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  1. Trueno

    Second tuner pedal

    I think mine’s a TU2… I’ve had it for years and find it great for initial tuning and a quick check mid-gig. I like the fact that it also mutes the signal when you kick it in… and also that you can take a power out, which I use for my Tech 21 pedal.
  2. I can only headbutt with the beat…
  3. I think they’re taking the bargepole… I’d go somewhere else.
  4. 71? Still a spring chicken. Keep on rockin’
  5. Fiat 500. Short scale and makes a surprising farty noise when pushed.
  6. We had a dep singer once when I was in a functions band. He was actually a good singer but he just stood there and told jokes all night. We only got through about half the set. I loved it... he was very funny and we had very easy night.
  7. Chili... you’ve woken up the best thread on here. Great basses too.
  8. Someone will say it, so I’ll get in first... Fender Rumble 500 combo. Light, loud, sounds great. But... as you already have an Elf you may be better exploring other options.
  9. Waking this thread up as I’ve just got back from our first rehearsal. I was quite shocked at how good we were... everyone has clearly been practising and we have been doing stuff on Garageband (that was a pain). Everyone admitted to being a bit nervous and everyone had their own “moments”... thinking “I need to sort that bit out before next time...” Very positive experience, but it took me nearly three hours to get the bass to sit in the mix... I should be up and running next time.
  10. Similar story here. We should have bought a Basschat bottle and shared it around.
  11. A few times a decade sounds about right.
  12. Mostly variations on the metronome theme. As mentioned, it can be really useful to record yourself... and practice, practice, practice. Just my view... it’s better to be the weakest link in a band than being the strongest. Great motivation to stretch yourself and improve.
  13. Seeing that you mentioned strings... just put flats on both of mine (d’Addarios). It’ll be interesting...
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