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  1. Bands and etiquette

    That'll be why I'm Billy No-mates then. I'm not on facebook, never have been, never will be. There's a whole world going on out there that I don't know about. In any case, some good advice overall and you've been ok about it... leave it to them to be the a-holes.
  2. I'm 6'2" and I'm now strictly short scale... so to speak. I have gigged with a cij Mustang in the past. I've recently bought a Squier Jaguar SS recently and think it's great. Now I'm considering other SS basses and am likely to be selling my remaining long scale. I'm motivated by a mixture of age and arthiticky hands, but I also think SS basses are amazingly cool.
  3. The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    Already doing my sums. It will be cost neutral if I sell my Jazz and one of my electric guitars (neither of which I play)... or maybe I'll add a few more bells and whistles and pay a bit extra. The configurator is the no-brainer for me... hours of endless fun.
  4. The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    I'm doing the mental gymnastics. Selling my J bass would cover most of the cost... once I decide I'm a committed short-scaler. Another thought... I could buy a cheaper bass and pimp it to death. How much would that cost? The custom option would have everything from day one. Anyway, going on holidays soon... let's see how the GAS accumulates (could be nasty).
  5. The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    Just been on the bass configurator and put together the perfect 30" scale PJ Jake. I was quite modest with the options (my needs are simple)... but it has absolutely everything I want. Just over €1200. GAS is nibbling away at me now...
  6. Cab storage idea...

    I stored my markbass amp in the garage for a few years. It was wrapped in plastic and inside a box. The garage gets very cold in the winter but is dry. Just took it out a couple of weeks ago and fired it up. It works fine. Getting a amp into the loft? Depends upon access to the loft, I suppose.
  7. Fender Japan Mustang Bass pickguards

    Sunburst and tort is always a winner for me, but I'm surprised how good the off-white plus white looks. Didn't think it would work but it looks great.
  8. Yamaha Thr10?

    I have both. If you are just using bass I would say that the Microcube is much better. The Yamaha is excellent for guitar, but is also just ok for bass. Just my opinion though.
  9. My bass life winding down?

    My bass life wound down ten tears ago... now it seems to be winding itself up again. I had a load of bass books I sold... why did I do that? I also sold a Tascam bass trainer... now I'm thinking of buying another one, but at least I think the latest version will be better than the CD based version I had. I saw a short scale Squier Jaguar bass in a local shop a few weeks ago and couldn't resist for the price. I was going to sell my US Jazz, but the jag has revitalised my interest so I've decided It would be mad to sell. The question is... would I gig again. Don't like occasional gigs as I think you never get good enough... but too many gigs and it could get tedious again. But I've had a long break and could quite fancy an old farts band. Anyway, back to bedroom noodling for now... never say never.
  10. New to Fretless - lined or unlined?

    Some nice pics of basses on this theead, both lined and unlined. I played most of my gigs fretless. Even though I was unlined I could still get visual clues from the side dots. Then once I got on stage, with the vageries of the stage lighting, I couldn't see the damn dots most of the time. So, I started practising in the dark. If your intonation is slightly out, you will notice. If it's slightly more out, the band will notice. If it's really out, the audience will notice... that's really bad news... just keep practising.
  11. Am I missing something?

    My view... hang on to the US Fenders you already have and buy new Squiers. ... other basses are available if you're not an F head.
  12. I spent this morning listening to you tube vids for a replacement PJ for my Squier Jaguar SS (think that's VM too). Just fitted a gotoh bridge and fender jazz knobs, so spent the afternoon setting up and playing... and playing... and playing. Decided to keep the original pups too and quite gratified that some posts on here bear this out. This is just through a practice amp, haven't even tried through my gigging rig yet. ... but I think it's the Fender knobs that make a real difference to the tone...
  13. What are your bass care tips?

    ^^ Good to know. I've been thinking about using tcut on a tiny scratch on a bass. It'll be very softly softly if I do.
  14. I've still got my US Jazz, but I wouldn't buy another US bass... I think they've got a bit silly pricey, despite the obvious quality (obvious in mine, at least). I would absolutely consider buying a MIM... and I think PJs are the future. PS... Karfler... love your crap mex.
  15. What are your bass care tips?

    When the strings need changing it's time to sell it and buy another one.