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  1. I’m a bit late replying to this but I’ve only just seen it. I’ve put EMG Geezers in my Squier SS Jag... amazing! I’m still trying to decide if I prefer it to my Norsdstrand- loaded Mustang... I’d play both at the same time if I could. The Jag also has a neck to die for...
  2. A few rather diverse offerings... ... Doctor Feelgood in 1976 with a young Wilco in full flow ... a couple of solo gigs by Richard Thompson... who needs a band? ... Camel playing all the way through “Snow Goose” ... Steeleye Span singing “Gaudete” just before Christmas ... the blues band playing in the open air at the end of Beale Street, Memphis on a steamy summer evening. Them were t’days
  3. It might help you form a view of which wood you prefer for tonal properties... even accounting for all the other variables. I think my my Squier sounds great for agathis... but it does have emg geezers in it. I think the grain in the original pic looks great too...
  4. I have everything set flat... unless there’s some issue with the room.
  5. I bought the Rumble 100 during lockdown. I have a 500 for gigging but it was a bit too much for rehearsals, couldn’t turn up past 2. I thought the 100 would be fine for home practice and an extra light and easy lift for rehearsals... it’s way loud enough and the tone really suits me. Great amps.
  6. Aaahhh! The good old days of gigging in smokey Working Men’s clubs. I don’t smoke but my sax case still honked horribly... in fact, the sax used to honk (both literally and metaphorically) despite being mostly made of brass. Good luck.
  7. Speaking as someone who has spent far too much time on the Sandberg configurator over the last week... there's absolutely nothing I can say to put you off. In fact, this thread isn't helping the GAS.
  8. At least you can say you were "outstanding in your field"... ... I'll get me coat...
  9. Matching cables... bass to pedal board and pedal board to amp. Preferably matching patch cables in the pedal board too. If it's not completely right it's completely wrong.
  10. I'm right with you on that one. I found the "perfect" old fartz band... no egos and we all get on well. No gigs yet, but we were just starting to gel. After eight months we're really getting our act together (once the guitarist finally updated his technology) with swapping sound files and putting together decent recordings. Can't wait to have our first post-lockdown rehearsal... we've all sharpened ourselves up a lot, even though we haven't been playing in the same room. Good luck to everyone.
  11. I'm 6'2", cronky shoulder, arthriticky fingers. I was playing my rather lovely Jazz a few years ago and decided it was not an ideal experience. Now I have a Mustang and Jag SS and I only have GAS for shorties. I can play much more twiddly stuff now, but I have to keep it to myself when with the band... Tall guys can play guitars (much shorter than a bass), ukes, mandolins, banjos. Suzi Quattro plays a bass which is probably taller than she is. If your fingers can reach the notes, it really doesn't matter.
  12. Trueno

    First Bass

    Looks like tigerstripe ebony... no two the same and each one bleedin' awesome!
  13. Trueno

    First Bass

    I once had a MIA Jazz that had a knot. It was visible if you could be bothered to look. I could have sent it back and risked getting a replacement that didn't sound or play as well... no chance. I eventually sold it... it didn't bother the guy that bought it off me either.
  14. Don't know if this will help... I once repaired a substantial chip in the side of a bass (I got it really cheap) with nail varnish. I built it up layer by layer. In the end you could only spot it if you knew it was there. It did help, however, that the bass was gloss black. Nail varnish has an advantage over enamel paint in that you can clean it up with nail varnish remover.
  15. A definite WOW from me!
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