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  1. And Monk solo , making you think that the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing but he never loses the form . Genius : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Interview with drummer Frankie Dunlop about Monk the Teacher : I have noticed a lot of bands fail to make Li'l Darlin' swing like the Basie Band . Motorcycle trials riders tend to be better at motocross than motorcrossers are at trials .
  2. Finley Quaye - It's Great When We're Together
  3. I have no idea where it is , sorry .
  4. Respec' to this guy ! That would be cool at a Grand Daughter's birthday party .
  5. It is a global song . From Timbuktu to Tokyo everyone knows it of all generations . There used to be a Street Piano at Jersey Airport which was decorated as a gorilla's head with the keys as a row of teeth . I started playing the song as I was passing once and by the time I got to the chorus a Polish boy was dancing behind me . With an upright bass and a kazoo this tune can be busked anywhere .
  6. Hold On My Heart - John Martyn Phil Collins - Production , Drums & BVs Alan Thompson - Fretless
  7. Play along to this , peeps ! It is nice and simple , just a different type of groove playing on the four of the bar :
  8. Here is one I defretted and put chicken head knobs on . I don't remember how much I paid for it from a charity shop , but I remember the tapewounds cost more than the bass . Underneath the black dye was an attractive piece of aromatic rosewood .
  9. Is the owner expecting to be able to use a bow on the electric bass ?
  10. https://www.basschat.co.uk/search/?&q=ferrule&type=forums_topic&nodes=14&search_and_or=or&sortby=relevancy A search of this subforum for " ferrule " gives 8 results . hth
  11. Just in case anyone doesn't know who the singing bass player in Poco was , he was the man who , when Carvin wanted to make a signature bass for him , he asked that it should only have the one control knob , a volume control . And , back on topic , give Santana;s Flor De Luna track a listen , particularly the coda (3:47) where the bass does that typically Latin thing of pushing the track along by anticipating the one of the bar by playing on the four and the four and of the previous bar . So simple , but it rolls along .
  12. Some pointers in OP;s thread from two years ago :
  13. You already know the tunes and what horn players want to hear . Now your own voice/style will emerge of itself the more you do it .Experienced players will know and encourage that . Jazz isn't a competition , it is PLAY . Bravo . The bass player is the true person behind the wheel . 55:55 :
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