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  1. Sam Wilkes gets a lot of fusion clarity with a P - I'd love to know the exact details but looks a lot like a modern american P:
  2. There is a lot to be said for IEM but you've identified the weakpoint - you need a mix engineer of some kind, even if that is you or someone else in the band, who can set up the mix properly, and ideally be able to adjust the levels for you during the gig. We've all had a monitor mix that needed adjusting during gigs, probably every gig, especially when the guitarist suddenly turns themselves up!
  3. Senheiser HD-25 - a bit more expensive (I got mine for £125) but: last for decades (I bought mine in west end DJ and was told they'd last me till they were stolen) everything is replaceable really loud light and comfortable good isolation for on ear can shift one ear up if you need bass response is really good
  4. Look really interesting - my mate got one of the Kala U basses and wouldn't shut up about it, but I, like you, was a bit put off by the tiny element.
  5. bloke_zero

    DIY Effects

    Nice - thanks for the recording! I made one a couple of years ago and use it either on a 303 or when I use it on bass I use it much more subtly just to add some thickness - your demo is an eye opener - I feel like thats how it's supposed to be used! A very flexible pedal - after building it I came to think all pedals should have voume and blend.
  6. Unusual neck alert. Not your usual P or J neck but fully compatible. Made in japan and licenced by Fender as a replacement neck this is a chunky jazz width with a smaller headstock. Not going to sit well as part of a 70's recreation, but a cracking neck. It has a lot of girth and sounds great - very solid. I'm swapping it out as the body I paired it with is northern ash and also very solid - the pairing wasn't quite right for me. Would work well with swamp ash, alder, mahogany or similar, or you could double down and get something really snappy with a maple body. It's width is standard jazz but the depth is thicker - allparts say: Replacement neck for Jazz Bass ® or Precision Bass ® with chunky body and small headstock. 20 frets (.103" x .045") Solid Maple 1-piece bass neck 10" radius Nut width 1-9/16" Heel width 2-7/16" Tuning peg hole diameter 11/16" Truss Rod adjustment at heel Neck thickness .92" at first fret, 1.00" at twelfth fret https://www.allparts.com/products/pjmo-fat-replacement-neck-for-precision-bass I finished it lightly with Crimson guitar oil (4 coats) and is ready to play or be sanded and refinished. Has a string tree and hipshot licensed tuners - just needs a nut! £200 posted or £180 collection Crouchend London.
  7. Hmm, makes me wonder about the powersupply polluting the audio out - very prevalent with USB power or if there is a laptop as the noise from the switchmode PS can get into unshielded signals. Worth unplugging everything and checking 1 by 1 as you plug back in.
  8. Sounds like a fault with the drums or that channel on the mixer. Does the sound also come through the heaphone out of the Roland? Does the sound follow the drums if you plug it into another input or stay on that channel? Sometimes the triggering can go wrong with electronic kits, maybe that is the problem? The roland stuff is pretty bombproof when I've used it apart from triggering issues which have been with the trigger not the brain.
  9. When you watch Jaco play sometimes he is moving his right hand along the strings to get different tones - surely something like this would faciliate that? a lot of what I do is trying to remove the difference between notes and I'd have thought having a solid base for the thumb would also help that? I don't want one but if someone else does then cool!
  10. It's a weird one isn't it? You'd have thought that when selling basses the 10-15 minutes it would take a competant luthier to set them up would be worth the money in terms of "wow that feels great - I'll take it!". Took me a while going into Wunjo on Denmark Street to realise they didn't set up anything, not even the 2K vintage basses and would set them up for you as part of the sale. It's hard to play a bass up the neck for playability and not wince if the intonation is off, or just stop playing because the action is out of control. There must be other factors coming into play, like show room conditions, bolshie luthiers etc, but it seems quite common to have the instrument set up bespoke after sale instead.
  11. I've got the EMG GZR p pickup and tried it a few places - it's got a tight defined sound - it feels quite 70's to me, not a huge amount of bottom end but a very useable sound partly becasue of that.
  12. I thought this thread was going to be about traumatic BC Rich ads. I'm still haunted by the Eagle that came up a few weeks ago - it's probably still available I just don't have the money!
  13. bloke_zero

    12+4 =?

    This came up as another auction: The mind boggles - how would you get to the selling phase on something that sounds like fido's donkey?
  14. You could always get a Boss SP-303!
  15. Whats not to like? Love the video. The bass itself is clearly not meant for me, or anyone I know, but the marketing! It's the only advert I've watched in it's entirity for probably a year! I didn't even make it all the way through the Cliff Williams one for his stingray and I *love* ACDC.
  16. If you sell a child you'll also have more time for practice! Win/win!
  17. I would be very surprised if it couldn't be glued. After all that is how it was made originally! Talking to Warwick makes sense.
  18. Reminds me of that Hendrix thing where he would leave a wah pedal at a fixed point to bring out different distortion tones - there must be someone making something similar.
  19. I bought a similar bass from @benebass with the emg geezer butler bass pickup and it's a lovely thing, clear tone and the pickup feels quite 70's as I guess you'd expect - very present, clear and smooth and you're not fighting a load of unwanted frequencies and tones. Fun to play too.
  20. Nice find - the pickup placement looks strangely rational - not too pingy
  21. Thats a cracker - I bet that pickup rocks. I have an old rickenbaker lapsteel and the tone is to die for.
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