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  1. Count Basie Orchestra . I was a reading 12 yr old drummer fascinated by the phrasing with the brass and the dynamics . Professor Longhair . 17 , had taught myself Hammond in order to actually hear the harmony part of music A level that I understood on paper but not aurally , but here was one man creating those polyrhythms that I loved with the dynamics you can't get on organ . John Martyn and Danny Thompson . One upright bass fulfilling the role of a rhythm section .Fascinating .
  2. Only the very poor and the very rich really know that money can't buy happiness . Here on this little rock our Wealthy Immigrants include : Bryan Adams . Has to drive round with blacked out windows . Gilbert O'Sullivan . Walks his dog in the lanes , walks to Church , but gets recognised . Jack Casady . Early riser , likes to walk or cycle the cliff paths alone . Unrecognised . Seems to me that of the three , the bass playing one has the best options .
  3. That is jazzers for you . They get together for the joy of play . A swinging rhythm section is more valuable than note choice " mistakes " . Good jazzers will welcome those note choices and play off them , they know that the bass player is the person behind the wheel of the bus and are grateful for a driver who takes them anywhere . Jazz = PLAY
  4. 41:05 In this 2013 interview Ron explains that for the previous 6 years he only uses his own bass for local gigs . If he has to fly he hires a " bass du jour " and " my job is to make it sound like its not a stranger to me " . Regular pianists have no choice .
  5. With a pole screwed where the neck should be it could make : a Lollipop for helping people across the road or a coat stand for one coat belonging to someone with round shoulders .
  6. You know the octave scale run up in " Maybe I'm Amazed " ? I guess a left-handed person writing on a piano would come up with that .
  7. Harry Babasin tuned his cello to fourths for the 1947 recording . https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Babasin Details of the tracks on the album best found on a customer review on Amazon ! https://www.amazon.com/Dodos-Bounce-Dodo-Marmarosa/product-reviews/B002A3NEEY/ref=cm_cr_dp_d_show_all_btm?ie=UTF8&reviewerType=all_reviews
  8. With a shortage of local bass players why bother with a drummer that can’t keep time ?
  9. And Monk solo , making you think that the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing but he never loses the form . Genius : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Interview with drummer Frankie Dunlop about Monk the Teacher : I have noticed a lot of bands fail to make Li'l Darlin' swing like the Basie Band . Motorcycle trials riders tend to be better at motocross than motorcrossers are at trials .
  10. Finley Quaye - It's Great When We're Together
  11. I have no idea where it is , sorry .
  12. Respec' to this guy ! That would be cool at a Grand Daughter's birthday party .
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