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  1. Audience lack of respect for bands

    try playing a street piano .
  2. The 80's thread.

  3. The most 80s bass case you'll ever see

    I am surprised at the reactions . The bag was thrown in when I bought an Axe P-bass from a dealer . I guess it had been knocking around the shop and no-one else wanted it . I have no idea of it's origin or age . I only dug it out this afternoon to use it as the subject for a camera slider test . Here it is : 70 seconds with imaginary audio ...
  4. The most 80s bass case you'll ever see

    Bit late to the party .... ( Epiphone Accu Bass , before someone asks )
  5. Favourite Movie Music

    Blast from the past .
  6. Favourite Movie Music

  7. Top Tips and DIY Hacks

    An expanding memory foam type earplug makes a good plug to keep dust from falling into the hole where the truss rod adjuster is on the NS Design electric uprights .
  8. Ground loop noise problem

    Test to see if the noise persists if you try running the laptop on it's own battery .
  9. Which Audio Interface?

    If I was looking for a new audio interface today I would check that it was compatible with Linux first in case Msoft/Apple get too big for their boots in the future . https://libremusicproduction.com/articles/understanding-recording-hardware ( Link to List of supported devices down the page )
  10. Dirty Old Town

    Play the new note an octave down or up .
  11. What are you listening to right now?

    Hassan Shakur on proper bass :
  12. Strings fitted to the Yamaha SLB 200

    There is always the measurement option ( by means of a Vernier caliper ) . When a friend gave me a dilruba that she brought back from India I took it to the motorcycle shop around the corner and they measured the 27 strings for me so that I could source appropriately gauged replacements .
  13. Hand Signals

    Suppose you are on stage in an unrehearsed situation when the piano player starts off solo and then sticks two fingers up . Do you : A ) accidentally swing your headstock into his nose ? B ) silently agree with the drummer that you'll both sort the piano player out after the gig ? or C ) know that this number is in D major ( or B minor ) ? It is an old method of showing the key : a number of fingers pointing up denote the number of sharps in the key signature , pointing down means flats . If it is in C major then a "C " shape is made with finger and thumb . Here is an example . The Legendary Johnnie Johnson indicates to the the pick-up Australian band that the tune is in C major : ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Next , a different hand signal : At 1:30 Alan Gorrie points at his head . He's not saying " Yous Yanks are all head cases .Pal ! " , it means the head ( ie the part of the tune at the top / head of the chart ) is coming up next . Please contribute examples of hand signals for educational purposes .
  14. Still In The Blocks

    Find the teacher that teaches what you want to learn . Theory instruction doesn;t have to come from a bass teacher .