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  1. Is it Basschat Pedantic Weekend ? Also, because I feel an obligation to do so ( being a bit pedantic ) I wish to record an eyebrow raised at the earlier remarks from, of all people, a West Ham fan.....
  2. Not sure how you managed it, but ( at least for a fair bit of it ) Spidey seems to be dancing in time to the music....
  3. I note that you like it so much you bought the left-handed version as well !! I have a BB415, similarly to yours with upgraded insidey bits.... I have some other basses too, bit every time I pick up the 415 I ask myself whether I actually need anything else...
  4. I think I've got a tuner screw from my old Wal Pro 1E in a drawer somewhere.....I' d better get the rest to complete the bass. ...
  5. This is it.... the Basschattiest Moment.... The very Essence of Basschat. " i've got a pickguard..... Oh well; better buy a bass to fit it !!! "
  6. Ooh....lists....fun Currently, BB434M black BB415WR modded with lightweight hardware and John East giblets. Previously, BB5Gs BBN5 heavily modded with EMG & Ken Smith bits BB350F
  7. Gianni, you have made your point eloquently ( really eloquently if english isn't your first language ) but those who have responded have made their's too and they are entitled to. The car analogy doesn't, in the end, work that well, because there are so many other variables come into play....the skill of the user, the rules of the.road...the bloody weather... You can go really fast in a ford focus if you want. Some people find themselves in the position of being able to afford Ferraris...or high-end basses....and they buy them and use them and are happy or not. Other people use ford focus cars or Squiers basses and are happy and content too. And it isn't even a question of empyrical values either...not materials, not how well the things are made....not what they will be "worth" later.....it's all those things and many more besides, and in the end it's a judgement call for the individual which, in the end, is worth it if they think it is. On another thread, Andy Travis talked about his Sadowsky and his Yamaha 414....he pointed out that the Sadowsky is better than the Yamaha but not ten times better, which given the cost differential one might argue that it should be...and yet he seems to like both and hasn't got too hung up about it. That's how it is....we find value in things according to our own, unique criteria.
  8. How many Basschatters does it take to change a lightbulb.....
  9. At the risk of being yet another pointlessly argumentative pedant, they do in fact do exactly the same job....it's just that they do it in gloriously different ways, and that's where the fun of it all lies.... Vive la difference.... (and now I'm sucked into this elliptical nightmare too....)
  10. I happen upon old photos like these from time to time. Provides an excellent opportunity to spend some quality time kicking myself a lot ! Also, your pictures emphasise the distinct stylistic heredity evident in these peculiarly British basses....from Shergold and Hayman through Wal to Enfield....
  11. You could also look at the Guitarbuild website. Their quality seems very good and you can spec a lot of options, including weight. I am not connected with them in any capacity, by the way. www.guitarbuild.co.uk
  12. 1 )Ibanez EHB1505....really liked them when they first appeared....had a word with myself ( no need/already too many/studio equipment more important/etc etc etc) Then, very foolishly, I watched a couple of the more recent Youtube reviews.....fatal ! 2) Squier CV Mustang..... As above, plus I find the whole shortscale fad a bit trying..... but they are so lovely and so inexpensive.... 3) Arturia Microbrute
  13. Ibanez ATK springs to mind; lots of people like those. And the G&L L-1500 is held in high regard too.
  14. Travis Bean playing Shellac.... Or Travis Bean playing Japan ? And, in that vein, the most aggressive bass I can think of is a Fender Precision - if you stand it in front of a marshall 4x12 with vandalised speakers and hang it around the neck of JJ Burnel.
  15. Funny thing, because I was going to mention exactly those two myself, and was also going to add Tim Commerford from RATM; he almost exclusively plays fingerstyle and I'd say that, like them or loathe them, the Stingray sounds pretty much exactly proper for the setting. And he has an aggressive style too. And referring to the style v instrument question, it's true; there are aggressive players and players who are maybe more restrained. But sometimes basses just are intrinsically a bit...lively. My Status only seemed to do that; loved it at first but then started to long to discover some subtlety lurking within and I never could; every time I plugged it in the apocalypse started to happen yet again....even taking into account my undoubted shortcomings as a player it was just a stroppy sod of a bass.
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