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    50 years ago today, heavy metal started, with rain and a bell
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    I used to put 2 SC's side by side, with a ABM1000 on top, always like how that looked:
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    Age only matters if you (and the others in your band) let it matter. Having similar musical influences and ambitions (however big or small) are far more important. In The Terrortones I was by far the oldest member of the band (in my 50s) and by contrast one of our many drummers was only 17 when he joined the band, but we all wanted to play the same kind of music and be out there every weekend gigging so the difference in ages didn't matter. Same with my two current bands, although we are mostly much closer in ages we share a love of the same kind of music and want to be creative and gig.
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    I'd go further and say that on the rare occasion I've bought new I've got rid shortly after - no personality, and they just seemed 'dead' in my hands. This is the only factor that lies between me and the commissioning of a new £12000 Fodera.
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    Root. Octave. Flat fifth Three notes, two of them C and fifty years later still the greatest riff ever written
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    My Sterio rig for my old Rick.
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    I’m going to see Zakk Sabbath tonight in London! Should be a good gig and happy to hear they didn’t change much.
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    Went to a sort of celebration of the 50 years last night! Zakk Wylde’s “Zakk Sabbath” played in Birmingham. It was a blast, didn’t change much to the songs but just added his own flair. A fitting tribute to Brums finest!
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    BBC radio 2 playing Do It Again by Steely Dan, fabulous timeless classic👍
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    Selling as a whole. Helix FX Comes with original box Boss EV 30 expression pedal Pedaltrain Metro 16 and soft case Was gonna keep it for house use but I prefer the Stomp. Price includes U.K. postage.
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    You could look out for one of these: Aria STB-GT from about 12 years or so back. Not string-through but that would be a pretty simple mod.
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    Could be. Mrs Trueno swears by tonic water for alleviating cramp. Don't dilute it with too much gin, though.
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    Looks like the two Thunderbirds are high fiving themselves.
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    Excellent condition, with a Gator Gigbag, also in great condition. These are fantastic hybrid heads, with loads of useful features. I can't fault it, just fancy trying a TH500 with my new cabs. PRICE DROP £300 https://www.laney.co.uk/products/nexus-nexus-sls-hybrid-tube-head Located in Manchester, but happy to post mainland UK for a tenner. Cheers, Tobie
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    It pretty much already is HJ......😂 But you can never have too much gaudy for the decade that taste forgot. Unfortunately ‘Glitter’ is still untouchable for this genre
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    Hello all, Just joined and wanted to say "What Up"! Been playing bass for 25+ years and love everything about it. Looking forward to seeing what this forum has to offer. Peace!
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    I think it must be the latter although I’m a right ugly f**ker so karma has balanced things out... 😐
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    Considering one of my bands is a *shudder* indie rock band there are usually 3 parkas at any given gig. As a recovering teenage goth I don't have a parka and it's been a while since I wore my leather trenchcoat. Hmmmmm, I hadn't thought about rattles too. Thanks for pointing that out. Lots of bands use cables that aren't black as well but that doesn't make it morally acceptable. Seriously I can think of several times I've seen guitarists do this but never a bassist AFAIK.
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    I've only ever played rock; mostly covers, a few originals. This was a totally different experience. I've been feeling bored with rock music for a while now , this reinforced the feeling that it's not what I want to be playing any more.
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    Excellent stuff, been there, done that myself. Way out of my comfort zone but what an exhilarating experience it was. Made me glad that I'd spent so much time on arpeggios in the woodshed.
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    As are so many of their songs, Steely Dan eh? fvckin’ superb.
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    Just another option, ADAM Audio T5V: https://www.pmtonline.co.uk/adam-audio-t5v-active-studio-monitors-pair Other dealers are available, this was just straight off my Google. Si (for transparency, I effectively work for ADAM Audio)
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    Please note that this bass is 42mm at the nut.
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    Lovely as that "tone rolled off" sound is (despite a lot of it coming from the big block of foam under the strings) that price is absolutely insane
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    Iconic, and ingrained in the minds of a lot of people. And still a fantastic album.
