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  1. I have a thing about spare cables… usually pristine and kept aside. So… Vocalist: have you got a spare jack to jack for my acoustic? Me: yes. Vocalist: can I borrow it. Me: yes you can, but on the understanding that if you don’t give it back to me at the end if the night it will be lost for all time. Vocalist: just give me the cable. NEXT GIG: Vocalist: have you got a spare jack to jack for my acoustic? Me: no.
  2. No need to panic… plenty stuff for sale on the BC marketplace.
  3. Fender Rumble 100, bought late 2019. Only used for a few rehearsals so pretty much in "as new" condition... but let's just say excellent condition. It's had plenty of wallop for rehearsals with drummer and two guitars. Might be OK for small gigs or as a monitor with PA support, but I've never tried it out. Worth noting that you can't add an extension cab to this amp, but that does mean that you get the full 100W as is (however you want to count your watts... I just plug in and play, personally) You can read the full specs on t'interweb, but great features for me are: Very lightweight (about 13 kgs, I think) and relatively compact (has 12" speaker) for swinging around a rehearsal room without knocking over any mic stands Aux in/headphones out Effects send and return Pre-shape tone buttons (if that's your thing) Drive section... can be operated via a footswitch, but footswitch not included with this purchase. Also comes with a Fender logo'd dust cover... not bullet-proof but does actually keep the dust off And... sounds marvellous. I'm selling this as part of my amp rationalisation and to save some space so I can park my hoover under the stairs. Anyone welcome to come and try out and take it away (after leaving me with a bunch of fivers)... I live close to the A62 pretty much midway between Manchester and Leeds. Or I can courier to anywhere in the UK for an extra £20... I still have the original packing box for this one.
  4. Trueno


    Just sold my Rumble 500 to Chris. Super easy to deal with, good communications and not a bit stuck up. Just what you’d expect from a proper BC’er.
  5. Excellent Orange Crush 50 Watt Combo in excellent condition, bought in May 2018. For me, this is a great home practice combo... 50 Watts and 12" speaker gives it a grown up bass tone in your practice room. I have taken it to a couple of rehearsals with drummer and two guitarists and it just about kept up... but would be OK for lighter duties and maybe acoustic-type gigs. Aux in and headphones out increase the home practice potential. Also some great features like effects send/return, semi-para mid control, built in tuner. Stand out feature is the gain/blend knobs so you can go from no drive at all to complete mayhem... with all stops in between. There is a footswitch out for the drive but no footswitch included with this. Manual and kettle lead included with the combo. I'm only selling because I've got too many amps and not enough space. Also comes in a rather fetching black... not a yucky orange colour. Black is the new Orange for 2021! No problem if anyone wants to try out and pick up... I'm just off the A62 midway between Manchester and Leeds. Otherwise I can courier to the UK for an extra £20.
  6. You’d be gutted if you’d just bought a pint of lager and everyone else is out the door…
  7. I’ve also spent a lot of energy with this band trying promote crowd pleasers. I’ve played crowd pleasers to huge crowds and I’ve played non-crowd pleasers to non-crowds. I know which I prefer. As my “thing” is actually playing sax in a soul band… and I can’t do that without a lot of time and travelling… I’m happy to play bass (locally) to almost anything, especially if I get to dress up. Curiously, the main obstacle to playing crowd pleasers was always the poorly guitarist (a Beefheart fan).
  8. I’d really be up for some Primal Scream.
  9. Seems you’re only limited by your imagination. I’d happily play just about all of these… the problem, as it occurs to me now, is convincing the rest of the band. I think we need a talk…
  10. Thanks, guys. All suggestions will be considered… think I’ll have to write them down.
  11. Our guitarist has health problems... unfortunately very serious health problems. We have decided to limp on and keep rehearsing and to keep his empty spot on the stage open for his return (which I personally do not believe will ever happen, but I don't want to get too real with the other guys). We won't be gigging any time soon but want to carry on... mainly so we don't go off our collective chump! We do classic rock (what else), some blues, poppy rock, rocky pop. No point being modest... the rhythm section is bloody excellent, but the bass player's BVs leave a little to be desired (but I'm working on it). The singer/guitarist was originally meant to be a singer only, but is pretty handy on guitar and swaps chunky chords and solos with the erstwhile guitarist... but he might be a bit limited if he takes on both vocals and gee-tar at the same time. I think we need to carefully consider our setlist as to what we can do well. Any suggestions for suitable songs, Basschat collective... anything and everything will be considered. I'm open-minded and think that even seemingly unsuitable songs can be adapted.
  12. This. I think if you can play both ways equally well then it’s not a bad problem to have.
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