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  1. at 7:35 J. B. Dyas , bassist and Jazz educator , claims that the most important person in Jazz history is Thomas Edison for enabling New Orleans to party all night with electric light .
  2. Richard Tee said that Steve Gadd was the best musician he knew .
  3. SymphonyPro5 ( iOS only ) highlights the notes in a bar in red if you enter values that exceed the bar length value ( overfill ) .
  4. It is a Czech-Ease http://czech-ease.com Dave Holland also plays one ;
  5. From the MU History site ; 1940 Many of the Union members who were enlisted joined service bands who became better than the civilian bands left due to having more time to rehearse – Melody Maker described the Squadronnaires as “the finest dance band in Britain.” (Baade, 89) -------------------------------------------------------------- The Monty Python sketch springs to mind : " Right , so does anyone else have anything they would rather be doing than marching around the Square ? "
  6. There is a copy in my local library .
  7. His book " I Am The Blues : The Willie Dixon Story " is a good read .
  8. Been listening to two things with a view to adapting them for acoustic DB unplugged ensemble ; Imagining a version of the tune " Wheels " in the style of this : And This little gem is going straight into my practice list ;
  9. I didn't notice the face till afterwards when viewing the edited picture as a screensaver on a desktop . It was overcast and raining that day , giving a nice soft diffuse light . This one could be a sheep's head bending down to eat , about to be attacked by a shark : 😜 🤪
  10. This still from a video I took of one of my rock balancing efforts has a craggy face in the cliff at the top right , side-on looking left .
  11. Don't know . but here is Fab George doing just that at home :
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