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  1. Trueno

    REM at the BBC last night

    Saw them in the mid 90s at the Huddersfield stadium (whatever they called it then). Brilliant summer's day and Stipey was doing his stuff as the sun was going down. Magical. Tanya Donelly was also on the bill and I was a huge Throwing Muses fan at the time. The main support was supposed to be Oasis but they decided they had got too big to be a support. Beautiful South stood in... I don't really like them but full marks for jumping in at the last moment... and they had a full brass section... always a mighty thing... huge roar went up when they played an Oasis song. Back on topic... must start listening to REM again. I even went to Athens Georgia and had meals in Weaver D's and at the Grit. It's a very neat University town and every male student looked like Stipe... some of the women did too.
  2. Trueno

    Calling it a day

    I know where you're coming from... I find bass playing without a band a bit strange. I've still got some excellent budget gear that doesn't take up much space and I never say die. Have fun with the acoustic.
  3. I know I'm getting off the subject here, but I was once in a functions band that played in what seemed like a castle. We played in a massive baronial hall and got changed in the billiards room. I remember one of the women there saying in a very posh and too loud voice: I mean, look at them... they're no better than animals. We were a strange mixture at the time... a couple of guys on beneits, a car salesman, a Tory councillor at a large city council, a church organist and me (an accountant). on topic... I think we got fed there, though. Edit: I missed someone out. It was the drummer... he was... erm... a drummer.
  4. We were always looked after at RAF bases. Anyway... nowadays I only eat blue M&Ms.
  5. Trueno

    Am i a Musician?

    You're definitely a musician. My definition of a musician is wide and all-encompassing. If you picked up a kazoo and tootled the national anthem on it for a laugh, I'd probably say you weren't a musician though. I once answered the same question in the same manner on a different forum (acoustic guitar players) and got absolutely savaged... funny really! For myself, I'd say I've gone full circle... I used to be a committed semi-pro and nearly gave up the day job. Now I feel like a beginner again.
  6. Trueno

    I'm Interested, Not For Me

    The "no booze" thing would be a bonus for me. One of the reasons I don't gig any more is the hours spent in rehearsals being wasted when one of the band members fluffs up a gig by drinking too much. I've heard the "drink doesn't affect my playing" too many times. Personally the total professionalism thing does it for me... if they mean it.
  7. Trueno

    I'm Interested, Not For Me

    Number 4 would interest me but the singing would be a bit of a challenge. I'd soon find out if I was up to it, though.
  8. Trueno

    Gumtree and strange buyers.

    He's trying something untoward. Never underestimate how thick some untowarders can be. I once sold some expensive hi-fi gear via a magazine ad (pre internet). The guy turns up, we load the gear into his car. He hands me a bunch of twenties. I count them and they're way short. He hands me another bunch of twenties... still short. I'm a big guy, he's a little guy... I'm thinking of coming to "an accommodation" with him. He ends up emptying his pockets and the last few coppers come to the amount I asked for. I'm wondering whether I really want to sell my gear to the little creep, but I'm not sure if I can go through the pain again. He says "can you let me off £20 for the petrol I've used". My expression says... no.
  9. Trueno

    NBD - Squier VM Jaguar

    It's the deep black pearl that does it for me. If you get it done post pics if you can.
  10. Trueno

    NBD - Squier VM Jaguar

    Looks great... enjoy! Personally I'd put a Gotoh bridge on, but that's just because I hate bbot bridges. For scratchplates I'd look at Jack's instruments website just to get some ideas. He does a black pearloid plate which I quite fancy for my Squier SS Jag... but my bass is CAR. I think black on black would look good... maybe even a sparkly black one, if you like that kind of thing.
  11. Trueno

    MXR M81 preamp?

    It's semi parametric... no Q control.
  12. Trueno

    MXR M81 preamp?

    Personally, I'd rather have semi-parametric mids than overdrive... that's why I fancy this pedal.
  13. Trueno

    MXR M81 preamp?

    I've been looking at these, also so I'd have a di if I ever decided to do a gig at short notice (although not likely). But I already have an EBS microbass II from my gigging days. I was thinking of selling the EBS and getting the MXR... mainly because the EBS is hugely over-specified for my needs. But I decided "what the hell"... so I under-use the EBS as a clean boost with a minimal amount of bass and treble tweaking and it sounds great. I'm still interested in views of the MXR, though.
  14. Trueno

    Courier size and weight

    This. Don't know why sellers don't organise their own courier, it's easy enough via ebay or via interparcel. The hard part is packing it all up.