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  1. Wow the one at bass direct looks the business:
  2. How it sounds (for me) is more important than how it looks - I really like the LP filter per pickup approach as EQ can really mess up a sound in my opinion making it smeary where simply removing frequencies feels cleaner to me. For me the aim of the electronics would be to let the sound of the pickup/wood interaction sing through as much as possible. Personally I'd go with the lower dB per octave slopes as I think you might find that the steeper slopes really colour the sound - but who's to say that is a bad thing? Not me! The one I have tops out somewhere above 4K and I think that really works as you still geta lot of the snap and buzz from the string but not too much of the string noise from higher up. It's a tricky balance - thanks for the research and figures on the different versions - most enlightening! The only worry with this LP filter set up is that I can see some bad amp accidents happening with a big resonant peak smashed out at very low frequency - people never let you forget it if you blow their bass bins!
  3. Congratulations! That looks great - lovely grain! The only thing ever wanted was to add a single coil option as the MFDs are so strong!
  4. I put one in a bass - I really like it, but I'm not sure it'd get you where you want to go when you're talking mids as it's a pure lowpass with a switch to increase the resonant peak. Don't get me wrong - it's kind of perfect for me, but if I'm reading you right might not provide enough adjustment for you? Alan was saying here that he has some of his EQ-01 :
  5. bloke_zero

    DIY Effects

    I’ve had a bit of an overdrive/distortion problem in the past. I really want to build the trans-drive!
  6. bloke_zero

    DIY Effects

    Did you ever try the maestro bass fuzz? I'm not saying it'll be your perfect OD becasue it sounds so crazy, but it has a transformer and sounds pretty neat.
  7. bloke_zero

    DIY Effects

    You're killing it with the overdrive pedals! I'm enjoying your work and wish I had your skills! I spent a lot of time building various overdrive/distortion pedals in a quest for the perfect (to me) 303 overdrive sound and they are all so different - a fascinating area.
  8. Yeah, it's kind of as if instead of a delorean you used a model T to house the time machine!
  9. I know - but it's super cool to see it in action! The closest I ever got was overdriving my bass out into a square wave and then using that to drive the sync input of a VCO - it worked but it wasn't pretty! It looks like a great system.
  10. Amazing tracking - thanks for the video!
  11. It's suprisingly un-technical underneath those pickups. Like Cuzzie says, just foam or springs - I'd guess that you have foam underneath and you'll just need to loosen off the strings unscrew the pickups and furtle around underneath until the foam is in a better postition. Once it's in place it doesn't really move around much.
  12. That is beautiful! There is the prototype on there too - https://reverb.com/uk/item/1636165-travis-bean-tb2000-prototype-0-1974 14 pounds!
  13. Hard to tell but might just be that the pickup has got caught on the threads of the screw and needs to be coaxed back into place - no big deal. looks like you might want to set the pickup height with a ruler when you get it.
  14. I'd go for the status neck, it's really very easy to swap the necks if you're confident about setting action and intonation. I'd have thought you'd get good resale value for the neck if you went that way and didn't like it. Presumably you'll keep the fretted neck?
  15. bloke_zero

    DIY Effects

    Nice - I have a couple of kits I've built with little transformers and they both sound great, a ringmod and clone of the Maestro bass fuzz and they both sound like nothing else - it feels like the transformer imparts quite specific tone!
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