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  1. There is another recent topic about this and other headphone amps. However, I wouldn't really call it noisy. I use it with a passive Precision bass.
  2. Vox AmPlug is £30 and allow you to play along anything you connect through a AUX cable. It's been my only practice tool for the past 4 years as I live in a flat and can't have an amp.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. Got some more photos... The holes by the bridge are for the bridge cover, which was missing together with the other bridge cover. However, I much prefer it naked like this.
  5. Indeed! Got some ready to put on when I get to fix the nut. I haven't touched flatwound strings for 15 years, it's going to be fun!
  6. Thanks. Not a super fan of edgy 80s basses, but this one looks good!
  7. A couple of weeks ago I bought my first vintage bass, quite cheap off Facebook. It's a Jolana Iris bass made in Czechoslovakia sometimes in the 1970s I believe. I contacted Jolana to know a bit more about this bass and when it was made, as they still make guitars and basses, but I didn't get a reply so far. Since there isn't much info on this online, i thought I would share some photos and sound samples. The bass is a short scale (30.5" I believe), very light. I suspect the body is made of some cheap composite wood. Bridge seems to work perfectly and it is very easy to adjust. Tuning pegs also work surprisingly well. Neck is not the straightest, but I am not surprised considering the age. However, there is no fret buzz along the neck, but it does buzz on the open G and A strings. It has a zero fret and the previous owner changed the nut at some point, so it looks like the nut is slightly too high and the strings don't rest fully on the zero fret. I hope I can rectify this easily by sanding a bit the nut. A couple of cool features, as highlighted in this video I found you YouTube: The top part of the bridge is movable, simply kept in place but the pressure of strings. And the top strap lock can be unscrewed to become a flat head screwdriver, which i thought was a very cool feature I have never seen anywhere else. The pickups on mine are different from the blade style in the video above, so I suspect this may be a later version also made in the 1970s? if anyone has any more info about what sort of year this could have been made, it would be great. Also in the video he mentions that the pick up selectors has 8 different positions, but it's actually 4 that repeat twice. Also the tone knob does not seem to have any effect, so I may have to have a look inside to see if there are connection issues. As I said, I recorded some samples of all the four pickup positions (two neck - two bridge), first fingers then with a pick. It's the roundwound strings the bass came with, I just got some Labella flatwound to see how he plays with those, I am hoping to get the full 70s deal with them. Looking forward to try them, I may post samples with them too. Overall I am very happy with it. Not sure I can use the bridge pickup as I find it too thin and nasal, but I really love the neck pickup, sounds very 1970s for me. The person who sold it to me warned me that it could be quite noisy, but so far I find it very quiet. I haven't tried it with a distortion pedal yet. c
  8. Interesting... What is it?
  9. I actually find the P one of the basses with most characters ever. When you hear a P you know is a P, straight away. That's for me is character, so no boring at all. J slightly less, but still. Plus they are the basses they have been around for longer, so you have a massive choice of years, material, configurations, colours..... Too much fun to be even considered boring. There are basses that sound boring and without character, generally most J replicas, especially if they cost £1500+, and I find Bartolini pickups the most uninspired, plain, boring.
  10. Ditto! Bought some strings from Kris, he sent them on the same day and arrived super quick. 👹
  11. I just quoted exactly what you wrote, so I don't know how you can say that you didn't say it. I understand your point, but if I judge him as an alcoholic, for me he is a tool. If I judge him as a person, he's a racist sad man. If I judge him as a musician, it doesn't do anything for me. If you like him, man, musician or alcoholic, that's good man. I don't want to argue. I was just expressing my view.
  12. Well....no. You can't say anything you want just because you are drunk. And from what I remember, after that major incident he didn't really apologise. I agree with Davie, for me is a bellend.
  13. Does it mention the openly racist comments throughout his careers or are these omitted?
  14. i went to collect it yesterday!
  15. After they replied to my initial email and I sent photos and serial number, I just got a new stand in the post 2-3 days after...
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