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  1. Hi Pete, amp's great, thanks. I don't suppose you have any fx peddles for sale? I'm after a TC chorus & a TC reverb? Cheers, Rob.
  2. Hi Pete, sorry for the late reply but been away. Can I pop over & have a look at the amp. Do you have any cabs I can use to test it? Whats your address? Whats your tel number, mine is 01243 430253. Cheers, Rob.
  3. Hi, is this amp still for sale? I live in Emsworth, cheers, Rob.
  4. Wanted, a bass case for a Rick 4001. SORTED
  5. Heartbreaker


    Hi Might you be interested in my 2000 Warwick Stage 1 through neck 4 string. AAAAA flamed maple neck & body finished in high gloss trans black. It has plenty of road wear but only to the clear coat. Sounds & plays awesome. These new now cost nearly 3k. Mine with £400 for yours. Can post more pictures if interested
  6. What weight is the bass. Does it have the Bart or Lakland pickups? cheers, Rob.
  7. Hi , this will be an 08 American Deluxe Jazz that has the SCN Pickups fitted & 18v active 3 ban eq,. These are fantastic Jazz's, much more versitile than a standards Jazz, very light & superbly built. Just love mine, sold an original 73 block neck sunburst American Jazz for it & never looked back. Good luck with the sale, cheers, Munk.
  8. I'm after a Roland micro bass rx practice combi, it's the small 4x4 combi, cash waiting, cheers, Rob. NOW SORTED
  9. Hi Leftbass, I'm just after another guitar bug, 863.1 MHz for my other bass not the rig top box, I've already got that & one bug, need another bug only, cheers, Rob.
  10. I'm after an AKG wireless bug, 863.1 MHz. Cash waiting.
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