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  1. I've ordered an original P bass from the 60s... brand new.
  2. Another good news story. Just received my Behreinger usb interface. It wasn't even due in stock for another week or so. Very quick.
  3. Trueno


    I find the little things make all the difference. Enjoy!
  4. Hiya, Got one made up by Jack's Instruments in Manchester. They're a touch more expensive than some, but well worth it imo. Recently got another from a different place... nice shade of antique white... half the price... and I won't even besmirch my bin ny throwing it away... you live and learn.
  5. The Ignition doesn't have a block in the body... the body is ultra light compared to the neck... another vote for the HCT
  6. I had an Ignition Club bass... I thought it was the coolest looking thing and crazy value for money. Very light, the neck was thicker than I'm used to. A lot of neck dive. I loved the tone, but couldn't use it for what I play. In retrospect, I wish I'd tried the HCT, but now I have the two ideal basses for my needs.
  7. Sunburst fan... PJ fan... looks great to me!
  8. I'm 6'2" but I still prefer SS basses. It might be an age thing... I'm also 64. I was playing my rather excellent J bass a few short years ago and thinking... "why the hell am I reaching all the way over there and stretching my bony fingers to span the frets?" I'm not sure they are particularly lighter in weight, though. May depend on the individual bass. I had a Hofner Ignition Club bass which was crazy light. It sounded great with flats... but it wasn't a sound I could use... and I hate flats.
  9. Hard to say. I've upgraded my Squier Jag SS into a monster. If the basics are ok... good neck, plays nice and twangly unplugged... then I think it's worth it, as long as you accept you may not get your money back if you sell. Upgrading with a KiOgon loom is a good first step.
  10. Pics and some first impressions would be good... if you get it.
  11. Not always the case, but sometimes creative genius and "prickly" character traits go together. Unless an artist is actually doing something vile and immoral I'm never worried about what they get up to.
  12. ^^^^ not the same bass. The ebay seller's is 2011 MIA. The Andertons' is MIM Vintera.
  13. My flatmate at university used to have "Fairground Organ Plays the Beatles"... that used to see me off.
  14. Cliff Richard is not playing fair... at least you have half a chance with Beefheart.
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