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    Oh, what a pain. I have a wide couch strap on my heaviest bass. I suppose it gives you the opportunity to buy a whole load of new straps!
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    Damn right! I went round the houses trying (and buying) various chorus pedals. I have 2 new Boss in their boxes... the TC Classic toneprint Chorus is just what I always wanted (Mari Wilson👍). I run it in a TC BH550 head with the 2 toneprint slots and a 3 way pedal. Very good indeed on the fretless - most of what I use chorus for. A neat trick I think is pick up a used BH250 for around £100 - gets you a smallish back-up head and a great chorus (or any other single toneprint) solution for 20 quid more than a new Boss... just a thought.
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    I wouldn't rule it out... However, while Guya/Tokyo Sound was a major manufacturer in the 50s/60s, they went bankrupt in 1969. The company was revived and the brand continued into the 70s, appearing on copy-era instruments (as you can see) - but it's not clear whether it was still a manufacturer in its own right. Most likely it was just the brand, which was well-established and high-profile in Japan, being used on other manufacturers' products.
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    A new 32” ‘51 Precision style bass from Chowny:
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    I'm now dreaming of a Shuker lele.....
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    Surely the frets should be seen as "consumables" just like the strings, otherwise if you play it to death you're then going to knacker the fingerboard and sound like crap with unevenly worn frets everywhere?!
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    Well the answer could easily be Sister Rosetta Tharp. She's certainly better than many others I've heard from the era. https://laughingsquid.com/sister-rosetta-tharpe-godmother-of-rock/
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    But is it any good for metal? Asking for a friend...
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    Listen to Bonnie Raitt's fantastic original version. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nW9Cu6GYqxo
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    I don't think one pink highlighter is enough.
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    Scott King on bass for the Mustangs has a great feel to his playing.
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    I'd have ticked the box 'All of the above', if there had been one. It depends entirely on the song, so, for different songs, I (in the case of the drum part...) or the bass player (Our Youngest son...) will do any, and have done all, of the choices shown. When I was playing bass, I'd do the same. 'Nail it' if I'm able to, 'Close enough' if I'm not, 'Embellish' if it works better that way, 'Dumb it down' for the same reason, and adapt to the group's style when there's an obvious mis-match. Nice try, though.
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    I had one of these, it really was an exceptional bass & of course Tom is a legend. Countdown starts.
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    Is he a Psychiatrist??? This is clearly what the seller needs...selling a Spector??? What is the matter with this man??
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    I've wondered that too, and I cannae escape the suspicion that it's largely because it has the L-word in its title, and the tone of the title track captures the post-industrial dystopian zeitgeist of the Thatcher years while a former imperial power struggled to find its place and rebuild a fractured society... (continued p94 of the Grauniad). I thought Give 'em Enough Rope was a better Clash album, and there were others released in the late seventies that were far more memorable and captured the mood more accurately - Crossing the Red Sea, A Tonic for the Troops, Parallel Lines, Rattus Norvegicus, Out of the Blue, Damned Damned Damned, The Adventures of Hersham Boys and Never Mind The Bolloxx spring immediately to mind. But in spite of that, I did like the exhibition and I'm going to visit it again, as it's a nice trip down memory lane. It was nice seeing the singles on display and thinking 'yeah kids - I bought that for 50p from Boots when it first came out'.
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    The 80’s and 90’s Japanese clan
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    Spotted the TC BAM200 for £105 on Baxmusic the other day if anybody wanted a pocket head, they're usually around £120: https://www.bax-shop.co.uk/bass-guitar-amp-head/tc-electronic-bam200-bass-guitar-amplifier-head?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIvvja6IzF5gIVBbTtCh1FkQSKEAQYASABEgK_9fD_BwE Nuts how little you can pay for amps these days.
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    he makes playing bass really hard work! Im desperate for a bbg4sII in white. But if this plays as well as the one I want, then it's the best £120 quid someone will spend!
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    That’s nice,it’s the same as my spare one👍,one I sold had no Trace Elliot badge in the middle

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