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  1. I’m so glad I stopped licking my strings… filthy habit.
  2. Sunburst and torty… I love it. Even better than candy apple red and black… just.
  3. So… when you have a fear of the in-laws coming over at Christmas… it’s actually xenophobia… I knew it.
  4. I’m offended by that… maybe… dunno… I’ll have to think about it…
  5. Woohoo! Merry Christmas, everyone… get the sprouts on to boil…
  6. He could change his name to Nut Loaf… probably suit him better.
  7. A bit like Pschitt lemonade in France. Yes… before the pedants pile in… I know it’s onamatopoeic
  8. I’ve played quite a few Military bases, never had any problems… including Sergeants’ Mess gigs. I always thought that posh weddings were far worse.
  9. Well… I’d buy it if I didn’t already have one. Covers bedroom, rehearsals and (my kind of) gigging… but extension cab always an option. I love the effect that the gain control has over the volume and tone… and it’s light enough to swing over my head. I sold all my other amps.
  10. I would (and have done) replace pickups/electronics and bridge (bridge for cosmetics only). But I wouldn’t go for refinishing or reshaping. I’d replace tuners if they weren’t working very well.
  11. I reached tipping point with Clapton when the singer in my band snook “Wonderful Tonight” onto the set list without consulting anyone. It was the very last straw and I quit.
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