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  1. EMG Geezer pickups do it for me. I’ve fitted them to my Squier Jaguar SS and they sound superb. It’s all passive and you get the electronics with it.
  2. I play the sax and the flute. I also make thumpy noises on the bass.
  3. I put a fretless Status neck on a MIA Precision... about 15 years ago. It was a lovely combination. I had a new bridge... might have been ABM... as I didn’t like the BBOT. If I knew what I know now... I’d have swapped out the execrable S1 (which I hated and is the main reason I sold it) for a KiOgon loom and called it a do. Your bass looks fantastic... the pickups must sound great. If you re-finish I’d go for CAR... but I’m a CAR nut, so don’t listen to me.
  4. Never had a problem... I get that Dave Swift chappie in to record my stuff.
  5. At the age of 12 I heard the Beatles’ “I am the Walrus” for the very first time. I remember thinking that things would never be the same again.
  6. Hanging was never the same after they brought in VAR.
  7. I was never very good with the “don’t spend the proceeds until...” rule.
  8. Fairly modest here, I think... Yamaha BB404 Zoot Chaser 4 Yamaha BEX4 Fender MIA Precision Fender CIJ Mustang Warwick Rochbass Streamer (fretless) Warwick Rockbass Corvette (fretless) Warwick Corvette $$ (fretless) Warwick Thumb BO (fretless) Fender MIA Jazz ... all four stringers. I always had a “no more than three” and “one in one out” rule. Now I have... Squier Jaguar SS, with EMG Geezer pickups Fender MIM Mustang, with Kiogon loom and Nordstrand pickups
  9. ... and me. Passive Fender/Squier through an EBS Microbass II and into a Fender Rumble 500 (or 100 for rehearsals). Amp eq flat, unless there are room issues. Not a lot of shaping on the EBS, but it really lifts everything... it’s mostly set-and-forget. I love the sound.
  10. Trueno

    NPD - Zoom B1

    I’ve never been very good at scrolling through menus tbh... I prefer twiddling a knob or two. I’m still on the setting I found within the first five minutes of switching it on... the Bassman set. Funnily enough, I’m just looking at the guide right now.
  11. I just use standard straps on my 30” basses... not affected by the neck length. Fender have a short scale gig bag... fits my Mustang and Squier SS. A standard hard case may be too long for the neck but might fit ok... maybe you’d have to modify inside with some foam, if it moves about in the case. Try it and see.
  12. The rhythm guitarist was not shy about letting me know. In fact he used to mirror my notes when I was higher up the fret board so everyone could hear any intonation issues.
  13. I’ve played most of my gigs on fretless, but I’ve now moved on to fretted/short scale... it’s an age thing. My one tip is... practice in the dark. I started off relying on my eyes too much... an unlined fretless but with side dots. First gig I did under stage lights and the side dots disappeared. Much better to develop your ears and your touch anyway. I have three levels of inonation errors: 1- only I noticed 2- the band notice 3- the audience notice If you can keep to 1 with an occasional 2 then that’s a result.
  14. Trueno

    NPD - Zoom B1

    Great stuff... that’s my lockdown project sorted for a few days...
  15. Trueno

    NPD - Zoom B1

    I had a spare power supply... but I might use the batteries for rehearsals, even less stuff to carry around. All those effects and amp sims on tap and I still end up dialling in “my tone”... what’s that all about? I’ll have a proper play with the settings tomorrow.
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