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  1. Hope you’re still enjoying yours 😊
  2. Aye this one seems to be hanging around. Thank you 😊
  3. Yes the other one went quite quickly, this is on its lonesome now. Thank you sir 😊
  4. I think I’ll end up with sellers remorse if things pick up again, I concur these play better than a lot of basses twice the price.
  5. I had no idea of this and we’ve owned the setup for a good 7 years. Thank you for the info 😊
  6. 4 subs, 2 monitors, some lighting and a decent size flightcase on wheels sfs. PM any offers.
  7. Sold Russ the biggest part of our old trusty PA today. Everything has been said above, fantastic chap deal with confidence. Good luck with the home studio build buddy 😊
  8. Sold Steve my SR1805 with another Basschat roadside meet. Absolute top gent would highly recommend. Enjoy mate 😊
  9. Thanks for that Steve, hope the first gig with the 1805 went well. I told you you’d enjoy it 😉 Great to meet you mate and thanks for the blinding review 😊
  10. Ideally as a job lot but which bits are you interested in?
  11. NOTE - Only subs remain as rest gone, please ignore the price in header as I can’t change it for some reason. Full functioning PA - now surplus to requirements due to ill health and not currently gigging. Selling as a complete job lot. Includes 2 x EV sx200 passive tops (including leather cases)-SOLD 2 x EV sb120 passive subs 2 x EV sb121 passive subs Dynacord Powermate 1000 powered mixing desk (including flightcase)-SOLD 2 x monitors (handbuilt by a local professional audio company) - SOLD 1 x Thomann The t.amp E-800 (To drive the monitors, only played half a dozen gigs-SOLD 2 stands for the tops-SOLD 1 stand for the lighting (damaged but does the job) plus t bar. 2 x stage lights with controller (flightcase included) - SOLD A bag of assorted XLR leads, speakons etc to run the whole system.-SOLD Everything is here to do a gig, it’s served us very well but now our beloved PA is reluctantly up for sale. If you need any more information please get in touch 🙂
  12. I found the same and I’ve owned many fives over double the price. 😊
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