully received.
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    Absolutely. Two things I would say: at some point in the not too distant future people will feel safe enough to go out and not avoid crowds and; it is not a case of being ‘principled’ to refuse to accept changes in market forces and go out of business. There is going to be a recession, not just because of COVID 19. This will lead to venues closing but still (nearly) the same number of bands who want to play in them. Therefore, there will be an over-supply of bands causing band fees to drop. Going hand-in-hand with this will be a drop in demand from punters, many of whom may lose their jobs or struggle to pay the mortgage and therefore can’t afford to go out to support live music events. This will mean a potential loss of income for pubs / venues, again forcing gig fees to drop. As you say, all this is going to push down band fees as a result of the change in the supply / demand curve. All of this is going to have an effect on the live music scene, both at the professional and semi-pro levels. At pub band level, the better bands with established followings may find themselves having to reduce their fees and start competing with bands who are perhaps not so good. These bands will struggle even more for gigs and may be forced to play less often for free. On one hand, this might mean that it is likely that there is an awful band on when you turn up at a typical pub venue, on the other hand how are these bands supposed to get better it they’re starved of gigs?? At the pro level, it’s difficult enough these days trying to make a living with music as your main source of income and it’s not going to get any easier! Interesting times…
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    I play original music so, overall, I have played at a loss for 30 years. Playing for free would be a step up in the world 😂 I would play for free for now because I enjoy playing, provided there were no expenses and, perhaps, the venue could throw in some goodies to sweeten it a smidge. The situation would be fluid, however, and no long term commitments would be made. Once the venue is doing well, the band should do well too.
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    It's a healthy debate as there's no definitive right answer. A large part of the decision comes down to where you are in the food chain. If you're a hobbyist doing originals, or any jazz, it's probably not about the money. So reduced fee at Dog & Duck etc isn't too demeaning and feels positive if you're helping an independent venue scrape by. Can see if you're on the tribute circuit - or where most full time musicians sit, my brother incl - sideman, corp gigs and teaching - playing for free is a different call.
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    Hard to believe, this is in better nick than one on eBay for 550 quid.......amazing value for a cracking bass. Just noticed it's a Jap build as well............that is even better value
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    I think it's a different sort of 'bright' - more of a toppy 'glassy' attack from maple than the 'zing' a new string makes. You can even hear it with flats, perhaps more so. One of the reasons I like maple board P basses is because it helps give those octave pops a bit more snap.
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    Last gig was September. I played 3 sets with 3 different bands at an all dayer. Tried to quit one of those bands after the show, they didn’t let me (best mates and all). Didn’t want to do one but couldn’t get out of it, not playing with them now. Then the third one was my band so all rosey. Pointless bank story there. As an almost 40 year old alt/punk kid, who is doing this for fun, it’s frustrating not to gig. But like so many others, as it’s not a revenue stream so I’m not too phased. I’m spending the time writing for a new project that I’m very excited for. Our first practice was a huge success and we are going at this with the main aim of making some really good recordings, not worried about gigging at the moment. A very fortunate position to be in. My heart bleeds for people that need to make a living out of this stuff. Venue staff, performers, techs and engineers. Things won’t get any easier for a while as those small gigs and venues will be hardest hit. However, when they are back (bigger, better, stronger) I’m going to love and appreciate them even more. I look forward to playing live again.
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    Wet fish for you as well then
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    Thanks for a heads up on Nomeansno and Rob Wright😎 Canada has produced in my humble opinion, the two greatest three piece bands in the World!! Nomeansno from Vancouver and Rush from Toronto. Alas both bands no more!! R.I.P. Neil.. Nomeansno were punk/jazz legends..The first time i saw them was on the WRONG tour with the original guitarist Andy Kerr, They got waylaid trying to find the Venue and did a quick line check..."Oh my f##king stars!!!" I have never heard a drummer (John) playing reverse maths equations on a kit, that could sound so amazing with the guitarist playing syncopated riffs with him.Then as for the bass!! Rob Wright is a Machine, A bass playing supernova. At that time playing a fender precision bass with a pick, think Chris Squire and JJ Burnel but twice as fast!! An Acoustic amp head and 2×15 cab..whilst just like Geddy singing at the same time.A bit of a more butch voice though! I believe i saw Nomeansno about twelve times in various countries and they never ceased to blow my mind, playing for the love of playing and as for the Wright brothers (not Orville and Wilbur!) Rob and John, i have never heard a tighter unit..If we were needing to defend the World against a rouge Alien hoard with Drum and Bass, the Wright brothers would be the guardians of the Galaxy!! 👍😎 ps YYZ tone is mind blowingly amazing!!😎
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    No harm no foul. Not exactly an easy search when you couldn't know how other people might have titled their threads.
