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  1. All of the above... If you want to read to improve your bass playing, it's probably not necessary unless you want to advance it as a career. If you want to do it as a project and maybe increase your self-esteem, then go for it. There is a simple answer... just start learning. If it's not for you you'll soon bin it.
  2. Sax Solo : China In Your Hands

    Try a sax forum... you may even get a reply that's a little more helpful than the one above.
  3. Bass you just couldn’t get on with?

    Yamaha BEX4 in blue sunburst. It looked great and sounded great for the 60s retro band I was in at the time, but due to the way the strap attached it was a long reach down to the first fret. I did a a four hour rehearsal and couldn't move my left arm the next day.
  4. Band Politics

    [quote name='bazztard' timestamp='1506569274' post='3379596'] I did ! they said "what the #$%^ was that for, you turned queer?" (not that there's anything wrong with that) I replied " a bass player from Yorkshire told me to do that" rotfl [/quote] Excellent.... what a band!
  5. Band Politics

    [quote name='bazztard' timestamp='1506402122' post='3378412'] play with adults I mean people near or over 50. I love my current bandmates. Democracy. We all pitch in,we all look for gigs, we all enjoy each others company..... We ALL listen to each other, give room to shine to each member and never overplay. I'm giving them all a hug tomorrow after reading these kinds of posts hehe [/quote] Sounds like heaven... and the only scenario that would entice me back into a band. Give them a hug from me!
  6. I've done both. Much better to be the worst player in a really good band... assuming you are up to it ("worst" is relative, after all). I wouldn't even consider playing in a crap band now... unless it was a one off, like for someone's party.
  7. Hotmail Problem !!

    I have Hotmail and I never get any emails anyway. Now... let me check in junk in case it's all in there. No... that's empty too. I am truly Billy No-mates.
  8. Pseudonyms

    I've known band members using weird showbiz names because they were claiming benefits... like Dave Spangle (I made that one up to protect the guilty). For myself, I prefer to remain anonymous in the public domain, and my brother cyber-stalks me. If he's reading this... I'm not the same Steve J
  9. Hipshot Kickass Bridge.

    Great pic... the bridge will soon get mojo'd in and be less blingy. I'm a big fan of muscular bridges and never liked the bent tin.
  10. [quote name='lojo' timestamp='1505039819' post='3369002'] I hope not my fingers are losing sensitivity due do my condition I realise the thread is pointless and only we care or notice Thanks all for replies [/quote] Sorry to hear about your fingers, lojo. I'm losing sensitivity and fine control in my fingers due to peripheral neuropathy... although it's worse in my feet and legs. Sometimes working around these conditions can lead to "interesting" results. Best wishes anyway.
  11. All the above. Played a charity gig for a local breast cancer group a long time ago. One of the band thought it reasonable to deduct our own "expenses" first... for our time and commitment. What a louse!
  12. Playing with Pros

    I wasn't you, it was him. Pro or not, he sounds like a knob to me.
  13. Being old keeps stuff fresh

    [quote name='oldslapper' timestamp='1504508091' post='3365247'] These days the expression "what goes on tour stays on tour" is more about recalling than preserving, secrets. [/quote] Every now and then I wake from my slumber and post this comment... but I can't remember when I last did: Post of the week!
  14. 1977 Fender P should I keep case?

    Nice bass, shame about the case. I'd put it on your local Freecycle... someone might come along and take it away for nowt.
  15. Can I get my band in my Van

    It's 3D Tetris and some people are born with a special talent for it. I've been lucky in that bands I have been in have always had one member with "the touch"... whether it's a van or a hatchback. My (serious) advice is to find out which band member is best at it. Leave him to do it alone, but the rest of you are on hand for fetching and carrying... except the singer who'll be sitting on his arse inside the venue "networking".