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  1. Early Morning Rain - Gordon Lightfoot
  2. 3/4 Time until the chorus .
  3. Here is a straight forward 32-bar AABA form vehicle for fun tune , Stew . Spot the ii V s ... The word joyous comes from the same root as joke . Jazz is Play , have a laugh .
  4. John Martyn’s Glorious Fool 30 years ago , and still sounds contemporary . 😉
  5. See Bobby McFerrin at the World Science Fair on YT .
  6. Been rather inspired today by The Wood Brothers .
  7. Sticky-backed draught excluder tape comes in a range of browns , black , widths and thicknesses .
  8. Just a heads up that Octogenerian Legend Ron has been uploading a lot of old tracks onto his You tube channel recently . Some duo stuff I didn't know existed :
  9. Listening to bassist Monty Budwig take the first chorus of Orpheus Samba :
  10. In the same way as tuning every instrument with the same tuner is a Good Idea , setting each camera's white balance manually with the same sheet of white paper is a Good Idea .
  11. John Gomm Charlie Hunter . He uses a 7string with the 3 bass strings on a separate pickup and output .
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