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  1. Part Two .... the old Rephrase trick ... Could anyone out there with better search skills than a dinoaur please see if they can find anything more about the ; Arrangers Composers and Copyists Section of the Musicians Union than I could please ? 🧐 The only results I have had came from the search engine at muhistory.com The section was formed in 1940 and funding was withdrawn in 1951 . That is all I can find . I understand it no longer exists . If a rubber stamp like the one in the previous post was handed in to a museum or archive with no other information , then what could they find out about it online ? Just curious . 🕵️‍♂️
  2. The challenge is ..... ... see if you can find the purpose of this rubber stamp from when pianos were made from recycled elephants . ( I have tried Google , and the answer is not easy to find . )
  3. DaveFry

    Music U.K. advert July 1984

    Phew , relief ! Thankyou Andy . I discovered the magazine the other day whilst looking for evidence of keytar ownership for the keytar thread on here . Another advert from the same ... : And could the guy cutting the tape in the earlier pic be Carl Palmer ? Or Paul White from Sound On Sound magazine , maybe ?
  4. DaveFry

    Music U.K. advert July 1984

    I have no idea what to reply. 😨 ( I have autism , you see )
  5. DaveFry


    Similar story from the Classical world . One critic spots the same slightly out of tune note on supposedly different pianos :
  6. DaveFry

    Riverhead Unicorn bass

    Just dropping this here for reference , Music U.K. ( trade magazine ) July 1984
  7. DaveFry

    Bob Dylan's Best Album?

    Infidels . 1983 Sly and Robbie , Knopfler , Mick Taylor . They played the single " Jokerman " video in a gap between sets during the Live Aid broadcast , so I checked the album out . Produced by Knopfler .
  8. DaveFry

    Music U.K. advert July 1984

    .... And there's more ... Does anyone know who the guy cutting the tape is , and the lady with the trumpet ?
  9. DaveFry

    The Mighty Hammond Organ.

    Lets not overlook the man who wrote some Free songs :
  10. DaveFry

    Software and Interface

    For your requirements maybe consider a Yamaha THR 10 . It is an interface and practice amp in one and comes with Cubase . ( Cubase is owned by Yamaha now ). The 10 model is more expensive but has presets for bass . Plus it can run off batteries , which compliments the beauty of a laptop .
  11. DaveFry

    Bass Center

    Funny enough , I discovered this yesterday in the archaeology dept . July '84 .
  12. DaveFry

    Music U.K. advert July 1984

    Full page colour advert ; I wonder where he is now . And , same edition of the trade mag , a review of the Westone 1A : ( with one I prepared earlier )
  13. DaveFry

    The Mighty Hammond Organ.

    I used to gig an XK5 and 760 Leslie six nights a week in the early 80s before I quit the music biz . Funniest story was one New Year's Eve , seconds before midnight the bandleader was counting the seconds down over the mic and I flicked the Leslie switch to slow but the sound coming from it at the side of the stage started rising in pitch . I thought " Oh no ! What a time for it to pack up ! ". I glanced round and it was a Piper inflating his bagpipes , full kilt and everything . No-one bothered to tell the band that he had been booked .
  14. Henry " The Thumb " Thomas from the Rockschool TV series of the day .
  15. DaveFry

    Keytars.. who owns one or has played one?

    1985 ? I had two by then : ( pre- MIDI days )Aug 83 and Jan 84 The Roland SH 101 came with a removable lefthand grip and strap buttons so that it could double as a keytar . The player I always associate with the keytar is Herbie Hancock . Here he dons one during the bass solo , so Marcus quotes Herbie's own tune "Rockit " at him . - Playing jazz means PLAY -