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  1. DaveFry

    Music conservatory at ... 53 years old.

    The Real Book has Autumn Leaves in E minor . Most jazzers call it in G minor because the definitive recording ( Bill Evans ) is in G minor . Therefore I would recommend learning it in G minor for an exam because if you play it in E minor they will know that you have only learned it from the Real Book.
  2. DaveFry

    What the **** is this?

    I was expecting the ghost of Vivian Stanshall to materialise and announce : " Double Bass " .
  3. DaveFry

    Great music that isn't about the bass

    Music that highlights other instruments . Two versions of the same jazz standard * : *Tune from the 1959 film " Black Orpheus ", worth seeing to get the flavour of the ballad .😉
  4. DaveFry

    Great music that isn't about the bass

    No electric bass guitar in this current Seattle band .
  5. DaveFry

    Great music that isn't about the bass

    A Cuica is a Brazilian drum with a rosined stick attached the middle of the underside of the head . By pulling the stick through the fingers of one hand whilst varying pressure on the head with the other , it can be made to talk .
  6. DaveFry

    My Nut's Just Gone Flake

    Deep joy . - Also seek Harry Nillson's " The Point " album . A version of the cartoon featuring the songs had Dustin Hoffman narrating , another had Harry's pal Ringo . This version seems to be narrated by someone else : Similar plots , in that the subject undertakes a journey of discovery ....
  7. Look for Allen Toussaint as producer . New Orleans Funk . Lee Dorsey Ernie K. Doe
  8. DaveFry

    Fret wire types

    I have just found the source of my recollection of Leland Sklar's fret mods . https://www.bassplayer.com/artists/lee-sklar-reflects-on-his-career ( About halfway down the page , look for mandofrets )
  9. DaveFry

    Fret wire types

    I seem to recall Leland Sklar had mandolin frets installed on one of his basses , if that helps .
  10. DaveFry

    Keyboard chat?

    Keyboard Chat :- Where you can wander all over the place , inventing new phrases going over the bar lines , making the casual listener think you've really lost it this time , but still sticking to the form of the standard ..... with your ( 10K+hrs )left hand as the rhythm section !
  11. DaveFry

    Keyboard chat?

    Keyboard Chat , where you could post examples of bass players giving keyboard players space , maybe . Maybe not .
  12. DaveFry

    Yellow Jackets..

    Stacked piano chords from '72 , a year before Herbie Hancock's Head Hunters album ( 39:28 ) 26:12 Reminds me of " Revelation " by the Yellow Waistcoatswithsleeves and Robben Ford
  13. DaveFry

    Mental Preparation for Gigs

    Herbie Hancock's method : (4:15) ...and how he discovered it via Buster Williams , bassist in his band , in 1972 : (11.04 )
  14. DaveFry

    Mental Preparation for Gigs

    Ron's answer to the question at 45:59 reminds me of a passage in Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance where Robert Pirsig wrote that when on the road he would check the bike over every morning . He had done it so many times that just the act of laying out his tool roll on the seat had become the ritual that readies his mind to see the state of the machine as it really is . With peace of mind gained about the equipment he is then able to enjoy the moment .