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  1. Venting the cab may help, but you can't just willy nilly cut a hole in it. The area and depth of the vent is critical to a good result, as is the cabinet volume, and both are determined using the driver Thiele/Small specs with speaker modeling software. Or the driver specs may not be suited to a ported enclosure at all.
  2. You're the bassplayer, that makes you the smart one in the band. Really. The majority of top tier engineers and designers who also play an instrument are bass players. My personal experience, that many others have also stated, is that since the equipment demands of bass are so challenging they more or less had to learn the science. It's a more than worthwhile endeavor. I made a tolerable enough living as a musician when that was my primary source of income, but I made my fortune as an engineer. To be more helpful with your issue I'd need the particulars on the driver and enclosure.
  3. The speaker thermal rating is almost meaningless, and for that matter so is the amp output. Where the speaker is concerned this is what matters: https://www.eminence.com/support/understanding-loudspeaker-data/
  4. I haven't seen mention of it but if the DI output is XLR then it should have a low output level, otherwise it could overload the board input.
  5. If the EQ is flat at noon what it gives you is the same result as if they weren't there at all. They're not supposed to be merely for decoration. It's a far cry from the 60s, when we all played valve amps with mediocre speakers. The usual protocol then was to turn everything to '10', unless of course you had the option to go to '11'. 😎
  6. "If it sounds good, it is good". Duke Ellington. Even before the current FRFR craze there was the 'set it for flat response' craze, where players would automatically set all the tone controls at noon, resisting advice to do otherwise, because they wanted flat response. It was a silly notion, because nothing in the signal chain is flat, starting with the pickups, ending with the room. If they somehow had managed to get truly flat response it would have been as bland as flat beer.
  7. It's listed as -10dB at 50Hz. That's not full range. It's what you'd expect from a main intended for pole mounting, with subs handling below 80Hz. The only advantage I see to it is that the 1.8kHz crossover from the woofer to HF horn makes far more sense than the usual 3.5kHz or higher crossover from woofer to tweeter in bass cabs. Not that a 3.5kHz or higher crossover from a woofer to tweeter makes any sense. It doesn't. 🙄
  8. Your Ashdown is a passive speaker.
  9. Valves need a load because current always flows through the output transformer primary winding. SS needs no load because when there's nothing plugged in to the output no current flows from the output devices.
  10. Hoffman's Iron Law and the presence of standing waves are not related. Phil Jones cabs are not line arrays.
  11. The power handling chart has limited value, as power alone doesn't reveal maximum SPL capability. By the same token the transfer function magnitude chart doesn't reveal sensitivity. IMO the chart order of importance is SPL, Maximum SPL, Impedance, Rear Port air velocity and then Maximum Power. The primary use of Maximum Power is to plug that value into the Signal Source window, then check the Rear Port air velocity to see if it's no higher than 20 within the intended pass band.
  12. I wouldn't mic so close to the cab in a live situation that it would make any difference.
  13. The SM57 and 58 use the same cartridge, only the grille is different. https://www.shure.com/en-GB/support/find-an-answer/sm57-vs-sm58
  14. I've never cared to hear anything coming out of my rig other than me, it's very distracting.
  15. Plan B is OK assuming the speakers are not part of your backline. You'd be a very unhappy camper were that the case.
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