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  1. What are the jack sockets? They look like an improvment on the old style switchcraft ones I'm using in terms of space. Are you finding them reliable? I love how clean your builds are - humbling!
  2. Another vote for Wunjo - they've always had at least 1 bongo when I've been in there.
  3. I looked it up on the Wal site and they say:
  4. Looks great - I love a transformer based Ring Mod - lovely thick sound.
  5. I’ve a Delano mm blade type with a dimarzio split p in a bass and they work really well together - the Delano is bright modern and full range, the split p thick like molasses. In this bass part of the equation is that there are two buffered preamps in there allowing me to set the relative volumes. I think it’s more of a suggestion - they are indicating complimentary pickups. Which seems fair as they do everything from alnico to blade. If you know what you want then no reason not to try it out. I think it’s fair to say that the pickups are a significant part of the sound - a modern neodymium really doesn’t sound much like a 70’s wind alnico which in turn doesn’t sound much like a mudbucker. Though of course placement has a big part too.
  6. I kind of agree, but build diaries seems to be more about wood and tasty pictures - this is like the tech aspects before a build? (I hope!)
  7. This is totally a thing - pots with higher values allow more of the top end to pass through - could be a way forward, though you are then breaking the holy P trinity of alnico 5, .1uf cap and 250K pots. Maybe try a 500K? In the end it's about what you want to hear.
  8. Well you know what they say - music without an audience (even a fluffy bunny?) is like a joke without a punch line....
  9. Glad to hear it! You put in the work. How does the body feel (just out of interest) when you play it acoustically?
  10. Watching with interest! I agree with your assumptions so far. I've got a double NFP from Lusithand in a custom MM/P bass and it works really well - great for picking out the top end with the filter and a very robust delivery of the basic pickup sound. Highly recommended.
  11. Looking good! I love that stacked knob configuration. I see why you had to shave the neck to fit in the pocket now - 5 string!
  12. I'd guess for the same reason as me - they are hosted on facebook and my adblocker strips them out.
  13. The basses I've shielded have really benefited - there is an extra silence to the background that lets them sound more clearly - even if you can't really hear it: the hum and interference is there - it's a bit like getting a new TV with a blacker black - the colours in contrast seem to pop a bit more.
  14. I played a '58 and a '74 in a vintage p-bass shootout this morning (still swooning!) and the '74 was much slimmer but not as narrow as a jazz neck.
  15. I've played one of their basses and immediately loved it - it was incredibly ugly but felt and sounded great - I think it was oak bodied medium scale with like a P90 style pickup. At 2.5K£ I had to put it back down but it exercised a fascination. I'd say they are built with incredible attention to detail and flare - I can't say it's exactly for me but I have to respect it. They also do a hollow body flying v bass - at least they aren't BORING!
  16. There is a P-bass in the studio with 14 year old strings on it that regularly beats all comers head to head blind audio tests. I'm pretty sure at least 10% of the sound is the strings - they are so dead but they sound so right! If vaseline could get you there, or chicken grease I'd be willing to give it a go!
  17. Wow - thanks! Really striking how much difference there is between the configurations. I'll be back - with notes! Right away the difference between the two neck positions is huge - I'm assuming they were all recorded at the same volume?
  18. I've been getting some really killer sounds by using one channel as the main meat of the sound, slightly overdriven, and then dialling in the 2nd channel as really growling and toppy and then just blending a tiny bit of that in with the main sound. Like the darkglass pedals that let you blend in some of your unaffected sound, but in this case there is additional processing of both channels - best of all possible worlds!
  19. Sweet - I really like that parallel processing thing - same as the Pearce - one for dirt and one for body - is that how you're using it or as 2 channels with footswitch?
  20. I think if you clean it well with lighter fluid first it should be fine.
  21. I think they base it on their 'instrument food' wax, but what that is I couldn't tell you! It's solvent free which I'd guess kiwi shoe polish isn't, but I'd be suprised if they were all that different in terms of effect.
  22. Pearce BC-1 - so nasty! Amazing to run a synth through too. I've a home made Dimension D clone that gets some use, but not all the time!
  23. https://www.montysguitars.com/collections/department-of-component/products/montys-montypresso-relic-wax
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