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  1. Trueno

    PJ pickup advice - EMG Geezer, Bareknuckle etc

    They look very tempting. Price is about half of some of the competitors I've been looking at.
  2. Trueno

    Sire knob upgrade?

    Can't speak for Sire, but I've upgraded the knobs on my two recent budget purchases... a Squier and Hofner Ignition... to proper Fender and Hofner knobs. As well as looking much better, they have a practical use as they have dot markers to give a bit of a clue where they're set. Loads of stuff to choose from when you look.
  3. Trueno

    NBD - Squier Jaguar

    ^^^ I know you didn't direct the question at me, but I'm finding it hard to justify changing the pickups on the Jag. They sound good enough for what I use it for.... bedroom noodling, but I would happily gig with this bass as it is. Then again, I have an EBS microbass preamp leftover from my gigging days and it makes almost anything sound fearsome.
  4. Trueno

    NBD - Squier Jaguar

    Mine is CAR with black pickguard (I have a bit of a thing about this combination). Cost £180. It came with really nasty knobs, so I put some Fender Jazz ones on, also put on my fave d'Addario strings and a Gotoh bridge... I just hate bbot bridges, but I'm sure the original was ok. Everything else is fine. It was already set up well, I did a bit of tweaking, but the biggest difference was resetting pick-up height.
  5. You can buy brand new saxes without the lacquer... so they acquire an ancient patina very quickly. Before that I did hear of sax players having the lacquer stripped off. Never heard of deliberately dinging a sax, though. On the other hand, I bought my sax mouthpiece second hand (expensive brand new) and it looks like it's spent most of its life in a very unpleasant place. I did a lot of disinfecting befire I stuck it in me mouth.
  6. Trueno

    Optimum positioning of 2 cabs

    That's what I did. Works.
  7. Trueno

    Feedback for Surfguy13

    Just sold my much loved MIA Fender Jazz to Guy. He is an all round Basschat good egg, prompt, easy to deal with, communicative... bit of technical chat.. all the stuff. ... and he paid me £5 for good feedback (only joking).
  8. Hershey's is a good substitute for silicone grease... sorted out all my clunky doorknobs.
  9. Trueno


    One point about distortion with lower powered practice amps... if you whack up the volume and bass eq, it probably will distort, if you're a bit careful with both you can get a great sound... good enough for home practice... I've had a few, not tried the Rumble, though.
  10. Now sold. Thanks to Basschat and thanks to the buyer!
  11. Thanks, Shylock It's 90% sold... watch this space. I made a decision to drop to an attractive price and leave it in the lap of the gods. I'll be sort of sorry to see it go, but I bought it for the wrong reasons really.... it was a bit of a consolation after quitting gigging. Now I'm completely happy bedroom noodling with short scale budget basses. It'll be good for it to go to a good home and get used.
  12. Trueno

    For Those Looking For A Gigging Band

    I love the side topic on flakiness. The only originals band I was in, the main guy was massively talented... possibly even a genius.... but he was an unbelievable flake (is there a correlation?) Ultimately I had to go... can't work with flakes.
  13. Trueno


    I love the colour... treat yourself to that white pearl pickguard!
  14. Trueno

    Show off your short scales!

    Regarding the Squier Jag SS. I've got one... will get round to posting some pics sometime. Crazy value for money. The only mods I've made are... Fender Jazz control knobs, Gotoh bridge (I just have a thing about bbot bridges) and fave d'Addario strings. I'd like to put new pups and electronics in, but finding it hard to justify. Might just get a pearloid scratchplate from Jack sometime. The winders look a bit flimsey, but they work ok and stay in tune. The neck and fretwork is very good. Hard to go wrong at the price.
  15. See first post. I've contemplated this while on me hols and decided to reduce the price.