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  1. I played my last gig 12 years ago. In the meantime I decided that there really was no point in playing the bass on my own at home (for me, anyway). I was considering selling what remained of my bass gear... but... Only a few weeks ago I was contacted/headhunted/sought out... and now I'm busy learning new songs and brushing up on familiar ones. I'm 63 now and rather enjoying it all. The OP mentioned Bradford. In my sax playing days my band was based around Bradford... there was a huge scene there, I met loads of musos, loads of bands. Never had any problems getting deps or depping. It was 20 years ago, but I suspect it's still the same.
  2. Great ad! Careful when you say "I'll play anything" though... I had to play the Hokey Cokey once. Rock'n'roll, eh?
  3. Luckily it's too expensive to fall into the GAS zone. Maybe I'll win on ernie.
  4. Always good to come back with renewed vigour. Welcome!
  5. No more short scale basses, please, Fender. I'm happy with my Squier Jag SS and trying to keep my foot off the GAS.
  6. I played my last gig 12 years ago. I had my first rehearsal with a new band yesterday... standing with the bass for three hours and I feel a bit of a wreck this morning. I've been going to a gym for the last two years... I suppose it's just using different muscles (???) I'm strictly short scale now and have a really good comfort strap (I think it's a cliq strap). I have absolutely no problem with keeping it all as lightweight as possible and I'd sit on a barstool if I had to. As a bit of an aside, I feel the mental engagement makes up for some of the physical problems.
  7. I've just found out that the PMT store in Leeds is easy for me to get to on public transport. I have been out of it for a while, so never noticed before. Probably have a visit in early December... have hols first.... then try out the the various options, plus a few more. I'm sure they can arrange delivery or summat if they want to take the money off me. The danger is that I might be coming home with a new bass as well.
  8. Just noticed that while noodling on the 'net. It's always an option for the future.
  9. 6'2" when playing fretted. 5'10" when playing fretless ( coz I'm hunched over it trying to see where to put my fingers)
  10. Useful reply, Muzz. Thanks. Fender Rumble 100 would be great if I thought it would be loud enough (+ a bit of headroom). Still favouring the 200. I used to have a 12" Markbass combo nestled on a stand between two Marshall half stacks. I rather liked the fact it looked so weird and it was always loud enough... I had an extension cab but never needed it, but we also had a monster full-band PA.
  11. Fender Rumble 200 vs Ashdown Studio15. I think you can get the idea... I want something very light to carry but powerful enough for small gigs... probably backline with vocal-only PA. I sold my Markbass amp a few years ago, believing I would never gig again (silly me). I don't really want to do Markbass again, don't want to spend that much and been there, done that. I have an Orange Crush 50 for practice and rehearsal, but don't think it'll have enough whoomph for even small gigs (new word there... whoomph, not heft, nor grunt, nor cajones etc etc...). Any thoughts/experiences? I wonder how such lightweight cabs will do in a gig. The Ashdown weighs about 10kgs... crazy. The Fender is slightly bigger and weighs about 15kgs, but is my slight preference at the moment. ... I also have a pathological dislike for buying used gear... bad experience 40 years ago... Cheers, everyone. PS. Forgot... tone controls not too much of an issue, I still have my rather wonderful EBS Microbass pre-amp/DI pedal. It's my tone in a box.
  12. Jack's instruments in Manchester.
  13. There is a pedal for humour awareness. ... actually, shouldn't joke about that. Many years ago I was a gig in a social club and I was feeling very unwell. A little old lady complained that my miserable face was making her g&t go sour.
  14. They're out of stock at Gear4 music.
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