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  1. I had this problem fitting heavier gauge nylon tape wounds on a Harley Benton fretless acoustic . The silks had bunched up towards the ring so I trimmed them with nail clippers and my moustache scissors and then gradually crushed the leftovers with mole grips . Just a pinch at first , rotate 60degrees , repeat till 360degrees and test . If still no joy decrease the mole grips gap by 1/8 turn and try again . When I finally got them down to a suitable diameter and they tested okay I wicked a little superglue into the silks to keep them there and spun them through a pinch of wet and dry Emery paper once the glue had dried to smooth them off . A smear of candle or beeswax helps afterwards for fitting/removal .
  2. The Legendary Late Lemmy pops up when you least expect it .
  3. Was playing with the dog in the garden the other day when a passing seabird sang the beginning of " Swinging Safari " so I tried to play it later on my upright in the kitchen . I couldn't quite remember all of the middle 8 so I looked it up on YT and had a pleasant reminder of what a fun bassline it had : - Worth a playalong once .
  4. Bassist talks about his five years with Erroll Garner . ( Skip to 2:00 to avoid old black and white adverts )
  5. His first big break was being invited to join Jools Holland's band after Jools tried him on a couple of piano trio small gigs .
  6. It is a process best learned by doing the process . The more you do it ( with an attitude of Play ) the easier it flows of itself .
  7. Interesting to see a berimbau mentioned . We have a large Portuguese community here and a couple of summers back a Capoeira group used to meet in the park at weekends . One guy was playing a berimbau so I asked a Portuguese guitarist friend of mine about it and he explained that it was common to make your own out of driftwood from the Brazilian beach , fencing wire , a coffee tin and pebbles . The next time I visited him he had made one from a garden cane , a guitar string , a margarine tub ,cable ties , a Kinder egg with rice in for the shaker , a chopstick and a 50pence piece so I had a play on it . Fascinating .
  8. Jack Casady interview last August : ” I personally think, and it’s just a stab, a guess, there’s no science behind it, but I just have a feeling that this is a three year endeavor for the mainstay of this new normal, so to speak, and I think the shakedown is going to be three years and we should plan for that. “ https://glidemagazine.com/246845/jack-casady-of-hot-tuna-jefferson-airplane-delves-deep-on-hendrix-otis-achieving-that-tone-interview/
  9. Can’t Get Used To Losing You - Andy Williams , The Beat
  10. If the vocal line is ascending then play a descending line . If the vocal line is descending then play an ascending line .
  11. Seeing Monty Alexander mentioned a while back prompts me to share an idea for a tune that would make a great ska number . Monty has made an album of ska/reggae arrangements of Thelonious Monk tunes , ... ... so why not a Skatalites type treatment of Kojo No Tsuki ( Japanese Folk Song ) , the tune that Monk included on Straight , No Chaser . - Bass player Larry Gales quotes the head at the end of his solo at 11:40 : ( imagine a ska version segueing into the Poirot Theme . )
  12. In this interview Ron Carter says he encourages students to understand what Bach was trying to say first , before learning the 'cello suites :
  13. Early Morning Rain - Gordon Lightfoot
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