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    Yes, my band would do it (we are covers). We play for free sometimes anyway, and not in it for the money. As far as I am concerned the venue is doing something for us even if they pay us no money - they are providing us with an audience and a 'platform' (every sense) to play on. I'm doing it as a music fan as well as a musician. I want the venues to stay open or keep doing music and provide me with live music for years to come. Speaking as non-pro, so other perspectives may apply!
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    Recorded at the last gig we played in December last year:
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    This is a gorgeous hand-made, short scale (30inch) bass made with: Mahogany body, Buckeye Burl top, custom wound dual coil pickup high mass bridge with 19mm string spacing. The Domanski humbucker with wood cover looks and sounds just great. Short scale bass - very comfy to play and normal bass strings can be used. MINT condition - unplayed. Cost £1375 new - on sale for £999 - bargain for such a beautiful bass. Photos show actual bass. (See my advert for PJB amp too) PM or Text 07899 847828 Please dont call directly as I am on call. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mensinger cooperate with Adrian Kuban-Maruszczyk (pronounced “Maru” “sh” “tsch”) the German bassist and luthier behind Maruszczyk Instruments. The Mersinger team makes both Maruszczyk and Mensinger Instruments and distributes them through the Germany-based Public-Peace website. The majority of Mensinger''s production is for Maruszczyk. Specifications; • Body: Mahogany • Top: Buckeye Burl, matching headstock • Neck: hard rock maple, matched headstock, C-shape • Fingerboard: maple, 22 fret • Nut width: 40mm • Radius: 14 • Construction: bolt on • Pickups: Domanski Dual Coil humbucker in wood cover with mini switch (serial / single-coil / parallel) • Electronics: passive: volume/tone • Finish: satin natural, body/neck matte • Hardware: Black, 19mm string spacing bridge • Weight: 3.0kg / 7lb • Incl. Padded Gigbag
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    Hip hop? That went in the 90’s. Grime is the current thing, although I really wish it was hip hop
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    Meant to message you - so shall do toot sweet.
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    Nah. On the wife’s account. I spend long enough on here let alone fb as well. 😂
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    Thanks @Reggaebass I’ve merged my thread into this one!
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    The restoration thread gave me a kick up the backside ,now with a set of NOS Picato tapes 🙂
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    Please don't think that you don't have my full support. I am lucky enough to be working from home on full salary, but if things had gone differently I could have taken a redundancy package before the pandemic and been working as a freelance and found myself in the same position as you. The issue is that things are likely to change and could get more difficult for guys like you. I have a lot of friends in a similar position to you and I am concerned for them.
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    As this is an alpha bass (my old one 😃) and it being all valve i was always under the impression that the heads outputs needed to see matched impedance? Happy to be proven wrong but i thought being all valve it was best to stick to what the outputs stated
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    Thanks gents - that's v helpful! Looping over the strap it is then!
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    It's a Squier Classic Vibe by the looks. Probably Indonesian. You can see where the decal has been rubbed off the back of the headstock, and it has the same tuners and skunk stripe.
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    Played chromes for years and experienced the same for a few weeks. You can get some GHS fast fret and rub it over the strings every now and again or do it the vintage way - rub your finger tips in the creases on your face and get the oils on your fingers. Kind of disgusting, but the funk is in the gunk.
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    Thodrik explained my grievances with the cab very well!
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    They get better. I have a fretless that came with them stock and thought they were too grabby at first but they're slick now.
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    It's your job to say "yes"?
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    I'd leave it whole or split the fatter bits. At 200mm it will still season fairly quickly. You can dip the ends in hot wax or even PVA to help prevent splitting as it dries.
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    Don’t do it - if you do I may personally come and find you and slap you silly with a wet fish
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    I'm not likely to be travelling West any time soon in afraid but I am in Norfolk (near Fakenham) if you wanted to get it dropped off to me and its not too late to arrange. I can happily hold onto it until somebody else is ready to pick it up for the next leg of its journey. Not sure if that would actually help much but at least once it's here you'd have more time to plan the next stage? Let me know and I can give you the address.
