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  1. That price sort of puts them in the desirable zone.
  2. I bought a fretless Status neck once and put Hipshot Ultralites on it. I fitted it to a Precision body at the time and eventually sold the neck... to Martthebass (if I remember correctly). I wonder if this is the same neck further on its journey. To cut a long story short... what an awesome fretless neck! The bass looks fabulous... GLWTS.
  3. I'm a bit late on this, but I've just been trawling through Mustang posts. I have a MIM PJ Mustang and recently added a KiOgon loom, also converting it to a VVT control arrangement via a dual concentric knob. I've also slotted in a Gotoh bridge (through bridge stringing and a straight swap). The sound is fantastic... for me, at least. I didn't actually want a Mustang tone, I wanted a PJ bass with a short scale. I originally thought I might put new pickups in, but really I don't think it's worth it. I'll be posting pics sometime, but I'm waiting for a new scratchplate to arrive. John (KiOgon) provided a grommet to fill the hole left by the pickup selector, it looks fine, but I decided to go for a white pearloid vibe. Useful thread, this, if you're into the latest Mustangs. I'm still lusting after an AP.
  4. I love the original song and I love this "interesting take" on it. Excellent.
  5. Could be. Mrs Trueno swears by tonic water for alleviating cramp. Don't dilute it with too much gin, though.
  6. I've just got a Pedaltrain Nano (plus soft case). It is small but perfect for me (an EBS Microbass II and Boss pedal tuner, with a simple power supply). Looks and feels bomb-proof to me.
  7. "I've had a word with the guys and we agreed that you're not currently up to speed with the rest of us. To be honest, we don't think you'll catch us up" ... or summat like that.
  8. I think Elvis was also influenced by Mahalia Jackson.
  9. Likewise... I ended up with a Pedaltrain Nano... which is ideal for my EBS Microbass II and a Boss tuner. It all looked a bit silly on my Diago hardcase, which is rather like a small suit case and weighs a ton (it did have more pedals on it originally). I had some points owing to me from Andertons so got it almost free.
  10. What have steamrollers got to do with Carl? Now I'm confused...
  11. With the mods you've made to that it must sound fantastic. I'd forget the GAS and keep it... but glwts.
  12. I think a carl was above a serf in the social standing... so it's not all bad.
  13. I, also, have only ever known two Carls. One was, unsurprisingly, a monumental [email protected] the other was German (and a good laugh actually).
  14. ... or maybe, stand behind this curtain and play the bass while Carl is on stage miming along. The whole band sound like a bunch of knobs to me.
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