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  1. Awesome pickups… best drop-in replacement for PJ basses. ….both my basses are geezer-equipped.
  2. Great post above. I was born and brought up there but I’m afraid my knowledge is stuck in the 60s and 70s… so Hessey’s, Rushworth’s and the Stadium aren’t there any more. Hope you have a great time there… I’m sure it’s still a lively and vibrant place. They all talk with funny accents, though… can’t seem to shake mine off…
  3. Great thread. I had a Mark I and should never have sold it, but I didn’t know I was about to be approached by a new band. I remember playing a mini festival organised by Matamp, who also provided the PA. The Matamp engineer took one look at it and said “I’m glad someone here has a decent amp”. I wasn’t that glad… he made everyone else plug into it… Enjoy the amp.
  4. What a funny lot rock/pop stars (and hillbillies) are… and I thought auditors were a rum do. I have burned all my Jerry Lee Lewis records on a bonfire… didn’t take long.
  5. My fave bass is a £170 Squier with EMG GZRs and a Gotoh bridge. It plays beautifully and sounds great. Does it look like a US Fender… no. But, if you fancy a super-duper US Fender and can (almost) afford it, I’d say go for it. I had a US Jazz in the past and it was beautiful in all kinds of ways. I only sold it because I decided to go short-scale, but I wish I still had it… just ‘ cos.
  6. I strummed/picked/plucked away at all manner of guitars acoustical and electrical for nigh on 30 years. I can honestly say that I wasn’t much better on day the last as I was on day the first. Once I picked up a bass it was a duck-to-water experience. Most of my gigs have been as a sax player… I think it may be that I’m better playing one note at a time. Playing an entire chord obviously counts as multi-tasking.
  7. One band I was in… we’d pile on the stage, pick up our instruments and someone would shout “Go!” Worked a treat.
  8. I always pronounce Jaguar the Pink Floyd way.
  9. I’ve been to Graceland. They wouldn’t let us in to the lavvy… maybe a cover up. I think this conspiracy theory may have legs…
  10. From my neck of the woods… Half Man Half Biscuit. Dread Zeppelin. I saw Albertos y Lost Trios Paranoias once… but they didn’t go down well.
  11. I’ve mentioned this before… I work on the pain/pleasure ratio. 51% pain: 49% pleasure… time to go.
  12. We did some wedding gigs in leather and chains. We also played some WMCs in evening suits and dicky bows.
  13. Mostly leather and chains for me.
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