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    Geez, but I hate all of that fake Big Hair! Ain't gonna say I never went there, but at least all I did was have it cut. This is how it came out of my head. [Caveat: This photo is from 1979. I'm now wearing my hair on the inside. 😋]
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    Ive used it for quick checks on guitar, but tuning isnt as accurate in that mode so its more a visual thing IME. Also in bass mode you dont get this option anyway. I also had a Polytune 3 pedal, and again, never used this feature. I do love the displays though, very clear and strong.
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    Sorry mate Devons pretty much all I can say, it’s nothing personal. I know this forums probably safe compared to a lot of the net that’s like the Wild West at times... but I’m a stupidly cautious about what I post about myself online after some weirdo on Reddit tracked me down using my username on their which was the same as my username on Xbox live and started to stalk me in both, as well as posting my real name and what info he got from that too Reddit. You’d think I’d got into some heated argument with him... all I’d done was quote a Terry Prachett book in a post about books. He either really hated Terry Pratchett or was just a major creep I’ll never know! But it kind of gave me the creeps about posting stuff as just takes one weirdo in an unrelated media to have some spare time and they could find out a lot.
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    Yeah, she properly gives me what for if I turn up to an 80's gig without the Modulus. If I move up next to her while she's singing, in the right light, the sparkle can make her forget lyrics. Complete glitter junkie 😂
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    Too many to list. A search of YouTube for "terrible music videos" turns up some gems. This is one of the more amusing collections: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QajzKbTBeGg
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    The first new port is almost finished. I will check that it is totally sealed before I test it. I have routed the back of the wood and epoxied it in. I was not convinced that it was sealed so I used some PVA around the pipe.In smoothing the wood and excess glue, I got a slight flare so that may of may not help. I also have two other pieces of wood, one to test the sealed performance and another if needed for a different diameter port.
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    We've played two gigs since outdoor gigs were 'allowed'. In both cases we returned the fee at the end of the night. This was because we knew the pub and the landlord, appreciated their efforts and it was clear that despite being as full as it was possible to be, they were still not going to making huge profits out of it. We've been asked to play for free since the rules were relaxed but have turned those down.
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    I’d like to leave a thank you and a sad response but it won’t let me, that was a great thing to do ubit, 👍, I too would play for free for charity.
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    Discussing playing for free is as good a way of getting the Basschat blood pressure up as suggesting kit share.
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    As long as they are not paying any other supplier of goods and services on the same night. EDIT - Also the venue is likely to use the same excuse for about 5 years after a vaccine is available.
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    And it comes with it's own welding mask!
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    True enough, but there are a lot of grumpy people in the world and it makes little sense to add to their number. Sold the bass again a week or so later so no real drama.
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    Probably not. The Average American Idiot would tolerate him so long as their pocketbook wasn't affected. But a side effect of C-19 that bothers them even more than the deaths is the unemployment. As that has mostly impacted the uneducated working class that usually votes conservative his core base of supporters has shrunk considerably.
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    There’s a simple, cost effective, customer focused solution: Ashdown.
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    A shout out for Neutrik as well. Same quality as Switchcraft. Part No NYS229 for mono.
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    NOW £155 inc postage Up for sale early 2000 Fulltone Bass Drive MOSFET in excellent condition. Gives a beautiful grind/drive sound without losing the bottom end, but like an SVT like growl. Not using now so up she goes. Price includes U.K. post.
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    Hi all, ***REDUCED - 01-07-20 - £400.00*** FOR SALE ONLY: Fender Rumble V3 bass amplifier combo Class D bass amp. Powerful, punchy and portable. I’ve had it since about Sept. 2019. Had a decent gigging life, and has been very reliable through UK and European tours. Always stored indoors in a smoke free environment. Reason I’m selling is I’m moving house, shortly. and I’ve also upgraded to a Mark bass / barefaced rig, so this is surplus. Full specs online of course, but it’s a belter of an amp. It’s also got a nice padded Roqsolid cover too. Any questions please shout. I am in Cirencester, but could meet halfway and follow all the usual distancing norms if you wanted. Any questions please PM me. Thanks, Jack
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    So... I decided to get some bulletproof cables ready for the post-apocalyptic gigging season... whenever that is likely to be. Thanks to this thread I've just ordered some designacables via Amazon... neutrik connectors and Van Damme cables, and a new mic cable for good luck. I already have neutrik loaded patch cables on my modest pedal board. Now I have plenty of spares, plus my fancy Fender braided cable for home use. Cheers for the advice!

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