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Its a view!...I had loaned out my rig so for a rehearsal & gig used a SansAmp pre amp & PA cab...very Hi Fi

I added hoping to provide PA & monitors for the bands we play the HD 12A's provide a great bass sound FoH....lets not try to fill the room with our backline...a mantra I repeat to lead guitarists!!!!!!!

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On 19/12/2019 at 23:30, bigsmokebass said:

Not saying you can't, anything is possible but I think anyone looking for an amp or cab aren't going to be looking at PA Monitors. 

I did a rehearsal tonight with a borowed QSC KW112 as backline and I did wonder why I bother with anything bigger. If I was looking for a new amp or cab I would be struggling to look past PA cabs by now. PA tech is way more advanced than 95% of bass cab tech and the bass cabs that do match PA tech cost the same for passive cabs as  PA cabs that come with built in power amp tuned and DSPd to suit. The QSC K12.2 even has a bass preamp setting to plug straight in.

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