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  1. Sold my Helix to Andy, another great Basschatter. An absolute pleasure to deal with, enjoy mate 👍
  2. Time of year I guess. If my Helix sells I may just withdraw it. Thanks for the bump sir and Merry Christmas 😊
  3. I’m going back to my old pedal board so reckon it’s a no brainer 😉
  4. I’ve had no bother with this one, does a great job of protecting the head. If it’s just a rack you need for your amp I highly recommend them 😊
  5. Is that a big enough EBS rig behind him? Thanks for the link and the bump, sounds great 😊
  6. I’m guessing Covid has a lot to answer for. Trouble is it’s giving me second thoughts on whether to sell or withdraw.
  7. So this is different to the nitro then? Thank you for the info good sir 👍
  8. Yes nitro painted. I’m not very good at explaining neck profiles but definitely not as large as some P basses. Personally I find it very comfortable.
  9. Ah my old cab, if it wasn’t for all this pandemic and I had the spare cash I’d be very tempted to buy it back. A superb one cab solution. GLWTS mate 👍
  10. Hello, too risky especially as it only comes in a soft case and I have no way of making sure it’s safe. I’m honestly in no rush to sell so would sooner wait until the restrictions have been lifted to do a face to face deal. No trades sorry, I have too many basses. Thank you for your interest.
  11. Thanks guys, yes it’s a fantastic bass and a hidden gem I believe especially for those who prefer the 34 scale to the later 35’s. The whole marketplace seems slow at the minute for obvious reasons. Thanks again and stay safe 😊
  12. I used to switch from a Yam 5 to a SR5 at gigs (19mm to 16.5mm) and it used to drive me mad. Played in isolation I’m fine, if I pick up my 4 string P it’ll take me a few minutes to adjust. I have a pair of Ibanez SR 5 strings (16.5mm) which I use for gigs and have no issue with them. IME I like my gigging basses to feel and sound very similar.
  13. I wouldn’t have hesitated to go and see them back in the day if I was a little older and my parents would have let me. Sadly now I have no desire to do so, although still enjoy cranking the old albums up. 😉
  14. I was a massive Guns fan as a teenager yet I never saw them live as I was too young first time around, now I just don’t want to see them as I know they’ll disappoint from talking to everyone I know who have seen them live.
  15. We all know Trace watts are louder 😉
  16. Hi, no keeping it a local deal as per ad but thanks for your interest.
  17. I’m looking for suggestions too, something to focus on during lockdown. The SBL accelerator course enrolment finishes at midnight tonight but judging by a couple of comments on here he’s done the course before. Also looking at Daric’s stuff on YT and he does paid courses. Following this thread 😉
  18. My 1205 and my 1805 I bought from @Wilco are very similar sounding and the closest I’ve ever been in a pair of gigging basses. The rest for me I think is purchasing identical strings and setting pickup height the same etc. The only final variable is the woods used in the basses maybe? It’s subtle but I’ve always noticed the difference on maple to rosewood boards in particular on my pj basses.
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