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  1. UPDATE - Don’t know what I did but got it to work. Currently on 3rd update at 2.54
  2. Currently on 2.3 but I need to get it to connect to hxedit and get it up to 2.82. My pc recognises it and I’ve also tried 2.3 hxedit to no avail. Have just uninstalled that now and also done the global reset on the helix. Not sure which direction to go in next.
  3. My Helix has arrived from the shop as version 2.30 and won’t update. It won’t even connect to HX edit. Any ideas?
  4. You only live once, to be honest a couple of my friends have the LT and kind of pushed me in that direction.
  5. Cyber Monday and I buckled.... unpacked my LT tonight and have no idea where to start. Coming from an old school plug and play background so totally baffled by it all.
  6. I’ve got a double bass although I find that a completely different beast to electric and to say my technique is lacking is an understatement 😉
  7. Wow loving these ideas, heard a few things on the radio lately on songs I wouldn’t really normally pay attention to and was trying to work the bass lines out in my head. Also soundtracks to films/tv series is another one, when I get a minute and pick my bass up I’m going to try and work some of these out.
  8. Good shout on both posts. Had a nightmare year with band members changing then having to get them up to speed on set, we’ve found ourselves playing the same old songs so it’s all gotten a bit monotonous. Going to try and take a step back and learn some songs I just enjoy listening to. Another issue I’ve had is not being able to set my amp up due to lack of room but we’re moving house in a few weeks and I’m going to make the spare room into a man cave so plenty of room to chill out and play 😉
  9. Ok so in short other than rehearsing and gigging in our covers bands I haven’t really felt inspired to play in the last year or so. We started to write earlier in the year but have still only come up with one decent song (I’m new to original material). We cancelled yet another gig this weekend due to a member having a few personal problems. Feels like the whole sparks gone and the inspiration just isn’t there. Every time I pick up the bass nothing comes out. What do you all do to get back into it? Exercises to improve your playing? Maybe stick one of your favourite albums on and try and learn it? This years been chaotic but I’d love to finish work and look forward to picking up the bass and improving my playing or learning new stuff. Anything that just involves playing and enjoying it really.
  10. I’ve definitely played P’s with thicker necks, I find this super comfy.
  11. Hi Marc, I’ve just measured it and it’s 41mm at the nut. I’m not sure on the neck profile but I find it very comfortable.
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