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  1. Met Colin yesterday and traded cabs. Another fine gentleman of the Basschat community, he delivered the cab to my house, we had a natter and both went away happy. Hope to deal with you again Colin, absolute pleasure.
  2. I just realised I hadn’t actually withdrawn them, they just drifted into the abyss of gear for sale on here. 😂
  3. Prob doesn't show on phone. No probs, I can do meet within reason.
  4. Just north of Leicester sir, I believe its on there
  5. Now traded, please remove thanks 😊
  6. Just did a trade with Andy in exchange for a lovely P bass. Great bloke to deal with, met up chatted basses, music and vans Another Great Basschatter highly recommended.
  7. Bought a head off of James today. We met halfway at a service station, took it home and all good. I echo all of the above comments, great guy to deal with, very knowledgeable, deal with confidence. Great to meet you James, thanks again.
  8. Could be tempted by another 4 string
  9. Sorted amp wise now so in absolutely no rush to sell. Price back up but am open to sensible offers.
  10. Hi yes it’s active and the battery is located in the cavity behind the pots. Yes could do a meet if need be. 😊
  11. Amp trades looking at more old school, maybe a smaller valve head even.
  12. I use a Two10 for rehearsals and run it with my Four10 for gigs, it’s a pretty flexible setup.
  13. Stoff, if you wanna try out BF10’s your more than welcome to try mine out here, see if it’s what your after. Unfortunately they aren’t for sale though
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