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  1. I bought a similar bass from @benebass with the emg geezer butler bass pickup and it's a lovely thing, clear tone and the pickup feels quite 70's as I guess you'd expect - very present, clear and smooth and you're not fighting a load of unwanted frequencies and tones. Fun to play too.
  2. Nice find - the pickup placement looks strangely rational - not too pingy
  3. Thats a cracker - I bet that pickup rocks. I have an old rickenbaker lapsteel and the tone is to die for.
  4. This - without the relief setting properly you can be running around like a kid on a see-saw - tightening one end and creating issues at the other.
  5. I wish you hadn't showed me that. Now I need one.
  6. Looks amazing - a piece of history!
  7. Neutrik make good stuff, if you really can't see a way to solder then I'd say go for it. The problem will be that over time the connections will tarnish but if they are semi permanent I'd go for it and accept that there maybe need for re-crimping later.
  8. I keep looking at these which are also on the pricey side! https://www.herrickpickups.com/products/split-8-coil-mm-humbucker/ Would do p, reverse p, mm & single coil out of out of the box. But with coil per string which I think probably puts it in completely different tonal territory!
  9. My first thought was the the mastering was a bit heavy - I think the rawness and breathing might have suffered a bit at that stage? Very heavily mastered tunes also become quite fatiguing - might be worth pointing the mastering engineer at this: https://artists.spotify.com/help/article/loudness-normalization - people are moving away from the loudness wars becasue 1. It hurts your ears & 2. Spotify are normalizing to -14dB LUFS anyway unless you turn that off (which I can't imagine many people do!)
  10. Nice amp! I've got a clone of the preamp section I still need to build, though it's the 360 - I bet it sounds great with the Ric!
  11. Lovely looking bass - really interesting controls! Good luck with getting it sorted.
  12. I got the stage hand kit here: https://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Cruz_Tools.html You do still need the right size allen key for the truss rod as it needs the right angle to get enough traction, but helps you get to the right set up really quickly without having to guess with the ruler and feeler guage.
  13. Great thing to do and share - there are a million threads where we're asked to judge a bass by looks (and this one does look great!) but hardly any where there are sound clips.
  14. Great sounding bass - really liking the reverse P sound. I think I liked the Barts - the Nordstrand was good and crisp but the barts seemed to growl more.
  15. They are good - I watched the 4 on bass setup a few times - very helpful. I set up a mates P-bass like that and he was really pleased.
  16. Yes - you really just want to be able to get a visual check at the beginning of a gig, preferably without hauling out a multimeter!
  17. +1 - there is someone else selling these isn't there? But I think those ones require some setting up. I was thinking if the LED was recessed into the cavity cover could be good. How does the indicator work? Light comes on when battery nearly dead or vice versa?
  18. I also think it's fine to mix and match, and it's not really a big time investment to check it out. From your description though I'd be checking the wiring on the existing set up too - maybe take it back to first principles and use the wiring diagram from DiMarzio as a test? Might also be that the jazz pickup is defective? This makes me wonder about the polarity. Just a thought as I wired in a split-p pickup recently and had to change the polarity of the bridge pickup to get it to work in context.
  19. I'd not go that far but I love having the options - adding single coil is a win for me. As a quick fix you could always put a boost pedal in line for live.
  20. I've been reading a bit about finishing rosewood fingerboards (I know this isn't rosewood) and down the line too much lemon oil can present problems removing the frets and nut as the oil gets into the gooves and under them making the frets hard to remove cleanly. That might not be an issue, but a sparing approach might be your best bet. Or indeed crisps!
  21. Sometimes single, though quieter can sound good - thinner and edgier- depends what you’re after! Shielding can help with hum. If you have a dpdt on-on-on switch you can wire it up and try it out see what sounds good.
  22. I agree - the P comes in for a lot of "yawn" but people return to it and it's sound for a reason and that reason isn't just it's original status. Experimenting with minute changes in the pickup position, type and loading makes it clear how well designed the original is - that growl and presence! I've followed this thread with a lot of interest as I find the idea of a double P absolutely fascinating, but I'd want to keep a standard P on the basis that you don't want to be left with "jam but no bread/ a sheet but no bed" (as Tom Waits would say).
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